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  1. Cockers2505

    The Bad Boys from Brazil Challenge by me

    Hi @LenTheWelsh just noticed my Challenge isn't one the leaderboard for some reason, i'll ask @danovic78 to add it? https://fmmvibe.com/forums/topic/41725-cockers-completes-the-bad-boys-from-brazil-challenge/?tab=comments#comment-349433 I went with Luiz Adriano and the best thing I got out of him was his endurance, he seems to just be ready for every game good luck mate
  2. Hi @Ricardo Neves congratulations mate, I have added you to the Leaderboard under EME, if this is not correct please give me a shout Again well done mate, a nice score that will take some beating
  3. well the chairman has been sacked, we've released something like 8 players, and Mike Ashley has pulled his money, so the new investor has done what? oh yes got us relegated!!
  4. @Foxy the mighty Ledson has gone to pastures new, PRESTON in the Championship, can't blame him, not because of Oxford but the chance to play at a higher level. Won't be playing you this season, we will probably disappear into non-existence like Stockport did if we continue to play like we have!!!
  5. Brilliant mate, I will add your name to the challenge Leaderboard, was it on EME or OME mate I will see if I can do this sometime, currently don't have time to scratch my Arse!!!!
  6. Mate what a season, the champions league is so hard without the top players you need, but an example of brilliant tactics, brilliant results and a challenge that needs applauding. Keeping my fingers crossed that the last season brings you more joy, good luck mate
  7. wow, going very strong mate, this will be a challenge in itself to get the same results as you, would like to of seen how you would do if you had more leagues chosen, there are a few gems in other countries you could of unearthed brilliant 👏
  8. Cockers2505

    Non contract reserve players

    I always offer those that have no red at all, then hope for the best, as @NucleusNT said you sometimes get regents that turn out to be world class depending on your team of choice
  9. How are you getting 160 goals 👏 amazing results, how are you finding the challenge?
  10. Cockers2505

    Looking for testers

    I can test anything mate, haven't time to really do anything else, just enjoying my Oldham save, so throw something my way mate
  11. wow brilliant mate, what a shame with the Champions league, and to loose the only game against Hibs, but what an excellent season, good luck as you move on, players don't come easy believe me
  12. Cockers2505

    The Celtic Champions League Challenge

    Good luck mate, I've had a go and it's not as easy as it looks, the players out there don't stand up to well against the mighty giants in Europe, but please prove me wrong
  13. I don't get the Red Card bit, I think he means take out a BPD but what if you don't have a sub to replace the sent of player, plus it would get very leaky without that third defender, wouldn't it?
  14. Actually it was, finding 2 Brazilians to work together isn't that easy when you have to consider one is 30+, but thanks mate, you giving it a bash?
  15. Thanks mate, I'm sure one of the Tactical geniuses will give this a good score to try and knock me off top spot