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  1. Not an impressive month. 2W1D2L were recorded for our league run. A bit lucky that we are able to extend our lead to 12 points despite our poor form.
  2. johnloch

    Your favourite player in FMM18?

    Devante Cole, Ebanks-Blake... you got to know where I'm coming from if you like to play LLM
  3. Absolutely fine with this kind of realism. That's why we all love FM!
  4. Yeah, at one time I lost four starters (two wingers, a BWM and a CB) plus my backup ST (i.e. Ebanks-Blake)
  5. For the league run we recorded two wins and two losses in December 2018 and still able to maintain a comfortable margin at the top of the table. This is not a bad result indeed as we had lost three starting members due to injuries. Ebanks-Blake was listed as his recession comes faster and greater than expected. As his replacement young striker Mamadou Djabi was loaned in from Fleetwood.
  6. We were able to keep our momentum during the span between October and November 2018. A 9-point advantage over the second-placed team. We even advanced to the first round proper of the FA Cup but unluckily lost to Blyth 0-1 (Alex Nimely missed a PK before they got their sole goal). Off the field the Board has constantly reminded me to keep our wages within the approved budget (which is quite tight as I never expect we can do so well this year). So winger Niall Thompson (who only made one appearance this season) was sold at 1k to reduce our weekly wage bill by 400.
  7. johnloch

    Reputation problem

    Just my two cents: I learnt from here that nationality may also affect the number and quality of the job offers. Could anyone from the SI dev team can clarify?
  8. A standard 442 with two CMs standing side-by-side. If need to stress more on defence then will pull one back as a BWM. Similarly, one of them will push up a bit as an AP in the middle when we need goals.
  9. Just gone through our third match in September 2018. Can’t help sharing this scoreline before we finish off the month...
  10. 4W1D1L in September 2018. Still at the top of the table, but you can see so far we failed to keep any clean sheet. Defence needs an upgrade in the transfer window.
  11. After a long layoff, let’s get back to the world of LLM... We have a perfect month of August 2018. We maintained our unbeaten record and made 5 wins in a row. Our attacking troop is highly effective and bagged a total of 22 goals in this span. Alex Nimely had a fantastic month and is now leading the league with 11 goals.
  12. I started a Man City save a few days ago (just wanna have a taste of being a big spender, that doesn't mean I've abandoned my Truro career!), I snapped up former Italian International Marco Amelia for free as my 3rd GK. Obviously he's not able to start for the big guns now but at least he's still a decent choice for lower league teams.
  13. Congrats mate! Well done! Loanees are crucial to lower league teams, especially when you're facing a tight budget.
  14. Edited as I accidentally deleted the save. Need a replay.
  15. Results of our pre-season friendlies are not impressive. Played a 4213 formation at first, but the outcome was poor, so switched to a more traditional and balanced 442 for the last two matches and our performance was better. Found out through these games that our midfield lacks some defensive force. River Allen is okay as a DM but still not fully reliable. Therefore another loan deal was made to bring in midfielder/left-back Mark Kitching from Rochdale.