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  1. @scratch99 I bow to your honesty, where others would simply say FU and keep the challenge real for the leaderboard, you on the other hand are a true gentleman, this is why I buy the game and join this Forum, either way, YOU have invented this, YOU have achieved this and it should be YOU on top of the leaderboard, I'm sure @BatiGoal will come back with an even more genius way to top your score as he always does Good luck mate, I personally think its been enjoyable so far and others have tried to follow in your footsteps, so it can't be all the bad
  2. Mate @scratch99 why worry now, we have all been following this and commenting and at NO stage has anybody pointed out that this looks illegal on the 1K rule, maybe what you need to do is look at how your a genius for thinking it up maybe an others are attempting the same, there are RULES set out in each and every Challenge and if the Creator agrees there is no wrong doing, then I say go for it and set an all time record, it's then up to the rest of the Vibe community to either stare with admiration on your achievement, or simply say to themselves well done Scratch, either way it's your achievement and so far we have all enjoyed the story so far, (except me as Oldham still in 1st Division!!!!) Keep it up, I'm certainly jealous I couldn't get them numbers in my own Challenges regardless of the Division you are managing
  3. News FMM18 Release Date Information

    Let's be truthful paying between £5 - £15 for a game that takes up sooooooo much of your time and you don't get bored of unlike other games that can cost £79.99 for updates/credits/coins and other crap, this is well worth it, I can't wait and will pay anything to start playing Oldham I can certainly do better than we are currently in the real world
  4. Love the read @fuddledfoxFM and some interesting choices, I took Stockport back into the league and to the Championship before I buckled under the strain of being offered a Premiership Top team (I think it was Arsenal) so I never actually got them to be a top top team, but I'm from that area so that's why I chose them, might have a look at the others before the 2018 is released and see how I get on, but thanks for your input to share this with everyone.
  5. Congrats @AndersJ you excelled in every season you managed, enjoyed it all the way
  6. Mate, Moise Kean will get you them numbers on his own, you've got this in the bag before you even kick a ball, congrats @AndersJ a successful challenge with some brilliant results
  7. Article Assessing The Window - Part 1

    Nice read @mcandrew003 as mentioned I like how you 'predict' how they might fit into the team with the other players, as a lower supporter of 'Oldham' I don't think you will be writing an article mentioning them for some time, so I enjoy reading about what could be if we ever get up there again
  8. @AndersJ not that you need to be on the board, with them stats nobody would let you go, been brilliant from the beginning, congrats buddy
  9. Hi @Albegra can you share how many goals do you score per season and who scores most of them, does your wingers get a fair share or are you dependent on your front man, i'll test it but need to know what type of striker I need to get the same results?
  10. Looking really good @scratch99 smashing it, enjoying the read, look forward to your next adventure
  11. Just caught up @kts365 what an amazing challenge, a massive well done mate, an achievement to be proud of and your name in lights for some time, congrats
  12. @Taff have a look at the Totti, Lampard sort of challenges maybe? or have you any ideas of your own seeming as you have so much experience and insight, I think everyone would look forward to a few Taff challenges, including yourself i'm sure
  13. Well done @Taff quality challenge and a joy to read and follow, it's like your a Master at this
  14. Wow @Taffdoing really well, this looks like a breeze, good luck for the next few seasons to get this finished in record time