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  1. or a Scottish one for St Andrews Day, perhaps you can't spend any money in the challenge.
  2. What about a rememberance Day Challenge to start FMM19 with, looking forward to this challenge good luck.
  3. I've pre ordered and the money won't be taken till the game is released and you can cancel while it still in pre order state, so no risk really.
  4. Good effort and an entertaining read as ever.
  5. Unlucky Ashez, but still not a bad season, just the usual Match Engine screw over.
  6. Unlucky Ashez, with the 2 defeats, but you can still nick the title.
  7. Got to support the underdogs come on Team Ashez
  8. Great month lots of wins keep up the good work and you can smash this.
  9. keep it coming loving this save, shame about the injury but it could have been a lot worse then 10 days.
  10. this looks fun, hope for some double trouble from the Maguire brothers
  11. or 5 more seasons at last season total +1 extra goal, easy you can do it go Grot
  12. Paul186

    The Transfer Thread

    Arsenal are not bankrolled by the yank idiot, Arsenal are self financing, making profits most years, the Yank is taking money ouy not putting it in, Arsenal have never had a owner puting lots of money into the team, their success has come about by good managers at the time first George Graham then Arsene Wenger, both never spent mega money and didn't buy the top players but developed good players.
  13. Paul186

    The Transfer Thread

    No Man Utd, Arsenal, Tottenham & Liverpool have self generated their wealth on the whole, Man City & Chelsea have been gifted theirs, had Roman not come in Chelsea would have been bankrupt and having to sell all their assets and would never have been a big club. Roman is the most important person in Chelsea success without him it would have never happened, and he has never kicked a ball for the club, so sad.
  14. Unlucky with the injury Peely, but a great season apart from that.
  15. Great work and a good read ??