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  1. Chat AI Substitutions

    How about 5? ?? FA Cup Semi Final!
  2. Chat AI Substitutions

    Yeah was FA cup
  3. Chat AI Substitutions

    Decided to go have a look at how Man U were set out mid way through second half only to find they had done the unthinkable and made 4 subs!!
  4. Other 2017 License Fixes

    Yeah very odd! Awell not to worry no harm done haha! Hopefully Santa brings a better new device to try it out on ?
  5. Other 2017 License Fixes

    Definetly changes mate and playing in englishEnglish
  6. Other 2017 License Fixes

    Definitely the changes mate playing in English
  7. Other 2017 License Fixes

    Right I have downloaded fmm17 eventually and downloaded the license fixes again and places changes.txt into fmm17 files and hasn't worked! Should I give up ??
  8. Help Already paid

    Panic over! It's downloading as I'm writing this. thanks to everyone who tried to help. Just bought the game again haha
  9. Help Already paid

    I bought it the day it came out 7th November I think it was. surely wouldn't have let me play this long without having paid! In fact it definitely has been paid I remember being in my recent activity on Barclays mobile banking! Si games were no use this was there reply to an email.... ???
  10. Help Already paid

    Looks like I'm more skint than I thought! Payment has declined haha! That's me stuck with no football manager until the 23rd! ????
  11. Help Already paid

    So if I hit purchase now google play won't take another 6.99 out of my account? Or will it take it before it realises and refund it back in?
  12. Help Already paid

    Yes I'm logged in all previously downloaded apps are still in my apps on the App Store although apps I had originally paid for need to paid again in order to download! Not to fussed about any other app to be honest but FMM is a must have ??
  13. Help Already paid

    Man I hope so got myself in a real pickle here! Think I'm going to have to pay for it again haha
  14. Help Already paid

    Thanks for your reply although I only have 1 google account. This forum link you have provided a link for doesn't seem to let me pose a question without the hassle of signing up and registering!
  15. Help Already paid

    Greetings everyone I have just done a system reboot on my android tablet and when I go to download fmm17 again it tells me I need to pay the 6.99 again! Does anyone know a way around this?