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  1. CHOOSING THE CAREER I chose Lech Poznan FC because they are one of the biggest clubs in Polish Football. In addition to this, I again wanted to test out my Steps for Success to see if they would work again. The results were fantastic! STADIUM & FACILITIES Lech had Impressive first team facilities & Great youth team facilities for this season. The stadium is also impressive and holds over 41,000 Supporters. We currently have an average attendance of 32,000 supporters. STAFF, TRAINING & FINANCES The training regime was delegated to my Gold Badged Assistant Manager Marcin Pogorzala. The finances were kept green through player sales. The Staff members were filled up & improved and I decided to hire ALL attacking coaches as a test. SQUAD As you can see before, quite a number of players left with a few coming in. The players out did not hold the correct Key attribute stats. The few players bought in were attacking players for midfield and upfront. TACTIC I used my Tried and tested Tiki Taka Tactic for this save. We finished with the best defence and the 3rd best attack. The tactic worked perfectly and attacking coaches are definitely MORE suited to this system. THE RESULT The result of my 1st Season with Lech was a Poloish Domestic Double, winning the FA Cup & the Ekstraklasa!!🥳🥳🥳 We won the league by 10 points and looked quite comfortable all season. It is exciting to think how we would fair in European football. STEPS FOR SUCCESS Please find the Do's and Dont's to success as per this season: Please find below the top XI as decided by my Assistant Manager: Please find below the Squad Depth and Club Stats: MANAGERS STATS LEAGUE STATS
  2. CHOOSING THIS CAREER I chose this career with Chrobry FC due to them being one of the smallest clubs in the Polish 2nd Division. I also wanted to follow my Step by Step guide in 2018 to see if it was still successful by following the steps exactly. This would be a good test of my Tactic and Philosophy. STADIUM & FACILITIES The Facilities before I arrived were poor and below average. In asking the board for improvements, they agreed to upgrade the 1st team facilities but refused to upgrade youth facilities. The Stadium also remains at a capacity of 2,817 with an average capacity of 2,000. STAFF,TRAINING & FINANCE I delegate the Training Regime to my Assistant Manager Maciej Musial. The staff was upgraded to 3x Silver Badged Coaches & a full backroom team. The finances are slightly over due to some good signings but remain green & secure. SQUAD ***Key Attributes *** Goalkeeper - Handling/Reflexes Wing Back - Tackling/Stamina Ball Playing Centre Back - Tackling/Heading/Positioning Defensive Midfielder - Tackling/Stamina Advanced Playmaker/Deep Lying Playmaker - Passing/Stamina Inside Forward - Shooting/Pace Trequartista - Shooting/Pace As per My Philosophy, I assessed my squad for players with at least 10 for their key attributes for their positions. To my surprise, Chrobry FC had some good players at the club and only a small amount of players were released for not fitting in with my style. A number of signings were made, especially to the Attacking Areas. TACTIC As per my Philosophy, I used my tried and tested Tiki Taka Tactic. The defence was the best in the league with this tactic. The attack could be better and will need improving moving forward. THE RESULTS So, in my 1st Season at Chrobry FC using my 2018 steps to success guide, we managed to gain Promotion.🥳🥳🥳🥳 We only missed out on the top spot by 1 point & had the best defence in the league. Our attack was weak and we did not play well in the cup. STEPS FOR SUCCESS Please see below the Do's and Do Not's to become successfull on Football Manager Mobile 2020. Please find below the Top XI for Chrobry FC as suggested by my Assistant Manager: Please find below the squad depth and club stats below: MANAGER'S STATS LEAGUE STATS
  3. Nicely put @samhardy, I agree again and have also noticed that better physical players seem to bring success quicker than more technical players
  4. Great write up @Cockers2505, Loving all these opinions. Stamina and Teamwork top at the moment.
  5. Interesting..Decisions,Teamwork and Movement winning at the moment. Love that a few in the community have gone for fitness stats
  6. Yeah Movement seems to be a good one for possession based football. You can already set the tactics to short passing so if all outfield players were good at movement, it would definitely allow for a more Tiki Taka based style....interesting.. Would you put Movement over Tackling?
  7. Hey @AdamNufc, Thank you so much for your reply and I 100% agree which what you say. First,I was intrigued to see if you could win with only one attribute and found out, yes you can. Secondly, IF that was all you were allowed, which attribute would symbolise how you wanted to build the Club & Squad. It's a bit of fun really but also really gets you thinking, like, IF you were only allowed one as a stipulation...which one?
  8. Many thanks @Mr Tree, IF you were forced to choose one of those? Which is most important to you. Ta,
  9. Good Evening All, The reason for this post was to discuss Attributes on Football Manager Mobile 2020 & actually look at which one is the most important when aiming to take your club to the top. I have been doing a range of research recently - on the blogs on this website, into tactics such as Tiki Taka as well as Football clubs themselves. I started thinking to myself, is there only ONE attribute which could be used for success and build a club upon. Firstly, Barcelona FC state on their website that Teamwork is one of their Key Values at the club. There definition of this indicates that the group is stronger than the sum of the parts. When you look at their unselfish passing style, you can see it in action. So, would this be the One attribute you would want to build a team upon? Secondly, I started looking at Tiki Taka itself which is the style of football I love.Tiki Taka is about Short Passing and movement, but requires great Technical skill. So, in this example, would I choose Movement, Passing or Technique as the attribute that would define the club? You can see how this can be a difficult thing to find. Finally, I looked into this with Science and the Barcelona squad which was on FMM11. From this research, the top 5 Attributes I found were: Decisions Stamina Passing Movement Teamwork As a result of this research, I decided to do a quick career with Swansea University FC - Buying in only those players with the best Decision stats. To my absolute shock, We actually won the league!! So, to conclude, I have one example of winning the Welsh South league using only Good Decisions from my players to guide us. Different Philosophies & Clubs have qualities which they focus on to build a club or a style. If you were allowed only ONE attribute to base a Club,System or Style on..Which one would you choose? I am looking forward to hearing what you all think and say... Many Thanks,
  10. CHOOSING THE CLUB I chose San Jose because they were the smallest club in the MLS. San Jose have won the MLS Cup twice, once in 2001 and then again in 2003. In bringing my Tiki Taka Philosophy back to basics, can I bring the MLS back to San Jose. STADIUM & FACILITIES The stadium got expanded in my 1st season to 21,500 Capacity with the club getting and average attendance of 19,000, which is excellent support! The 1st Team & Youth Facilities are great. I did request improvements to the facilities but these have so far been turned down. STAFF, TRAINING & FACILITIES The Finances are OK which is due to me selling off all players not suitable for the 1st team, even the under 21 players due to the funds being needed for the 1st team. The Training regime is delegated to my Assistant Manager Hector Robles. The Staff has been getting improved annually with 4 World Class Staff Members now. SQUAD In the 1st season there were more transfers with a reasonable amount made in my 2nd season as seen below. The two players bought in were for CM and ST, these were bought in to improve the current players & due to ageing players. Quite a lot of players from the reserves were sold off or released to free up funds. TACTIC This tactic started off quite inconsistently with a few loses, quite a few draws and a lot of wins. This season it has become very consistent with free flowing attacking football. The average team rating is 7.0 and average of 60% possession each match. I have been using the same template as in 2018 to great success. ***Key Attributes *** Sweeper Keeper-Handling/Reflexes Wing Back-Tackling/Stamina Ball Playing Defender-Tackling/Heading/Positioning Defensive Midfielder-Tackling/Stamina Deep Lying Playmaker-Passing/Stamina Advanced Playmaker-Passing/Stamina Inside Forward-Pace/Crossing/Dribbling Trequartista-Shooting/Heading ***************** THE RESULT The current results from my spell at San Jose have been successful. The club won the MLS western conference & narrowly lost in the MLS Cup to New York RB.We have so far not done well in the Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup but hopefully this will change next season. MLS CUP FINAL STEPS TO SUCCESS MANAGERS STATS LEAGUE STATS
  11. CHOOSING THE CLUB I chose Juventus for two main reasons - 1) to test my FMM20 philosophy and 2) my family tree links back to Turin, Italy. Juventus are highly successful in Italy winning the last Serie A titles in a row! Hopefully this success can continue through my Philosophy. STADIUM AND FACILITIES Juventus FC were blessed with very good facilities when I first arrived at the football club. On arriving at the club, I did request an improvement to the facilities through the board and that got approved, giving us World Class Facilities. The stadium holds over 51,000 Supporters. STAFF, FINANCES & TRAINING The Training Regime was delegated over to Assistant Manager Federici Di Placido. Almost all the Juventus staff are Gold Badged and of a World Class Standard. The Finances at Juventus due to renewed success is extremely healthy. TACTIC I used my Traditional 2011 Tiki Taka tactic for this campaign. The tactic was very successful with the best defence and attack in the league. This lead us to an incredible 16 games without defeat. SQUAD I made the decision not to make any signings this season. The reason being that the squad is World Class already. There are a few players coming and going in the future. THE RESULT It was another successful season, winning an incredible 9th Serie A in a row. We lost only 3 matches all season and had the best defence and attack. We should and could of done better in the cup competition. STEPS FOR SUCCESS Please see below the things that bring success: Please see the things below which hinder success: Please see below the top XI,Squad Depth and Club Stats: MANAGERS STATS LEAGUE STATS
  12. Update - Year 2026 So, one year on with my amended tactical (Mentality to attacking) mentality and another major achievement - Promotion to the Portuguese Liga Nos. This is a huge achievement for a club of this size and stature & especially surprising the promotions being back to back. In saying that, we have been inconsistent this year and the Liga Nos division will be much harder! On a personal note, the promotion this season was huge & I am known regionally and revered by the squad. I currently have a win rate of 60% which is roughly what Sir Alex had with United. My attributes are looking good as well, especially with regards to transfers in. Please see below the Tactics I have used for this season:- Please see below the things which brought us success:- Please see below the things to avoid when aiming for success:- Please see below the suggested XI, Squad Depth and Club Stats:- League Stats
  13. CHOOSING THE CLUB I chose Berco SC as they are the smallest club to manage in Portugal and I like a challenge. The club started with basic 1st team & Youth facilities and were classed as an amateur club,more like a sunday league team. I wanted to test my philosophy on this small club to see if I could move them forward STADIUM & FACILITIES As stated above, on arriving at the club, the 1st team and youth team facilities were basic. On asking the board to improve these over a few seasons, we have developed both facilities. The stadium however, still holds only 500 supporters with an average of 0 attendance! STAFF, FINANCE AND TRAINING The training regime was delegated to my World Class Assistant Manager. Over 6x seasons, the staff members have improved considerably with a few World Class Staff Members.The finances have been kept in the green through the selling of players not good enough. SQUAD Over 6x seasons, many changes have been made, especially in the first few seasons. At this stage at the club, each season I discard the players not good enough and buy the few players who will improve the squad. Due to the standard of my coaches, these players improve quickly. TACTIC The biggest decision I have made on this career was to the tactics used. I managed the club for 5x seasons getting Berco to 1st or 2nd position in the league, gaining us the opportunity to get promoted to the league above, but each time failing. After watching highlights of Barcelona vs Man Utd in 2011, I amended the tactic to Attacking which in the 6th season, finally got us promoted. This will therefore be a change I keep going forward. THE RESULT The result of 6x long seasons at Berco SC was finally promotion as seen below. Over 6x seasons, I had managed to finish 1st or 2nd but failing in the playoffs to gain promotion. On amending the tactic to Attacking, similar to the style Barcelona used in 2011 champions league final, we finally did it!! STEPS FOR SUCCESS Below indicates the things that DO bring success: Below shows the things which do not success: Please find my suggested XI,Squad Depth and Club stats below. MANAGERS STATS LEAGUE STATS