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  1. Bp works great for me, my notts co side might make a cl place in their first season in the prem. only change I made was wb to fb
  2. Yeah I’m notts county in the prem after back to back promotions, I’m getting hammered! 😂
  3. Obviously a winning tactic is great, one that scores loads is also great, but you don’t tend to see defensive tactics? Say, “such and such tactic only concedes very few goals or keeps loads of clean sheets” does anyone have any really great defensive tactics that they can share?
  4. Just a bitter evertonian...take no bother
  5. Oh wow, another Klopp Liverpool tactic...😒
  6. Also beat Chelsea on pens on the way and now have a league cup final against spurs for my humble notts county. Should mention that I’m an Everton supporter so has extra meaning 😜😂
  7. Chat Transfer window update

    I updated two days ago and now have 9.1.2 but started a new game and didn’t see any updated transfers. Is there something I’m missing here?
  8. Can’t speak for the op but in that game I used barco and siggy stardust, I was also thinking of trying an ap as well, and also changing the roles for the strikers but the tactic works fine as is
  9. How do you overcome the “strained relationship/player dislikes” thing. Seems when it happens nothing I do changes it. When a player wants to move to a bigger club a new contract and winning trophies seems to cure that but when a player dislikes another player that seems to be irreversible?
  10. Tactics Ribas tactic

    Only thing is it is a little leaky, I find you will storm to a 3 or 4-0 lead then start conceding to end 4-3 or something. Would be cool to have a defensive switch to shut up shop