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  1. It is a really good tactic, been using it with a few teams now. Most notable is with Middlesbrough where i breezed through the competition.
  2. xzz

    Piggs 3-4-3 EME

    This is working amazing with Sevilla first season. Currently first in the league with 14 wins and 2 losses. Even beating barcelona and Real madrid.
  3. Same lol , win everything still don't get manager of the year..
  4. i used this tactic and got 1st with Celta in first season. I figure malaga would also do well with this
  5. xzz


    Still a really good tactic that's consistent.
  6. xzz

    EME Denmark21322 TEST

    The bwm always have low rating might try to put him in cd or apm
  7. xzz

    EME Denmark21322 TEST

    Yes, Kruse was usually AF and Schurle was left IF
  8. xzz

    EME Denmark21322 TEST

    Could've won the league easily but those last minute draws were very unfortunate. Killed the cup and cl tho with the only signing being Axel Witsel! Amazing job again Anders.
  9. xzz

    EME Denmark21322 TEST

    Started of really strong with Wolfsburg, even beat bayern 6-0 and Barca in the cl group with 3-1 and 1-1. But the draws are killing me in the league. Will post screens once i finish.
  10. It's entertaining for sure. But way too leaky , even with top teams i would concede 2 goals every game
  11. 2nd season im having trouble converting chances not sure what to change
  12. Hey mate i tested with Roma. Won the league, italian cup and champions league! Only bought Meli. Impressive tactic!
  13. Thanks for testing! How did the games go?
  14. xzz

    Tester needed. 4-2-2-2

    Very good tactic, got 1st in season 1 with Celta. and lost 3-2 in quarter finals vs barca. Only thing is i win with alot 1 goals difference but that is probably because of bad team. Don't got screens sadly but i'm not lying lol
  15. Fail with sampdoria getting 1 win 3 draws and 6 loss