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  1. The Club Derby County F.C are a club with incredible history dating from 1884. They were one of the 12 founding members of the football league in 1888 & in 2009, were ranked 137th in the top 200 European football teams of the 20th century! As seen below, Derby County F.C have a really strong foundation's of a fantastic 30,000 seater stadium & Excellent youth & 1st team facilities! The Issue- as per Wikipedia. Local businessman Mel Morris assumed ownership of the club. Morris initially oversaw a level of spending unprecedented in Derby's history, breaking the club's transfer record four times in his first three years, but also oversaw an equally unprecedented managerial turnover as he went through nine managers in five-and-a-half years between June 2015 and May 2021. In this period the club endured three unsuccessful play-off campaigns, failing in the semi-finals twice and losing in the 2019 final to Aston Villa; in May 2021, the club, now managed by Wayne Rooney, narrowly avoided relegation to League One. Earlier, in October 2020, it was announced that Morris was intending to sell the club and was actively seeking new owners. A potential deal with a Middle Eastern-backed company was discontinued in March 2021, after which a sale to a Spanish businessman, Erik Alonso, was agreed in April 2021,but in May 2021 it too was discontinued after doubts about Alonso's funding emerged,alongside possible EFL sanctions regarding breaches of financial fair play regulations(a deduction of nine points remained under consideration in mid-September 2021). On 8 July 2021, the EFL imposed a transfer embargo on the club,leaving Rooney with a squad of just nine contracted senior professionals; however, the EFL later relaxed the embargo but said any deals will have strict wage limits. On 17 September 2021, the club’s board of directors announced that the club were entering administration. The EFL confirmed they would face a 12-point deduction. The Challenge The closest challenge to going into debt on FM21 Mobile is "Austerity Measures". As described below, " the aim of the challenge is to reduce the wage bill by 25 percent before the end of the transfer window" whilst also keeping the club competitive "until the end of the season". You can see on FM21 Mobile, Derby County F.C had a wage budget of £851k but are operated currently at £1.13m - That is £279k over the budget, major debt. The Result So, in the end, I did complete this challenge but it is not easy & was a real test. At the moment, I am liking teams with players strong in PACE/TEAMWORK. With Derby County F.C, At first, I found it difficult to make the tough decisions's, skirting around the squad's youngest & oldest players. The truth was though, Derby County F.C actually have a strong team. After chiselling away at the players who would not be in my plans & assembling the 22 players I was happy with, something shook me. The wage budget was still way over the budget & the challenge & transfer window were dawning- I was going to fail. This said, I was stuck & thought about what to do next. There was only one thing for it, I sold all of our players, some of whom went for millions & freed up thousands in wages! The wage budget was finally under control & actually in a really good state. Now, we had the funds but no players so a premium rebuild for Derby County F.C was required. I scanned the market for the cheapest players on good wages who were good at PACE/TEAMWORK & rebuilt our 22-man squad. We had our new team with strong attributes & a healthy wage budget, we make it through the transfer window with a green light. Making Derby County F.C competitive would be the next challenge. At the start, I wanted us to still play Tiki-Taka football using the tactic preset but quickly became apparent, we did not hold the quality to pull this off consistently. Based on my assistant managers advice, I amended this to Fluid Counter Attacking. So this said, the wage budget was now healthy, the squad has been rebuilt with solid attributes & in the end, found a system which would make us competitive - CHALLENGE COMPLETE. My Thoughts The situation at Derby County F.C is very concerning. A perfect storm of COVID & consistent overspending to aim for the English Premier League. I really do hope in the long term, there is a buyer for this incredible football club. From playing this challenge on FM21 Mobile with Derby County F.C, a few things became clear to me. Firstly, The club has a big squad, most of which are on reasonable wages. Secondly, The squad is really good & there's a reason Derby County F.C have reached the play offs so many times in recent years. Finally, the wage's at the club are relatively high at Derby so I can forsee them going through a tough few years of selling great players for much cheaper alternatives. This said though, with the right players, system & direction, there should be bright future for the club in the future!
  2. @DanEnglish - your analysis is absolutely incredible with excellent observation's & suggestions. I really appreciate this mate! I have never thought to look at it in this much depth as I usually just feel my way to with Barcelona team of 2010/11 as a guide. That said, your suggestions & analysis of the highlights show the issues so clearly. It would be great if you were the FMMVibe tactics fixer or could post tactics emulating the ones in real life such as Klopps Gegenpressing. I shall go away now & test out some of the suggestions, maybe tinkering with the midfield as I think I would prefer the ST being in a sort of FMM21 False Nine position, again, matching the Famous Barcelona teams. Thank you @DanEnglish so much again! again, you have worked so hard! Your posts are clear, interesting & helpful! Can't wait to see more from you! 😁 Thanks again
  3. Hey Dan, I think it potentially is a bit of both. I have completed many careers on FMM21 & not achieved the success. My tester careers now could be luck & spending bigger but I have bought similarly previously without the success. I think spending higher & getting in players with the right attributes together make it successful. Spending big on its own does not always work. Ta.
  4. CHOOSING THE SQUAD I chose Royal Knokke F.C because they were one the smaller clubs in the Belgian 3rd Division. The club was formed in 1905 but has no real history of playing football at a high level. This is my final tester career which will focus on buying players with PACE & POSITIONING. STADIUM & FACILITIES I asked the Royal Knokke F.C board to improve the facilities & stadium. The board declined to improve the clubs facilities. The stadium also remain at 3,000 capacity. STAFF, FINANCES & TRAINING The training regime was delegated to Assistant Manager Bernard Smeets.The finances are secure due to good business done. The staff room is now full & in some ways improved with 2x new intermediate coaches. SQUAD Again, Many transfers bought in & out of the club based on my philosophy. The transfers in specialised in PACE & POSITIONING.The players out did not reach the same quality as the players bought in. TACTIC I used my Attacking Tiki Taka Tactic for this career. The tactic was consistent good throughout the season but brought inconsistent results with Draws & loses. That said, the defence was the best in the league again, the attack was good & we did go 14 games without a loss. THE RESULT The result of my 1st season with Royal Knokke F.C & my 1st season with this transfer policy was successful, winning the league by 3 points in the championship playoffs. The club were only aiming for a mid table finish, so promotion is a great achievement. On the flip side, there were some inconsistencies throughout the season, indicated with 50% of games being Draws or losses. STEPS FOR SUCCESS MANAGERS STATS LEAGUE STATS
  5. CHOOSING THE SQUAD I chose St Albans City F.C. because they are technically my local club. The club was formed in 1908 & has no history of playing at the highest level, the stadium is very close to the city centre. This is again a tester career for my Philosophy. STADIUM & FACILITIES I asked the St Albans City F.C. board if the stadium & facilities could be improved. The board agreed to improve the 1st team & youth training facilities. The stadium is unchanged though & remains at just over 5,000 capacity. STAFF,FINANCES & TRAINING The staff room has been bolstered but remain at a basic level.The finances are OK but over the wage budget due to the transfers. Training was delegated to Assistant Manager Roy Keane. SQUAD Many Transfers were made In & Out of the club in accordance with my System of play & Philosophy. The players in were 20-30yr olds who had good attributes in STAMINA,PACE,POSITIONING. I tried to narrow down searches by aiming for defenders with better POSITIONING stats & attackers with better PACE stats. TACTICS I used my original attacking Tiki Taka Tactic again for this career. Tactic was outstanding & after a shaky start to the season was very consistent. As seen in the club stats, we had 9 consecutive wins & 24 matches without defeat which is unbelievable! Are Pace & Positioning stats the key to this tactic? THE RESULTS The result of my very 1st season with St Albans City F.C. was winning the VNLS by over 10 points! 🥳🥳🏆One of my best ever seasons on FMM21 with consistency, success & one of the best attacks/defence in the league. I finish this tester season with a win rate of 64% & a thought that Pace & Positioning really improved the team. STEPS FOR SUCCESS MANAGERS STATS LEAGUE STATS
  6. @DanEnglish- It makes sense & very well explained. I had not thought of those issues. You should be the FMM Vibe tactics fixer 🤭👍. I am looking forward to your suggestions for tweaking the system. 😁
  7. At the moment, there all pretty much testers mate. For the 1st time in almost years, I feel like I am really nailing on a way to win on FMM.
  8. Absolutely Dan, open to all suggestions. I had thought about amending the stats searched for some of the attacking players as forwards who are great at Positioning,stamina & Pace may not be the best at finishing ( defensive minded).
  9. CHOOSING THE SQUAD I chose C.D. Mafra because they were one of the smaller teams in the LigaPro. The club were founded in 1965 & have no major achievements of note in their history. This was again a tester season for my amended Tiki Taka Tactic. STADIUM & FACILITIES On my 1st day in charge, the board were asked to improve the Stadium & Facilities. The board improved the facilities from Average to Good. The stadium remains at 1,250 capacity. STAFF,FINANCE & TRAINING The staff room has been fulled filled with intermediate/Basic trained coaches,scouts etc. The Finances are OK due to heavy spending in the transfer market. Training is delegated to assistant manager Hugo Relvas. SQUAD As you can see below, the squad underwent a total overhaul. The players in matched my winning filter of STAMINA,PACE & POSITIONING. The players out were not good enough & sold to free up transfer & wage budgets. TACTIC I used my amended Attacking Tiki Taka Tactic. The tactic was amended to play at a slower tempo. The tactic had highs & lows - unbelievable defence again resulting in 9 consecutive wins! But our attack was 8th in the league. THE RESULTS The result of this season with C.D. Mafra was again successful, but by narrow margins. Our defence & clean sheets were there, the win rate was 55% & we had 9 consecutive wins. That said, were still not finishing comfortable first & attacking is still an issue. STEPS FOR SUCCESS MANAGERS STATS LEAGUE STATS
  10. CHOOSING THE SQUAD I chose FC 93 because they were one of the smallest clubs in the lower leagues of French football. The club was founded in 2013 & is based around Paris. I have tweaked my philosophy slightly so wanted to test it out with this club. STADIUM & FACILITIES When I arrived at the club, the training facilities were basic & the stadium held 1,500 supporters, I asked for these to be improved by the board. The board agreed to improve our 1st team & youth training facilities to a below average standard. The stadium capacity remains at 1,500. STAFF, FINANCES & TRAINING Training is delegated out to Assistant Manager Ricardo Carvalho. The Finances are in a very healthy state. The staff room is full now but only to a basic level. SQUAD On arriving at the club, many players were bought in & out of the team. You can see the players bought in were relatively cheap due to the clubs low transfer budget, I again focused on STAMINA,PACE & POSITIONING. The players out were not good enough for the squad & most were released on a Free to ease up the wage budget. TACTICS I used my Attacking Tiki Taka Tactic but amended the tempo to slow. This was to see if it would improve our consistency throughout the season, attacking chances & results. Despite the result of the season, the stats don't lie & again we had superb defence but lacked badly in attack. THE RESULTS The amended philosophy was successful & we ended up winning the league. The defence was outstanding again & we were near the top all season with a win rate of 46%.The attack still needs work though & we ended up drawing too many games - again, more work to do. STEPS FOR SUCCESS MANAGERS STATS LEAGUE STATS
  11. CHOOSING THE SQUAD I chose AC Milan because they are one of the sleeping giants of world football, having a rich history & have played some incredible football. I am still at the tester stage of my new transfer policy, sticking to my normal philosophy. STADIUM & FACILITIES I asked the board to improve the stadium & facilities on my first day. The board did improve the youth facilities from Excellent to Superb. The stadium remains at over 75,000 capacity. STAFF,FINANCES & TRAINING The Staff room was filled & improved with 3x brand new Gold standard Physios. The finances remain at very healthy due to good business conducted. The training regime was delegated to Giacomo Murelli. SQUAD AC Milan underwent almost an entire overhaul, matching the philosophy to the players. The players in were the best & affordable players who were good in STAMINA/PACE & POSITIONING. Some of the players out went for a very good price. TACTICS I used my attacking Tiki Taka Tactic.Tactic was great as always & very consistent, although had dips in Europe & the cups. Again, the tactic delivered the best defence in the league but the worst attacks. THE RESULT AC Milan won the Serie A in my 1st season in charge although failed in Europe & the League Cups. Having a win rate of 54% & the best defence in the league, we were around the top the entire season, Wobbling a bit at the end but coming through. Again, I need to go away & think of how to improve the attacking side. STEPS FOR SUCCESS MANAGERS STATS LEAGUE STATS
  12. CHOOSING THE SQUAD I chose Bayburt Özel İdarespor at random from the Turkish second League. The club, formed in 1989, has very little significant recent history to speak of. Again, I wanted to test my philosophy & new found transfer policy. STADIUM & FACILITIES I asked the board on my 1st day in charge to improve the Stadium & Facilities. The board improved the 1st team facilities from Basic to Below Average. The Stadium remains holding 5,000 supporters. STAFF, TRAINING & FINANCES The finances are OK but took a hit with our transfers into the club. The staff room is full up now, mostly with Bronze standard coaches, scouts etc. The training was delegated to Assistant Manager Eren Kirici. SQUAD Many in's & out's in the summer transfer window with 210K worth of players in & 120K worth of players out. The players out were not good enough under my new transfer policy. The players in were all the best in class available in STAMINA,PACE & POSITIONING. TACTICS I used my attacking Tiki Taka Tactic Tactic career. The tactic was again consistent & defensively brilliant BUT v.poor in attack. We again managed to have the most clean sheets & defences in the league. THE RESULT Bayburt Özel İdarespor earnt promotion from the Turkish Second League. The club were in the promotion places for all of the season. The form was consistent but too many draws saw us slip out of contention for automatic promotion resulting in challenging in the playoffs. The Transfer policy is great but defensive & attacking stats definitely suffer. STEPS FOR SUCCESS MANAGERS STATS LEAGUE LEAGUE
  13. CHOOSING THE CAREER I chose Manchester United FC because they are the club I support & love. From Busby's & Ferguson's era's at the club, It is a special club with unbelievable heritage. The english premiership is one of the toughest leagues in the world & Manchester United FC are still a team working to the top, can my philosophy take them there? STADIUM & FACILITIES I asked the Manchester United FC board to improve the Stadium & Facilities. The board declined my requests for improved infrastructure. This said, The club has state of the art facilities & a 70,000 seater stadium. STAFF,FINANCES & TRAINING Training was delegated to my assistant manager Mike Phelan. Finances remain very healthy due to some good moves in the transfer market. I did not need to amend or improve the staff room at all because it is World Class. SQUAD There was a lot of squad movement in the summer transfer market in order to try & improve the team. The players in were all strong in STAMINA/PACE & POSITIONING. The players out were either too young to be useful now or just not quite good enough to fit in my philosophy. TACTICS I used my attacking Tiki Taka tactic. Even at this level, the tactic was unbelievably consistent with us Winning or drawing 34x of our matches along with having the most clean sheets & best defence. The attack could have been stronger & will be looked at in future careers. THE RESULTS In my 1st season at my club, Manchester united FC, I won the English Premiership & Carabao Cup!🥳🏆 The team were excellent & very consistent conceding few goals & winning many games 1-0. We got to the quarter finals in the champions league to Bayern Munich which could be improved on & had one of the worst attacks which also needs to be improved on. Great career though & another good showing for my Philosophy! STEPS FOR SUCCESS MANAGERS STATS LEAGUE STATS
  14. CHOOSING THE CLUB I chose Lech Poznan as I had read that they were a big club struggling in the Ekstraklasa. With my new philosophy, I have already been successful with two clubs ( Wiesbaden & Barnet) & wanted to make it three in a row. So using my philosophy, could I bring success to Lech? STADIUM & FACILITIES I asked the board to improve the Stadium & Facilities on my 1st day at the club. The board declined these request to improve the infrastructure of the club. This said, Lech still boasts very good 1st team & youth facilities as well as an over 40,000 capacity stadium! STAFF, FINANCES & TRAINING The training regime was delegated out to assistant manager Janusz Gora. The wage bill is in a very healthy state by removing some high priced players & buying in cheaper better alternatives. The staff room now is full & at a good standard. SQUAD Many in's & out this season with Lech to try the philosophy. The players in were good in STAMINA,PACE & POSITIONING. The players leaving were usually JUST below the standard required but were generally good players. TACTIC We used the attacking Tiki Taka Tactic for this season. The tactic worked unbelievably well & was incredibly successful & consistent. We had the best defence in the league & 5th best attack! THE RESULT The result of my 1st season in charge of Lech Poznan was very successful, winning the Polish FA Cup & Ekstraklasa! We were unbelievably consistent playing some beautiful football, such as the one below. I end this season with a Pep Guardiola win rate of 74%!!🥳 STEPS FOR SUCCESS MANAGERS STATS LEAGUE STATS
  15. CHOOSING THE SQUAD I chose Barnet FC because they were my local club growing up. They have really struggled in recent years with a different home, different managers & Yo-Yo results. I wanted to use my Philosophy to try & change their fortunes. STADIUM & FACILITIES On my 1st day at Barnet FC, I asked the board to improve the stadium & facilities. The board did improve the clubs youth facilities which are now good, with the 1st Team Training Facilities listed as 'impressive'. The stadium remains unchanged with the club playing at the bigger 'Hive' Stadium in Edgware. STAFF,FINANCES & TRAINING The training was delegated over to Assistant Manager & United Legend Roy Keane. The Staff Room got improved & filled out with quite a few Silver Badges in there. The finances are OK but wages are over due to the summer transfer signings. SQUAD The squad went through a huge overhaul in the summer transfer market, with players having to match the philosophy. The players into the club met our specifications of 20-30yr olds(not injured), searching by PACE/STAMINA & POSITIONING. The players out were not good enough for my squad & over 21yrs old. TACTIC I used my Attacking Tiki Taka Tactic for this career. The tactic worked incredibly well & was very consistent, delivering mostly wins & draws(maybe too many). We had the best defence in the league by a mile but had one of the worst attacks which will need to be looked into. THE RESULT In my very 1st season at my local club of Barnet FC & Promotion to the football league was confirmed via the playoff places. We drew too many matches but had an impressive 56% win rate & only lost 8 matches all season. We conceded the least amount of goals & most clean sheets but 11th for goals so this needs to be improved. STEPS FOR SUCCESS MANAGERS STATS LEAGUE STATS