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  1. This is an interesting read, shame Ashez can't pot some more Balls, I think Sam has got this frame in the bag.
  2. Good break Sam, how many reds are left?, Pressure on Ashez now a big break this visit or it could all be over.
  3. Career Home Nations Triple Threat

    A good season, looks like next season might be more of a challenge.
  4. Tough luck, Ashez, so Sam score of 20 looks very good now.
  5. having read the rules again I think I understand but please don't ask me to explain, but I think Sam has got a good score, anyhow great start Sam, but come on Team Ashez.
  6. Not quite certain how this is gonna work, but I'm cetain it will be a great challenge but will make sense once Ash & Sam start posting, so I voted 2.
  7. Bad luck Ashez, guess that's why City were loaning him out, looking forward to your next career.
  8. Well done, but season 3 is going be tough
  9. Good luck with the challenge, but next time give him a dummy to keep him quiet.
  10. Good start, shame he scored so many might make the end come quicker.
  11. I'm certain you will have a great career, lasting 10 seasons plus, looking forward to reading it.
  12. Chat Welsh League

    Played in Wales in FMM16 fun league, but Euro football is difficult
  13. Chat FMM18 Bug List

    I started Unemployed with normal reputation and applied for every job when the game started and was offered a job before the start of the season, so keep trying.
  14. Great article, the playoffs are similar to the NFL playoffs, but this seems like a fun league.