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  1. CHOOSING THE CLUB I chose to manage Arsenal FC for a few reasons such as a request from @gunnersaur, but also because my Dad support Arsenal FC as well as having fond memories of the way the club played around the start of the century. This career was sort of a fun, non serious one & just a tester for my philosophy so far on FMM21. My aim was obviously to evaluate the squad, buy my own players and aim to get the club back to where they were. STADIUM & FACILITIES As always, I asked the board to improve facilities & the stadium the 1st day on the job. The board improved the 1st team facilities but not the youth facilities at this time. The stadium also stayed as it was but honestly, it does not need improving, one of the most impressive stadiums in the world. STAFF, FINANCE & TRAINING The Training was delegated to my Assistant Manager Steve Round. The Scouting & Physio's have both been improved to the highest badges. The finances are in a very healthy position due to selling a number of high profile players. SQUAD As you can see below, there have been many incoming & outgoing players, these were purely for tactical choices & my assessment of quality. Of the players in, Rodrigo was phenomenal along with Thauvin, grealish and Romeu. Of the players transfered, most, were used in exchange to buy players & the ones we did sell for big money were just used to buy out players always on loan such as Matt Ryan & Odegaard. TACTIC I used my tried & tested Attacking Tiki Taka Tactic for this career. In the premier league, I found the tactic much leakier and less effective, especially against bigger clubs like Liverpool & City. In contrast, in cup competitions & lower quality opposition, the team thrived! THE RESULTS My 1st season with Arsenal FC & more or less a total squad overhaul and it was highly successful. We won a treble of sorts with the Community Shield, Premier League & Europa League all coming back to the Emirates! 🏆🏆🏆🥳🥳🥳 This career was much harder than it appears though: The red card in the community shield, losing to some of the big clubs & winning the league by just 3x points all point to how difficult this was in reality! Fantastic team to manage though! STEPS FOR SUCCESS MANAGERS STATS LEAGUE STATS
  2. Season 2 - Champions of Wales My 2nd season in Wales managing Penrhyncoch F.C and the unbelievable happened. The club won the Welsh Domestic Treble winning the JD Cymru Premier, Nathaniel MG Cup & the JD Welsh Cup!!!🏆🏆🏆🥳🥳🥳 We were the best team in the country holding the best defence & attack resulting in a goal difference of 43!!! My personal record at Penrhyncoch F.C is fantastic. I currently hold a win rate of 70%, losing only 8x in 86 matches! My 2x seasons at this small unloved club has resulted in 5 Cups, 2x League titles & 3 trophies!! The below shows the success over the 2x seasons with Penrhyncoch F.C. Below shows the overall stats with my time at Penrhyncoch F.C. Here are a pick of some of our best "Tiki Taka" goals:
  3. Thank you @gunnersaur. That is a great idea. Seeing Arsenal at the moment does get me down as I remember the Viera, Henry & Bergkamp days so well! Possibly my next career!
  4. CHOOSING THE CAREER I chose this Penrhyncoch F.C as they are a club based in the beautiful welsh county of Ceredigion which is where my fiancee's family are from. The club were founded in 1965 and played at Cae Baker all that time. They were one of the smallest teams in the welsh 2nd division so wanted to improve them and take them to the top. STADIUM & FACILITIES I did request that the board upgraded the stadium & facilities but both were declined. The facilities for the club are basic in relation to the 1st team & youth team. The stadium is set in a stunning location but only holds 750 supporters! STAFF, TRAINING & FINANCES The staff has been improved with an extra coach & physio added but no scouts are interested currently in joining the club. The finances are excellent due to many players leaving with cheaper players arriving. The training as always was delegated to my Assistant Manager Steven Dale. SQUAD As seen below, the club underwent a massive overhaul this year. The players at the club were not good enough for this level and the entire squad was released. Searching the market, there were better players who fitted my style of play in every area of the pitch and 23/4 new players were bought in, most on the same or less money as the previous squad. TACTICS I used my Attacking Tiki Taka Tactic for this career because it has bought me a lot of success on my other saves although it does need the players to suit it. The squad picked up the tactic fantastically! We had the 2nd best attack in the league and the best defence with a goal difference of 42!! See some of the Tiki Taka Play in the below GIF. THE RESULT So, First season with Penrhyncoch F.C and it could not have gone better, with the club winning a domestic double!! 🥳🥳 We finished 13 points clear in the JD Cymru North & won a very surprising JD Welsh Cup! The squad overhaul payed dividends and proved my Philosophy to be right with many goals scored & 2x trophies lifted. Can't wait for season 2!😁 STEPS FOR SUCCESS MANAGERS STATS LEAGUE STATS
  5. Thank you so much @SlyViper. I am tempted to manage in Europe - possibly one of my next careers.
  6. Dollingstown FC - Goals of the seasons 1) This a great goal and encompasses my playing style. Great Technique, Passing, Movement & decision making all in one goal. Great team effort! 2) Second by short margin in my eyes. Again, superb dribbling, passing and that finish at the end of it, arguably in the hardest position as well. 3) This one comes third for the movement and decision making. The kick from the goalie is outstanding but it took the striker to move to make it work. 4) Again, very similar to the goal above but this time with great one touch passing to unlock the striker. 5) Finally, I love this goal as it also highlights our pressing game. We place pressure on the goalkeeper who scuffs his kick. The passing and movement to score after this rounded off a great peice of play.
  7. Season 4 - From the bottom to the top now were here! 🏆 My 4th & final year with Dollingstown FC has just ended. The club won an astonishing & unbelievable domestic double with the Danske Bank Premiership & County Antrim Shield both coming home to Dollingstown FC!!🥳🥳 What an achievement for a small club over 4x seasons! My time at Dollingstown FC have been successful & a really good challenge. I end my spell at the club with a 63% win rate(more than Sir Alex Ferguson). I have won 3x League Titles & 2 Cup trophies over 4x Seasons. It proves my philosophy works & leaves me wanting to start a new challenge! The below shows the astonishing success over just 4x seasons at the club. Below shows the stats from my spell at Dollingstown FC.
  8. Thank you so much @gunnersaur- the football is very good. Final third play is sensational! Ill try and find some examples to show - check out the video above.
  9. Season 3 - So close but so far! The 3rd Season with Dollingstown FC is completed with mixed success. The club managed a 2nd place finish in the Danske Premiership due to Glentoran pushing us all the way. Our defence was also quite leaky and our attack didn't have quite enough to pull us through in big games. This being said, we had some success in winning the County antrim Shield!🥳🥳🥳 Hopefully next year...
  10. Season 2 - The quest continues I have just played out the 2nd season with Dollingstown FC. We had a very successful season in the Bluefin Sport Championship winning the league by 19 points!🥳 Dollingstown FC had a goal difference of 41, with the best attack & defence in the league!!🥳 We also achieved a Semi Final place in the Bet Mclean Cup but didn't have enough to take it all the way. Our road to the top of Northern Irish Football continues...
  11. Thank you so much @KG4, Means a lot mate! I try and make it as interesting and viewer friendly as possible.
  12. CHOOSING THIS CAREER I chose to manage Dollingstown F.C because they were one of the smallest clubs in Northern Ireland. The club was founded in 1979 and are known as "The Dollybirds". I wanted to see if my new transfer policy and philosophy could have an effect on this club. STADIUM & FACILITIES I did request upgraded facilities & stadium with the board but this was denied. The club has basic youth & 1st team facilities. The stadium holds 1,000 supporters but currently has an average attendance of 0! STAFF, FINANCE & TRAINING The training system was delegated to my Assistant Manager Sammy Clingan. I only had 2x members of staff when we started with one member added & no scouts interested in joining. The finances are very good due to a high number of high earners being released with less expensive players bought in. SQUAD The squad I walked into was not good enough for this league and more importantly, for my system of playing. As you can see, a high number of the squad was released. We did manage to bring in a high number of players but most came for free or little money being spent. TACTIC I used my Attacking Tiki Taka Tactic for this career. The squad adapted very well to this system and performed very well defensively. This helped us challenge on a number of fronts and even pull off some shocking results in cup competition. THE RESULT My 1st season at Dollingstown F.C and we are off to a very successful start, wining the Bluefin Sport PIL league at the 1st time of asking.🥳🥳 We only lost twice and had a goal difference of 20! We fought but struggled in cup competitions and drew too many matches for my liking. We will aim to do even better next season. STEPS FOR SUCCESS MANAGERS STATS LEAGUE STATS
  13. CHOOSING THE CAREER I chose Tlaxcala F.C because they were one of the smallest clubs in the newly added Mexico Expansion League this year on FMM21. The club was only founded in 2013 and have had issues with their upgraded stadium. I find out about the Expansion League & find out how my Philosophy faired in this division. FACILITIES & STADIUM I did request the board upgraded the facilities & stadium but both were declined. That said, the club already holds Adequate 1st team facilities & superb youth facilities. The stadium improvements mean the club now holds a capacity of 12,000 and regularly packs this out! STAFF, FINANCES & TRAINING First day at the club & only 2x coaches at the club, which was upgraded to have a full house including Manchester United Captain Marvel Roy Keane in my staff. Finances did take a hit due to high quality transfers into the club. Training was delegated to my Assistant Manager Miguel Angel Gomez. SQUAD As you can see below, there were not so many players released from the squad this year. There were many players bought in due to a lot of the loaned in players not being good enough for this level. The poor finances were caused due to £625k being spent & only £190k being recouped. I updated my Transfer Policy slightly to the following: Aim for 22 players only Review squad via Player search & filtering player role template with a 5+ rating until players only over 2x pages. IF, the club does not have anyone on this list in that position, I transfered them or listed them. On the other hand, I bought players who were 5+ in their player template until only 2/3 players left with me buying the most affordable TACTICS I used my Attacking Tiki Taka Tactic for Tlaxcala F.C. The squad, a lot of which were bought in this season reacted very well to this system & we did excellent in the opening stage but dipped in the closing stage. Overall, the results were consistently high, especially in the opening stage and defence was solid. THE RESULT My 1st career in the MX Expansion League & it was a very successful season - winning both the Opening Stage & El Champions Trophy!🥳🥳🥳 As you can see, the success was built on a superb defensive display but we scored a fair few goals too. I found the expansion league to be highly competitive and even IF you do win the Opening stages, it does bot guarantee you an easy life in the closing stages! STEPS FOR SUCCESS MANAGERS STATS LEAGUE STATS
  14. CHOOSING THE CAREER After my 1st save on Football Manager Mobile 21 with the Argentine side San Martìn, I wanted to try managing a club in one of the other new leagues added this season. In the end, I chose FC Edmonton in the canadian Leagues. The club were formed only 11 years ago & were listed as the lowest ranked club in the league. I wanted to judge the League & Club as well as progress them. STADIUM & FACILITIES When I started at FC Edmonton, the club had below average training & youth facilities with a small stadium of over 4,000 capacity. I asked the board to upgrade these but my request was turned down. The stadium although not big in size, is quite nice & in real life, there are rumblings of upgrading this. STAFF, TRAINING & FINANCES Training was delegated to my Assistant Manager Jeff Paulus. Finances are okay but took a bit of a hit when purchasing additions. Staff Levels are low due to there being a lack of interest in Scouts & physio's joining the club. SQUAD On arriving at the club, the squad was very average with one or two very good players, some good players but most not being up to scratch. As you see, a number of players left and arrived at FC Edmonton. My system for reviewing the team and purchasing players changed too. I used the below system: Aim for 22 players only Review squad via Player search & Entering player role template with a 5+ rating until players only over 2x pages. IF, the club does not have anyone on this list in that position, I transfered them or listed them. On the other hand, I bought players who were 5+ in their player template until only 2/3 players left with me buying the most affordable TACTIC I used my attacking Tiki-Taka Tactic for this career with FC Edmonton. The players adapted to this style well and took to it almost immediately. This was due to the high quality signings brought to the club with their roles matching the style perfectly. THE RESULTS The result was one of shock in honestly, in my 1st season with FC Edmonton, We ended up winning the Canadian Premier League!🥳🥳🥳 Our signings, tactic & form were consistently good all season and even when we went down at HT, I had faith we could score more goals. I even ended up winning Canadian Coach of the Year.My career in Canada has been good - it is a shorter season and the quality is not amazing BUT it is good fun and I have enjoyed it! 😊 STATS
  15. Here is a clip of just some of the goals scored by San Martìn:
  16. Final update - My career at San Martìn FC Today, I have retired from my 30 year career with Argentinian side San Martìn which has been my 1st on Football Manager Mobile 2021. The career has been a challenging one with quite a few ups and downs.As you can see below, We spent our first 9x season's in the Argentinian Second Division and a further 5x seasons working hard to establish ourselves as the best club in the country. By the end of my career, we still had some issue's with consistency although had amassed a lot of cups! This being said, I would deem my time at San Martìn as SUCCESSFULL! Personal Stats As you can see below, My career with San Martìn took me one week & 2 days to complete! This is a long time of playing Football Manager with one club! 😄 This said, I have loved every second of it and have learnt & grown a lot. The club has won over 45 competition's across the 30 years. This includes 10 League titles and 39 Cup wins, with 11x Copa Libertadores. The club has been very successful during my reign as manager. I was even offered the chance to manage the England National Team, which I accepted. During my 4 year spell as their manager, I did manage to qualify for all major tournaments BUT slipped up at them, eventually getting me the sack from my post. Finally, the game stated that I had an "Sola was the greatest manager the game has ever seen" . I managed 1530 matches across the 30 years, winning 909 of them(59.41%). My reputation on the game was "World Class" due to this and throughout my career, I was "revered" by my squad. I won 16x Copa Sudamerica Best Manager! Club Stats San Martìn has grown a lot in the 30 years I have managed them. When I came to the club, they had a stadium which only held just under 19,000 stadium but has now got a capacity of 105,000!!!. In addition to this, the youth & 1st team facilities were average when I first arrived but are now State of the Art! This shows how successful the club has been over my reign. please see additional statistics below: Conclusion In Conclusion, My 1st full career on Football manager Mobile 2021 has turned out to be Inconsistent, Competitive but Successful! I always like my 1st save on the new game to be with one of the new countries. The quality in Argentina is strong and the usual suspects of River Plate, Boca etc are always making it difficult for you. I also found the leagues to be much more challenging than the cup's which I had a very good win rate in! I have really enjoyed this save with San Martìn and would recommend the Argentinian leagues to anyone. Additional Screenshot's
  17. UPDATE - YEAR 2034 Quick update on this save with San Martín FC. It turns out that 5 years after gaining promotion to the Argentinian Premier Division, We have won the league 🥳🥳🥳. In a crazy season, San Martín came away with an unbelievable 5x trophies! 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆. *** It was achieved by looking at the attributes as a whole instead of individually, aiming for a squad devoid of bad attributes( Red) and aiming for as many blue's and greens as possible. In researching the success I achieved previously, I worked out that the squad have the below average attributes per players: 0- Bad(Red)Attributes 5- Average(Orange) attributes 7-8- Good(blue) attributes 3-4- Outstanding(Green) attributes This is obviously not universal but a framework to help guide key decisions such as buying and selling players. I focused this year on 1stly, aiming to buy players with NO bad attributes and sell players at the club with bad attributes. I also aimed to buy players as much as possible with 7+ Good/Outstanding attributes. The team was not invincible or anything like that, but much improved and ended the season with a whopping 5x trophies which is very impressive. *** This is turning into a really exciting save for me and really enjoying managing San Martín. I find the competitions come thick & fast so you need to have a robust squad to manage them. Hopefully this year marks the start of San Martín dominating South American Football!
  18. Version 1.0.2


    UPDATED VERSION 1.0.2 Good Evening All To start off with, why this tactic? Quite simply, the football Barcelona and Spain played with this philosophy were the most beautiful i have ever seen & are the reason i want to play football manager please see previous years post below: This updated version of this Tactic is succeeding and winning. These images are from the 1st Season I introduced this updated tactic. Attributes: GK - HANDLING DR/L - STAMINA DC - TACKLING DMC - TACKLING MC - MOVEMENT AMR/L - SHOOTING FC - MOVEMENT
  19. INTRODUCTION This is my first career on FMM21, which means 30 seasons in one of the new countries. The Country I chose was Argentina, chosen by my Fiancee due to the sad news about Maradona.I started the career unemployed to make it more realistic & as an unknown coach with a bronze badge. The club that chose me was San Martín.I want to manage San Martin to the top of Argentinian football. STADIUM & FACILITIES When I first arrived at the club, they had average 1st team facilities & basic youth facilities. The stadium has a respectable size of 19000 with an average capacity of 8000 supporters. Through constantly asking the board(and maybe a glitch), we now have the best 1st team & youth facilities. STAFF, FINANCE & TRAINING I currently delegate the training regime to my Assistant Manager German Rivarola. The staff levels now are world class due to the facilities and consist of mostly Gold Badged Staff members. The finances have not always kept green & the club have been bailed out around 3x now but this season has seen us progress stably. SQUAD Since starting FMM21, there have been many transfers in order to try and satisfy different tactics( Tiki Taka Template etc) but have failed.This said, only a few transfers were made this year with players I thought could improve the squad using the below template: GK=Handling DR/L=Stamina DC=Tackling DMC=Tackling MC=Movement AMR/L=Shooting FC=Movement TACTICS Probably my most testing part of this save with San Martin. I have tried a few different tactics including the Tiki Taka Templated tactic, but with no success. My attacking Tiki Taka Tactic from last year finally brought success. THE RESULT After many challenging seasons with San Martin, Finally in 2029, We finally won the Argentinian 2nd Division. This season saw us having one of the best defensive & attacking teams in the league. Previous seasons have been very up & down due to trying to find my style on this game with the board sticking with me through protests and uproar. STEPS FOR SUCCESS ON FMM21 Please see below the DO's and DON'Ts for success on FMM21. Please see my assistant managers suggested XI: Please see below the squad depth, club stats and squad dynamics from my league wining side: MANAGERS STATS LEAGUE STATS
  20. Yeah, just did this in the morning but no joy. Ill send you a message with the config. Thank you again.
  21. @Kun Aguero, Thank you for helping, so kind of you. I tried the method above twice with no joy. Really is strange..do not understand it. Any further suggestions?
  22. @Kun Aguero- Still not working, tried your method 3x now just to check if it would work if tried further times. I now have no logo's showing. Very puzzling. Any other suggestions?
  23. Thank you @Kun Aguero. I think I've tried this but will give it a go to the letter to see if any change. Again, Thank you so much for all your help 😊 really appreciate it.
  24. Came up like this last time I tried. Do you have to repeat the process?
  25. Hm..did you restart your phone or do anything else? Did you already have the game open when you deleted cache? It did not work for me last time which is why i am curious, prepared to try anything.