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  1. wow what a Goal Haul in the second season, this should be a breeze with them numbers each season, good luck mate
  2. Cockers2505

    11 Bati's For Glory

    100% right @Foxy and that's why more and more people are either giving up or simply not bothering as Bati has done here, my take is to many people looking JUST for a better Tactic, or use for there own pleasure in a YOUTUBE link or whatever these days, yes i'm an old fart, but I can see so many people now getting fed up to create a Challenge/Career, have hundreds look at it, but NEVER comment, a simply Nice! I like! or even thanks! is not a massive amount of their time to type, but sadly that is the way it is now.
  3. Cockers2505

    Team report/summary

    I don't speak for everyone, but to be truthful, don't care about it as it changes as you go through the season, so your example has basic club Positives, and the same Negatives nearly every club has, regardless of how well you do, so simply ignore and concentrate on your winning mentality and making the club better with success.
  4. Wow, I have seen close to like £190 Mil, but over £200 is simple scary, oh well in a normal save that would be very tempting, you can still add it to the Records surely, you have a screenshot to prove it
  5. Looking good mate, obviously City are a good team so far, still haven't decided who to choose to do this, might go with a big team, just because of @geordiekrispy attempt with Newcastle good luck with the rest
  6. Looking really good mate, I enjoy this Challenge, maybe one to add for the future.
  7. Eh mate, this is not as bad as you first thought, I guess the TEAM selection does make a massive difference on this challenge as I predicted, maybe Newcastle was not the ideal as they are currently, but I hope you have enjoyed so far and that this attempt will inspire others to have a go, my next adventure is this, but who and in what country has not been decided yet. Good luck with Season 7
  8. Congrats mate, really good and amazing to read about, you knocked this out of the park 👏
  9. Well done @kylieboi88 these are some good numbers at such a young age, as he matures these will only improve, congrats mate and good luck
  10. Hi guys, this is my last and only Update to finish off this Challenge With @Scratch realising that to get this you have to at least stick with the Club for 5 years+ So without being bitter and twisted, and believe me I was devastated to lose the Lincoln Job, otherwise this could of been a different update, (if I was nay good), So apart from my Congratulations to @Scratch which he well deserves, I will finish this here, and without continuing with the same Season by Season update, I will simply show you the results. So the final touches to my Watford Team - Highlight I won the League again, but this I guess is the Golden Nugget Eventually, winning the Champions League was the icing on the Cake. The last Achievement after winning the FA Cup before I sacked it INT Update I reached the World Cup final with Italy vs Portugal Ok so it was won on penalties eventually, but what a game, 5-5 at the end of extra time, I was proper sat on edge waiting for each penalty to be taken And Then I went on to win the International League, this time beating Portugal 2-0 in another hard fought game So that's it cut short, it was a brilliant challenge and highly recommended, and the final Update is Sad to see the date, but that's why this game is so good, anything can happen, but I did eventually achieve it, so that's a bonus. Final Date: 1st Jan 2031
  11. Yes it's basically saying there is no amount of wage you can offer him, he simply doesn't want to sign for you
  12. Looking good mate, a shame about the cups, but you are getting stronger each season so that will start to come, good luck
  13. Mate keep going you are doing ok, I think this challenge needs a careful thought on who to manage before you start it, thanks for giving it a crack, look forward to your other efforts, good luck mate
  14. That was the whole idea of this challenge, seeing what you like and what doesn't work, at least you might get one that favours your style maybe. Next I might take al seven, see which is the worst, and make a challenge purely to see who can conquer it in a 1 season challenge maybe?
  15. Cockers2505

    Hitmen of PSG (Final Update - Failed)

    Unlucky @Kanegan a valid attempt, just as you said unlucky with injuries, i'm sure another attempt with be better just because you have the insight at what to change next time