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  1. Lots of green attributes don’t necessarily mean the player will play well for you. Case in point, Oumar Niasse of Everton has scored 40+ goals for me, because he is suited to my tactics. I second the “ignore coach ratings”, I go by average ratings, goals assists etc when looking at players. Also by previous experience of a player in other saves. Sometimes a player can have lots of green attributes but very weak hidden attributes as well
  2. AYB

    Everton - Team Guide

    Players I buy...tierney, Heinrichs, goereskta, lautaro martinez, tah
  3. AYB

    Everton - Team Guide

    I always do a massive cull right from the start at Everton, Pickford, Keane, Coleman, Gueye, Davies, Sandro, Lookman, siggy star dust, Tosun, Klaassen, Calvert-Lewin, are the ones I keep, the rest I scrap added 0 minutes later Siggy is immense and if you don’t have him on free kicks you are missing a trick
  4. This is working exceptionally for me, players look like they’re on steroids!
  5. Well then create a topic and share the tactic...
  6. AYB

    4-3-2-1 EME

    I’ve been using amadou diawara and tom Davies in my Everton save
  7. AYB

    4-3-2-1 EME

    Can’t speak for the op but for me the bwm was one of the best players in this formation, would quite consistently get an 8
  8. AYB

    4-3-2-1 EME

    This works quite well for me 👍
  9. Thanks for sharing, really great insights!
  10. Is there somewhere in this thread where you share any tactics?
  11. Any insight to your tactics?
  12. I had this with Alex telles in my Everton save, nobody liked him 😂 but as for team performance I didn’t notice any bad effects, and telles remained my 1st choice left back for 5 years winning pretty much everything going every year. ive not come across a solution other than selling the player in question
  13. AYB

    DutchTony's 3-3-4 EME

    My observations, left footer at FR and right footer at FL helps. I switched mentality and width as I said. And I’d say a modicum of game management is required. Try and find a way to close games of when 2or 3 ahead. After that I’m finding comparable results as I’m used to with my team in their first season at least... and fast defenders helps...