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  1. Maybe the DLF or CF is not for the team. I manager to score 32 in 34 with a player who was 32 year old, so it depends on the players I guess like all tactics
  2. HI mate, I am currently using both, if I kick off with the DLF, if the score is good, I leave it, if it is not going so well, I change it to CF in the second half to see if I can pinch a goal with the Striker basically not defending but more wandering around looking for chances, 9 out of 10 I get the goal or goals, other times it fails miserably
  3. how did you get Lukaku for £30 Mil after Real bought him for £125 Mil and would of set his Transfer price to over £200 Mil?
  4. I bought and sold quite a few to be truthful but more in the second season, if is worth it I'll sell them for the right money, especially if they are 29+ because once they got 30 their value drops considerably if you don't constantly play them
  5. Hi Mate, so I have done 2 seasons to see if I can get the young striker to score using either DLF, or i'm trying a CF for the second season Season 1 Did ok, was disappointed at the 2 losses, Man City and Man Utd which coming from Oldham I hated, grew up with everyone being either through school days!!!! Season 2 - I did half a season on Overload, which went better than expected Striker - Dusan Vlahovic
  6. Looks good mate and for a 39 year old 20+ goals is a good season
  7. but it works, every team I have tried it with it seems to be very successful, I might have to think about the Forwards role, they score ok, but not as much as I would like
  8. Hi @scouse_v thanks for letting me know, I guess you was successful in the League though? I am trying it with Liverpool at the moment, with a young Striker called Dusan Vlahovic who scored 31 out of 33 games in another save, so I will see how I get on, but I think I am 23 games in unbeaten in the league, with 1 loss int he Group stage of the Champions league so doing ok, I know Liverpool area strong side, but maybe the DLF is not equipped as a high scoring striker, maybe back to the drawing board on that part?
  9. I did another Season with Barca to see how Sadiq would get on, he isn't as prolific as I expected History - Not bad a full season unbeaten and only conceding 12 goals. Only 1 loss after 2 seasons must say something about the Tactic, even if it is Barca??? Transfers Stats for the Players Sadiq - Not exactly winning many trophies with his Goal stats, maybe give him one more season to see if he improves, not really expecting a 100 goal player!!!!!
  10. Hi @scouse_v apologies didn't see your question Yes exactly what you said above, except Hulk played a lot on the right and Valvarde played the CM role In defence I used marquinos and Araujo mostly together with Umtiti and Pique covering when fatigue came a problem
  11. Thanks @Kavver hope it works well for you as it did me, please let me know. added 0 minutes later Thanks @Kavver hope it works well for you as it did me, please let me know.
  12. Actually I play both, so I switch it round as it helps confuse the defence when attacking
  13. HI All I am a veteran when it comes to this game, in regards to age and not how good I am 🤣 I don't really post much these days, I leave it to you young guys who have the time to understand all the ins and outs of the game these days, but I thought this would interest just a few maybe. I apologies now if it looks like anybody else's, but believe me I just created and then used to the point it worked. I have tried with 4 different teams: Everton - Wanted to see if I could maintain a good start using it, so start with a good team, but not really getting much done in the first season as it's dominated by the big 4 (probably more if you ask other opinions), who are quite hard to knock off their perch in the first season in Season 2020/2021. I completely changed the team as much as I could buying or swapping players I thought would suit the roles, and then getting freebies to bolster from Injuries or fatigue Jiangsu - Why, well because I could and I didn't know who was good and who was bad in the Chinese league, but boy do some give you lot's of money to play with. Again I tried not to waste the chunk on one player, as this would not really add benefit to what I was trying to achieve, so again tried to get players as cheap as, or free that could easily fit the bill, including 40 year old Gomes (GK), I don't know how I ended up buying a young midfielder (Matheus Henrique) for over £9Million? Barcelona - This was obviously going to be quite easy, especially as Messi and co was still there, but again I wanted to change the whole team (well as much as I needed) to trial the tactic with new blood, so the likes of Pogba, Grealish, Marquinhos and Hulk was brought in, by my main aim was to see if I could get a striker I am not used to, scoring for fun, so I bought Umar Sadiq as his stats looked good for a relatively young guy. Last but not least, my own Team - Oldham - I always want success with this team, and the Tactic could of gone either way, but a complete overhaul of the team, not a penny spent, I did ok with them, bringing in plenty of players who fit the roles for that division, and some were simply brilliant for what wages I could offer. SO my aim was to work on players that had Speed, Stamina, and as much I could afford with some of the players in Passing, the rest of the stats were depending on position obviously, Striker I play is a Deep Lying Forward (DLF) so what stats are needed for him, well I didn't really know, I simply worked with the teams I took over, adjusting Roles until they worked, giving myself between 10 and 20 games before starting again if it simply didn't work. So again, I have not copied, looked at others, most look the same these days, you can't really not copy so relevance of a formation, but this is solely the decision of my own on Tactics, Formation, and roles, hopefully there will be some will simply say it is good and use it, others will say they have switched this and that, good luck, and others will say it simply doesn't work, well either way good luck to you all if you want to give it a go, or stick with what you know if not... Tactic: Simple enough back 4 with 2 CD (I don't like BPD as I find we concede a lot more) and 2 WB, then 2 AM with a CM in the middle, and then 2 Wingers with pace and crossing, finished with a DLF to score the goals, nothing too complicated. I went for an attacking Mentality, keeping the Width and Tempo as Balanced and Normal, but keeping the Creativeness as Expressive to try and move the ball better As for Defence, keep the Line high to try and stop the play in our half, Close everyone All over, keep the yellow and red cards down with Normal tackling, and I found if I use CD, the Offside trap wasn't really my cup of tea, so I switched it off (the might be a mistake, happy for comments). Lastly Attacking, as I have WB I use the Look for Overlap to keep the attack strong, Work it into the Box as Run at Defence is on so hopefully more in the box to help set up the Striker. I play a more Direct game, as I see more benefit than watching the ball bounce back on forth to the defenders. With some teams, keeping the Mixed on Passing, I find I get more variation, again Short and Centre might benefit the Striker, but not this Tactic. GK keeps it Short, Simple TEAMS - EVERTON Came 3rd in my only Season behind Liverpool and Man City (of course it is 2020/21 as I said) JIANGSU - Won the Chinese Super League (I know it's not hard) but as I said tried to not spend to much, again getting most of the Freebies and end of Contract players Barcelona - Swapped many players saving lots of money in Transfers, my aim was to see if I could get a relatively unknown Striker (to me anyway) to make it in a team of Super players, and this was obviously Sadiq who eventually went on to score 31 goals in his first season, which is ok (ish) Lastly Oldham - The one surprise was the Striker in the DLF role, he scored an amazing 43 goals in 43 games which is unheard for with Oldham (I wish), again I didn't spend a penny, selling everyone as much I could to raise the wage structure. Everton was not really a big scoring team, plus I get rid of Dominic Calvert-Lewin and Richarlison, I brought Kean back from Loan and then eventually bought Isak, they did ok, but didn't really get much out of them in the first season, maybe another season might show their full potential. Any comments as always are welcome, or questions.
  14. Seriously good luck, I trawled through all the lower league teams, found a few good ones, but actually they just didn't want to take to any Tactics I chose, they simply remind me of my Sunday League days, playing in cold, wet and crap pitches, still half cut from the night before, that's how I see this challenge playing out 🤣
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