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  1. Looking really good mate, good luck getting a clean sweep
  2. I will give it a go and see what happens, same team, no badges or Rep, and see how I get on and let you know using my little tricks
  3. Yes I’ve had guys retiring around that age due to never kicking a ball, so AI must simply get rid
  4. Thanks @Ian I kind of find lower league quite easy, especially with the freebies on hand. I remember the 01/02 days fondly, Kewell, Cole and Viduka was heroes' Thanks @Scratch it was a good season admittingly, but as explained to @Ianabove I find the amount of free players available even in the first season help massively, so the first season for any club can be quite successful
  5. So am I right in saying you can only but players on the 51st page of the transfer search??
  6. Looking good mate, some nice players and an excellent season with promotion KIU I'll keep my eye on this career
  7. Thanks mate, yes I've used him a few times now, as you said does well until championship, struggled in the prem. I'm sure there will be someone " " who will get no losses so maximum points
  8. This is all Thanks to @BatiGoal this challenge So this is a simple One Season Challenge set by the legendary @BatiGoal where someone has to get Chester FC in the Vanarama National League North to 108 points or more As I have found a Tactic that can not only help me throughout most Leagues, it especially works well with Lower Leagues, so this is set for me to get my name on the LeaderBoard, the only question now is with what score. So I will start with the obvious, the club Chester FC Founded in 2010 from the old Chester City, their main rivals are Welsh neighbours Wrexham, as was the case for their predecessor. Also like their predecessors Chester still have a rivalry with Cheshire neighbours Macclesfield Town. Following their relegation from the Football league at the end of the 2014/15 season, Chester F.C. also briefly resumed its rivalry with Tranmere Rovers. Despite the clubs not meeting yet the traditional rivalries with Crew Alexandra and Shrewsbury Town are believed to still exist. How have they done in the past - 2017 - 2018 saw them drop out of the national League into where they sit now, the National League North finishing 9th last season. So 2019/2020 Season sees a new manager installed, and that is Ian Cochrane (Cockers2505) to not only try and reach promotion, but to get them past 108 Points, why, because @BatiGoal said so. Cockers is installed into the Managerial position, what can he achieve in this Points Challenge The Manager The club have hired a mediocre yet seasoned manager in Cockers, he has shown over the years that the can keep up with the best, but with his reputation on the line, what can he do with this small but bright team, could he end up being nicknamed 'Mark Hughes', 'Tony Pulis' or even 'Neil Warnock' and be one of those managers that go from club to club with no real success to be proud of!! Or could this put me up there with the 'Ferguson', 'Guardiola', or even 'Klopp', you never know. A blank slate is started, hopefully not at the end of the season. To start I made some shrewd transfers, money had to be made first to gain a higher Wage structure to bring players in, so start with Players let go. £550K was raised which was turned into higher wage ratio, this allowed me to build a big squad to survive the season regardless of Injuries and Stamina. Out: I then started the search to bring in a multitude of players that could survive the season, different ages, different positions, and difference talents. In: Key players that exceeded my expectations, some I already know from past experiences having them at other clubs throughout my time. Jamie Thomas - No introduction for me, use him all the time, taking him all the way to the Premier with York career. He again shows his power in the lower league scoring a presentable 34 goals in 35 games Yohan Dufour - Another striker I have used before, does well for a couple of seasons, not bad for his age, eventually finishing with 20 goals out of 29 games. Dion Pereira - This guy is simply brilliant and provides so much in regards to assists, and he gets better as he matures. He finished off the season by providing 21 assists. Jordan Cox - Another excellent FREE player, can play on either side, and like Pereira produced some excellent displays, finishing with 26 assists, but also getting in double figures for goals. Fixtures 2019/2020 I set off with thinking for this to work I need a good run, as many wins, and Draws where possible, losses will not get me points. My Formation and Tactics, is not exactly Gun-Ho in regards to attack, but it's not only about scoring, it also stopping the goals from going in, the more I concede, the more chances I have of losing points. SO I stuck with my sturdy 4-2-2-2 that I shared with the Forum (Proven 4-2-2-2), this included Shoot on Target with a Poached and Target man up front, but did it Work. First Half This sees me reach November completely UNBEATEN, the friendlies went well, and now the League and Cup games have gone just as well, is this a season of success, well so far so good, the team is doing well, the formation is doing well, and my tactics are proving to be good for this Challenge Second Half I continue to dominate the League, drop a couple of points with draws, but no loss as yet, thats until 4th Jan, but some on, Im in the Third round of the FA Cup, and facing Bournemouth in the Premiership, and along the way I have defeated MK Dons, Gainsborough and Kings Lynn to get this far. But it all ends here, my first Loss, but not in the League as yet. January turns out to be my bad Month, knocked out by Bournemouth in the FA Cup, and now on the Replay, Ebbsfleet knock us out of the FA Trophy in the second round, we are devastated!!! But from that result, we then go on to keep out winning streak all the way from the 18th Jan to the very last game against Hereford on the 25th April, meaning we have gone the WHOLE season unbeaten, what a way to attempt this challenge. Along the way, our best result was a 9-0 drubbing of Gloucester at home, Thomas keeps up his good scoring record with 4 goals, and my new Attacking midfielder Heppke has an excellent game with his first hattrick. 16 shots to their 1 helped me win this game I think?? So with the Fixtures complete, what does this mean to the Challenge, well to start with, this had to be obvious. We was the Winners of the League, at this stage we was 32 points in from of second place Kidderminster. We then ended the Season on a massive high, not only had we won the League, but we had won it in style not loosing a single game. 127 goals scored, 24 goals conceded giving us a Goal Difference of 103 what a season. But who would be joining us to the National League? Play offs complete, and Altrincham win, and earn themselves a place in the National League, a real shame for Kiddermister, but that is Football. Team Statistics Av. Rating - As expected, there was some high averages, the 4 players mentioned topped the list with high 7's, with Cox averaging in the 8's Assists - Both Cox and Pereira top the leaderboard, with 'shooting on site' set, the assists are not in the records, but they do ok for such a small club. Goals - Obviously as mentioned, Thomas smashed in a proud 34 goals, with Dufour doing ok on 20 considering his age, with a mix of young and old, they contributed very well together. I had 3 other strikers, but with these 2 doing so well together, it was dribs and drabs for the others. Managerial Statistics My Managerial reign kicks of with a tremendous season, my Formation of 4-2-2-2 does me proud again, as proven with getting York all the way to the Premiership, and winning it First season, my Proven 4-2-2-2 is defiantly one for the Lower Leagues. Final Statistics finish off my journey so far. Again I have proven tome the FREEBIES king, not spending a penny, but winning the League with a breeze and all with Free players. I got a little higher Discipline than normal, as I read about disciplining those who get under a 6 rating, at times it does upset some, but at the same time it boosts others morale. So thanks for reading, and hope it was an interesting read, the last thing to do is say thanks to @BatiGoal for his contributions of creating it, thanks to all you for reading and being part of this Forum, sorry I am not as active as old, but age, time and Grandfathership has taken it's toll lately, so be kind Final Score - 108 points needed: 118 Points achieved.
  9. Hi @Resurgam yes I stuck with Target man alongside a Poacher the whole seasons
  10. A very good shot at this @Woody with some good results along the way, this is becoming as popular as the challenge scoring with no strikers
  11. wow that is some profit!!! I guess they desperately want him 🤣
  12. Yes mate, literally stuck with it all the way through, keep the shoot on site as this did work for once, and the target man was amazing added 0 minutes later Let's see, I'm give it a go, cheers mate
  13. Well done Scratch, looking good and some very impressive numbers, I'm sure you will have some luck as well as bad luck, but keep going mate very impressive!!
  14. Thanks, I guess we all know that the youngsters will come through eventually, but the IA as you said seems to hold its superstars until they become superslow!! Cheers scratch, I surprised myself as it started with a simply tactic test (proven 4-2-2-2) and then I thought wow I keep winning, could I go all the way? CL in the first season is a big ask, but who wouldn't at least try, I'll let you know 😂
  15. Thanks mate, as I said above, I find that a few seasons in, and not all the "big" clubs seem to be as successful, I find there are final tables with smaller clubs find a lot better, it's like AI keeps their players until they basically fall over, meaning they weaken each season and don't really strengthen in the transfers, that's probably why the defence gets weaker also as there players simply age to the point where their stamina and pace disappears