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  1. @scratch99 i've already applied, they turned me down due to being to high profile in the FFM world, my tactics would be to complicated for the players
  2. @scratch99 that won't be a bad thing though, he should bring in a little more people to watch us, and hopefully some decent recognised players, but the radio is going mad on why we don't give Wellens the job permanent seeming as it's been 3 out of 3 so far??? I bet if Scholes put his boots on again he will pull a crowd in to watch, half the Utd fans would probably turn up
  3. Thanks @Taff, I must admit I didn't expect the success so quickly, what do you think I should do about the Tactic, share with all or just leave as is?
  4. thanks @FuddledFox, kind of wondering to broadcast the formation incase others want to try it but haven't looked at my career path???
  5. Thanks @FuddledFox , @Taff and @scratch99. @sbstransit as I get more money i'll hopefully improve the defence to cut the amount against me, but it's a gamble with my Formation. Update Season 5... So after 4 seasons my career history looks like this... I've taken on Cameroon as a little side project, otherwise my record so far... Had to mention this one, bought Sadiq after the money from my player to A.Madrid, only played him 10 times and Arsenal came in with an offer I couldn't refuse, with a small club like this the more money, the better my chances... A couple of awards through the season, not bad as only second season in the Premiership... Season was going so well, Europe was just as successful for me... End of season awards... And then the unexpected happened... I mean come on I was only playing 1st Division football 4 season ago, and now Premiership champions second season in the Premiership, and with such a small club, small budget, staff and some shrewd buys in the transfer market... Final League positions... A couple of reasonable goal scorers taking turns as the main striker of 3... So was this the icing on the cake after clinching the league... Took it by the one goal, but that's all it needs... I never thought I would have this much success within such a small space of time, and with my 3-4-3 formation that looks like it wouldn't hold up to much... A few wins worthy of a mention... So where do I go from here, the Champions league, FA Cup and League cup and then who knows, but before FFM 18 I should be able to boast of my achievements with Oldham Athletic, and yes I'm sure many out there are saying WHO??? thanks for reading and your comments of support, hope it's worth the efforts for those who like to read about other successes... to be continued...
  6. Thanks guys, I'm wading through the transfer market for (not over the hill) talent that can still do it in the Premiership, i'll be happy with a top 10 finish or push it to a place in Europe. Update on Season 4... Not doing so well according to the Board... Yet, I even surprised myself in the first 7 games.. The biggest shock I got which will helped me through the season was... So I bought this guy for next to nothing... As you can see 230K was a steel considering he scored on 12 goals but his value was £22.5M which is only good for such a small club, when the unexpected comes along in the name of A.Madrid... Wow, who could turn down that kind of money, couldn't snap their hands of quick enough... A couple of players was bought with the transfer money... A few good wins before I show end of the season league position... End of season awards... So the final position of Season 4... A good top 3 finish for my first season is a brilliant result, just need to build on the team for next year... My striker took to goalscoring record also, another bonus... to be continued...
  7. @Ashez I bet its harder to not score (he has to play as a striker), I reckon he will let you down if you try the challenge to go the longest WITHOUT scoring, the challenge is on...
  8. Thanks @FuddledFox I guess others can equal it, but as mentioned above, I think the fun part would be to see who can take the longest for him to score maybe?? Thanks @Ashez for adding me
  9. Smashed it first go, thought he was going to never score as he had failed in 3 out of 4 friendlies... Sorry @Rocket
  10. Thanks @scratch99 ill do my best Update, Season 3 So my second season in the Championship is going well, I got manager of the Month Nov & Jan, plus Rooney is still keeping up getting runner up player of the month for the month of Apr... By time I reached April, I had the news I was waiting for... I had guaranteed getting back into the Premiership after only 3 seasons, this was something to cherish... So where did I finish in the momentum time for the history of the club... Pipped at the end by Brentford, I mean come on Brentford and Oldham achieving automatic promotion to the Premiership... Player Stats... End of Year Awards... Did some wheeling and dealing in the transfer market... So Season 4 sees myself in the Premiership once again, can I survive or will the inevitable happen and I come straight back down... to be continued...
  11. yes @nauczysz mnie grac it is, but at 17 he was only a loanee, but did me proud
  12. Season 2 Back in the Championship, and I knew it was going to be hard, but I stuck in and finished reasonably!!!! Enough said, lets move on, nothing seen...
  13. thanks @FuddledFox and @nauczysz mnie grac my first season in the Championship will be hard due to lack of funds to improve the squad, my cunning plan is to scout for talent that will make immediate impact
  14. Challenges Sell Them Slowly - FMM18

    Hi @MerlionMaple96 why no regens, if say example Transfer 3 comes in place, you have to buy a Freebie, are you not able to buy an up and coming youngster that maybe a regen? He wouldn't be a world beater at that stage, but come season 4-6 he could be the one that transforms the team?
  15. Thanks @sbstransit & @Eogtuc0910 it's simply to enjoy rather than stress over My adventure begins - a few rewards in my first season, and my Tactic worked well for a club with half decent players. My first award for the excellent work Always good to see your players awarded, can only boost their morale Can't get the all inclusive No 1 manager of the month, but I'll keep trying... End Of Season 1 - How did we do using the 3-4-3 Tactic, a few tweaks with Roles but kept the same formation... Promotion first time around, and the finishing position is... I'm sure the critics will mention the amount of losses and goals conceded, but look, Oldham to the Championship first time around and without playing in the play-offs, that in itself has been a bonus, the challenge is only just beginning... Some players stats... End of season awards... Thanks for reading, let's see if I can have the same success in the Championship...