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  1. SSolas

    Tiki Taka- Successful tactic

    Has anyone given this a go in the new update? Any success or failures?
  2. Has anyone tried this process? Had any success or failures with it?
  3. I have re-achieved my achievements but deleted my previous logo and faces packs. I have re-downloaded these and all the players are shown but none of the managers/staff as seen below. Anyone able to explain why this is or help?
  4. Ahh that makes sense but so frustrating. Its not a 10min job building them up and there's no trust that it wont happen again.😔
  5. Anyone got a game.cfg file they can lend just for the achievements/unlockables?
  6. Backed up and reinstalled game but now only have 18 achievememts and no challenges completed. Does anyone have a game.cfg i could use so i do not have to spend hours getting them back again?
  7. Well i didnt know that
  8. Has anyone had any success with my method of playing the game?
  9. I am not sure on this, anyone able to confirm this?
  10. Wouldnt that ensure that everything was lost?
  11. Did it lose your achievements and unlockables? Im worried it will happen again now ☹
  12. Has anyone else experienced this?
  13. Good evening All, I have noticed today(may have been a few days) that everytime i start up FMM 18 - it would come up with a message "Restoring transactions" which seemed odd. I then was playing it earlier at work and came up with the below screenshot. I obviously said i did not need help and continued. I have this evening checked my Achievements(which were 43 out of 45) quite specific due to me remembering them and all the unlockables were LOST! You guys dont know me but i literally play this game for proly 3 hours a day - since nov - I am so bummed out. I have messaged the SI mobile bugs forum and hope the can help. Sooooooo Frustrated right now. Apparently other users have experienced this too so heads up.
  14. Good afternoon, thank you for all of your comments and views. I would love to know other peoples 'steps to success'. Especially as so many people on here are so good they complete harder and harder challenges. Please can you all do replies with a top 10 list of actions you take season upon season to become so successful? I am so excited to see the replies. Also, please comment on if you've tried my steps and had similar success? Ta, Stuart