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  1. Wow @kts365 this is an amazing effort already, as Taff said I'd love to know your secret, them numbers are just simply unbelievable, brilliant kiu
  2. Nice challenge @kts365 worth a look in at some stage
  3. Thanks @Taff you never know I might get my name on as many leaderboards as you one day , cheers mate
  4. Thanks @PriZe need to get my name on that leaderboard now
  5. Thanks @Rjgreeno I hope you have the same success, obviously not as good, can't knock me off top spot yet
  6. Thanks @BatiGoal it was one of those things that I needed to conquer, cheers mate thanks @FuddledFox it's such an achievement completing it thanks gents
  7. Thanks @PriZe Update... So Stage 4 full season starts now, I surprised myself winning the League first time round, pipping Barca right at the end... My season started just as I wanted, Sandro kept his goal scoring up... I was privileged to start winning the Manager of the Month awards for my efforts... One of my best results in the first half of the season... Another cup followed... The Spanish Cup beating A. Madrid 4-2... So I am now in May of Season 8 of Stage 4... Sandro was my chosen striker for this Stage as he fit all the attributes I required, I built the team up to challenge in all areas of the pitch, and so far my Tactic had worked to get me here, but.. was it good enough to get me the numbers I required... Sandro, 2024 - 2025 so far... 77 Goals, Wow, it's the most I have ever reached with 1 Striker since playing the game, could he go on and beat the record set by the 'God' himself Lionel Messi... So I continued in hope he doesn't pick up an injury... My concerns were later put to bed as I not only beat the record, I surpassed it setting a new record, but he hasn't finished yet... Yep, 80 goals in 58 games, what a effort by a single player... More success continued to rain down on me... First the League Title again, this time leaving Barcelona and Real Madrid way behind, a valiant effort from A.Madrid... Final Standings... NEXT... The Champions Cup beating R. Madrid on the day... A few records to remember... So my man Sandro... His final stats only highlight how good he gets, and how much he eventually can be worth at such an age, a must for those who want an all round striker in their team... So the record... OLD RECORD - 2011 - 2012 79 Goals 2011 - 2012 FC Barcalona NEW RECORD... SANDRO - 2024 - 2025 - 85 Goals for Sevilla 85 goals in one season for me is amazing... Old Records... New Records... Final Totals... Final Manager Stats on a successful Challenge...
  8. Congrats mate, good luck with the next stage, it's hard getting the next job even though you have success in Italy, but don't just take anybody, the right team will come along
  9. Thanks @FuddledFox, @Rjgreeno @Rjgreeno have you arrived in France yet? Start of Season 8... Win the Spanish Super Cup with ease...
  10. Update... So my aim was to turn this team around to not only win as much as I could, but to complete Stage 4 and get my name on the Leaderboard 2018... So how was things going since taking over... As you can see, not only did I beat Barcelona, I spanked them with 12 goals over two legs... Sandro has been getting better and better since I took over, just one of his brilliant displays... Another excellent display by him, next season just can't come quick enough for that record to be broken (hopefully)... First Silverware to my name... Then to my amazement, I only went and... Won the League in my First season, pipped Barcelona right at the death... So Sandro finishes the season on a high, the next season could be the one that gets me the final nail in this Challenge... How he looked at the end of the 2023 - 2024 Season... So he scored 43 Goals for me since taking over, so on a full season he could well surpass the 77 Goals needed, or could he... A couple of other records... To be continued...
  11. Update... 2 Seasons in charge of SLB brings the start of Season 8 of my Career and the wait for Stage 4 to start... I begin season 23/24 with another trophy to put in the cabinet... The season began good, but the big question was how long before I can move on... well... After 13 games without a loss and scoring 36 goals and only conceding 3... Also not loosing in the Championship league... My man Andrei Ivan was looking good, seen better stats but how many others would take the chance on him... So as you can see he had scored ALL of the 36 goals before this happened... Yep, I took the plunge and accepted the Sevilla job, STAGE 4 about to begin... Where are they and what situation am I facing... League, currently in 9th place... Fixtures, some good results, but to many losses already, this will need to be improved... Main Striker, Sandro, he's scored 6 after 13 games, can I turn this around... To be continued...
  12. Fun/Games Futsal 3

    Maybe I can actually get some more points if everyone else players pick up these long injuries, come on!!!!!
  13. Thanks @BatiGoal, @Taff, @Rjgreeno and @Ashez Update coming soon...
  14. Thanks @FuddledFox, i just need to see who will take me in the Spanish league, I guess it won't be one of the bigger teams as I found all the bigger teams seem to snub you, so anybody will do so I can build a team or eventually move to one of the big 2 of Real or Barca?
  15. @Rjgreeno, just stick with it mate, I had to take Montpellier due to the other bigger teams ignoring my application, eventually I thought I would take anybody and see if I could build a side, which is what i basically did. Good luck mate