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  1. My Levadiakos FC Progress.. Stadium & Facilities The Stadium & Facilities have improved greatly in the last few seasons. Levadiakos FC now has State of the Art 1st Team & Youth Team training facilities. The Stadium Capacity risen to fit in 28,000 fans. Staff,Finance & Training Training is still delegated over to my World Class Assistant Manager Giannis Providas. Our Finances are in the green and is something I work hard on. Our Backroom Staff team has also been improved. Tactics I have amended the Tactic slightly from above. I changed the mentality to Attacking because I wanted the squad to play a more progressive style of football(on the front foot). At 1st this amendment made the defence leakier but once settled into, we really started playing well & winning matches Squad I have maintained my transfer strategy of trying to leave the squad alone as much as possible. I only transfer or release players who drop below the standards expected of them( Key attributes under 10 as per FMM20 Manual). We aim to sign players who were Greek and between 19-25 yo. Results The results have been hugely positive, winning the Greek Super League back-to-back(26-27 & 27-28) & Greek Cup(2028)! The new tactic has been massively successful and it has taken 7 Seasons to reach the top of Greek Football. The next step has to be making Levadiakos FC into European challengers. Manager Statistics League Statistics
  2. Many thanks @BatiGoal Thanks also to @Robert Ssfor your comment.I Love the thought of an Everton File-they have potential but are not playing at it at the moment. Please feedback how your career goes! To answer your questions Robert, I would like to do this for the full 30 years & winning the champions league would be unbelievable as a long term goal.
  3. Good Evening All, Choosing the club For my 1st Career on any new Football Manager, I start unemployed in a new Country added to the game & see how I get on. Therefore, The club that chose me was Levadiakos F.C, a team who have struggled in Greek Football, only achieving promotion to the 2nd Division in 2008. I was thrilled at the opportunity to turn this small underdog into a club of champions. Stadium & Facilities The Levadiakos stadium was built in 1952 and holds over 5,900 fans, with the average attendance currently at 5,000 fans which is good. The 1st Team & Youth training facilities are acceptable. If this club wants to become big, it will need to improve the Stadium & it's facilities. Holiday & Assistant Manager As with my other saves, my process as manager involves setting out my holiday stance and delegation as seen below: Staff,Finance & Training When I first came to the club, Levadiakos F.C only had 3x good(Silver) coaches & 1x Physio. This has now been improved with all Staffing positions filled & even some World Class Coaches & Pyshio's at the club. The Finances when I arrived were small with only £71k in my 1st Season but this has also been improved due to smart selling & buying. Training is delegated to my World Class Assistant Manager Giannis Providas who has been at the club since the start. Tactics I use my Tiki Taka System shown below for Levadiakos F.C. The results started off extremely inconsistent with a Win-Lose-Win run in my 1st (Close of season) & 2nd Seasons. The 3rd season has improved massively with the defence being solid but the attack working well. I must admit that throughout all 3x seasons and even in difficult results, the football we were playing was beautiful! Just a bit too leaky. Squad When I first came to Levadiakos F.C, the squad was aging with some players some quality but most needing to be released. The players coming in have been young Greek Nationals. The success rate has been up & down, for example: a young left back I bought is consistently getting poor ratings, However, a new striker bought in has been smashing in the goals. Results In my 3rd Season at Levadiakos F.C, we won the Greek Superleague 2 Title!!!!🥳🥳🥳 My 1st Season was short & I was drafted to the club at the end of 2020, finishing an impressive 4th position. The 2nd Season was good but inconsistent, ending in 4th position again! Finally, in the 3rd Season through a few signings & the squad improving, we had a fantastic season ending the season 11 points ahead! Can this impressive start continue?... Manager Stats League Stats
  4. Good Evening Football Manager Fans, This guide follows on from one I created a year back(of which 88% of viewers found it helpful). A lot of the information is extremely similar. If you are interested to read this or it may be of some help, it is available below: So..my 14 Steps for success are: 1) ASK THE BOARD TO EXPAND THE STADIUM EVERY SEASON This stems from Alex Ferguson's 8 steps to success(http://www.businessinsider.com/sir-alex-ferguson-reveals-8-secrets-to-success-2013-9?IR=T). His first point is you should start with the foundations and build a club rather than purely being results driven. Expanding the stadium is one way of improving the foundations of a club. 2) ASK THE BOARD TO IMPROVE THE TRAINING FACILITIES This is similar to the point above and also important. The Clubs who get relegated from the premiership and wonder how to spend the money they have, often opt for players rather than buildings.This being said, training facilities have a longer lifespan than players & will help build up the players you already have, leading to a win-win situation. 3) ASK THE BOARD TO IMPROVE THE YOUTH FACILITIES Finally, I like to ask the board to improve the Youth training facilities. If you get it right like Manchester city, your club can effectively run itself through the youth players comming through & the first team players and the senior players leading from the front. A world class youth centre therefore is essential! 4)SET HOLIDAY TO REJECT ALL OFFERS AND DO NOT BUY PLAYERS I think with these two options that firstly, whoever you are with, you do not want to be a selling team. As soon as I start with a club, I am putting a stamp down that we are holding onto our best players and building to be the best. Also, I do not like anyone else buying players for my team but me. Its a waste of the transfer/wage budget & the computer normally does not choose the players you need the most. 5)ASSISTANT CONTROLS FRIENDLIES/YOUTH PROMOTIONS AND LOANS OUT UNDER 21S My thinking here comes from Sir Alex Ferguson, who learnt as time went by that he needed to delegate his work load. This is the way i do it. Friendlies are mostly for fitness and if i choose the staff members, they should hold my vision of the youth players I want at the club. I think under 21 is a suitable age to make that judgement on whether they will cut it at the big club or not. 6)ALWAYS GET THE BEST STAFF AROUND YOU This step is quite self explanatory but taken greatly from Louis Van Gaal - he stresses in the presentation how he has a lot of staff who in his eyes are more important than the team. They control the day to day running of the club, from the assistant picking youth players, the scouts finding new talent to pyshios who can keep your best players playing, they are vital. For Example: Best Staff on the market in my career is a High Quality Silver Coach/Physio... Ensure you match this with the staff you have. There are even a few World Class gold trained staff members in my career which is excellent. 7)MAKE SURE FINANCES STAY IN THE GREEN Self explanatory but keep finances in the green. For examples of bad management, take Portsmouth, Leeds etc who spent a bit extra money looking for quick progress and instead found relegation and suffering. For good management, take Arsenal who take the balance book seriously and still manage to find themselves winning cups etc. 8)USE THE RIGHT TACTIC FOR THE SQUAD So with this one, I use my own tactic. I love the Tiki Taka system and think with the right players and management, it can be massively successful. Of course, there are plenty of tactics on this website and if not a tactic on here, please model it on the players already in the squad. 9)WORK OUT THE PLAYERS REQUIRED This step involves getting more connected with the formation and tactic to build a philosophy of the way you want to play - for example: Some managers might have had Messi as a target man or inside forward but the False 9 was chosen for a reason and to amazing effect. My tactic incorporates the following as taken from this book. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Coaching-Tiki-Taka-Style-Play/dp/0957670540 SWK - GK - Han/Ref WBK - D R/L- Tack/Stam BPD - DC- Tack/Head/Posit DM - DMC-Tack/Stam DLP - CM- Pass/Stam APM - CM-Pass/Stam IF - F R/L/C- Finis/Pace T - FC- Finis/ Head 10)WORK OUT WHICH PLAYERS ARE GOOD ENOUGH I take this information from https://www.google.co.uk/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://mrdaniels.files.wordpress.com/2008/12/fm_handheld_hints_and_tips.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwi8pvaJkLPZAhVMKVAKHSiVAZIQFjAAegQIExAB&usg=AOvVaw1vk4Fscag3BOVYdUqvCR4D and https://community.sigames.com/manual/football-manager-mobile-2018/your-team-r315 Marc Vaughan in a previous game has marked out that world class teams can work by ths system of assessing players attributes: 10- Good Attribute 14- Very Good Attribute 16-Excellent Attribute I use this for every team because I always want to build them to a world class level. This information, along with the Key Atributes for each position outlined in the below, makes for a good general standard for where players are at or if they are good enough. For example - a Left back with 14 for tackling and 15 stamina suggests in general he is a very good player. In Contrary, if a centre back with heading 10 tackling 9 and positioning 15, i would look to offload them. Tackling is a key attribute and that player was not even classed as 'good' for it. IF they fall below 10 attribute, offload them. I MUST stress - This is not an exact art form but a guide. 11) WHAT TO DO WITH PLAYERS WHO ARENT GOOD ENOUGH? I normally weigh up whether it is best to transfer list and demote a player or release. Your club may need the money, in which case releasing the player to open space and wage budget makes sense. 12)TRANSFER MARKET I like to be savy in the transfer market so i normally use this guide https://community.sigames.com/manual/football-manager-mobile-2018/your-team-r315 and check for players, first with 10 ratings, then move up the list until you narrow it down to 1 or 2 players, choosing the best of these & most affordable. I have also started to search for players through Nationality(Home grown talent) & Age(19-25). I am trying to be smarter in the market to suit my team by getting treqartistas with AMC attributes and Inside forwards with Forwards attributes. 13) SETTING THE HIGHEST STANDARDS Soo, I am quite strict on myself as the manager in order to set the highest standards at the club. In the book https://www.amazon.co.uk/Modern-Soccer-Coach-2014-Dimensional/dp/1909125326 it states that Man Utd once had a team goal not to go through the season losing two games in a row. I set myself a goal to never lose 3 games in a row -If i do, i ask the board to allow me extra time. This one is the most optional on this list but means im aiming high and wanting to be the best. Plus, if you dont lose 3 games in a row, you are normally by the top of the table and if you do lose 3 games in a row, its a strong lesson that the team needs changing ASAP! 14)MATCH MANAGEMENT I play matches a bit like Louis Van Gaal with little tinkering and happy to watch the match as a student, seing the trends and themes. I make my changes at half time and they include: ☆ Substitute any players who have their fitness in 60% or lower( below the level of fitness to perform at their best in the 2nd half) ☆ Substitue any players who have their rating at 5 or lower( below the level of performance i demand of the players) i hope you have enjoyed this and feel free to comment etc on it.
  5. Good Morning All Choosing the team I have chosen this club primarily as my experience & knowledge in the German Lower divisions is lacking. SG are an interesting club and started life as a Sports Club, deciding to branch out into football and being successful at it. My aim was to get SG to become champions of Liga 3. Stadium & Facilities Over 2 years at the club, I have built SG to have both State of the art 1st team training facilities and Youth training facilities. The stadium holds just over 10,000 fans which we are able to fill most weekends. The club has great infrastructure to become a successfull team. Holiday and Assistant Manager As with my other saves, my process as manager involves setting out my holiday stance and delegation as seen below: Staff,Finance and Training The club now boasts more than a few World Class coaches. The Finances are very much in the green, with the club ready to develop and improve when needed. The training is delegated over to my World Class Assistant Boris Schommers. Tactics As always, I used my Tiki Taka Tactic when managing SG. I found that in my 1st season, the defence was fantastic but the attack struggled somewhat. In the 2nd season, the defence and attack were much better and the tactic truly gelled. Squad In the 1st season, I needed to make many changes to almost every area of the pitch with the quality not being good enough. The 2nd season required less changes being made as seen below. The two transfers in were for a winger & a better goalkeeper. The result In a very close season in Liga 3 & with Karlsruhe FC being top of the league for most of the season, we somehow managed to become the Champions of Liga 3. We lost only 4 times during the season and had an amazing 19 clean sheets during the season. It has been great fun managing SG and like there humble beginnings, it has got me very excited for FMM 20. Managers Statistics League Statistics
  6. I found the league to be quite competitive. I made some progress but not enough until we won the league. Many thanks @batigoal
  7. Good Evening All, Choosing the team I have chosen to manage Jagiellonia Bialystok as Poland is a great country to manage in. I have always found the Ekstraklasa to be very competitive. It was my aim to get this club to become champions of Polish football. Stadium and facilities Firstly, Please look below, the stadium holds over 25,000 fans & looks absolutly stunning. The youth facilities & 1st team facilities are State of the art. The club has everything it requires to being successful. Holiday and assistant manager As with my other saves, my process as manager involves setting out my holiday stance and delegation as seen below: Staff, Finance and Training I have built Jagiellonia to have state of the art staff as seen below. The clubs finances are secure so we can build in the future. Training was delegated to my Assistant Manager Jan Wouters. Tactics As always, I implemented my Tiki Taka Philosophy on Jagiellonia. For the most part this formation was successful, creating a strong defence & beautiful passing football. However, we usually needed a stronger attacking force to win more matches. Squad The Squad has been regularly changed since I came to manage the club. I have tried to focus primarily on Polish players who are between 19-25 years old, giving the club players for the future. I have found a few loanee players from the UK/EUROPE also helped the overally quality of our squad. The Result So, there you have it, My aim became reallity and Jagiellona were finally Champions of Polish Football! It did take 6 long,frustrating seasons though and was tough, especially when you feel the club getting better just for us to struggle the next season. The clubs of Lech,Legia & Lechia are masters of this league and you need to be ready for a fight to be champion. Overall though, incredibly happy save and a real insight into the Polish League, this is a fantastic club and 100% deserve success in the future. Managers Statistics League Statistics
  8. I do, as the attached post explains. This lays out how I enjoy playing Football Manager Mobile.😁 Enjoy!
  9. Good Evening All, Choosing the team I started this career unemployed in the USA. It is both an attractive league but a very competitive one.The first club who offered me the position of manager was Real Salt Lake who last won the MLS CUP in 2009 but have since fallen on tougher times. Stadium and facilities Real Salt Lake have a reasonably sized Stadium which holds over 20,000 fans - there is demand for these seats. The Youth and First team training facilities are state of the art. The club the essentials to bring it back to the very top of american football. Holiday and Assistant Manager As with my other saves, my process as manager involves setting out my holiday stance and delegation as seen below: Staff,Finance and Training The Staff definitely required some improving when I first arrived at the club, The club now had State of the Art Coaches, a few good scouts and Pyshios. The finances have been up and down due to needing to improve the squad. The training is delegated to the assistant manager to do. Tactics I used my Tiki Taka tactic for this career with Real Salt Lake. I worked very hard on the defence due to taking over the club when they were only losing or drawing matches. We struggled a lot offensively and ended up quite inconsistent because of this. Squad Fourth Season in and my transfers were more specific and focused due to my buying and selling previously. This transfer market, I focused on Attacking players, in contrast to my previous buys. A number of older players and those not good enough to win the MLS Cup left the club. The result After a number of tough, inconsistent seasons, Real Salt Lake cracked USA football again! We won the double in 2021 with both the US CUP & the MLS CUP. The additions of good quality strikers & better attacking players really propelled us forward. It has been a nice career managing Real Salt Lake and winning big in the USA, again shows my philosophy and system are successful! Managers Statistics League Statistics
  10. Good Evening All, Choosing the team I have chose this Chinese First league team more out of luck than choice, with me starting this chinese career unemployed. The club was only founded in 2013 & relegated in 2018. I was curious of the chinese league and wanted to test my management skills further in it. Stadium and facilities As seen above, Dalian now have below average training and youth facilities, with these being Basic prior to my appoinrment. There stadium is beautiful and seats over 30000 fans. As you can see, mixed thoughts about the clubs set up, the facilities are worrying and pose a real threat to our season success. Holiday and assistant manager As with my other saves, my process as manager involves setting out my holiday stance and delegation as seen below: Staff, Finance and training I arrived at the club with the staff being at the basic standard, The coaches & Staff were immediatly changed to being silver graded. I came into the club with £83m, Which is amazing, although due to the very poor quality of the squad, I spent over this amount improving the squad. The training was delegated to my Assistant Manager as per normal. Tactic As per usual, I used my Tiki Taka tactic with Dalian FC. Due to the high quality of incomming players and lack of quality from other teams, the tactic worked extremely well.Rounded up, We roughly scored 2 goals per match and only let in 1 goal from the opposition- We scored the most goals in the league whilst letting in the least. Squad The quality of the 'on loan' players filling up the squad when I arrived was awful, So I decided to release every single original player, which meant starting from scratch. As seen below, these are the players brought in with some 'filler' options but quite a few of very high quality for this league. The squad was now equiped to challenge for promotion but would take time and training to fully gel. The result My Season with Dalian Transcendance FC was very successful, Winning promotion to the Chinese Super League, Comming top of League one & getting to the final of the CFA Cup! We won the league by 6 points(2 matches) in what was a very challenging year, spending the majority of it in 2nd place. We had a 10 consecutive game run, a 6 game winning streak and 23 goals scored by the very good striker Melunovic. FM 2019 Mobile_2019-09-15-23-22-19_1_1.mp4 Manager Stats League stats
  11. Good Evening All, For a new challenge, I decided to manage the Italian National Side. There is a programme called "Who do you think you are?" ,which has got me researching my Family tree with my oldest decendant growing up in Turin, Italy. The personal connection added to the National Sides mixed recent past made this seem like a great challenge. I used my newly created "international Tactic" seen below. The lads took to this system extremely well with little to no set backs. This is a stable system which really appears to succeed in international football. The results have been amazing with Italy being runners up in the European cup of Nations(missing out to England on Penalties) & winning EURO 2020. The results have been nothing short of amazing and the success is very well deserved. It feels nice to know my tactic/Philosophy works & to do my 4th great grandad proud 😁. Go on Italy! Finally, my personal achievements through my time managing Italy .These are impressive with a runners up medal, a EURO CUP win & a 77% Win Rate( Pep guardiola is on 72%!). Again this shows my philosophy works & makes me happy that I can make my family proud.
  12. Good morning @KG4, Full results with this tactic can be seen here:
  13. Season 2 Season two of managing Feyenoord FC was a huge success. We won the dutch treble of the Dutch Super Cup, Eredivisie & the Dutch Cup( With a world class strike from Bahebeck worthy of the trophy).The one set back came on penalties to Sevilla in the Champions League, we had a bad 1st leg and deserved to be higher in the end rankings. This being said, an incredible season for Feyenoord FC and definitely becoming a dominant force in Dutch Football playing my Tiki-Taka, Total Football style of football!!🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳
  14. Good Evening, CHOOSING THE CAREER I visited rotterdam in 2017 and toured Feyenoord Stadium. This was the year that Feyenoord FC won the title and the city was absolutly buzzing with excitement and happiness. Feyenoord FC were unable to retain the title & have not won it since, something I would love to do! STADIUM AND FACILITIES Feyenoord FC are a big club with a great set up. They have Excellent youth & training facilities and a large stadium that seats over 51000 fans. This is a perfect set up to build this squad up to be champions again. HOLIDAY AND ASSISTANT MANAGER As with my other saves, my process as manager involves setting out my holiday stance and delegation as seen below: STAFF,FINANCE AND TRAINING I amended the Feyenoord FC staff structure, improving it, by ensuring only the highest qualified sat on our team. The finances as always were a priority and kept green at all times, Sales and a good previous season ensured we had funds. Training was delegated to my assistant manager. TACTIC I used my Tiki Taka Tactic for Feyenoord FC to bring them back to being champions. The tactic worked remarkably well, especially defensively providing 20 clean sheets! This tactic provided good attacking and defensive moments and worked well with the squad available. SQUAD Feyenoord FC had a very large squad when I joined with a big youth side & aging talents. Most of the youth(not yet developed) were either sold or loaned out. 13x new players brought in, many of which were old, past their prime but ultimatly would provide us one last world class season and the gamble paid off. THE RESULTS The results of my season with Feyenoord were both successful & frustrating in equal measure. We DID win the eredivise again & lost 1 game all season😲! However, we should have also won the Dutch Cup & Dutch Super Cup. An older & aging squad, I am ultimatly proud they won the league and because of my high standards, wished they'd won more with their quality. MANAGERS STATS LEAGUE STATS