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  1. A good attempt, unlucky with the score but a good season and a great write up.
  2. a good first half, keep going you might make up the difference, miracles do happen, remember Leicester.
  3. Good luck with the challenge, bring Villa back to the EPL, I can even remember them winning the European Cup.
  4. Career Home Nations Triple Threat

    Well done Sam
  5. Fun/Games 2018 Vibe Premier League

    You realise that quote will be lost on most of the youngster on this site.
  6. Career Home Nations Triple Threat

    great season almost there
  7. Come on Ashez big break need now to get back on level terms.
  8. Good work Taff, but the 3k looks tough as they are each stop the other from having monster seasons.
  9. Well done on winning the frame Sam, and Reak are having a good season too. Come on Ashez get a good break to keep this match close.
  10. great write up, but how are Real Madrid doing, I'm so interested in who scored I've not been taking much notice of the results?
  11. This is an interesting read, shame Ashez can't pot some more Balls, I think Sam has got this frame in the bag.
  12. Good break Sam, how many reds are left?, Pressure on Ashez now a big break this visit or it could all be over.
  13. Career Home Nations Triple Threat

    A good season, looks like next season might be more of a challenge.
  14. Tough luck, Ashez, so Sam score of 20 looks very good now.
  15. having read the rules again I think I understand but please don't ask me to explain, but I think Sam has got a good score, anyhow great start Sam, but come on Team Ashez.