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  1. Barcelona first season +100 goal difference next I will try in lower league. i already try with Everton and we win league first season but not with +100 goal difference 😂😂😂
  2. Yes, this is great tactic 100+ goals not many goals against, but I’m just looking for slightly defensive switch to make at 80 minutes that works well with original tactic
  3. I try one striker less for dm seems to work
  4. Great tactic, I score plenty goals, but if I win 4-0 at 80 minutes I am 4-3 at 90. any help suggestions? maybe defensive tactic for last 10 minutes?
  5. If I always tie a persons shoelaces they will never learn how to tie them themselves....
  6. Just typed “how to play as Germany on fmm18”, didn’t even finish typing it because it predicted what I wanted as there are that many people searching for this. First link was a instructional guide how to do it...took me longer to type out this post...🤭😒
  7. Honestly, there’s this thing called google...you can ask it things and it will search for you 😳
  8. Have you tried typing “how to play as Germany on fmm18” into google? 🤔
  9. I don’t make changes, sometimes I might change player roles and instructions but only when tactic becomes not so good, but same for home away and big teams
  10. You’ve lucked out, I play mostly as Everton. It’s rare I don’t win the league first season. i gut the team as much as possible as you will see in photos. I would have sold Schneiderlin in this save, Gueye is good so it’s normally 50/50 whether I sell him. My almost always buys are Martinez, Tierney, Goretzka, Retsos, Rajkovic, Henrichs. Good players in squad are Pickford, Coleman, Keane, Gueye, Sigurdsson (who should be on free kicks), Tosun, Walcott, Bolasie (is good player but is too temperamental for me) players who develop well, Davies, Calvert-Lewin, Lookman, Sandro, Kenny and Holgate have both been ok for me as squad players. Even niasse has done a job for me one save, got 40-50 goals. clear out your coaches and staff, set Intensive training, sell as many players as possible, buy the must buys and a few more as you like, I’ve found 3 central midfielders a la prizes Black pearl is best, I’ve won the league with many different settings but still the same formation.
  11. Lots of green attributes don’t necessarily mean the player will play well for you. Case in point, Oumar Niasse of Everton has scored 40+ goals for me, because he is suited to my tactics. I second the “ignore coach ratings”, I go by average ratings, goals assists etc when looking at players. Also by previous experience of a player in other saves. Sometimes a player can have lots of green attributes but very weak hidden attributes as well
  12. Players I buy...tierney, Heinrichs, goereskta, lautaro martinez, tah
  13. I always do a massive cull right from the start at Everton, Pickford, Keane, Coleman, Gueye, Davies, Sandro, Lookman, siggy star dust, Tosun, Klaassen, Calvert-Lewin, are the ones I keep, the rest I scrap added 0 minutes later Siggy is immense and if you don’t have him on free kicks you are missing a trick
  14. This is working exceptionally for me, players look like they’re on steroids!
  15. Well then create a topic and share the tactic...