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  1. panjalakuruchi

    Mareno Amazing #2 EME 4-2-3-1

    Can i use this for football manager 2019 touch android? Just wondering...hope to get a reply from anyone
  2. Hi when u use the starter tactic with arsenal.. do u start with slow tempo and how often do u have to switch to normal or fast?
  3. panjalakuruchi

    4-2-4 Grande Torino - GTO

    Firmino and aboubakar from porto.. i dont have enough budget added 0 minutes later Sorry Solanke too at times
  4. panjalakuruchi

    4-2-4 Grande Torino - GTO

    I score plenty of goals with liverpool but i am conceding way too much.. knocked out of champion league group stages..
  5. panjalakuruchi

    4-3-2-1 Tactic CL and PL in first season

    Tmasonn how did ur second season went mate?
  6. panjalakuruchi

    [EME] Battering Ram Strat by GLVTRN

    My ap push forward mate.. just like in the op..
  7. panjalakuruchi

    [EME] Battering Ram Strat by GLVTRN

    Just feel like telling this.. i like to try tactic.. 352 attacking for one season and i started a new save with liverpool with this.. initially i thouhght u restarted your game many times to avoid losing a game.. so i tried myself and it just wow. 11 games in the league winning all 11 and 2 draws in champ league.. in the oeague i score 25 goals and conceded 3.. thank you sir..
  8. panjalakuruchi

    3 5 2 Attacking Tactic

    The best tactic in fmm 2019.. using it with liverpool..
  9. panjalakuruchi

    Tactic Search???

    Topline can u share the link of black pearl in here pls...
  10. panjalakuruchi

    Tactic Search???

    Which version sir? 2018 black pearl eme?
  11. panjalakuruchi

    Tactic Search???

    Which blackpearl sir? Have u tried it sir?
  12. panjalakuruchi

    Sarriball FMM 2018

  13. panjalakuruchi

    Sarriball FMM 2018

    Ome or eme?
  14. panjalakuruchi

    Can we set it this manner?

    Ok thanks dec
  15. Hi guys.. Need some advise. I saw someone posted a formation in fmh.kr and he set a CDM as WM which I am unable to set when I want to try it.. He also set DW in a cm role.. Do u guys have any idea how he do it?