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  1. you doing great well on your way keep up the good work
  2. Even if you don't succeed in completing the challenge you will have posted a great thread, and a great read really looking forward to the next installment.
  3. a team from the lowest division of which main league I choose to start with.
  4. Unlucky Ashez, I have faith in you and next season will be better
  5. Hi click on the rewards page, then click on the £10 gift cards and there is a £10 gift card for itunes, which can be used on the app store
  6. But if you join Swagbucks and earn points you can use the points to buy an Apple store gift card, which can pay for the game I've already got mine in anticipation of buying FMM18
  7. Vibe Site Upgrade

    Back to Level 7, I'm confused.
  8. Vibe Site Upgrade

    My level has gone done tonight, this morning I logged in I was level 7, tonight I'm level 6
  9. Looking forward to the next update, I'm certain it will be a 48 goal season