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  1. What doesn't makes sense to me is that he is now a natural striker with better stats but can't outscore his first season 🤔
  2. SEASON 3 Didn't screenshot the progress for season 3. So gonna post whatever i can. Season review. Won Liga Nos, Super Cup anr Allianz Cup. Østigård was top scorer in the league and Allianz Cup. Made the team of the year. Not much change to the stats. Still can't get the shooting to improve at all. Another average season. Scored 34 goals on 53 games. Either my tactic sucks or he can't score much with that shooting stat. SEASON 1 : 45 GOALS SEASON 2 : 29 GOALS SEASON 3 : 34 GOALS TOTAL TALLY : 108/1000 The 1k goal looks really unlikely at this rate. Gonna have another season or two to see if i can get him scoring more. Season 4 will be with Bayern Munich.
  3. Thanks guys! Cant seem to improve his shooting tho even with training.
  4. SEASON 2 Transfer ins Bought Marko Grujic cos i thought Bruno Fernandes was leaving. No bids for him again in the end. Won Liga Nos, Portuguese Cup and Portuguese Super Cup. Didn't do very well in the champions league, lost in the quarter final 5-0 on aggregate against Barcelona. Now on to the main man. A rather dissapointing season tbh. Started out really well scoring 19 goals in 16 matches. Then stop scoring from november till february. Had to tweak the tactics a lot before he started scoring again. 29 goals in 52 matches. And not much change to his stats. SEASON 1 : 45 GOALS SEASON 2 : 29 GOALS TOTAL TALLY : 74/1000
  5. SEASON 1 The transfers. Won Liga Nos, Allianz Cup and the portugese Super cup. 2nd top scorer in the league with 19 goals, behind Vinicius of SLB who scored 23. Top scorer in Allianz Cup with 9 goals. Top assist goes to Bruno Fernandes who wanted to leave but no one was bidding for him the whole season. The other 3 I bought in wasn't too bad either. END OF SEASON STATS Overall not bad except for shooting. Can't seem to get a mentor for finishing. Only compatible mentors for him are defenders. Ended season 1 with 45 Goals in 49 matches. Total tally: 45/1000
  6. Here's my first 1KC attempt for FMM2020. THE TEAM. I have chosen Sporting Lisbon, one of the 3 big club in Liga NOS. THE NORWEGIAN. As you can already guess from the title, my choice for this challenge is the big norwegian man....... ................ The stats at the start of the season.
  7. I have a question for this challenge. So I started out with "None" for coaching badge. But I went on to "Take Coaching Exam" and got gold immediately. Am I allowed to do that or should I never take the coaching exam ever for this challenge?
  8. On android. I set the highlight speed at max so cant really notice the difference at first lol. But it definitely works. Good job!
  9. I think it works. Never really paid attention to the commentary but it does seems different.
  10. Hi. Does anyone knows how to change a player's nationality using hex?