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  1. Little Compilation of Goals from my season playing the top teams. Arnoutavic really impressed me. Really good player!
  2. Good Evening All, Choosing the Career I was thinking the other night about a late career option and decided to Manage West Ham United FC. The team is close to my heart as my brother and mums side of the family support them. They are also a good challenge as recent years has them Yo-Yo-ing up the leagues. Stadium & Facilities One of the selling points of West Ham United FC is their Stadium. The club boast a brand new 57000 olympic stadium! Along with Excellent training and youth facilities, with a number of stars comming through this. Holiday & Assistant Manager As with my other saves, my process as manager involves setting out my holiday stance and delegation as seen below: Staff,Finances and Training Due to the club having excellent facilities I was able to spend on bringing the best coaches to east london. I bought an All-Gold backroom team who could implement my intensive training regime. The spending by the end had took us in the Red but i had to gamble for our challenging season. Tactics My Tiki Taka tactic was again used in this save as I love how beautiful the football looks along with the great results it brings. West Ham United FC adapted extremely well starting with a good basis of solid defenders and inside forwards. This being said, there were weak areas such as WBK, CF and CDM. The squad The squad i inherited was weak with some very strong surprises. A flux of youth players had to be loaned out along with some ageing one's. The saddest of these was Mark Noble who came up short but like Sir Alex Ferguson said, the evidence is on the football pitch! Results So, the board objective was to reach a European place and we hit it. The 5th place was actually a dissapointing in the end as we sat on joint top with the leaders at 34 games but had a run-in of Chelsea, Man Utd and Liverpool. By anyones standards though, West Ham United FC had a successful year! We also played very well in the cups getting to the finals of the Carbareo Cup & FA Cup. We lost to Liverpool FC in the final, a boggie team of ours for sure this year! We played Spurs in the FA Cup Final and what a match!! We started the match terribly and Spurs scored 1-0. We attacked heavily in the second half and managed to grab an equaliser! We went down to 10 men late on meaning i felt sure we would lose. Unbelievably we managed to scramble in N extra time goal to win the match. Over the season, We definitely deserved this! Go on you Hammers!! Manager Statistics League Results
  3. Good Evening All, Choosing the Career I have wanted to do a career with Barnet FC for a long time. They are a local club for me and a good challenge as they historically yo-yo and disapoint. Could i be the man to provide some positivity to The Bees? Stadium & Facilities As you can see below, You start at Barnet FC with Impressive Training Facilities, Average youth Facilities and an impressive stadium for a National league side. As one of my first tasks as manager, I asked the board if any of these could be improved to which they declined. This is understandable due to my new appointment and position Barnet FC currently hold. Holiday & Assistant Manager As with other saves, my process as manager involves setting out my Holiday stance and Delegation as seen below: Staff,Finances and Training As seen above, The Facilities were impressive but not groundbreaking meaning i would need to manage the club efficiently. The Staff got a freshen up with 1x new Silver Scout and 1x Silver Physio along with changing the Training Sessions and maintaining a healthy budget AFTER transfers. Tactics As always, I wanted Barnet FC to adapt to my Tiki Taka system.This was a difficult ask for the quality of players in this team & 2 losses in my first games got me worried. The continued intensive training along with some well bought players helped the team grasp the essence and starting winning. The Squad The Barnet FC squad started off in a good way to begin with the Board expecting promotion, However I felt a lot of changes were required. Why? When I came to Barnet FC they had a lot of youth & players who either didnt fit in our system or were not good enough for us I felt. We loaned out the youth, sold the unneeded & bought 14x new players who were fit and ready for the Barnet FC challenge. Results First off, Barnet FC won the Vanarama National League. The stats show what an incredible job this team did with the best defence, best goal differerance as well as a 16 point gap! This is an unbelievable achievement over 46 tough matches. Barnet FC took their success one step further by also bringing home The BuildBase FA Trophy. The final was extremely competitive(as seen below) and with tough opposition(see the league) but that bit of extra quality was the difference. The result & trophy were very well deserved & a double in my first year shows how far we have come. I couldnt be happier for the Bee's!! HOPE YOU ENJOYED THIS POST AND PLEASE COMMENT IF POSSIBLE. THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!! Manager Statistics League Results
  4. Good Evening All, As a bit of fun I Simulated the Premier League for 18/19. Please find the results below:
  5. Hope you enjoy this! Please comment below on this.
  6. Thank you so much for your kind words Ashez! I have decided to leave the North Korea save file. This being said, I have left the Nation on a relatively strong high- These are: 60.94% Win Rate 1x AFC Nations Cup 9th World Ranking
  7. So, I wanted a fresh challenge and decided that North Korea would be an interesting save. North Korea's team were present in World Cup 2010 in South Africa and thought that although they gave 100%, ultimately they lacked a lot of quality. Could i win one competition with them? North Korea start the game as 118th Football Team in the world. This emphasises the countries place in football as lacking quality. When i came to North Korea as Manager, none of their players were worth over £1million. In my file, I have been using my Tiki Taka system. I wanted North Korean football to progress and look attractive, not just to be effective. The process of improving North Korea was still going to be long considering you can not train players. I hold a different Management style with National Teams which are as follows: Friendlies: I play my normal Tiki Taka style all game whether winning or losing. I only make subs at half time if Fitness is under 70% or players are below 6 rating. Competitions:I play my normal Tiki Taka style until half time.IF winning i amend my mentality to Counter and Slow tempo whereas IF losing i get the team to play Attacking football with a fast tempo . I only make subs at half time if Fitness is under 70% or players are below 6 rating. I have so far got to the Semi Finals of my first AFC Nations Cup & the second round of the 2022 World Cup. The 2023 AFC Nations Cup came around and i was positive and excited. The team was full of players worth over £1million - Could we do it? My hard work as manager had also got the team to the 29th World Ranking in the world. This is a remarkable achievement for North Korean Football. The hard work along with quality gave us the opportunity of real success. Soo, This is the story of 2023 AFC Nations Cup. We started slow with a loss to Syria but sprung back with back to back wins. We had a fantastic tournement with lots of Character The video below shows the AFC Nations Cup Final between North Korea and Japan. I played Japan in the first AFC Nations Cup for 3rd place and lost on that occassion. This was going to be very close and I was not optimistic. You can see my process below but what a great game! There you go, I managed to get North Korean Football team to win a major tournement. This file has been such a challenge as well as very rewarding to see the world ranking creeping up slowly. This makes me happy in 2 ways, Firstly, it really proved to me that my process was perfect- moving the ranking in the right direction! Secondly, it was so good to see the Tiki Taka style come to life and see the team really getting it! Below shows the competition stats: THANK YOU FOR READING AND HOPE YOU ENJOYED THIS POST. PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT getImage (1)
  8. Enhanced and these are just some of my results so far and im Romania.
  9. Good Evening All, This is my take on the England Tactic used in World Cup 2018. This tactic and roles appear simple and used before but they are not. This tactic has given the country a lot including Hope, belief, happiness and most of all..an identity. Soo..Here it is: Formation This is a 3-3-2-2 with Pickford(SWK), Walker/Stones/Maguire(BPD), Trippier/Young(WBK) , Henderson(AN), Lingard/Alli(ADP), Sterling(PTR), Kane(TM). Shape The tactic worked around the mentality of keeping the ball and working it up the field. The team did play with width for Young and Trippier but also played it central to Alli and Lingard. Finally, my personal opinion is that on the whole, our play was slow and disciplined rather than fast and expressive although of course this did show at times. Defence England neither played a high or deep line, adapting to where the play was. Having reviewed the Sweden match, England would press all over the pitch(single press) even when in the other half. Finally, the team went into tackles very calculated and dont appear to use either offside trap or time wasting(except when in the lead but not all the time). Attack This was the toughest area as some of these apply to England but Early crosses from young and trippier. Shoot on sight from Lingard and Kane. Run at defence from Sterling. Finally, England played short passing all over the park, even from the GK( To peoples frustration hehe). Hope you guys enjoy this. Please post your experiences using this! Stuart
  10. Choosing the club Stadium and Facilities Holiday and Assistant Manager Staff, Finances and Training Tactic The Squad So, i find out my acceptable squad through the combination of FMM players attributes (Seen here - https://community.sigames.com/manual/football-manager-mobile-2018/your-team-r315) AND Marc Vaughans rating scale for a Top Side (10 = Good / 14= Very Good and 16 = Outstanding) found here - https://www.google.co.uk/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://mrdaniels.files.wordpress.com/2008/12/fm_handheld_hints_and_tips.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwi8pvaJkLPZAhVMKVAKHSiVAZIQFjAAegQIExAB&usg=AOvVaw1vk4Fscag3BOVYdUqvCR4D Result League Results
  11. Thank you guys so much! Will download the ones here and report back 👍
  12. Fm scout - megapack which is same kind of thing. Plus the Skin Reload cache is now gone on mine? Im sooo confused
  13. Haha sorry guys, just concerned. Have like 40000 logos downloaded and there not working, very frustrating!!
  14. Has anyone had the update yet?