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  1. My computer isn't acting write so the update won't be out until it's fixed My computer isn't acting right so the update won't be out until it's fixed
  2. I'm going to attempt to complete this Unemployed Challenge. I will update you at the end of each season. I am going to tell it in more of storytelling manner because I love reading careers like that because it makes the game feel more like real life to me. I always wanted to do it like that so this is my chance. These are the countries I loaded: England Arsenal Chelsea Liverpool Manchester City Spain Atlètico Madrid Barcelona Real Madrid Valencia Athletic Bilbao France Paris Saint-Germain Monaco Lille Italy Juventus Roma Napoli To complete this challenge you must also manage four of these seven nations winning a trophy with all four: Spain England Italy France Portugal Holland Belgium ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ I load up the game and select my nationality, American and click the option and start unemployed and I see 8 clubs to apply for. I get a job offer from Aldershot but their current wage budget is $750k and there current wage total was $900k. I politely decline and move on. Couple of weeks pass by and Gateshead offers me a job but they have a wage budget of $850k and the current wage total is 1.1m. But the club is better then Aldershot so I accept the job offer and now I'm off to start my first season in Vanarama Conference.
  3. Ya that's fine I know since it's the mobile version we are limited compared to FM
  4. http://whatculture.com/gaming/football-manager-2014-10-tips-soccernomics-thatll-improve-game.php This article is a great breakdown on the rules
  5. I have been reading the book Soccernomics and it's a great book, if you haven't read I highly suggest you should, I was looking into it online saw like 2 people were doing it. So I'm here to try to see if FMH can be ran by the same rules. So this is my challenge: Take a team that's not a rich club and see if you can get them to win just one league title in their countries top league. You also have to take screen shots at the end of each season of manager profile, transfers, you have done, and of course the teams record and standings. The Rules: 1. Net wage spend is more important than net transfer spend (pp. 14-21) 2. Don’t needlessly splash out on new players or sell old ones when you take over a club – the New Manager Syndrome (pp. 21-22) 3. Don’t buy players who impressed at international tournaments: they’re likely to be overvalued and past performance is no indication of future performance, especially when they’re playing with a different team (pp. 22-24) – there are different incentives and a different tactical set-up at tournaments, and it’s a super small sample size. 4. Some nationalities are overrated, like Holland, Brazil, and England (pp. 24-25) 5. Sell your players at the right time: when they’re around 30 years old, goalkeepers aside (p. 29) 6. Use the wisdom of crowds: ask all your scouts and a Director of Football if you have one (pp. 43-44) 7. Buy players in their early twenties, which avoids the problems with not developing properly, and means previous statistics have greater value (pp. 45-47) 8. Centre-forwards cost more than they should (p. 47) 9. Sell any player if a club offers more than they are worth and try to replace them before they are sold (pp. 48-49) 10. Don’t buy players if you don’t need to: develop a youth network and try to develop your own players (pp. 49-51)
  6. I think he has a 150 PA
  7. I have done some research and I just wanted other people's opinion on a formation that scores a lot but needs a good advanced playmaker
  8. First, can you make you reserve team an actual team? Second, how do you become a big club, because a lot of players I see want to leave my club for a bigger club?.
  9. These four are who I rotate in the my middle third and Jason Lowe and Fernando Gago both are recovering from an injury