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  1. Wow @DutchTony I simply threw a few formations together, tried and tested with all VNN, VNS teams until I got a winning solution I was happy with, it's only as I take over higher placed teams, I need to worry about the types of players, in the Lower Leagues I simply Plug and Play, Championship is not as simple I find, you need more players to suit the roles
  2. Why not continue to Play Liverpool, but set your self a challenge, examples: 1. Sell EVERYONE and only buy FREE (Challenge 1) 2. Only Play reserves by bringing in Greyed players (Challenge 2) 3. Create a TEAM with only under 23 year old (challenge 3) It can go on and on, use Liverpool, but set internal challenges of you are not interested in going to the Challenge Options and trying those already created??
  3. Like like everyone has said there isn't a 'Perfect tactic' I started lower league to start a long career with this tactic, bought all Free players and progressed with better jobs, never changed anything and only spent small amount on future youngsters as there is some really excellent players free for the lower leagues, I even got offered International jobs
  4. I noticed nobody has actually mentioned the 343!!!!!!!!! goals you scored, has to be a record, Bravo @FrAn4eSc0
  5. Wow guys i thought this had been lost in the Archives never to be seen again, my idea was that someone (including me) would eventually find the formation and tactic to work with all teams regardless of division, country or league, someone would find themselves a formation that conquers everything. Good luck and i hope it works for all those that attempt it
  6. Had a quick whizz at this and boy he's forever getting injured, so this is a challenge in itself to keep him fit enough to play in any role!!!
  7. Another season with Oldham and this time won the First division in the first season.
  8. Not necessarily as you can take other jobs, is not like you have to stay with the same team so you might get a big club, and there youth academy is brilliant giving you amazing players
  9. Glad it works for you mate, i know it brings goals with the right players I did quote ‘fun’ which is what i have with it, thanks for your comments @Schwantz34 What does the Coach report say, if they are reporting that your player is rubbish at penalties and free kicks for example then don’t choose them, otherwise its simply bad luck as the tactics couldn’t prevent it
  10. Glad it’s working for you, I struggled with Champions league for some reason. Have you changed anything or kept it the same as I had it?
  11. It is, but can work with the right players
  12. It's one of them tactics that you can try, if it works the stick with it, if it fails revert to one you know can work and use this every now and again, I stick with it once I had the players to assist me It will give you plenty of chances that is a cert, whether you score with any of the chances is the challenge, I tried to get the fastest, strongest and good stamina strikers to make it work Thanks @AndersJ just sharing the opportunity for others, it won't work for some who may get annoyed with conceding to many, but with the right players it can succeed Thanks Ian, is yours too try and tweak how you see fit, I simply just plug and played through each season
  13. This is a simple fun Tactic that I have tried for a season with a couple of teams. I guess there will be those that criticise it but it actually works as you will see below. But it's an offer to try and amend where you see fit, I find it good for getting goals, not a Champions League winner, but you can achieve Cups with it. positives - goals and more goals throughout the team negatives - can conceded in some games, but not many Players to Search for - Stamina, pace and strength Celtic Barcelona Oldham Please give it a go if you want to try something different, but have fun and enjoy it, it won't work for some people, others might find it worth while Thanks
  14. As much as it sounds scary to try, it would definitely be a challenge to all those who believe this is an easy game, I think I might give it a bash question: can you promote from the reserves in your first season or do they have to be sold?