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  1. 4W1D1L in September 2018. Still at the top of the table, but you can see so far we failed to keep any clean sheet. Defence needs an upgrade in the transfer window.
  2. After a long layoff, let’s get back to the world of LLM... We have a perfect month of August 2018. We maintained our unbeaten record and made 5 wins in a row. Our attacking troop is highly effective and bagged a total of 22 goals in this span. Alex Nimely had a fantastic month and is now leading the league with 11 goals.
  3. I started a Man City save a few days ago (just wanna have a taste of being a big spender, that doesn't mean I've abandoned my Truro career!), I snapped up former Italian International Marco Amelia for free as my 3rd GK. Obviously he's not able to start for the big guns now but at least he's still a decent choice for lower league teams.
  4. Congrats mate! Well done! Loanees are crucial to lower league teams, especially when you're facing a tight budget.
  5. Edited as I accidentally deleted the save. Need a replay.
  6. Results of our pre-season friendlies are not impressive. Played a 4213 formation at first, but the outcome was poor, so switched to a more traditional and balanced 442 for the last two matches and our performance was better. Found out through these games that our midfield lacks some defensive force. River Allen is okay as a DM but still not fully reliable. Therefore another loan deal was made to bring in midfielder/left-back Mark Kitching from Rochdale.
  7. 20-year-old Jack Storer possesses good heading and shooting skills. Planned to use primarily as the backup of Ebanks-Blake and Nimely. Experienced lower league player Andy Harworth and young loanee Owara Edwards are brought in to support the sides off the bench. As a side note, Yetton has been taken off the list and re-signed with us for a 1-year deal. Not a bad idea to secure a fourth striker at a cost of 90 grand a week. So... let’s get started the 2018/19 season!
  8. Yeah there're always some inaccuracy by the scouts, yet as an experienced FM players (20+ years) you can judge by considering those attributes which are vital to the playing positions, like if one have pace, dribbling and crossing attributes around 10-12, he would be a good winger to the sixth tier standard.
  9. A promising winger from Argentina... Messi in making? Well done Aaron. Championship football is more than just a level upward. The competition is much more intense. Good luck and KUTGW!
  10. Right-back Lewis Travis is a Liverpool product and spent his last few seasons with Blackburn. Clearly an over-match to the conference league. A bit surprised that he decided to take our offer over other bigger clubs. Luke Molyneux is a winger-type midfielder: pacey with good technical skills. He has 20+ appearances last season for Sunderland. Monty Patterson probably is the biggest name among the new signings. A 21-year-old NZ international with 19 caps under his belt. Planned to start him on the left flank. Still more to come...
  11. I would rate my first offseason as a gaffer is a fruitful one. Ten players have joined our rank - most of them are planned to be our starting XI. Sam Howes is a young GK from Watford. He was loaned out to a 6th tier club last season and conceded a grand total of 73 goals in 49 appearances (!), but interestingly he ended up with a 7.00 average rating. Congolese Michee Efete can play everywhere at the back. A great asset for lower league teams, especially for a youngster who was a free agent. D/M C Niall Mason joined us from Doncaster on a season-long loan. You can see his ratings and will know why I have high expectation on him. Starting material. 18-year-old CB Paul Kalambayi is another loanee. Lower league matches generally are highly physical, so always a good thing to have some bangers on stand-by. More to come...
  12. Yeah same to the Japan National Team, also non-manageable due to licence issue.
  13. Palfrey can still contribute, though at most as a backup. Always good to have a couple of versatile players in view of the tight budget that most lower league teams are having. As to signing players, I’ve a house rule in place that I can only get those which are publicly listed or recommended by my scouts, but no proactive hunting. That adds more realism.
  14. Yeah I’m also keeping lots of players on free or expiring contract on radar. A busy offseason ahead!
  15. After securing our place in the league for the next season, it’s time to do some housekeeping: Three players have inked their new contracts for making up our depth, of which left back Connor Riley-Lowe and attacking midfielder Aaron Lamont perhaps can do some good as a reserve. GK Tom McHale (now demoted as our third choice) has an expiring contract, so he is listed, and yes @hordurmagnusson Yetton is also on the market. 😂His has passed his peak and can go now.