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  1. CHOOSING THE CLUB I chose Juventus for two main reasons - 1) to test my FMM20 philosophy and 2) my family tree links back to Turin, Italy. Juventus are highly successful in Italy winning the last Serie A titles in a row! Hopefully this success can continue through my Philosophy. STADIUM AND FACILITIES Juventus FC were blessed with very good facilities when I first arrived at the football club. On arriving at the club, I did request an improvement to the facilities through the board and that got approved, giving us World Class Facilities. The stadium holds over 51,000 Supporters. STAFF, FINANCES & TRAINING The Training Regime was delegated over to Assistant Manager Federici Di Placido. Almost all the Juventus staff are Gold Badged and of a World Class Standard. The Finances at Juventus due to renewed success is extremely healthy. TACTIC I used my Traditional 2011 Tiki Taka tactic for this campaign. The tactic was very successful with the best defence and attack in the league. This lead us to an incredible 16 games without defeat. SQUAD I made the decision not to make any signings this season. The reason being that the squad is World Class already. There are a few players coming and going in the future. THE RESULT It was another successful season, winning an incredible 9th Serie A in a row. We lost only 3 matches all season and had the best defence and attack. We should and could of done better in the cup competition. STEPS FOR SUCCESS Please see below the things that bring success: Please see the things below which hinder success: Please see below the top XI,Squad Depth and Club Stats: MANAGERS STATS LEAGUE STATS
  2. Update - Year 2026 So, one year on with my amended tactical (Mentality to attacking) mentality and another major achievement - Promotion to the Portuguese Liga Nos. This is a huge achievement for a club of this size and stature & especially surprising the promotions being back to back. In saying that, we have been inconsistent this year and the Liga Nos division will be much harder! On a personal note, the promotion this season was huge & I am known regionally and revered by the squad. I currently have a win rate of 60% which is roughly what Sir Alex had with United. My attributes are looking good as well, especially with regards to transfers in. Please see below the Tactics I have used for this season:- Please see below the things which brought us success:- Please see below the things to avoid when aiming for success:- Please see below the suggested XI, Squad Depth and Club Stats:- League Stats
  3. CHOOSING THE CLUB I chose Berco SC as they are the smallest club to manage in Portugal and I like a challenge. The club started with basic 1st team & Youth facilities and were classed as an amateur club,more like a sunday league team. I wanted to test my philosophy on this small club to see if I could move them forward STADIUM & FACILITIES As stated above, on arriving at the club, the 1st team and youth team facilities were basic. On asking the board to improve these over a few seasons, we have developed both facilities. The stadium however, still holds only 500 supporters with an average of 0 attendance! STAFF, FINANCE AND TRAINING The training regime was delegated to my World Class Assistant Manager. Over 6x seasons, the staff members have improved considerably with a few World Class Staff Members.The finances have been kept in the green through the selling of players not good enough. SQUAD Over 6x seasons, many changes have been made, especially in the first few seasons. At this stage at the club, each season I discard the players not good enough and buy the few players who will improve the squad. Due to the standard of my coaches, these players improve quickly. TACTIC The biggest decision I have made on this career was to the tactics used. I managed the club for 5x seasons getting Berco to 1st or 2nd position in the league, gaining us the opportunity to get promoted to the league above, but each time failing. After watching highlights of Barcelona vs Man Utd in 2011, I amended the tactic to Attacking which in the 6th season, finally got us promoted. This will therefore be a change I keep going forward. THE RESULT The result of 6x long seasons at Berco SC was finally promotion as seen below. Over 6x seasons, I had managed to finish 1st or 2nd but failing in the playoffs to gain promotion. On amending the tactic to Attacking, similar to the style Barcelona used in 2011 champions league final, we finally did it!! STEPS FOR SUCCESS Below indicates the things that DO bring success: Below shows the things which do not success: Please find my suggested XI,Squad Depth and Club stats below. MANAGERS STATS LEAGUE STATS
  4. CHOOSING THE CLUB I chose Gozzano for a challenge. They are one of the smallest clubs in Serie C and all of the italian leagues are highly competitive which makes progressing up them difficult. I wanted to test my Philosophy and keep finding out the best way to manage. STADIUM & FACILITIES When I arrived at the club, Gozzano had poor 1st team training facilities & basic youth facilities. My 1st task was asking the board members to improve this, which they did, giving us below average facilities to work with. The stadium only holds 800 supporters with an embarrassing average attendance of 0! STAFF, FINANCES AND TRAINING I delegated the training regime over to my Gold Badged Assistant Manager Nicandro Vizoco. The finances of the club are only OK at the moment as I have had to strike a Balance between improving the team & keeping us on a sound financial footing. Due to the better club facilities, we have increased and improved our coaches - something that happens annually. SQUAD You can see the squad movement from my 2nd season in charge below. There were many changes as I kept:- Assessing( 22 Players, 2x players in each position, Key Attributes over 10+) Searching(Buy the cheapest natural players who fit key attributes(10+)(Any Age!)(Focus on Fitness in ALL positions with fitness Key Attribute)- Narrow down to 1-2 Players Buying in new players to improve the squad A lot of the players bought in were younger than the players going out, this was in part due to their high level of fitness. TACTIC The system I used for Gozzano was my Tiki Taka Tactic based on Pep Guardiolas Barcelona side of 2011. Our Defence was outstanding and we ended up having the best defence in the league. Our attack was less successful,scoring considerably less than the top two teams. THE RESULTS The results from my First 2x seasons in charge have been outstanding, gaining Promotion to Serie B in my 2nd season 🏆🥳🥳. This achievement means more due to the size of the club and the competitiveness of the league - we did not lose 3x Consecutive matches over those 2 seasons which is remarkable. In saying that, the consistency could be improved and we were still getting too many draws than wins. STEPS FOR SUCCESS Below shows the positives of our team and the points which lead to success: Below shows the negatives of the club and points which will hinder success: The Below screenshots show our top 11x and the squad depth: MANAGER STATS LEAGUE STATS
  5. Good Afternoon All, 1.Introduction The most beautiful and successful football style I have ever seen is Tiki-Taka. This is a style recently created and developed by Barcelona and Spain between 2008-2012. I try very hard on replicating this beautiful game onto Football Manager Mobile. Football is a game of opinions, so this is my take on Tiki-Taka. 2.Formation The image below is the formation & squad chosen when Barcelona FC won the Champions League in 2011. I have replicated the same formation in Football Manager Mobile. As for the roles for each player, I used the following book(Coaching the Tiki Taka Style of Play). The player roles I chose were: GK=Sweeper Keeper-Handling/Reflexes DR/L=Wing Backs-Tackling/Stamina DC=Ball Playing Defenders-Tackling/Aerial/Positioning DMC=Defensive Midfielder-Tackling/Stamina MC=Advanced Playmaker & Deep Lying Playmaker-Passing/Stamina AMR/L=Inside Forwards-Finishing/Pace FC=Trequartista-Finishing/Pace 3.Team Instructions 3.1.Tactical Shape Below you can see the Tactical Shape or Philosophy I use on Football Manager to create Tiki-Taka. 3.1.1.Team Mentality To recreate Tiki-Taka on Football Manager Mobile, I believe the team mentality needs to be control or attacking. The manual stats that " the control mentality expects the team to have a lot of the ball" and goes on to say that "be expected to pick and choose their moments to break out of the mentality and shape and exploit openings when they clearly arise." This is the essence of Tiki-Taka, keeping possession and being patient to build up chances. https://youtu.be/sPXGfu1HCv4 The Attacking mentality means the squad will "get the ball into the attacking third with regularity and then keep it there. Defenders will recycle the ball to allow the forwards an opportunity to rest before going again, keeping the throttle wide open, and aiming to pin the opponent back with relentless attacking play." This was the mentality Barcelona had in the 2011 Champions league final as seen below: 3.1.2.Width Tiki-Taka as described above should be adaptive and react to the match as it happens. As stated above in the manual, the control mentality means "picking and choose their moments to break out of the mentality and shape and exploit openings". When the team is attacking, they want the pitch to be as big as possible but in defence, they would want it to stay tight. 3.1.3.Tempo The tempo of the squad should also be adaptive to the match with the key aim of keeping possession and creating chances. This would mean slowing the game down when out of possession. The tempo would then be faster and more intense when attacking. The manual describes this as "operating in a balanced manner according to the flow of the match." 3.1.4.Creative Freedom Finally, creative freedom in Tiki Taka should be balanced. The Control Mentality is the most important aspect of Tiki Taka through keeping possession. This being said, Barcelona FC prove that in attacking, you need creative players such as Messi,Iniesta,Neymar etc. 3.2.Defensive Instructions Below you can see the Defensive Instructions I use to re-create Tiki-Taka. 3.2.1.Defensive Line On the Tiki-Taka Wikipedia page it states"Barcelona played with a high defensive line". A high defensive line "Asks your defenders to push up the pitch, closer to the midfield, in an effort to compact the space in which the opposition can operate." This helps win the ball further up the pitch and closer to the opposition goal. 3.2.2.Closing Down Playing a high defensive line, Barcelona FC developed a system of aggressive pressing 7 seconds after they lost the ball. This would mean that "players will close down their opponents at all times, anywhere on the pitch." This can unsettle the opposition and create poor passes which can be exploited to create goals. 3.2.3.Tackling Tiki-Taka system for me had aggressive tackling and closing down. This meant that " players will hit their opponents hard when trying to win the ball. If there's a slight chance of coming away with the ball, they will attempt the tackle." This is again important to win the ball back high up the pitch and create chances. 3.2.4.Offside Trap On researching Tiki Taka, Wikipedia again mentions that "Barcelona played with a high defensive line usually applying the offside trap".This is consistent with the high defensive line and means"The defensive line will push up and attempt to catch out the opposition". This can help prevent goals going in from the opposition but requires good positioning. 3.2.5.Time Wasting This is a strict NO. Pep Guardiola himself stated that "I loathe all that passing for the sake of it" meaning that ever pass should have a point behind it and time should not be wasted. Instead, the team should "play normally and not attempt to run out the clock." 3.3.Attacking Instructions Below, you can see the attacking instructions I have used to re-create Tiki-Taka. 3.3.1.Final Third Firstly, Barcelona FC used to look for overlaps with Abidal/Alves. Secondly, the style of Tiki-Taka is based on control and patience through working the ball into the box. Finally, the point of so many technically good players & keeping possession was so that space can be opened up for beautiful through balls. Look for Overlap-Instructs your players to hold onto the ball and look for an overlapping player in support, most likely a marauding full-back. Work Into Box-Instructs your players to work hard for their opening, remaining patient and not forcing the issue, but rather retaining the ball until the breakthrough occurs. Through Balls-Encourages players to seek to use through balls more often. 3.3.2.Passing Style As an absolutely fundamental part of the style "Tiki-taka is a style of play in football characterised by short passing and movement". Short passes mean that "Your players will look to pass the ball to the feet of the nearest unmarked player in their team." Short Passing also helps build up and keep possession. 3.3.3.Passing Focus Tiki-Taka is all about "short passing and movement, working the ball through various channels, and maintaining possession." Therefore, on Football Manager Mobile I like to keep the focus as mixed. This means that my "players will look to adopt a varied passing approach" 3.3.4.Goalkeeper Distributio Pep Guardiola at Barcelona FC made Victor Valdes pass it out from the back - no ifs or buts and the defence needed to be prepared for it. I use a mixed Goalkeeper distribution as I think it opens up this style to Lower League teams and Big clubs. Hopefully, in the lower leagues where the quality is lower, the Goalkeeper would "adopt a balanced approach to distribution based on each situation as it occurs." 4.Conclusion Football is completely subjective and opinions may differ on the information above. In my research - Tiki-Taka on Football Manager Mobile IS possible! Many career's through the years show that this style of football can be both beautiful and successful. Enjoy!
  6. Good Evening All, CHOOSING THE CLUB I chose Swansea University FC due to their small size in the Welsh South Dvision. I wanted to test my Philosophy & my tactic to improve this football club. My aim was to gain Swansea University promotion into the Welsh Premier League. STADIUM & FACILITIES When I arrived at the club, they had basic 1st team and youth facilities. I asked the board to improve these & they decided to provide us average 1st team facilities. The stadium Capacity remained at 300! STAFF, FINANCE AND TRAINING I delegate the training regime over to my Assistant Manager. I managed to maintain a good finance structure for the club through selling players who were not good enough(Below 10 attribute in Decisions). I did aim to improve the staff but there was a lack of interest in joining the club. SQUAD As alluded to above, In assessing my squad, there was a high number of players who were not good enough for us. I sold these players off and generated a lot of revenue for the club. I bought in a lot of players who had good decision attributes for cheap. TACTIC I used my Traditional Tiki Taka Tactic for this career.The squad adapted to this tactic immediately which shows in the results - only 1 loss all season! Another significant stat was that we had the best defence and attack in the league. THE RESULT Swansea University FC ended the season as winners of the Welsh South Division!🏆🥳🥳!! The biggest challenges for us came in the cups which saw us not go further than we should have. The biggest success was the league which we won in style. STEPS FOR SUCCESS Please see below the list of Positives from my team report:- Please see the list of negatives from the team report:- Please find below the best XI, squad depth and club stats:- MANAGERS STATS LEAGUE STATS
  7. UPDATE-YEAR 2034 After much testing,playing and adapting my Philosophy, In the year 2034, Etoile FC finally won the French Ligue 1!!🥳🥳🥳 We won by one point in the end but we still won and a great curtain close to a competitive,fun and sometimes frustrating save. I have nailed down my Philosophy and brought much success to the smallest team in France on FMM20! 🏆🏆🏆 Below I have shown my personal career stats from this career. I hold a win rate of 46% with outstanding attributes and 4x League wins to my name. As you can see below, The board are absolutely delighted with my management. As always, I like to view the Team Report to decipher what things to continue doing and what things do not affect success. The positives of this campaign were:- Natural Leaders= Good Morale= Strong/Energetic players= Aim to Focus on Fitness as Pace,Stamina and Strength bring success! Right Decisions=Aim to go for players who make right decisions. Great Depth= Always aim for 22 man squad - 2x players in each position. Operate below Wage budget = Aim to keep the wage budget in the green. Best Youth/1st Team Facilities & Backroom team= Always update these annually to build up to be the best club! Best Defensive/Disciplinary Records= Tiki Taka Tactic brings success through strong defence and excellent Discipline rate. In contrast, Things which do not affect success in my Philosophy were: Lack of Determination Disloyal group of players Lack of Workrate Fear of big matches Volatile/Aggressive Players= Aggressive Players do not dictate success. Oldest Teams = Age does not matter to success. Low passing ability = Poor Passing stats do not affect success. Lack of technique= Poor technique does not affect success Lack of creativity = Poor Creativity/Decisions does not affect success. Weak in defensive areas Lacking depth Lack of transfer budgets Below I have added the Suggested XI along with Squad Depth and Club Stats. LEAGUE STATS
  8. UPDATE-YEAR 2027 In 2027, I managed to get Etoile FC Promoted from Ligue 2. This was a really surprising achievements as the 2x years before promotion we came very close to Relegation! The only change I made was to focus buying all players in the transfer market and not just younger players. Finally, a Fans Spokesperson said I was the best manager they have had which is great! Below I have shown my personal stats so far with Etoile FC with a win rate of 45%. My attributes are outstanding with excellent transfers, the majority of them being younger players. The board are delighted with my performance as manager. As always, I like to explore the reasons for my teams success so I can replicate this in following seasons to bring more success. These are the things to do: Morale= Keep Contracts updated Youngest Squads= Focus on Fit players for key positions such as WBK,DM,IF and T which tend to be younger players. Older players may be better technically for positions like GK,CB and CM. Strong/Pacey Players= Focus on Fitness for players for key positions such as WBK,DM,IF and T - Stamina & Pace. Best Backrooms= Focus on improving Facilities,Stadium and Staff every season. Great Depth=Aim to have 22 man Squad or 2x Players for each position. Wage Bill=Aim to keep budgets in the Green!! Form/Defensive/Discipline= Tiki Taka Tactic is successful and brings success through a solid defence,discipline and form. Things to avoid:- Lack of Workrate Lack of transfer Budget Lack of professionalism Lack of leadership Fears playing big matches Lack of technique & to spot passes In addition to the Squad Reports below, I have shown below the Best XI for this successful season along with the players attributes for those interested. League Stats
  9. UPDATE - YEAR 2024 Good Evening All, Just a quick update on this career. In 2024, I managed to get Etoile FC promoted to Ligue 2. The season was really strong with the club again having the best defence in the division. The seasons in-between were difficult as I would develop really strong squads just to watch players leave the club a few months later due to their release clause! The Last few seasons have improved my personal performance. I now have a 51% win rate along with outstanding attributes by my name. However, the success of the club has happened slower than I would of liked and we could definitely do with more goals scored. In terms of what lead to this success, the following apparently: Young Players= Buying 19-25 Year Old Players Good Paced Players= Inside Forwards have excellent pace( Normally look for IF with pace 15+). Good Passing players= Centre Midfielders have excellent passing(Normally look for CM with passing 15+) Great Depth = 22 Man Squad, 2x players for each position. Best Facilities = Ask board to improve these annually. Best Form/Defence/Discipline = indicates my Tiki Taka Tactic works perfectly and leads to success. League Stats
  10. CHOOSING THE CLUB I chose Étoile FC as they were the smallest club in the French National Division 2. I like testing out my philosophy for FMM20 and seeing where it can be successful. Hopefully I can become successfully here. STADIUM AND FACILITIES When I arrived at the club, the Facilities and Stadium were Poor. Through asking the Board Members, I was able to improve the Clubs 1st team and Youth team facilities. The Stadium remains small but we are in the bottom division. STAFF, FINANCES AND TRAINING I delegate the Training Regime over to my Assistant Manager Dennis Bergkamp. Through improving the Facilities above, I was able to get more staff, although we could not improve all of them and luckily Dennis got his Silver Badge. Finances were kept green through selling older and unused players, along with a healthy transfer budget. SQUAD When I came to the club, there was roughly 50% of the players who would not feature in my plans due to not fitting the tactic and being of low quality. I placed Under 21 players who were not good enough in the reserves to be loaned out. I bought in players who were 19-25 Yo and had good fitness,technical & passing stats. TACTICS I used my Tiki Taka tactic for this save with Étoile FC. This worked very well and were very strong defensively. We ended as one of the lowest goalscorers in the league which can be improved. It does show that you build a foundation from the back. THE RESULT The result of my Philosophy was very positive as Étoile FC ended up winning the league! The squad had the best defensive record in the league too. Hopefully, this is a good building back of this club to push on and maybe challenge PSG! STEPS FOR SUCCESS I have posted the Positives of my squad below. This will allow me to see what has gone well and carry on doing it next time. These are: Good Pace/Energy - Buy Players with good fitness stats Good Passers- Buy CM who are good at passing the ball. Great Depth - Have a squad of 22 players Best Facilities- Ask to improve facilities every season. Best Form/Defence- Tiki Taka Tactic is very successful MANAGERS STATS LEAGUE STATS
  11. CHOOSING THE CLUB I chose Celtic FC because they are a must loved football club in Scotland and around the world. They already have strong foundations and are a highly successful club in Scotland but Rangers are creeping up. I want to see if my Tactic and overall Philosophy can succeed. https://fmmvibe.com/forums/topic/44144-steps-for-success-a-guide-to-fmm-20/?tab=comments#comment-393968 FACILITIES AND STADIUM Celtic FC already have an incredible stadium and Facilities. I ask the board for improvements to facilities and the stadium annually & this season, they did agree to improve 1st team Facilities although they did not agree to improve the stadium. Celtic FC has fantastic foundations to be successful. STAFF, FINANCE AND TRAINING I always delegate the Training Regime over to my Assistant Manager John Kennedy. Every Season, I will look to improve staff members where possible and cost effective to do so - For Example: I would buy a silver Badge Coach over a Bronze coach if available BUT only if I can afford it. I keep a close eye on the budget as a Green Budget = Success through putting money back into the club. SQUAD The Celtic FC squad is already very strong but a few additions have been made. When I start at a club, I assess every position, remove any weaknesses(Any player who has below 10 for there Key Attributes OR any player who would not feature in my tactic) and then look to strengthen the squad(Through looking for young players, Fit players and Great Passers). I ensure the squad is 22 players strong with 2x players for each position, creating excellent competition for roles. TACTIC With Celtic FC, I have gone back to using my tried and tested Barcelona FC 2011 Tiki Taka Tactic. The tactic delivered the best defensive and attacking stats in the league. The Tactic also provided the Top Scorer ,& Top assist player in the division. THE RESULT My Philosophy used for Celtic FC has been extremely successful. The Club has won the Domestic Treble which is incredible! The way we have won the treble is incredible and it makes me happy to be a part of this clubs great history. STEPS FOR SUCCESS BASED ON TEAM REPORT After this Treble Winning season managing Celtic FC, I want to establish what makes this Philosophy,Tactic and the players successful. In addition to this, I also wanted to find out the things which would not make me successful. Through this, I can take away this information and repeat for other careers,replicating the success. Things to do to be successful: Ambitious Squad Loyal group of players - Long Contracts? Natural Leaders - High Leadership stats Working hard for each other - High Teamwork stats Thrive in big matches Morale good - Contract/Results etc Youngest sides - Buy 19-25 Year olds Strong players/good Pace/Highly Energetic - Focus on Fitness Good passing/Technical - Focus on Good passing players Great depth in positions - 22 Player Squad required Keeping the wage budget in Green Best facilities - Always improve these annually. Best Defense/Attack/Scorer/Assists - Tiki Taka Tactic used works perfectly and is highly successful Things which will not provide success: Unprofessional Players Agressive/Volatile Players Lacking Depth in Positions - 2x players in every position. Lack of transfer Funds to improve squad -Keep Funds in green Additional things: Old/Ageing Players- Try not to buy these Unfit Players - Try not to buy players lacking fitness. MANAGERS STATS LEAGUE STATS
  12. Conclusion Finally I won the Belgian league and UEFA conference Cup. The season was won via resorting back to my original Tiki Taka Tactic and buying in players who fitted it. I was really happy with finally reaching the top with Winkel Sport.
  13. This is a great career. Would love to try this myself - like running a fully sustainable football club. Great work👍
  14. UPDATE- NEXT YEAR-2026 My next year with Winkel Sport and another Promotion as we became Champions of the Proximus League! In the space of 3 years with an updated Tiki Taka system, the club has rocketed in the Belgium Leagues. The system is incredible solid defensively whilst scoring as many goals as the higher teams leaving us sitting at the top with impressive goal differences. On a personal note, my Win Rate has also increased to 46% and rising. My focus on players with better fitness attributes in the transfer market improves both my Transfer Acumen and Youth Policy. You can see by the average GF & GA that the system is solid with average scores of 1-0 to Winkel Sport. It is important to note that the board wanted me to just " Improve the Squad" this year but I thought I would challenge myself to just "Battle bravely against relegation" , in the end, Winkel Sport FC reached the top of Belgian Football. The club has also improved over the last season with added revenues from promotion. We now have state of the art youth and 1st team facilities with an increased stadium capacity of 8,500! Our Club staff have been developed to now hold Gold or Silver Badged coaches. The revenues even after development remain green due to selling older, low quality players and profitable youngsters who I get each season as free.
  15. UPDATE Just a quick update on this new tactic. I just played the next season on my career and it ended in us winning the league and getting promoted! The Belgium league for me is normally quite competitive and difficult to wade through but this tactic is really working. I have used this tactic across 3x Seasons with them ending: Close 2nd in the league Champions of belgian first amateur division Champions of Proximus League Again the Tactic was unbelievably solid in defence. We only conceeded 23 goals, with the next team conceding 40! Our goals were good and enough to win us the title. In relation to transfers, I always stuck with players who had better fitness attributes( no focus on age but younger where possible). The Roles and Key attributes (10-20) I look for are: GK-Handling/Reflexes WBK-Tackling/Stamina CB-Tackling/Passing/Positioning if poss, otherwise Tackling/Heading/Positioning DMC-Tackling/Stamina MC-Passing/Stamina AMC-Creativity/Decisions/Passing AMR/L-Shooting/Pace
  16. CHOOSING THE CLUB I chose Sint-Eloois-Winkel Sport because they were the smallest club in the Belgium 1st amateur division. Belgium has always been a challenging & competitive place to manage for me with even tried and tested tactics facing a stiff test. My hope is to progress Sint-Eloois-Winkel Sport as far as possible. STADIUM AND FACILITIES When I arrived at Sint-Eloois-Winkel Sport, the 1st team Facilities and Youth Facilities were poor. After asking the board to improve these every season, we now have Good Facilities. The Stadium has not been improved but is currently operating at full capacity. STAFF, FINANCES AND TRAINING I always delegate the training regime to my Assistant Manager which is currently the Arsenal FC legend Dennis Bergkamp. The Finances are kept green through selling players which are not good enough & buying youngsters out of contract and getting profit for them. Finally, I improve the club staff annually if there is sufficient funds to do so, so Dennis Bergkamp is now Gold Badged. SQUAD The Squad has been improved gradually since I arrived at Sint-Eloois-Winkel Sport. The players I sign usually fit the Key attributes with a strict focus on Fitness( which normally adds younger fitter players). I sell on players which fall below 10 in the Key attributes or would not fit in my tactics. TACTIC I have developed a new Tiki Taka System which I used for the last 2x seasons with Sint-Eloois-Winkel Sport. The tactic is very stable in Defence having the lowest goals conceded at 20 over 30 matches! The goals are currently quite slow coming BUT are still enough to win games and get this small club promoted! THE RESULT The result of my new Tiki Taka System, a small budget and a focus on signing fitness 1st players was winning the Belgian First Amateur Division over 2x Seasons using it. The 1st Season we finished a very close 2nd in the league but this year with a bit of improving we played really well. This season shows that my Philosophy works and is successful. MANAGERS STATS LEAGUE STATS
  17. Version 1.0.1


    Good Evening All To start off with, why this tactic? Quite simply, the football Barcelona and Spain played with this philosophy were the most beautiful i have ever seen & are the reason i want to play football manager please see last years post below: This updated tactic is still succeeding and winning.
  18. Good Evening All To start off with, why this tactic? Quite simply, the football Barcelona and Spain played with this philosophy were the most beautiful i have ever seen & are the reason i want to play football manager please see last years post below: This updated tactic is still succeeding and winning.
  19. UPDATE- 2027 SEASON A few seasons have passed and finally Villarrubia FC are going to be in the Spanish La Liga. There were a few seasons when we came very close to this moment but missed out in the playoffs. I changed the tactic from Attacking to Control to great effect as seen below. This really is an unbelievable achievement for Villarrubia FC & a Supporters spokesman said I was the best manager they have had! I am a Football Manager who likes to learn and study the game, so I have shown the Team Report below which indicates the strengths and weaknesses listed below: Youngest Sides- Young players seem to create winning sides- Maybe my transfers need to focus on 19-25 year olds Physically strong/ Good Pace/Energetic Group- Fitness is vital to Winning- Should this be focused on when buying players? World Class Backroom Team - Must keep improving the backroom team every year. Lacking Determination/Professionalism Not as comfortable on the ball Poor Discipline ARE these important if I am still winning the league? These are my personal stats to date. My win rate with Villarubia FC is 48% which is not bad considering the size of the club and the competition in the Spanish Leagues. Our average results were 2-1 to Villarubia FC which indicates the Attacking tactic despite scoring more goals is not great defensively. Overall, you can see the Board are absolutely delighted with my performance.
  20. CHOOSING THE CLUB I chose this club because it was the smallest Spanish club. The club was only founded in 1959. They play in the lowest Spanish league on FMM20, the Segunda Division B, Group 4. I want to take them to La Liga using my Philosophy. STADIUM & FACILITIES When I started at the club, the 1st team & youth team facilities were Poor. Through asking the board every season for improvement, the facilities are around average for both. The Stadium also started with 500 Capacity but has risen to 5,000 capacity now. STAFF,FINANCE AND TRAINING I delegate the training regime over to my Assistant Manager Juan De Dios Cervian. The Staff Room was basic when I arrived, Only having Guti as an Assistant Manager. This has been improved greatly through bringing in Natural Coaches and getting them to take Exams to improve their Badges. The Finances have generally been kept in the green. This is through buying unemployed youngsters and selling them on for a big profit. SQUAD The squad has been improved a lot. I review my teams at the start of the season & assess each position,noting down the worst players in each position. I then looked in the market for ANY players which improved the current squad, including some older players. I also like to buy some players with NO CLUB as on occassion, you find a gem who you can sell on for 250,300k. TACTICS I used my Attacking Tiki Taka Tactic for this season. The tactic worked very well as our team was the best attacking & defensive club in the division. The key to this tactic is a strong defence(Foundation) which can allow the attacking players to shine. THE RESULT In my 3rd Season at the club, We finally managed Promotion & were Champions of the Segunda Division B, Group 4. Our transfers and the tactic were the key components to this great success. This was even more impressive due to the big names in the league. MANAGERS STATS LEAGUE STATS
  21. Good Evening All, This post has come about as I have struggled in the spanish B4 division recently and wanted to per-fect or point out the method which eventually successful.This method eventually happened in my 3rd season at the club. It may not be an exact art but more a method I have used for this season that I think may be successful for others. 1) CHOOSE A TACTIC/PHILOSOPHY - The 1st step when going into the transfer market is to know what you are going into the transfer market for. This involves either forming the team around a tactic OR building a tactic based on the squad you have at your disposal. From having a tactic, you have a starting point of what players you need for that tactic and whether you have an area which requires strengthening. On this point, There is a great link below for those who want to create there on tactic based on the squad you already have. On the other hand, there are MANY different pre-made tactics which have been created and are available to use on this website. As I have stated previous, I really enjoy Tiki Taka football as it is both beautiful and highly successful. For my successful Spanish B4 Division promotion, I was using the following tactic: 2) ASSESSING THE SQUAD Once you have the tactic/Philosophy, you need to assess the squad to see if you have the players to utilise it ( Eg. Having a AMC or ML is no use if you do not have a tactic with those positions). This means you go through your entire squad checking this. Sometimes players can be "Natural" in 2x different positions so I always look on the Coach Report to see which one they see as the players no.1 suited position. I normally aim for a 22-man squad in my Careers. This means 2x men for each position we have ( For example - Back four would have 2x RWB, 2x LWB and 4x CB). If there are more than this in the squad or players do not match the roles required, I would normally look to move players in or out of the club based on the requirements. Once you know this information, it is also important to know which player roles you require. For example, Some managers might have had Messi as a target man or inside forward but the False 9 was chosen for a reason and to amazing effect.My tactic incorporates the following as taken from this book.https://www.amazon.co.uk/Coaching-Tiki-Taka-Style-Play/dp/0957670540 SWK WBK BPD DM DLP APM IF T 3)WHICH PLAYERS ARE GOOD ENOUGH? I use Attribute Triggers & Key Attributes to establish which players are 'good enough' for my squads. These together show me which players can give me a good start & which players really should not be in the squad. It is mostly fair as well as IF a central defender is not "Good" at tackling, then were going to let in a lot of goals! @Marc Vaughan in a previous game marked out that a world class team would be looking for the below Key attribute figures. : 10- Good Attribute 14- Very Good Attribute 16-Excellent Attribute I use this for every team as i always want to build them to a world class level so start of using it. Any new player that I buy MUST have a minimum key attribute of 10 or higher. This information, along with the Key Atributes for each position outlined in the FMM 20 manual(and show below), makes for a good general standard for where players are at or if they are good enough. For example - a Left back with 14 for tackling and 15 stamina suggests in general he is a very good player. In Contrary, if a centre back with heading 10 tackling 9 and positioning 15, i would look to offload them. Tackling is a key attribute and that player was not 'good' at it. This is not an exact art form but a guide. 4) WHAT TO DO WITH PLAYERS WHO ARENT GOOD ENOUGH? I normally weigh up whether it is best or quickest to transfer list, demote a player & release OR if they are under 21, I usually attempt to loan them out to build up their attributes. I do like to transfer players generally but if no team is interested and the market closes, I would look to just release them( This tends to be older players in their 30's). In addition to this, Sometimes, your club may really need the money but at other times you will need to kick on with the redevelopment and the wage budget is big, releasing the player to build space and wage budget makes sense. 5)TRANSFER MARKET- BUYING PLAYERS Finally, the final stage-buying the player! This normally takes three stages for me. The three stages include: 1) Assess the squad- This for me involves reviewing each position in the formation. I check which player has the lower key attributes in that position and write down the total. I do this from the GK to the ST. The aim of this method is to write down the worst players stats so that in the Transfer Market, I know what I am aiming to better. For Example, Current GK has Handling and Reflexes of 14 which equals 28 in total. If in the market there is a GK with 15 for Handling & Reflexes = 30 overall then this would be an improvement to my squad. 2) Enter the Transfer Market- This for me has been the hardest part to nail down and succeed at as I always pressure myself to get Young players, Same Nationality Players, Fit players or Technical Players. What I have found out is that above all, better key attributes is the most important thing! Of course, players which are the same nationality and younger is the ultimate BUT overall, the key is to improve your squad in any way possible! Firstly, I do not touch ANYTHING on the General tab of the Player Transfers Screen. I want to improve my squad by widening the net as far as possible. I keep interested only ticked as I want players to WANT to come to the club. Secondly, I look up the position I want to check to improve on the next tab. This for me should always be light green(Natural). I like bought players to be specialists at that position and not a jack of all trades and a success at none of them! ONLY if a lower league team comes back with no key Attribute search results for a position, shall i use Dark Green(Accomplished) too. Thirdly, I add the Key Attributes required for that position and start off at 10(See above why). This normally produces a long list of players. I then increase the key attributes to narrow the list down as much as possible until it can't be increased anymore - For example- Handling and Reflexes going up from 10-20 until you hit the few best available players. Finally, You need to review the players found to check whether they will be an improvement to the squad or not. In my Career in the Spanish Division B4 league, the worst GK I have has Handling and Reflexing attributes of 14, equalling 28 overall. Looking below, the best available player only has 27 Overall & is not as good on his reflexes. In this scenario, this GK would NOT improve my squad and therefore I will leave my GK's as they are. IF you do end up in a situation where there are a few players who could improve your squad, I would then look to see which player is younger or from the same country. You may also choose the best player based on price too, especially if working on a budget. 3)Buy the Player- Once you have established a player which can improve the squad, you need to check you can afford him. If you can afford him, go for it! Suggest terms and finalise the deal with the player. This will lead onto a contract being signed hopefully and a better squad created. IF, you cannot afford the players transfer price OR contract, you may need to give up on the deal & keep what you have in your team OR check whether a loan deal could be completed. This is especially likely with younger players. This concludes my guide on how to buy players on Football Manager Mobile 2020. I do this method every new season on the career I am with. The method is not an exact art but a guide and has lead me to success as seen below. I hope you enjoy this post and it helped any new players to the game. It gives a starting point.
  22. CHOOSING THE CLUB I chose Brechin City Football Club because they are in the 2nd Division of Scottish Football & close to where my family are in Angus. I have watched Brechin City play football before where they played a lot of long ball football.I wanted to try and take Brechin City to the top of Scottish Football. STADIUM & FACILITIES When I started with Brechin City, The facilities were basic for the 1st team & below average for the youth team. This gradually improved so that we had Excellent 1st team Facilities and adequate youth team facilities. The stadium also improved from holding over 4,000 fans to a round 15,000! STAFF, FINANCE AND TRAINING I Delegated the Training System over to my Assistant Manager to carry out. The staff levels and quality also improved throughout my career from Bronze to Gold. The Finances were generally kept green, this was partly through signing young free lads and selling them on for around 150k-200k which helped improve the squad. SQUAD The squad had to be regularly changed as we moved up the leagues which got drastically tougher every time. Our best area was Forwards which we found some cracking players with Pace and Finishing- a winning Combination. The worst area was defence and specifically the full backs which were fairly poor. TACTICS I used my attacking Tiki Taka philosophy with Brechin City. This Started off well getting cups and promotions but stalled as we went through the leagues. A lot of the championship teams were former premiership teams and knew how to play football well. THE RESULTS The Result of my time at Brechin City FC was generally positive, taking the club from Division 2 all the way to the Scottish Premiership. We even managed to win the Tunnocks Cup in our 2nd Season! I love this part of the world and this club - my highlights are shown below.
  23. CHOOSING THE CLUB I chose Nantong FC because they were one of the smaller clubs in the Chinese 1st Division and I liked their badge style. The club was only founded in 2016 and only got promoted to this division last season. I was interested to see if I could take this club right to the top of Chinese Football. STADIUM & FACILITIES When I arrived at the club, Nantong FC had Poor 1st Team and Youth Team facilities. This has not been modified too much by the board but the youth facilities are at least Basic now. The stadium is 20,000 Capacity and this has not yet been improved. STAFF,FINANCE &TRAINING The Training Regime is managed by my Assistant Manager who is a Silver Badged Coavh. The Finances at the club were very generous and the club is Rich, with signings in not being an issue over my two years in charge. The Staff have all been improved to a Silver Badges with my Scout now earning a Gold Badge. SQUAD The squad I came into was overall poor but there were signs of the club trying to improve with a few marquee signings. Over the two seasons, quite a few players came and went in the hope of strengthening the side. This was again helped by the financial state of the club which allowed millions to be spent on top quality players. TACTICS I used my Attacking Tiki Taka Tactic for this career. The players adapted very well to it and great attackers meant that many goals were scored. The defence was solid and was always in the top 10 clubs in terms of keeping goals out. THE RESULT The Result was even better than I had imagined when I started with Back to Back promotions from the Chinese Division 1 to the Chinese Premier League. The highlight being wining the premier league by just 1x point! The low point coming in the 2nd season where I went on a run of 4 consecutive loses - really puzzling, especially as millions had been spent on reaching the top. Great Club though and really enjoyed my two seasons in China! 謝謝南通
  24. This is incredible @PeteRens. Keep it going! I am interested to see if anyone else has tried this challenge or succeeded.
  25. CHOOSING THE CLUB I chose this club as they were one of the smallest clubs in lowest Turkish League. The club was only established in 1994. How far could I take this small team from Turkey? STADIUM & FACILITIES The Stadium and Facilities were pretty basic when I arrived at the club. The Facilities were basic/poor standard.The stadium only had a capacity of 1,000! STAFF,FINANCE AND TRAINING The training system was delegated to my Assistant Manager. The Staff were all bronze standard when I arrived but developed throughout my time there. Finances were kept in the green, especially due to selling off some of the lower quality players & some of the higher quality players when bigger clubs came in. TACTIC I used my Tiki Taka System for this club. The system both worked unbelievably well and very badly. This was indicated by my results which were finishing 11th in 1st season, League Winners in 2nd Season, straight promotion in 3rd Season and Relegated in 4th Season- Very frustrating! SQUAD The squad actually had fairly good quality when I first arrived but required adjustments. The players that left freed up big money for us to build and develop the squad. I mostly bought younger players with excellent fitness stats. Despite back to back promotions, this transfer system did not work in the Turkish Premier League. THE RESULTS The results on the whole were unbelievable with back to back promotions to the top of Turkish Football. The season in the 1st division was my favourite with Promotion/ Winners on our 1st season in the division! The lowest moment was our 4th season in the top division which went horribly wrong for an unknown reason- same philosophies used but quality was so much better than ours🤦🏻‍♂️