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  1. Unlucky on the injury and Truro being in the league, but there is still time for a double relegation for them to fallout before you reach Plymouth.
  2. Hope Rick pick things up and gets back to his high scoring ways and you soon be in Plymouth.
  3. Good going, don't offer a new contract you will never afford it.
  4. Great start, Plymouth looking very probablevat the moment.
  5. Lowestoft doesn't start in the game, but are a division below but can get promoted and become playable after a few seasons, but would never feature in a North - South challenge in the UK too far from anywhere, but you look like a good choice and with good foals prospects nad a great chance to make a big move to Plymouth.
  6. Mandorian is great, really enjoyed both seasons and looking forward to the third.
  7. Nothing wrong with the East the best part of the country (as someone who live in the mostly eastern town in England), but hopefully the lower leagues can mean lots of goals/miles, good luck.
  8. Yes I've read the books and seen the TV series, but the earlier series are better then later series and the post books series are definately weaker, but still a great watch.
  9. Hopefully a great second half of the season and you be able to move somewhere close to Plymouth
  10. Your wife has hacked the fixture computer and geting you back for not taking the children.
  11. Unlucky on the season so far, hopefully things will pick up and you can move somewhere more promising.
  12. January transfers will be updated in March sometime with an update to the game.
  13. Interesting move, never seem finances so bad, hopefully you can turn it around.