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  1. spartak70

    OME Lower League tactic

    How are you doing so far?
  2. spartak70

    OME Lower League tactic

    Guys, try this. Works way better!
  3. spartak70

    OME Lower League tactic

    Plymouth was doing awful before I became manager. Here are results.
  4. Guys, I came up with a tactic which really works in lower league, I checked with Plymouth(England) and Luch (Russia). Make sure to have player with right position and FITNESS! In my opinion tactic can be improved.
  5. Your tactic is BEAST when you have good team. Any idea how to play against stronger teams? I dominate in home league, but not in Champions Cup. Let me know if you have any tweak!
  6. sorry, pictures are small that I can not see player roles. so you use SK - CD BPD CD - WM AP BBM WM - AP - P P correct? please correct me if I am wrong. Thanks!
  7. hey mate, can you share a tactic that you use?
  8. spartak70

    Need OME tactic

    Here you go. One tip: always use players with highest condition.
  9. spartak70

    Need OME tactic

    I have one, but with 3 strikers!
  10. spartak70

    EME 4-3-3 Benfica

    can you re-upload pictures?