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  1. I’ll use this with Espanyol. Post results at end of season
  2. Will do. I’m also doing the training myself for the specific roles.
  3. Reloaded my game before I got the sack and I changed to the original setup (due to lack of signings) and managed to stay up
  4. I reloaded my game and tried again, but I changed it due to lack of signings (back to chris’ original set up) and stayed up in the premier league
  5. It was on control, couldn’t buy anyone as it was before the January transfer window, will stick with it though, when I get a new job .
  6. Took over before Leicester game. Unfortunately didn’t work for Southampton team, game against Sheffield United we should of lost they had 3 goals disallowed.
  7. I’ve started a new game and just taken over Southampton. Will update later tonight.
  8. Trying with Everton. Will update end of season.
  9. With the right players in Everton would be smashing teams, lots of chances created
  10. Everton are having a lot of possession for long periods, I think with a really good striker next Season, we will be scoring more. Very potent going forward with no signings made. Style is very fluid and great to watch.
  11. Results so far, games that are lost and drawn I didn’t have my strongest 11 playing due to injuries. Will post more after this season is finished.
  12. Like the look and sound of your tactic RPA123456. Will give it a go with a mid table side.