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  1. Good Evening All To start off with, why this tactic? Quite simply, the football Barcelona and Spain played with this philosophy were the most beautiful i have ever seen & are the reason i want to play football manager please see last years post below: This Tactic is still succeeding and winning.
  2. I totally agree with your article. I actually find myself enjoying the tweaks in the winter update. For me, the game makes me happy. The realism, the organising & seeing the results of your decisions.
  3. Choosing the career I have decided to do a 30 year career with my club - Manchester United. This year, there was a real dip with Mourinho with negative comments,tactics and results. I want to bring back the positivity to Old Trafford and hopefully a lot of silverware. Stadium & Facilities The Stadium and Facilities for Manchester United are perfect. We have over a 75,600 seater stadium as well as the BEST youth & training facilities. My aim will be to help the youth players through whilst increasing our attendance to create even more of a fortress. Holiday & Assistant Manager As with my other saves, my process as manager involves setting out my holiday stance and delegation as seen below: Staff, Finances & Training All the staff members are Gold Badged & I amended the Assistant Manager to our Attacking Coach. We started with ยฃ159m and even after some big transfers, managed to keep this in the green. I delegate training sessions to my Assistant Manager Tony Whelan. Tactics I used my Tiki Taka tactic and it was very solid . The defence was solid with only 12 goals scored against us in the league. The attack was also very strong with 61 goals scored. Squad The original squad was brilliant and I believe would have met the brief of finishing in the top 4. This being said, I bought and sold a lot of players with the hope of taking this great club further. Among the casualties were Sanchez, Lingard and Fred who in my opinion were not as good as other players on the market. The results Good and bad - 1st year brought the premier league back to Old Trafford BUT with the squad we had, feel we could have won more. We were inconsistent in big matches such as the Caraboa Cup quarter final & more importantly, the Champions League Final against Tottenham. I think its important to keep perspective though and this was still a successful season which stamps Manchester United back as one of the best in the world. Manager Stats League Stats
  4. So I have decided to not write up every season but my 2nd season was significant for a number of reasons. The 2nd season was extremely successful with Manchester United FC wining the treble for only the 2nd time in history. As seen below, we won back-to-back Premier League titles, the FA Cup and the UEFA Champions League. This is on top of the FA Community Shield. This on a par with Sir Alex Ferguson's achievements, stamps the clubs place in the world and my Philosophy as a manager. As you can see below, We have built a very strong squad. Our 2x key signings this season were Bernardo at left wing back & De Bruyne at Central Midfield. How does this squad compare to the one of 99? As a fan, I would always rate the chemistry & hard work of the 99 players but this is an impressive team. Finally, The success of Manchester United won me World Coach of the year. This is a rare honour and believe my 1st currently on FMM19. This achievement confirms my Philosophy(Seen below) works and is a moving personal award for my management style.
  5. Good Evening All, Choosing the career So, a few years back, I carried out a successful 30 year season with Newtown AFC. I grew to really like the club for a number of reasons. I wanted to have a successful return and provide Newtown AFC with some silverware. Stadium & Facilities The stadium holds 3,372 people and amazingly, the average attendance is 3,372 people! The facilities are below average which is worrying but Welsh Football is still very small and the club is still classed as Semi Professional. Finally, look at the Stadium below, its beautiful! Holiday & Assistant Manager As with my other saves, my process as manager involves setting out my holiday stance and delegation as seen below: Staff, Finances & Training The Staff at the club were basic and required some appointment's adding to them. This included Landon Donovan who has been upgraded to a silver trained Assistant Manager. Finances have been kept in the green through selling players etc. Tactics I again used my Tiki Taka tactic for this save. The squad took to the tactic well but were leaky in defence which was severely aging. A lot of goals were scored either through set pieces or crosses. Squad As seen below, a lot of changes were made to this squad. The players were aging or were not good enough. Among the areas requiring improvement was CM,IF and WBK. The results The results were very positive winning 2x cups - The JD Welsh Premier League & the JD welsh Cup. The diagram below the 2 years have both shown massive improvement in reaching the top. I have loved returning to Newtown AFC and feel happy that I leave with silverware. Manager Stats League Stats
  6. Good Evening All, Choosing the career As all good managers do, I like different locations and challenges and Rimini FC was my next one. Rimini FC are a small Italian club with a lot of charm, Just look at that badge. Again, I wanted to test my football philosophy and Rimini FC was the team for me. Stadium & Facilities So to begin, Rimini FC has a really good stadium(in my eyes) with a lot of seats for fans. Problem one - way too many seats for the demand, roughly 10,000 seats with only 1,000 attendance. The facilities I have upgraded to be good. Holiday & Assistant Manager As with my other saves, my process as manager involves setting out my holiday stance and delegation as seen below: Staff, Finances & Training I always get my Assistant Manager to take training sessions. The staff members were okay but have been upgraded slightly with 1x Gold Trained Assistant Manager which is excellent. Finances are also in great shape as seen below. Tactics I always use my Tiki Taka Tactic and used it with Rimini FC. The squad adapted to the tactic very well. The only problem area was defence which despite having excellent GK,DEF and DMC, was still a bit leaky. Squad As you can see, quite a lot of changes were made in my 2nd season. A lot of these signings were players coming to Rimini FC, to improve and develop the squad. The players leaving were okay players but many were aging or not good enough. The results As you can see, it was a very successful season for the club. The Club won the league & the Supercoppa di legro pro. The philosophy is still working strong and I really enjoyed managing Rimini FC. I feel like in real life that with some good managment, this club could and should be doing much better and really challenging for honours. Manager Stats League Stats
  7. SSolas

    Ruthless attack 4-2-2-2 EME

    Impressive. Good going๐Ÿ‘
  8. Version 1.0.1


    Good Evening All To start off with, why this tactic? Quite simply, the football Barcelona and Spain played with this philosophy were the most beautiful i have ever seen & are the reason i want to play football manager please see last years post below: This Tactic is still succeeding and winning.
  9. Good Evening All, Choosing the career Choosing this career was easy and one I always aim to do each season on FMM. I have family members in Edzell, near Montrose aswell as having watched them play whilst up north. The club holds a soft spot for me and I want to prove to myself the Philosophy still works. Stadium & FACILITIES The club holds relatively good Facilities and a modest stadium. Both 1st team & youth facilities are average, which I felt should be sufficient for the level were at. The Stadium only holds one stand as you can see but the thing I wanted to change was the fanbase, with the 4,936 seats only currently getting 2000 fans using them. Holiday & Assistant Manager As with my other saves, my process as manager involves setting out my holiday stance and delegation as seen below: Staff, Finances & Training Montrose had a shortage of staff so I topped it up with people who fitted my philosophy( all of them were bronze standard). I aimed to keep finances green as future development would also depend on a good budget & good players at this level can be found cheaply. Training is now handled by my Assistant Landon Donovan. Tactics Given the quality of this squad, trying to implement Tiki Taka was always going to be tough. The tactic had good and bad moments, the defence always seemed shaky whilst the attack seemed good although lacking at times. Overall, the season was shaky and a lot of that was down to our low quality side getting to grips with it. Squad As you can see, Montrose was transformed top to bottom. Almost every original player was not good enough for this level and was changed with players who held a 10 rating in the most important attributes for there position. The scale of the change can be seen below, it would naturally take a while for a team to be born from so many individual signings. The results The season was a tense one, filled with determination, perseverance & grit BUT also success & progression. Montrose FC won promotion to the Ladbrokes Championship along with making it to the Semi Finals of the IRN-BRU cup, a remarkable feat. In conclusion & in truth, the season was a poor one & I had to ask the board for extra time twice BUT below the deep tension, the club found significant progression and the buds of a brighter future were planted. My philosophy worked and gave me a lot of confidence to keep going.. Manager Stats League Stats
  10. I am very happy that this tactic is working well for you. I would love to see other examples of the community trying it. Enjoy ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ‘
  11. I am still using this process in FMM19 to great results if newbies needed some guidance ๐Ÿ˜
  12. Good Evening all, First of all, i would just like to acknowledge that this is not a special technique but just a method i use to logically assemble my club on Football Manager 2018 season by season. I also find that finding a process on this game is sometimes hard and this should help with those who are stuck. I hope you enjoy and welcome any advice or comments. My process has around 15 steps as seen below: 1) ASK THE BOARD TO EXPAND THE STADIUM EVERY SEASON This really stems from Alex Fergusons 8 steps to success(http://www.businessinsider.com/sir-alex-ferguson-reveals-8-secrets-to-success-2013-9?IR=T) . His first point is you should start with the foundations and build a club rather than being purely results driven. This is followed in my next two points as well. 2) ASK THE BOARD TO IMPROVE THE TRAINING FACILITIES Same as the point above and vitally important, with teams who get relegated from the premiership and wonderhow to spend the high amount of money they have, they often opt for players than buildings but world class facilities will be there much longer than players and will help build up the players you already have leading to a win win situation, a bit like Burnley FC now. 3) ASK THE BOARD TO IMPROVE THE YOUTH FACILITIES This is last on the list to ask the board but if you get it right like Manchester city and united, your club can effectively run itself through the youth comming through, the first team players and the senior players leading from the front. A world club youth centre is essential. 4)SET HOLIDAY TO REJECT ALL OFFERS AND DO NOT BUY PLAYERS I always think with these two things that firstly, whoever you are with, you do not want to be a selling team. As soon as i start with a club, i am putting a stamp down that we are holding onto our best players and building to be the best rather than settling for second best. Also, i do not like anyone else buying players for my philosophy but me, its a waste of the wage budget and normally i find not the players i need most. 5)ASSISTANT CONTROLS FRIENDLIES/YOUTH PROMOTIONS AND LOANS OUT UNDER 21S My thinking with this again comes from the great manager Sir Alex, he learnt as time went by that he needed to delagate his work load. This is the way i do it. Friendlies are mostly for fitness and if i choose the staff members, they should hold my vision of the youth players i want at the club. I think under 21 is a suitable age to make that judgement on whether they will cut it at the big club or not. 6)ALWAYS GET THE BEST STAFF AROUND YOU This step is quite self explanatory but taken greatly from Louis Van Gaal - he stresses in the presentation how he has a lot of staff who in his eyes are more important than the team. They control the day to day running of the club, from the assistant picking youth players, the scouts finding new talent to pyshios who can keep your best players playing, they are vital. 7)MAKE SURE FINANCES STAY IN THE GREEN Again, self explanatory but for examples of bad management, take Portsmouth, Leeds etc who spent a bit extra looking for big returns and instead only found relegation and suffering to get back to the same level - please take note. For good management, take Arsenal who take the balance book seriously and still manager to find themselves winning cups etc. 8) USE THE RIGHT TRAINING METHOD I have used intensive training but find players become unhappy easily especially at a lower level so i normally still to the below: * Every player placed on general with all apart from GK set as medium * GK are kept on the same training as default 9)USE THE RIGHT TACTIC FOR THE SQUAD So with this one, i use my own specific tactic to do this one. I both love the TIKI TAKA system and think with the right players and management, it can be massively successful and keep you in control of a league. Of course, there are plenty of tactics on this website and if not a tactic on here, please model it on the players already in the squad. 10)WORK OUT THE PLAYERS REQUIRED So, this step us getting more connected with the formation and tactic to build a philosophy of the way you want to play - for example: Some managers might have had Messi as a target man or inside forward but the False 9 was chosen for a reason and to amazing effect. My tactic incorporates the following as taken from this book.https://www.amazon.co.uk/Coaching-Tiki-Taka-Style-Play/dp/0957670540 SWK WBK BPD DM DLP APM IF T 11)WORK OUT WHICH PLAYERS ARE GOOD ENOUGH I take this information from https://www.google.co.uk/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://mrdaniels.files.wordpress.com/2008/12/fm_handheld_hints_and_tips.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwi8pvaJkLPZAhVMKVAKHSiVAZIQFjAAegQIExAB&usg=AOvVaw1vk4Fscag3BOVYdUqvCR4D and https://community.sigames.com/manual/football-manager-mobile-2018/your-team-r315 Marc Vaughan in a previous game has marked out that world class teams can work by ths system: 10- Good Attribute 14- Very Good Attribute 16-Excellent Attribute I use this for every team as i always want to build them to a world class level so might as well use this template, This information, along with the Key Atributes for each position outlined in the FMM 18 manual, makes for a good general standard for where players are at or if they are good enough. For example - a Left back with 14 for tackling and 15 stamina suggests in general he is a very good player. In Contrary, if a centre back with heading 10 tackling 9 and positioning 15, i would look to offload them. Tackling is a key attribute and that player was not even classed as 'good' for it. This is not an exact art form but a guide. 12) WHAT TO DO WITH PLAYERS WHO ARENT GOOD ENOUGH? I normally weigh up whether it is best or quickest to transfer list and demote a player or release. Sometimes, your club may really need the money,but other times you need to kick on with the redevelopment andthe wage budget is big, in which case releasing the player to open space and wage budget makes sense. 13)TRANSFER MARKET I like to be savy in the transfer market so i normally use this guide https://community.sigames.com/manual/football-manager-mobile-2018/your-team-r315 and check for players, first with 16 ratings, then 14 and then 10. Once players appear, i usually chose the cheapest player which fits my need. The player develops more with training and no need paying over the odds for a flop! I am trying to be smarter in the market to suit my team by getting treqartistas with AMC attributes and Inside forwards with Forwards attributes. 14) SETTING THE HIGHEST STANDARDS Soo, i am quite strict on myself as the manager in order to set the highest standards at the club. In the book https://www.amazon.co.uk/Modern-Soccer-Coach-2014-Dimensional/dp/1909125326 it states that Man Utd once had a team goal not to go through the season losing two games in a row. I set myself a goal to never lose 3 games in a row -If i do, i ask the board to allow me extra time. This one is the most optional on this list but means im aiming high and wanting to be the best. Plus, if you dont lose 3 games in a row, you are normally by the top of the table and if you do lose 3 games in a row, its a strong lesson that the team needs changing ASAP! 15)MATCH MANAGEMENT I play matches a bit like Louis Van Gaal with little tinkering and happy to watch the match as a student, seing the trends and themes. I make my changes at half time and they include: โ˜† Substitute any players who have their fitness in 60% or lower( below the level of fitness to perform at their best in the 2nd half) โ˜† Substitue any players who have their rating at 5 or lower( below the level of performance i demand of the players) i hope you have enjoyed this and feel free to comment etc on it. Leagues i have won so far: South Korean USA Wales N.Ireland Ireland Belgium Turkish Austrailian Polish German French Italian Spain French Additional Information As per FMM 11- The Barcelona team that invented TIKI TAKA:
  13. Good Evening All, Choosing the Career For my First Career on FMM19, I decided to be unemployed & start in new Country - Russia.FC Shinnik Yaroslavl were the first club to want me as their Manager and I accepted. They were in the first Division, so was I the Manager to change their fortunes Stadium and Facilities As seen below, FC Shinnik Yaroslavl have Good Training Facilities. They however have only Adequate Youth Facilities. Finally & proly the saddest part of the club was the stadium which can hold over 22 thousand fans. When I started, only 1000 fans wanted to see us BUT this has increased dramatically to 21 thousand fans ๐Ÿ˜Š Holiday and Assistant Manager Please find my updated FMM19 Holidaying and Assistant Manager Options. Staff, Finances and Training In regards to Staff, The club held basically trained bronze staff with the coaches all being upgraded to Silver grade now. The finances are over budget but the risk was taken for the rewards of promotion, This does need work though. Training in FMM19 I have decided to leave for the Assistant Manager. Tactics The Tactics are the same as FMM18. At first this was leaky due to the quality of players and the complexity of the tactic.Through continually building quality and maintaining a squad size of 25-22 players, We are now seeing some great results including a 7 game winning streak! Squad As you can see, Some big money was spent this season with the hope of promotion. You can also see Giuseppe Rossi who was one of our big signings at first BUT he never relived the quality he once had. Overall a big overhaul was not needed but more of a touch up to maintain quality. The results It took 4x Seasons of Extremely hard work but FC Shinnik Yaroslavl have won promotion to the Russian Premier Division. The squad has a habit of choking close to the end of the season and the Russian league is competitive! After suffering from a Large squad, we had a truly awful 1st half of the season losing 10 games and 3x in a row which lead to me begging with the board for extra time. They gave me their backing but dramatic changes were made and 21x wins later, We Won Promotion. In conclusion, FC Shinnik Yaroslavl chose me but I am really enjoying this job. Russia is competitive and a great Challenge! FC Shinnik Yaroslavl are a lovable club who needed some TLC to get them on the right path, I am looking forwards to 26 more years of happiness with them. Managers Stats League Stats
  14. Enjoy a video I made of goals scored during my FC Shinnik Yaroslavl career:
  15. My Career at FC Shinnik Yaroslavl This evening I completed my 30 year season in Russia and as Manager of FC Shinnik Yaroslavl. The feeling is better sweet as on one hand I feel ive really lived & loved being their manager whilst also feeling they need a new manager with more ideas to progress it forwards further. This was the moment it ended. So, Here's the progress and stats from my career: Personal stats What a 30 year career at FC Shinnik Yaroslavl & the joint best career I have ever played on Football Manager Mobile 2018!! The career took over 1 week to complete, which is a long time playing, especially with one club. I managed FC Shinnik Yaroslavl to promotion from the Russian 1st division and then over 80 pieces of silverware, including an unbelievable 10x Champions League Titles cementing us amongst Europe's Elite clubs. The career saw me manage 1,484 matches - both for FC Shinnik & Internationally. From these, I won an incredible 1,022 matches or 68.87% of them. My goals ratio indicates my side normally scored 2 but often conceded as well which is disappointing. My success at FC Shinnik gained me World Class reputation and at a peak I was 2nd Best Manager in the Hall of Fame. Even the Career Review comments that I had an 'outstanding career' and was a 'successful football manager'. Below's picture shows the mansion in Yaroslavl where I retreated after my successful career. Clubs stats My chosen club FC Shinnik Yaroslavl also benefited from our relationship. As seen below, both training & youth facilities improved greatly with the stadium now holding 75,000 attendances. The first years was rocky and I found Russian football to be highly competitive which made progression tough. Our first breakthrough came as we managed to gain promotion. Our progression since that time has been constant inching our way towards the Russian League title and then stubbonly keeping it for 15 years. We suffered a huge set back the following year only managing a second finish in a transitional period older and young players. The club went on to win a further 7 Russian League titles to cement our place in history. You can find additional stats below: Conclusions It is difficult to know what to say about this career apart from this is the reason I love Football Manager. Russia is a country I know very little about football wise apart from the big clubs, international side and the world cup lol. FC shinnik was a club I had never heard of or thought I'd hear about. The club, originating from people from a tyre factory banding together to form a team immediately catched me when I started unemployed & they offered me the position. The colour of the kit, the intricate logo and the manner of their board on the game(very tough but also realistic and knowing the clubs place). I really have loved playing every second of this career from the Transfers, Developing their Facilities & Stadium as well as most importantly, winning trophies. It is a save that will live long in the memory and ill never forget. So..ะŸั€ะพั‰ะฐะน FC Shinnik Yaroslavl
  16. This helps show this years progress.
  17. Update- Greatest Season with FC Shinnik Yaroslavl This is a further update from my 1st career on FMM19 with FC Shinnik Yaroslavl. This as suggested was my Greatest Season managing this club.Sit back and Enjoy! Firstly, My personal journey managing FC Shinnik Yaroslavl has been very successful. I have a 62% win rate( Mourinho has a 65% win rate) & have won this small club 15 Honours, including 5 League wins and 10 Cup Wins. Finally, I have won the Russian Treble 3 years in a row and the Quadruple in the current year ive managed. I am ranked 7th Best Manager a World Class Reputation. The drawbacks, if any, would be Financial Control & Domestic Player Bias. So, Finances could be better managed with with Big Wages and high Transfer spend being easily used. To buy the best, I have had to look abroad as well which may upset local supporters who aren't seeing enough home grown players. Secondly, The below details help show the Clubs progression. The Stadium has now been developed to 75,000 capacity which is meeting demand.( Belows pic comes up on Google Nd believe there current stadium is being developed) We have Impressive training facilities but could be better still. The Infomation below shows our Clubs progression best but - 4x League titles in a row & 1x UEFA Champions League! Among my Best Achievements at the club is 13x Consecutive wins & Amongst my saddest moments was a 4x Consecutive losing streak which I asked the board to support me through. As seen above then, the once little club FC Shinnk Yaroslavl has won the UEFA Champions League! We went down early on but due to a red Card and excellent tactic changes( Overload, Fast and Expressive) we resulted victorious. The squad were excellent and the stats really show how well they did. Along with Jeonnam Dragons who I managed on FMM18 and now FC Shinnik Yaroslavl, I feel both these clubs are home now. I really like managing in Russia and the Club are great. @BatiGoal- You can see the stats above but the T is VERY consistent regularly getting at least 20 goals per year with the most so far being 32 Goals. Thank you so much for commenting and Enjoy!!
  18. Year 8 - FC Shinnik Yaroslavl Reach the Promised Land So, after 8 long years, FC Shinnik Yaroslavl have reached the promised land by being the top club in Russia. You can see the clubs progress below, The first 4 years saw decent development with me testing a successful Philosophy until we got promotion to the Premier League and I was confident it was found. The last 4 years, using my Successful Philosophy, has seen the club progress every single Season (Including a brand new 45,000 Seater Stadium) until the unbelievable happened. So, in the Year 2016, FC Shinnik Yaroslavl won the Russian premier league. This was achieved through purchasing Excellent youngish(24-28yr old) players whose contracts had expired in addition to keeping the squad strictly to 25 players ONLY! The season started incredibly well with solid win after win. This is always slowed down by the Winter period but picked up again at the end resulting in the Clubs 1st ever Russian Premier League Honour in its history. Just to add to the Success, FC Shinnik Yaroslavl beat Akhmat to win the Olympus Cup of Russia. The match really showed the progress this club has made at its best with Outstanding Tiki Taka play. I am loving this save and hopefully there are many more Cups to come... Annual Details
  19. Thank you so much Woody. These are some results from my recent season. These are the Goal/Assist stats from the same season. I have played this Tactic over FMM18 & FMM19 and these stats are accurate although often exceed these figures. Here's Some Overall/Historical Stats, I Always use this tactic so these may help. Hope this helps!๐Ÿ˜
  20. Apologies, Enhanced Match Engine
  21. Good Evening All, Choosing the career Working in Poland and wanting a challenge were my Goals when I found Puszcza. One of the smallest clubs in the Polish Second Division only having a small stadium. I wanted to set my sights on promoting them before FMM19. Stadium & FACILITIES When I started, Puszcza had Below Average Facilities, Basic Youth Facilities and Stadium Capacity of 2050. At present, Puszcza now has Adequate Facilities but basic youth facilities. The Stadium Capacity has increased from 2,050 to 8500. Holiday & Assistant Manager As with my other saves, my process as manager involves setting out my holiday stance and delegation as seen below: Staff, Finances & Training Finance at Puszcza has been difficult with the club often in deficit due to me trying to change the style of football BUT excellent cup runs currently leaves us in the black. The Staff Members were Bronze quality and Poor, I amended this by getting a silver coach and amended others to Natural Aptitude.Finally, I have maintained my Intensive Training Regime. Tactics The tactics were tough to adapt with Puszcza. At first, I bought players in with essential qualities and got club but still came up short. I then used the Finances a 5th place provided to better the team to get a fully Tiki Taka ready base. This also failed 2x seasons. Finally, I went again year 4x but adapting my tactics - If i was wining at half time, I'd change to Counter & Slow whereas if i were losing I'd change to Attacking & fast, This was the difference. Squad Improving the squad was very difficult with the limited funds available. As written above, year1, I went for players with Essential talent. Years 2&3, I went for players to fit my Tiki Taka style. This continued year 4 but with limited funds was tough as seen below. The results 4th year lucky? Yes it was, Just! This was a painfully tight campaign and one of margins. Using the tactic above(If i was wining at half time, I'd change to Counter & Slow whereas if i were losing I'd change to Attacking & fast, This was the difference.)we managed to win this league and earn Promotion as well as a Runner Up place in the FA Cup. This will go down as one of my greatest achievements on FMM18 as I had to use all my Management skills to win it. For Anyone that wants a good challenge, Would recommend this one. Manager Stats League Stats
  22. Good Evening All, Choosing the Team As one of my last saves on FMM18, I needed a team interesting and exciting to grab me, this team was FC Carl Zeiss Jena. The clubs history is one of having immense early success when they started but in recent times have languished in 3rd Liga giving their supporters nothing to celebrate. Could I be the person to change their fortunes? Stadium & Facilities As seen below in the image, The club is not terrible and starts of with Good Facilities and a decent stadium to boot. I did attempt to improve the Facilities but the board declined, from my experience, this decision made sense as the club has above average facilities for this league. The same with the Stadium but we are meeting the demand from fans to watch us. Holiday & Assistant Manager As with my other saves, my process as manager involves setting out my holiday stance and delegation as seen below: Staff, Finances & Training Below shows the staff, Finances & Training for the new season. Two points of note, Firstly: the quality of the staff members were above the quality i expected from a club this size. Secondly, you will see below, I basically sold or released the squad and bought in a new squad YET we still kept the finances green , one of my best achievements as their manager. Tactics Below shows the Tiki Taka tactic I use for ALL my saves. Due to the players bought in having perfect attributes for my Philosophy, the squad adapted perfectly to this system The squad This was the area of managing this club which I put my mark on the most. Out of the original squad, only 1 player met my very high standards to work in my system. The rest of the squad was sold or released with the massive amount of players brought in below. These players met my High Standards and luckily, most were free! The result Whole new squad bought in, did this risk work? Yes it did! ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜‰The squad really hit the ground running and adapted to my Philosophy perfectly. We had a nervy run-in with Kaiserslautern playing excellently but we managed to secure being champions with the last match!!!! Manager Stats I WON MANAGER OF THE YEAR FOR MY ACHIEVEMENTS WITH FC CARL ZEISS JENA. League Stats
  23. Germany - next chapter - Eintracht Frankfurt Shortly after the above, Eintracht Frankfurt offered me the position of Manager. The club had finished 5th, with great potential so I accepted their offer. When I 1st arrived, a number of players were unhappy and wanted away. I used their increased funds to strengthern the already talented squad. In 2020, I finished 2nd on joint points with the European Giants Bayern Munchen. I had used the Intensive training and Tiki Taka tactic as per usual. In 2021, the remarkable happened. In a snapshot: Won the Bundesliga Won the German Cup Lost in the Semi Finals of the Champions League to Napoli ONLY on away goals I had beaten Real Madrid & Bayern Munich to get to the Semi Finals As one, if not my last save on FMM18, this save has made me happy. Frankfurt actually have a great set up and arguably to me should be higher in real life. Their Stadiums large and Facilities are great. Can they replicate this outside of FMM18? I always think yes! Take the Klopp effect on Liverpool. Through excellent transfers to strengthen them along with a clear philosophy, They can easily move up the ranks. Currently they are 7th in the Bundesliga, 7pts from top spot or 2 wins and a draw. This is do-able. Finally, This is a great club and I have really enjoyed Managing them! ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ‘จโ€๐Ÿ’ผ
  24. Good Evening All, I am a keen FMM18 player and always looking for ways to help new players. This guide comes pretty late as FMM19 is nearly here BUT below shows in my opinion, the best wonderkids on FMM18..Enjoy. Goalkeeper A Surprise choice in Goal with David Raya as my pick. He is my weakest choice BUT he's young and has good, well very stats for a Goalkeeper at 21. Currently, at a smaller club, this player will flourish! Defender I was surprised by this choice but Chelsea man Matt Miazga is my choice. Heading,Tackling,Positioning, Decisions & Stamina are all very good and he is only 21! This guy has the talent to take John Terry's role as Chelseas dominant defender. Midfielder My Midfield choice is Thomas Lemar from Atletico Madrid. Like below, his stats speak for themselves but he can play in any midfield area and be a success. One to watch in the future..Remember the name... Forwards Man Utd's Anthony Martial is the hottest young forward on the game.His Stats are Excellent in all areas and he is only 21 yrs old. He has the talent to become a yearly golden boot winner.
  25. 100%, he has excellent stats for a 21 year old. With intensive training and regular game time, he'll be a star!