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  1. Fractured Life

    can't use changes.txt on FMM 19

    Got one elsewhere so they exist. Real Betis Balompie (shouted in Gwordie Accent preferably), can't wait.
  2. Fractured Life

    can't use changes.txt on FMM 19

    I remember doing this this previously but can't find the guide. All I really want is to do a Real Betis save and go find some Denilsonesque wonderkid...can anyone link the guide or link to a changes.txt that already has the name updates for this year? ... Without asking why I want to change anything? Everyone seems quick to assume people will all be on the pirate copy. I'm happy to give them the money for, it's cheaper to buy this with all the extras than lose more years of my life to the full game 🤣
  3. The whole thing is stupider than I thought. Started a game as 1860 Munchen in German 2nd. Youth players worth 6k, don't transfer list and offer to clubs at 900k, 3 clubs in. Every time. Kept going higher as I tried more players. I was getting offered 7-9 million for 300k rated guys. It's very easy to game. There are other sneaky tricks. If you allow 1st window budgets and you are playing in any of the July 1st leagues, and have France selected, use Frances start date of June 15th. When you get the first goal setting, set what you want and put all your money on wage side of slider. Then a few days later it does the whole goal setting again and you can get your budget a second time. With sugar daddy also, it all becomes a bit meaningless! I have to stop myself or I end up gaming the system just because Monaco want their 225 for Pietro and I don't want to wait until he's unhappy.
  4. I think I once changed a relaxed guys personality to normal with 2 seasons of intensive. I don't like petulant, lazy, relaxed, unproffesional, selfish personalities, so they all get stuck on intensive so they hopefully train well and I can sell them off somewhere. Otherwise I only change to intensive where player asks for it.
  5. Fractured Life

    Can Hex Editor Edit FMM18?

    Defo have the right fields for CA PA having unbinded skills from ability and giving two different players 5 stars PA, and doing another compare. Edited a save with no IGE tag and gave the two lads c8 in the PA field, and it loads now as unedited. So editing is possible but unless you know the fields it's very time consuming. I want to try making my own iscout style app so it's a start
  6. Fractured Life

    Can Hex Editor Edit FMM18?

    Coeied a file1. Used the IGE to make GK Anana from Ajax 5* PA and 5* CA. Saved it as file2. Used the compare in hex editor to compare the original save with the IGE save. Found the fields for CA and PA based on them being C8 (200). Made the CA field 01 and saved as file3. Reloaded. CA on IGE is now half star, tech skills reflect the change versus file 2. The entry appear to be nowhere near the player UID entries. The line counter in left has UID at 16d218 or line 1495576 then again at 1b4dad0 or line 28629712 and finally CA PA at 1b867e0 or line 28862432. Very confused.
  7. Fractured Life

    Can Hex Editor Edit FMM18?

    Ronaldo Test: https://sortitoutsi.net/football-manager-2019/player/735216/cristiano-ronaldo 735216 Hex is 000B37F0 flipped to f0 37 0b 00 (although I include them here with spaces, just list all together) So... f0 37 0b 00 | 4c 02 00 00 be 02 00 00 | 35 00 00 00 23 00 c1 07 | a2 00 ff ff bb 01 01 16 | 01 e2 07 a0 5a 89 02 b5 | 00 e2 07 9e 89 12 14 14 | 0d 14 14 07 89 is 137 b5 is 181 I've been using @NguyenDucAnh thread on 2018 hex and I think perhaps the fields have changed slightly, that or I am too far removed from school to understand any of this. I thought Ronaldo PA would be closer to 200 to be fair. This save is from a Monaco save in roughly January '19 time though. Anyone with any other clues, or even just to confirm what I have guessed so far? EDIT: TRIED CHANGING RUGANI PA WHICH I CAN VALIDATE WITH IN GAME EDITOR BUT SEEMS I HAVE THE WRONG FIELDS...
  8. Fractured Life

    Can Hex Editor Edit FMM18?

    Trying to figure this out also. Want to work out which field was which. Find players UID here: https://sortitoutsi.net/search/database I was looking for Rugani (first name popped into my head, no specific reason). His 2019 UID is 43083931. Get the Hex version of 43083931 https://www.rapidtables.com/convert/number/decimal-to-hex.html "Hex signed 2's complement" field says 0291689B. Reverse the Order: 9B 68 91 02 In the HEX Editor I can find that field. Now I have no idea what any of the entries after it mean....yet I know Italy is UID 776 So Hex Code should be 0308 and in the database 0803. I can't see that anywhere after what I believe to be Rugani. Here is most of the entry (I can't pretend to know where it cuts off yet) and I think from that I have CA and PA nailed down. 9b 68 92 02 | 1e b0 ad 01 00 25 aa 01 | 00 9a 00 00 00 02 00 06 | 00 00 00 03 00 04 02 cf | 00 a4 00 c8 00 87 00 a4 | 00 00 00 00 00 9a 00 00 | 00 cb 00 b3 If I am right CA "87" is 135 and PA "a4" is 164. They seem like pretty legit scores to me. I'll probably search Messi and Ronaldo to confirm PA.
  9. I made about 600m with Burton in 3 seasons thanks to minimum fee release clauses and one day turnarounds. Scottish League is a money tree, if you check the relegated teams each year you can pick up 3.5-4 star out of their championship for under 500k, sell them same day with 5-7.5m release clauses fairly easily. The odd player you might overvalue, and occasionally you might need to keep a player for a few weeks and play him a few times to get him on the scouting radar, but 95% of the time they sell immediately. If not, well you need to field a team so I tend to keep a few in the subs rotation when they don't sell and I get the money later. Search Combos I like to use. 25-32, Transfer listed and Expiring contracts. Filter results by Internationals Appearances first, then try setting positional attributes. Teams will often take 20p on the pound for in their prime or 'peaked' internationals they don't play. Got Rudiger from Chelsea for 5.75 and although nobody bit on his 30M release clause on the same day, After about 5 appearances I got the money for him. 19-25, Max Value 500K, Max Wage 5K. Filter results by Internationals Appearances first, if none available, then try setting positional attributes all to '9' and see whats available in the lower leagues. There are numerous 3.5-5 star players to hoover up scattergun and fire out on Minimum fee's. And stay away from GK's. Seems its much harder to turn them around without game time.
  10. Fractured Life

    evolution of goalkeepers

    For young keepers, I see best results when I have a Youth and GK coach on the staff (usually I am set in game with Youth specialism). GK layout is a little weird, doesn't fit with the technical/mental/physical attribute layout of Outfield players (I generally treat Aerial as a combo of technical and physical as we don't see jumping and if I remember correctly from previous PGE, Aerial is linked to jumping in the DB). Technical Handling, Kicking, Throwing, Technique Mental Aggression, Communication, Creativity, Decisions, Leadership, Positioning, Teamwork Physical Aerial. Agility, Pace, Reflexes, Stamina, Strength Technical Skills develop faster for a young Keeper. Mental Skills develop much slower at a young age and increase more based on experience than outright training. Physical Skills are somewhere in the middle, sometimes results are positive, other times it may take months to gain a point or two. In terms of training, this tends to work for me. For Under 21's: Handling, Kicking, Agility, Reflexes, Throwing Age 22-25 with the above at decent level: Decisions, Positioning, Pace, Strength 26-29 with all above at acceptable levels: Communication, Communication, Communication. Technical. What you think is a decent level will depend on the league. A keeper also REALLY seems to develop starting games, so loaning Youth GK's to a team with good facilities can be very helpful. If you can get a keeper to head off on loan to Burton Albion, do it!!! At 30 I want a keeper looking something like this. Obviously some might be slightly higher or slightly lower, but you get the idea,
  11. Fractured Life

    Personality traits

    In 19 I've noticed some strange combos with YT prmos and Regens. Character: "Unselfish" Scout Description: "A selfish Player".
  12. Fractured Life

    The lag occurs in lollipop

    I only upgraded to 5.0 this week and the lag on FM can be quite frustrating. Before say if you hit the club menu you could select for example tactics before it had fully scrolled in the club menu. Now if I try and press tactics or whatever sub option before the club menu is fully scrolled out it just closes it again. Had to wait for it to fully appear. In games (basic engine, can't be arsed with the Enhanced Engine taking so long with all its crap before the start of a game lol) it just seems to run much slower and in game tactics, dragging players round screen and tapping positions or selecting captains/free takers, player roles etc seemed very slow. Anyways was reading about the ability to unlock dev options settings on my M8 and turned off any power-saving settings and enabled high performance mode (do this at your own risk) and it seems to be running much better again. Not sure if quite as fast as on Kitkat but I don't feel like turning the game off after 10 mins due to frustration with the lag issues. Goodbye battery life though lol
  13. Fractured Life

    Install in-game files on iOS *PC & Jailbreak Required*

    Hey, nice Dortmund top! This is what my games look like now also, keep forgetting to swap out United's kit before I start a game, too lazy to change after I start :blush: