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  1. Thanks mate A quick reminder for those who might not be up to speed to this little Challenge I set myself, well Curzon Ashton went well, got them promoted out of the Vanarama National League North, to the Vanarama National League. Then Carlisle United Chairman liked the look of my journey so far, and just like most Lower League clubs, they took a chance with me and hired me as their new Head Coach/Manager. I took over with 17 games gone, and here I am, 1 game played against my beloved Oldham where I beat them at Boundary Park to start my Carlisle career off with a bang. So what have I done since, well come inside and let me tell you... Manager of the Month's are still going well, as i'm sure for most people doing well, but they look nice... Cup Exploits... Wins against bigger clubs came to excite the club, could we get some silverware with this unknown new manager, and be loved for ever... We saw off Luton away with an emphatic 0-3 win in the FA Cup, before beating Bolton at their own ground with a 0-3 away win, the University of Bolton Stadium was mobbed by it's away supporters. We wasn't finished there, Brunton Park was visited by Aston Villa Reserves in the Leasing.com Trophy Northern Section Semi Final, Everyone believed there was an upset on the cards, and we would bow down to their superiority of such a big club, but not this time, we came away with an excellent 3-1 win to prepare us for the Final. The Final was decided, Carlisle V's Coventry in the Leasing.com Trophy at Wembley Sunday 28th March 2021, be there, history will be made... All this excitement I had brought to the club, earned me my next badge, the Silver Coaching certificate... Job Status - Very Secure, success is just round the corner, and I'm the man to do it... The next part of this journey was an email that guaranteed us a Sky Bet League Two play-off, I had continued to keep the club at the top of the league from when I took over, can I continue to get us promoted... The news came in... We has done it, Promotion had got the club ecstatic once again, I had guided them to the Sky Bet League One... I wasn't finished there though, I had another big game to contend with, so now we was on the brink of bringing in 2 trophies to the Club, Promotion had been secured, I had a headache trying to decide which players would face Coventry at Wembley, they all trained well, they had all played so well throughout the season, but only 11 could start the game, there was going to be some sad faces on the bench, and even more sad in the stands... Sunday 28th March 2021 - Carlisle V Coventry Leasing.Com Trophy - Wembley Stadium London England. The crowd came in the thousands, we filled the stadium for this day to remember, the season had already made us proud with the Promotion, but this would raise the roof to win another Trophy... How did we do... It's there, another fantastic win for Carlisle, a goal in the first half scored by Scott Wilson in the 17th minute, before we score another in the second half to clinch the win, Ryan Loft secures the win in the 85th minute, can this be true... To be continued...
  2. You've obviously got to much time on your hands!!! ๐Ÿ˜‚ Good luck, nice start, to a long career with this one
  3. Thanks Woody, I thought about doing that, but then you do get frustrated at the lack of funds and slow build up of the club, so this one I thought I would try and reach the top as quick as possible by moving up via clubs, it's just a fun Challenge to myself, I'm sure there is not many people interested, but we will see.
  4. Thanks Mike, lets hope my good streak doesn't end soon Cheers Kanegan, so far so good Wow, cheers Bati ๐Ÿ˜‚ I can't say anything as I became a grandad 6 weeks ago ๐Ÿป๐Ÿบ
  5. So first season over, a little success I must admit, but can I keep it going... Season 2 starts with the same outcome, spend NO money but bring in success in the Vanarama National League First Manager of the Month Award: The season starts well, I continue to get the success out of the same team as I did the previous season, until... Yep, Carlisle United came knocking at the door, they saw my fantastic success story, and want me to bring the same at the their club... Do I take it, they are in a higher division... Of course I do, this must be a bonus on reaching my goal, I mean come on they are in the Sky Bet League 2 which raises my profile more than if I stayed with Curzon Ashton. My only downfall, is the next game, I am playing my team, Oldham Athletic ๐Ÿค” do I throw this... Fixtures played: They have had pretty decent start to the Season, but that Oldham game is haunting me... League Standings: They are doing well, but look who is doing better, this is a right pain for me, do I sit in the stands and let the Assistant pick it... Transfers already made: The good news, all free, Loans and Freebies So my new Manager role begins, obviously as highlighted, away game against Oldham, they lie first, with us sitting in second, and the result was... What a start, couldn't kick off any better, a shame it has to be against my team, but eh, this is FMM 2020... So my career so far, 1 season and 17 games played for Curzon Ashton, left them is a really good position, 2nd and only 2 losses in the 17 games... Where can I go with this team, will there be a bigger club knocking on my door very soon, and can I get he right players for the right price, of course FREE, we will see... Thanks for reading, and hope some of you enjoy...
  6. Thanks Kun, it will be but I wanted to try something different Cheers Kanegan, looking at your excellent history on here this will be a tough one to impress you ๐Ÿ˜‚ Hi scratch, it's been sometime, I keep my eye on all exploits going on, but had no time really for anything else, but it's nice to be back among such a good bunch of FMM enthusiast's ๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ˜‚ Bati Bati, what could go wrong, well everything eventually, but I won't go down easily, I'll certainly be kicking and screaming before they sack me!! I've set myself a challenge that will either break me, or kill me trying, but I'm sure I will never be the awesome manager as you are ๐Ÿค” Cheers Foxy, let's hope I can make this as interesting as I rise in popularity!
  7. So SEASON 1 has ended for me, and what a season in regards to choosing the right Formation and Tactics Couple more Manager of the Month Awards But then the main Point, a good season in my first year: Clearly took this league by storm, in the end it turned out to be quite easy. Final endings saw me score over 116 goals and have the best defensive record in the League. Records and Stats Season 1: Number one and two top goal scorers, a good fete for a freebie... 69 goals by my main strikers was a good start to my managerial career... Assists by Diaz went alongside his goalscoring record for the season... The Averages between the main players did well with the type of tactics I stuck with... Transfers: All Players were brought in on a FREE, so a good season had by all... And finally my Managerial Stats showing a Clear Free Spending Season: Thanks to those reading, hope this continue's to be of interest, if not please tell me...
  8. Simple enough, just bought the game (not been out there for some time, work and lack of interest in 2019 version gave me a break) and I thought instead of the Normal challenges that everyone enters, and does really well with, I thought I would try and become a top manger without spending a penny and become the 'Freebie Master' (if there is such a title ๐Ÿคฉ) Anyway without much introduction, and these updates will either be one long season, or small updates as I'm working flat out 12 hours a day, and so it's as and when, but I'm sure some will take interest to see what Players might fall on the radar for free. The Team to Start me off in this Epic (or disastrous) journey is... (Drum role please) CURZON ASHTON of the Vanarama National League. Why these, well I was brought up literally 5 minutes down the road from their ground, so they was classed as my local side (As well as Ashton United) So this as I said will either go horribly wrong, or as stated above, an Epic Journey, hope this interests some of you out there. Here's a little taster to set the tongues waging on my progress so far: Also got invited to the Coaching staff with my first badge: Thanks for reading, see you soon...
  9. Well done @danovic78 good start, you will have to make up a really good team that likes to pass rather than shoot as your man needs to be given every opertunity to get that many goals, and then you have the other problem of finding someone (Real Player) who can fulfil that task, Dybala, Rashford maybe, good luck
  10. HI @darlingtonvii that was a good first season for your son, good luck for the rest. One thing mate, 55 - 1000 = 945 not 915
  11. You know that if you are only playing the game and don't care about the outside world during your play time, you can switch it to Airplane made which will save you a little more power giving you more playing time??
  12. It's definitely a bug as I have 3 players in the France National said that I can't remove from the squad as they say RETIRING from international duties, but it's annoying as they are taking 3 places from the 23 man squad!!!
  13. Does this counts most goals in a season
  14. Hello, why are you all ranting and raving about the fact that it is either NOT realistic or it IS realistic, who cares, do you get satisfaction playing FMM19 18 17 16 etc etc, if so then just play the goddam game If not, go play the Playstation or Xbox and kill someone on COD or the new kids craze Fortnite, otherwise shut up and keep this site to friendly FOOTBALL banter, where as that gone, we are loosing the reason why this site exists, well my opinion anyway, but I'm older than an old thing, I watched Oldham playing in the 70's when they was good, so what do I know I think all the glitches, changes and updates, eventually get ironed out and prove to set different challenges, which is what this game needs. because come on, it's the easiest thing to play after 3 or 4 seasons, you can get any team, any country to the top and dominate for the next 20+ seasons, anybody yes I could easily not read this, but actually stop wasting time writing your babble and play the game with the enjoyment it deserves and give the credit to those who provide us with the opportunity to play it, wow
  15. Thanks mate, I'm sure others will use it once they realise their team is that good, and then they will raise how good it is once they get the same numbers as you As for the records, just post your league table with the 200 goals and ask for that record to be posted with your name, and any other you may have like the most goals scored by one person?