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  1. UPDATE - YEAR 2034 Quick update on this save with San Martín FC. It turns out that 5 years after gaining promotion to the Argentinian Premier Division, We have won the league 🥳🥳🥳. In a crazy season, San Martín came away with an unbelievable 5x trophies! 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆. *** It was achieved by looking at the attributes as a whole instead of individually, aiming for a squad devoid of bad attributes( Red) and aiming for as many blue's and greens as possible. In researching the success I achieved previously, I worked out that the squad have the below average attributes per players: 0- Bad(Red)Attributes 5- Average(Orange) attributes 7-8- Good(blue) attributes 3-4- Outstanding(Green) attributes This is obviously not universal but a framework to help guide key decisions such as buying and selling players. I focused this year on 1stly, aiming to buy players with NO bad attributes and sell players at the club with bad attributes. I also aimed to buy players as much as possible with 7+ Good/Outstanding attributes. The team was not invincible or anything like that, but much improved and ended the season with a whopping 5x trophies which is very impressive. *** This is turning into a really exciting save for me and really enjoying managing San Martín. I find the competitions come thick & fast so you need to have a robust squad to manage them. Hopefully this year marks the start of San Martín dominating South American Football!
  2. Version 1.0.2


    UPDATED VERSION 1.0.2 Good Evening All To start off with, why this tactic? Quite simply, the football Barcelona and Spain played with this philosophy were the most beautiful i have ever seen & are the reason i want to play football manager please see previous years post below: This updated version of this Tactic is succeeding and winning. These images are from the 1st Season I introduced this updated tactic. Attributes: GK - HANDLING DR/L - STAMINA DC - TACKLING DMC - TACKLING MC - MOVEMENT AMR/L - SHOOTING FC - MOVEMENT
  3. INTRODUCTION This is my first career on FMM21, which means 30 seasons in one of the new countries. The Country I chose was Argentina, chosen by my Fiancee due to the sad news about Maradona.I started the career unemployed to make it more realistic & as an unknown coach with a bronze badge. The club that chose me was San Martín.I want to manage San Martin to the top of Argentinian football. STADIUM & FACILITIES When I first arrived at the club, they had average 1st team facilities & basic youth facilities. The stadium has a respectable size of 19000 with an average capacity of 8000 supporters. Through constantly asking the board(and maybe a glitch), we now have the best 1st team & youth facilities. STAFF, FINANCE & TRAINING I currently delegate the training regime to my Assistant Manager German Rivarola. The staff levels now are world class due to the facilities and consist of mostly Gold Badged Staff members. The finances have not always kept green & the club have been bailed out around 3x now but this season has seen us progress stably. SQUAD Since starting FMM21, there have been many transfers in order to try and satisfy different tactics( Tiki Taka Template etc) but have failed.This said, only a few transfers were made this year with players I thought could improve the squad using the below template: GK=Handling DR/L=Stamina DC=Tackling DMC=Tackling MC=Movement AMR/L=Shooting FC=Movement TACTICS Probably my most testing part of this save with San Martin. I have tried a few different tactics including the Tiki Taka Templated tactic, but with no success. My attacking Tiki Taka Tactic from last year finally brought success. THE RESULT After many challenging seasons with San Martin, Finally in 2029, We finally won the Argentinian 2nd Division. This season saw us having one of the best defensive & attacking teams in the league. Previous seasons have been very up & down due to trying to find my style on this game with the board sticking with me through protests and uproar. STEPS FOR SUCCESS ON FMM21 Please see below the DO's and DON'Ts for success on FMM21. Please see my assistant managers suggested XI: Please see below the squad depth, club stats and squad dynamics from my league wining side: MANAGERS STATS LEAGUE STATS
  4. Yeah, just did this in the morning but no joy. Ill send you a message with the config. Thank you again.
  5. @Kun Aguero, Thank you for helping, so kind of you. I tried the method above twice with no joy. Really is strange..do not understand it. Any further suggestions?
  6. @Kun Aguero- Still not working, tried your method 3x now just to check if it would work if tried further times. I now have no logo's showing. Very puzzling. Any other suggestions?
  7. Thank you @Kun Aguero. I think I've tried this but will give it a go to the letter to see if any change. Again, Thank you so much for all your help 😊 really appreciate it.
  8. Came up like this last time I tried. Do you have to repeat the process?
  9. Hm..did you restart your phone or do anything else? Did you already have the game open when you deleted cache? It did not work for me last time which is why i am curious, prepared to try anything.
  10. Not for me it hasn't this year @FuddledFox. I am on Android and tried those suggestions. Very strange! I know this comes up a lot so don't want to be a pain. Just wondered if anyone else had/s experienced the same issue this year or could suggest anything else? Sorry about this.
  11. Morning All, I have moved last years logo's onto this years game. I have managed to bring up all of last years logo's but West Ham's. The OCD person in me is very frustrated at this lol. I have tried everything to amend such as uninstall & re-install the game & Deleting the cache, restarting the game and then starting the game up again( both just going straight into a career & reloading the skin). I was just curious to know if anyone else has experienced this? & hopefully, if so, anyone has fixed this or has any additional suggestions on how to fix this? Sorry to be a pain!😊 Any advice will be warmly received.
  12. Thank you so much for the award! Really touched and means a lot to me. Your all so good on here and love being a part of the community. I hope people find some of my posts interesting and helpful. Thank you again so much! 🏆
  13. Oohh, Looking really good so far. Thanks for the screenshots @wtvching
  14. CHOOSING THE CAREER I chose to manage Montrose FC because they are close to where my family live in Angus, Scotland. The club was formed in 1879 and have never gone further than League One in Scottish Football. I wanted to see if I could take this small scottish club to the next level. STADIUM & FACILITIES When I arrived at the club, they had average 1st & Youth Facilities. I did ask the board if these could be improved but this request got declined. The Stadium capacity is over 4,900 with the ground being sold out most weeks. STAFF, FINANCES & TRAINING Montrose FC has a small backroom team with all Bronze Badges. This season, I included some attacking coaches in the form of legends Dennis Bergkamp & Harry Kewell. The Finances are orange currently due to the high number of players bought in. Training was delegated to my Assistant Manager Dennis Bergkamp. SQUAD The Montrose FC Squad underwent major changes. Almost all of the squad was sold or released due to not being good enough or high enough quality to keep. I bought a lot of players all of which were the best & most affordable with Pace & Stamina attributes. TACTIC I used my ATTACKING Tiki-Taka tactic for this season. The squad took around 10 Matches to fully adjust to this system but after, absolutely smashed it. We ended the season with the best defensive record in the league! THE RESULT My season with Montrose FC was very successful with PROMOTION TO THE SCOTTISH CHAMPIONSHIP for the first time in the clubs long history!!🥳🥳🥳 We started off slowly but soon went on an incredible run of form, taking the league by storm. If you look below, you will also see that we had an excellent run in the Domestic cups, crashing out narrowly. STEPS FOR SUCCESS Please see below the Do's and Don'ts for success: Please see the Top XI for Montrose as suggested by my Assistant Manager: Please see below the squad depth and Club stats: MANAGERS STATS LEAGUE STATS
  15. CHOOSING THIS CAREER I chose the Colorado Rapids to manage due to them being one of the smallest clubs in the MLS. The MLS is a highly competitive league with Colorado Rapids last winning the MLS Cup on 2010! My aim was twofold- 1) Test my Philosophy in preparation for FMM21 and 2) Try and Gain success for the Colorado Rapids. STADIUM AND FACILITIES The Colorado Rapids have Excellent 1st Team & Youth Facilities. On my 1st day at the club, I asked the board to upgrade these further but my request was turned down. Our Stadium, built in 2007 holds over 18,000 with it being sold out most weeks. STAFF, FINANCE & TRAINING The Colorado Rapids have a large Backroom and Excellent Facilities with new staff employed and all staff members refered for training with a few improving their Coaching Badges. The Finances are currently green but require looking at due to late buying excellent players for high prices. Training is delegated to Assistant Manager Darren Bazeley. SQUAD My Philosophy currently revolves around getting a squad full of players who are the best & most affordable with Outstanding Pace & Stamina as this has gained success previously. With this said, Most of the original squad were sold or released. Almost a new squad was bought in with very good Stamina and Pace Attributes. TACTIC I used my Barcelona 2011 tactic for this career with the mentality set to ATTACKING due to it fitting the style more accurately and because it is more effective on FMM20. The players took to the tactic immediately before taking quite a big dip in form. The end of the season saw us pick up major form again. THE RESULT The result of my 1st season managing Colorado Rapids was unbelievably successful with the Club winning the MLS CUP and the MLS WESTERN CONFERENCE!!🥳🥳 We had started the season brightly but hit a serious patch of bad form before ending the season with an amazing 9 matches unbeaten! The cherry on top was winning the MLS COACH OF THE YEAR award which is incredible. STEPS FOR SUCCESS Please find the Do's and Dont's for success pictured below: Please see below my Suggested XI as put forward by my assistant manager: Please find the squad depth and Club stats below: MANAGERS STATS LEAGUE STATS