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  1. Chat FMM2016 Funnies

    Well I'm raging right now because BOTH AUTOSAVES aren't loading and my actual save is from months ago and I'm laughing like a crazy man whilst crying on the inside and wanting to explode...
  2. Well I've had a terrible week in which I've not been able to play FMM so am stuck at the start of the save so redoing the start of the season will be fun. Fortunately I hadn't gotten very far so I've not got too much to redo. Thanks for being patient
  3. Thanks guys. I'll hopefully have an update for you other the weekend and, if not, at the start of next week if not before then
  4. Could an admin move this to Stories? Stupidly created a topic while in the chat forum. Sorry.
  5. I'm interested to see how this goes. Massive respect for even attempting this tbh! Good luck
  6. Matthew Attempts the 1000 Goal Challenge! Hi everyone! I'm back with my first attempt at the 1000 Goal Challenge on FMM2016. The 1KC has always been a challenge I've wanted to complete but have never toughed it out to the end despite having some good attempts in the past (Vaclav Kadlec in FMH-something was probably my closest shout). But I'm going to attempt to break the 1KC at least once over the 30 seasons of this save. Rather than attempting the 1KC with one player then ending this thread, I am going to use the entire save as an opportunity to complete the 1KC with as many players as possible. I will be starting with a real player, then moving onto regens and, depending on my luck, completing the challenge with my Son (let's pray he doesn't come up as a goalkeeper!). So, without further ado, let's begin the challenge: My time on FMM16 this year has been only in England playing as Manchester United (I'm still doing that save but on the side of this one, if anyone is wondering), so I thought I would venture out into territory unknown to me. Spain seemed like a good choice but pushing some of the top strikers out of their clubs seemed unfair to them - although it would likely provide a hefty profit. Germany posed the same issue but would have been easier (only Aubameyang and Lewandowski come to mind - no disrespect to any of the other great strikers out in the Bundesliga). My next thought was to look at the Serie A. As a Manchester United fan, I look at Juventus' number 10 as the one that got away and I shed a tear looking at the beast of a player he has become. Given that I would probably never see him wear a United shirt again, I thought I may as well use him on FMM where he currently plays: Juventus! The Player Now although I've just gone on a small rant about Paul Pogba, I can assure you I won't be attempting the challenge with him - I want a challenge but I'm not a mad man (or Ashez ). But the player I have chosen does already reside in Turin and, after moving from Madrid, he had something to prove to the world. That he could be a potent striker. And that player, is Alvaro Morata Were this a regular save, I would be incredibly happy with the amount of attacking talent available to me in the forms of Dybala, Mandzukic, Zaza and the man himself Alvarito (apparently a nickname of his...). However, this is a 1KC so they may seem redundant. I would be foolish to sell of Dybala so we'll see about the other two soon enough. With Morata being 22 to being with, I will be aiming to finish the challenge by the time he is 35, meaning: 1000 goals / 13 years = 76.9... so basically 77 goals a season Admittedly, I've not had the best goal scoring record on FMM this year so far so it'll be interesting to see how this goes. Thanks for reading and leave a comment - make a prediction as to whether I'll complete the challenge with Morata or not ¡Hasta luego!
  7. What is your budget looking like?
  8. Chat FMM2016 Funnies

    I'll get that to you as soon as I can.
  9. Chat FMM2016 Funnies

    I have one in April of that season if it's helpful. I think the scout reports are still a bit weird, particularly for the Pirlo evogen
  10. Chat FMM2016 Funnies

    OK. Thanks for clearing that up
  11. Tactics Tactic for arsenal

    For Arsenal, you'll probably want a 4-2-3-1. You're fortunate that you have two great wingers in Sanchez and Walcott that are pacey and good finishers, so you'll probably want to use an Inside Forward or two (not the best combo but it does work). Although I haven't looked at Coquelin's stats this year, he should be a good enough BWM.
  12. Chat FMM2016 Funnies

    I know that CA is done relative to other players (if I have Messi with high CA, a 15 year old won't be 5 stars as well obviously). However, PA is constant unless of course the player has negative potential. For a evogen of a player with fixed potential, should it not be represented with a high star rating if it is high
  13. Tactics Burnley Tactic Required

    You can change them around and see what works for you. Personally, I go with Attacking, short passing, mixed passing focus (you may want to use narrow given that you lack wingers). GK Distribution depends on the aerial ability of your players up the pitch. I've noticed that, if you have players with low aerial ability, using short or mixed distribution is better - I usually lose the ball at goal kicks due to poor aerials stats. I usually use committed tackling but if you get too many bookings, red cards etc. then you can always change. I usually use Offside trap and Counter Attacking but if you lack pace at the back and up front they may prove to be redundant. Please note that this is just what I would do. It's a long season in the Championship so you have plenty of time to experiment at the start of the season to find the perfect combination.
  14. Tactics Burnley Tactic Required

    Who do you have in your squad? Have you made any transfers?
  15. Transfer budget

    I thought maybe a different game engine may alter the game in terms of finances as well. It was just a suggestion.