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  1. Version 1.0.2


    Startscreen with the Official World Cup Logo and Backround with the Luzniki stadium. Enjoy! ********************************************** Choose your favourite club startscreen/background from their various folder. copy/move the files(in the folder) to android/data/com.sigames.fmm18mobile/files/installed/fmhi_hdtv_skin/images. Thanks, Enjoy
  2. ** Added youtube videos of a couple of matches ** Apologies for the music
  3. Good Evening All, This post is about my philosophy and putting it to the test. As i have won the league with a club in every country on the game and recently won the World Cup with England - I wanted a bigger challenge! The lower leagues of turkey are very difficult with limited resources, poor players and strong oposition, this being said..I found the team for this post! My chosen team was Sancaktepe Bld. They had basic training facilities and basic youth facilities with the lowest turkish attendance of only 2000! Improving a club like this or challenging other teams when they either had more money, better facilities was going to be very tough. On the first day of becoming the manager, the board set me the challenge of not getting relegated. I agreed to this and was provided 244k transfer budget along with the following backroom team. I thought the budget was relatively good but then realised the amount of changes needed was proly massive! Soo..Firstly..Stadium & Facilities The first thing i always do in any club is to ask the board if the Stadium or Facillities can be improved. When i asked the Sancaktepe bld board these, they refused both, giving a huge indication the board felt the clubs assets matched its position. This is probably fair but still very difficult as the manager improving poor players with basic facilities! Secondly...Holiday and Assistant Manager. With these settings, I always set my holiday as rejecting all offers for players & do not buy. This is because i always want to build and keep my best players and my scouting is better than the assistants. Some people seem to be more easy on these which is fine. With my Sancaktepe bld Assistant Manager Murat Akan, I set him the following responsibilities. I asked him to manage our friendly matches along with promoting youth players and loaning them out under 21 years old. In my eyes, friendlies are there for match fitness & like my manager also being my eyes with youth players. Thirdly..Staff, Finances and Training. Given the level of facilities, I was only provided only 2x staff members - my right hand man Murat Akan & youth scout Ismail Aras. I looked but there were not any better skilled coaches or scouts I could acquire and no Physios who were interested in joining us. This was a very small number of staff and with no physio's, left us very shaky in relation to injuries. In relation to Finance, the key is to keep the business in green and not red. I was provided 244k transfer budget and a very modest wage budget - 25k a year. As stated above, considering the size of the club this was fine but there was a LOT of work to come!! One of my favourite parts is Training, which I keep intensive for all teams i manage. I had every outfield player as GENERAL and goalkeepers on GOALKEEPING using the below system. Some agree with this and some dont, I want my outfield players to be excellent techniqually to be good in my system. Fourth - Tactic So..i Always use the below Tiki Taka Tactic. I find it fits the guardiola Barcelona system perfectly and goes between slick triangle passes to sensational through balls. I am definitely of the mould that I want to win playing well and not just at any costs. The 5th one- Assembling the squad. So, i find out my acceptable squad through the combination of FMM players attributes (Seen here - https://community.sigames.com/manual/football-manager-mobile-2018/your-team-r315) AND Marc Vaughans rating scale for a Top Side (10 = Good / 14= Very Good and 16 = Outstanding) found here - https://www.google.co.uk/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://mrdaniels.files.wordpress.com/2008/12/fm_handheld_hints_and_tips.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwi8pvaJkLPZAhVMKVAKHSiVAZIQFjAAegQIExAB&usg=AOvVaw1vk4Fscag3BOVYdUqvCR4D . This being said, Sancaktepe Bld had one of the worst teams I have ever seen with 99% of the 22 players I aim for being below my level of quality. As seen below, I sold and bought(I buy the always buy the cheapest players who matvh my profile) a lot of players( 2x players were loaned out) - all of which fit into my profile above. RESULTS SO.. did my Philosophy work? Did Sancaktepe bld stay up? Am i sacked? The answer to these is Yes!! YES!! AND no. The system worked perfectly with better players working hard to both defend and attack. Sancaktepe bld did not only stay up but got promoted to the next tier of Turkish football, an unbelievable feat! I did not get sacked as you can see and infact the board are delighted with 73% win rate i have brought to this team. CONCLUSION I have really loved this save. Turkish fans are so passionate and Sancaktepe bld are such a nice club. The club is small - facillities wise, Stadium wise and staff wise. The club does not have the budget that the premier league has or the likes of Galatasary/besiktas etc but they do have a team that fights and gives everything to the fans! In addition to this and on a personal note, I am so happy that my Philosophy worked. FMM 18 is fantastic but very tough, especially being a lower league team in Turkey. My hope is that my explanations can help someone else who either wants to start on the game or find their own system. Please enjoy this!!!
  4. Cheers Baltigoal. I added more pictures to make the article more appealing. I think the World Cup is great to play on FMM and very challenging despite how above made it look. It was one of those times that all 11 players were in sync and worked perfectly in the system. Defence and Goalkeeper were solid and showed real grit, esp in the final against Italy. The Midfielders were key with Alli and Wilshire such good passers to provide Sterling and Welbeck who are hard working, pacy and skillful. What can i say about Kane, enough quality to provide set ups and one of the best finishers in the world. I know it is only a game but the scouting system is being used by Real Clubs around the world. Players like Mawson surprised me big time and Butland/Sessignon who are definitly ready for a big push. In other thoughts, i am surprised Wilshire has been left out by southgate, he is a top passer for England!. Finally, i would love England to play this beautiful on the floor style BUT even if not that, the Wingers scream that we should focus on this area, Welbeck and Sterling along with Walker and Sessignon will not stop running and trying hard for the team! What are other people thinking from this save?
  5. Good Evening All, This post is to explain how I managed the England football team to do something it has not done since 1966, win the World Cup! The images and Video below help document how this incredible feat happened. This is the journey of how England dared to dream and won the jackpot! So i started as England Manager controlling the last few qualification games and friendlies. In true England fashion, we made this harder than it needed to be with draws at Slovenia & Malta. I felt like this might be an impossible task. Once Qualified, we had relatively easy friendly games against Faroe Islands and South Africa to get us ready for Russia. We won both games and the team was begining to take shape - South Africa 2-1 and Faroe Island 2-0. Great confidence booster going into the biggest cup. *** For this Entire Save i have used my Tiki Taka Tactic and my usual process adapted to England *** The World Cup Tactic - My Tiki Taka System Group Stages We started the 2018 Russia World Cup with a relatively difficult group with Brazil(Favourites), Ireland and Saudi Arabia. We got off to the best start possible, beating Brazil comfortable 2-0 followed by wins against Ireland and Saudi Arabia. Although confident, England do have a track record of letting us down and felt cautious about the great start made - Still plenty of football to play to win! Second Round The Second Round drew us against another one of the tournement favourites and historical enemy - Germany. As seen below, the England players played out of their skin with the combination of Alli, Wilshire=passing..Welbeck,Sterling running and Kane finishing , we were unstoppable beating our nemesis by 1-0. So far beating Brazil and Germany, our confidence was up and we knew we had a force to be reckoned with. Quarter Finals For the Quarter Finals we were handed Wales which appeared easier but 1) They had got to the Quarters beating france and 2) They were not so easy in Euro 16! This all being said, The team and nation rose to the challenge winning 2-0, everyone putting in world class performances, even bright player - Alfie Mawson who is now on my radar. Can England go all the way or is this the calm before the storm? Semi Finals For the Semi Finals, we faced Poland and Lewandovski, a team who are energetic, creative and have Goals in them! As seen below, Our Tiki Taka system was still working and the team still gelling perfectly! Welbeck and Sterling controlling the wide area's and Kanes finishing really did make us invincible and Poland, even if they knew our system, had no reply to the quality of our play. My heart literally was doing flips at this stage, for once in my life, England had not hid or slipped up but came 100% to this party, we were not just getting wins but some of the best football ive ever played on FMM! We were ready for the Final whoever it was.. The World Cup Final The Final came around and we were to face ITALY. Italy has got the best Goal Scoring in the Cup and Won every single game, the same as us. They had assigned Ancelotti as Manager who has a career built on wining the biggest matches, a proven winner! The match was fairly even with good chances for both sides, but we definitly edged it in terms of desire. Up until the 33rd minute, Italy showed how defensively sound they were keeping out chance after chance. Finally Harry Kane got the goal we so badly needed - Our hero had arrived. The second half was mostly italy with a barrage of chances, all excellent and all in dangerous positions. The 66th minute and a cross swings in from Italy...IMMOBILEEEE......GOALLL!!!!!! But the ref stated Offside - we were still in this game, our hands on the Cup, under 25mins to go and we'd secured a spot in history. A tense 20 mins after this until in the 88th minute, our Hero stepped up again and stuck a dagger in Italians fans hearts. The Whistle blew..Fans Roared, England had reached the top of the mountain and claimed the Top Cup in the game. England had Won World Cup 2018 in Russia!! The World Cup Winners - Players Hope you have enjoyed this!
  6. Cheers Woody, I do love Newcastle too, happy to see your bois staying firmly in the Premier League. Do feel for Sunderland though, only going by FMM theres been a lot of money spent on wages, transfers & managers which has been wasted. I hope they learn there lessons for the new season. A club this big should not be in league one.
  7. Good Evening All, In real life, Sunderland are now in league 1. They are taking such a fall from grace i decided i wanted to help them like i did for Leyton Orient FC. I used my Steps for Success... Along with my Tiki Taka Tactic... And below shows the results. Sunderland FC won the Championship and automatic promotion to the Premier League!! Conclusion & thoughts: Sunderland FC have an incredible large stadium & Fanbase with 'World Class' Facillities but in real life massively under-achieve. I got around 20million to start this campaign which is not huge but i always felt enough to get me good enough players to get promoted up - what have they done with this in real life? I changed my training to be fairly intense as always - have there players not had the desire to get out of their current situation. The squad when i arrived was huge! With so many players needing to be loaned out and older players just earning the money but not contributing(John Oshea etc) so either got released or sold on. As Sir Alex says, the evidence is on the pitch or the stats on FMM! Sooo..Why do i think they have not done this in reality? Poor Management!! The Club is really amazing with some of the most loyal fans anywhere, the Stadium of light is beautiful and large and Facilities for their youth and first team is something many clubs can only dream of. Away from the external features and into the interior, there are notable failings. These include: Squad too big creating high wage bill. Too much loyalty to older players Poor Signing's and use of parachute payment. No Clear Philosophy of play Not enough Determination to get out of their situation- intense training etc P.S: I have made these points contrasting Sunderland in reality compared to my Season with them on FMM 18. I do hope they can bounce back as a club and i want to thank anyone who reads or comments on this, let me know your thoughts Stuart
  8. Morning All, I have completed 30 successful seasons with Leyton Orient. I came to a club who was on its knees with Adequate Training and youth facilities, 9285 Stadium Capacity and sitting in the Vanorama National League. I have retired from Leyton Orient with State of the art Training and top Youth facilities, 100000 Stadium Capacity and champions of the Premier League. Please see below pictures for a more visible look at my progress. To end, i have really loved this save with Leyton Orient. It is a team which means a lot to me and felt nice taking them to the top. It is also helps confirm my tactic and process works.
  9. Thanks guys for your kind words! My superman pictured below..hes young too
  10. Good Evening All, Hope this finds you well! In recent days, i have had the best season i have had on Football Manager Mobile 2018. I am in a file of managing the challenged club Leyton Orient using my steps to success - Leyton Orient is a club close to my heart and in recent times has gone through a massive decline going from League 1 to the National League! I had managed the O's since the start(2017) and managed to get them to the Premier Division. The difficulty once there is to always improve and stay at the top of the pile. Alex Ferguson really was a genius! I did win the league but had to wait almost 4 years for the same result comming 2nd and 3rd for these years. After 3 seasons of winning the league after this, i knew i was building something special and semi finals indicated we were close to greatness.Finally....it happened. As seen below, Leyton Orient managed the success other teams can only dream off. The Man Utd Treble season was special and the invincibles were a one off but Leyton Orient were now in this list, we had one 5 Cups in one season! The Community Shield first followed by the momentum of the Carabao cup. Then..after 38 long games and a season of teams improving there teams, injuries, other managers getting used to our system..we were still the champions!! With only one defeat all season( this was on the last game of the season with a second team as the fa cup final and Champions league were approaching). Our last two cups came around. A hard fought win came at wembley for the FA cup final against london rivals Tottenham, only wining through penalties. Only european domination stood in our way.. The Champions league final was taking place at Wembley against Man Utd vs Leyton Orient. We were actually 2nd best all game but hung on and have incredible character and strength, a real determination! Finally in the 95th minute Ben Mcdonald my best player stook up and scored!! The rest is football history. ************************************************* In honestly, i really do feel proud of this achievement. I spend around 1hour 30 mins preparing each and every season which can sometimes bring 1 or no trophies. We played over 38 games including cups which all needed to be perfect. The fitness, the players, the 2 legged ties when you go down in the first leg and have to pull it through. In real life, a season like this would be absolutly unbelievable, a one-off, something the Orient fans and neutrals will never see again! Hope you have enjoyed this!
  11. SSolas

    Tiki Taka- Successful tactic

    Has anyone given this a go in the new update? Any success or failures?
  12. Has anyone tried this process? Had any success or failures with it?
  13. I have re-achieved my achievements but deleted my previous logo and faces packs. I have re-downloaded these and all the players are shown but none of the managers/staff as seen below. Anyone able to explain why this is or help?
  14. Ahh that makes sense but so frustrating. Its not a 10min job building them up and there's no trust that it wont happen again.😔
  15. Anyone got a game.cfg file they can lend just for the achievements/unlockables?