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  1. Do you mean clear cut chances created? Normally 3-5 I think I will check
  2. Back to back promotions to league one so far from bottom league, but now is difficult to get players to join my team because chairman won’t upgrade facilities. Tactic is still going strong, especially attack. I have made no changes to tactic and use a and b team rotations to keep fresh and I have only free transfers and loans so far so I guess this is plug and play
  3. Everton are my favourite team so I will try this tactic
  4. I’m using awesome foursome 4222 I see another 4222 which I will try because I think it is best formation 2 strikers very easy with Barcelona, 2 players each position, play a team once then b team once and repeat...simples
  5. I have +100 goal difference in first season with Barcelona, j did not see possession stat but always plenty of shots like 15-20 and 3-5 cc chances. What is problem? Must be your tactic! Because real life show, just look at Arsenal, possession does not always mean goals and win
  6. I think if players are good attributes like pace above the other teams in the league you will be successful, if I play Kettering with defenders with less than 10 pace I concede goals, defenders must have pace midfield must have passing and attackers must have shooting. Also A and B team is important because fitness levels are important. I think I could make success with any team in any league with this tactic! What is most challenging team?
  7. This is record for me, 7 goals by one player
  8. 3 divisions higher, maybe I win F.A. cup this year? 😂
  9. Free signings only and loans, no changes, season expected avoid relegation and I look to win top of league, this tactic work with all teams 👍
  10. Barcelona first season +100 goal difference next I will try in lower league. i already try with Everton and we win league first season but not with +100 goal difference 😂😂😂
  11. Yes, this is great tactic 100+ goals not many goals against, but I’m just looking for slightly defensive switch to make at 80 minutes that works well with original tactic
  12. I try one striker less for dm seems to work
  13. Great tactic, I score plenty goals, but if I win 4-0 at 80 minutes I am 4-3 at 90. any help suggestions? maybe defensive tactic for last 10 minutes?
  14. If I always tie a persons shoelaces they will never learn how to tie them themselves....
  15. Just typed “how to play as Germany on fmm18”, didn’t even finish typing it because it predicted what I wanted as there are that many people searching for this. First link was a instructional guide how to do it...took me longer to type out this post...🤭😒