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  1. There is a few in this forum who has completed 30 seasons, @Mr Tree and @BatiGoal to name a couple, but @Aaron Thornton is right, it does take dedication to get there as so many people get around 15th season and think, this is time to stop and start again. So well done for actually finishing a full career, and I take it one team as there is only one promotion?
  2. Hi @Titjes this is definitely a good challenge, you should if made it more challenging by saying you have to get rid of the 2 youngsters after you play them for 1 season, that would of made you think more, as your Barcelona team was already talented, but by the 5th season, well you couldn't loose really with the team you had and all the new Wonderkids (imo)
  3. Good luck @Foxy continuing with this, looks an interesting challenge, I'm sure someone like yourself will smash it I like Cochrane, only because that's my surname 😂
  4. This is not really a question to be answered, because the simple answer is what do YOU want to do? Other Questions: Who are you manger of? Have you a full team of seniors players, so no places for a youngster? Are they ready to play, i.e what are their attributes? Do you want to send them out on loan for a couple of seasons to get more play time? So as you can see, I am not trying to be awkward, just you need to look at your team, does a youngster fit in, is he good enough to make the first team. Now I will give promising Youngsters a shot in the first team IF, and IF nobody offers to Loan them, and then if they do go out on Loan, I check to see if they are getting minutes playing, otherwise I pull them back, and try again. So there are sooooooo many outcomes here, and the next person to write on this link, will say something different, as they will have either less experience, or more experience than me, so their opinion will be again massively different. So all I can say is, try different things, and see which fits best for you, and apologies if you wanted a straight forward answer, in my mind there isn't one.
  5. Season 2 AS Saint-Etienne After a poor season in some ways, I kick off Season 2 in high hopes, it usually takes a season to get your players in the right mind set, and used to the formation, tactics and requirements from them. Anyway straight into it... Cups... Trophy des Champions Vs Olympique Lyonnais for the first trophy of the season, but, We hit them hard, but their keeper kept them in it, plus they was obviously more clinical in front of goal, eventually winning 2-1, we was 2-0 down until the 79 minute where pulled one back, but this was simply not to be... French Cup Final Vs Dijon FCO at the Stade Geoffroy-Guichard An excellent 6-1 win in the Cup final, we took this by storm, Benjamin Eugenio getting himself 4 of the 6 goals... European Champions Cup Final Vs Real Madrid at the Ataturk Olimpiyat Stadyumu Another game where we dominated, but couldn't put the ball in the back of the net, eventually losing 1-0 to a 15th minute goal... So the French cup was mine, but all others lost, not really a season to celebrate so far... Finally something to cheer this season up, the French League was mine, and quite emphatically... A good 10 points above second place PSG when the call came in to tell us we had won the League already... (Didn't get a full League table sorry) Awards... International Footballer of the Year My new midfielder Matthieu Providence clinches second place in this years Footballer of the year award... International Player of the Year... Another miraculous award for Providence, this time clinching top place with Player of the Year... European Champions Cup Golden Boot... Alessandro Goldaniga takes top spot with 11 goals scored French League 1 Conforama Best Player... Benjamin Eugenio takes top spot in the Best Player of the season French League 1 Conforama Most Promising Player... Another new guy, Nicolo Soldati clinches this award this season... French Ligue Conforama Stars Team of the Season 2035... We have 2 places this season with Eugenio and Warnock French Ligue 1 Conforama Top Goalscorer... A little let down with second place, Eugenio is a top striker, so a few more than 21 would of been better, eventually settling with 2nd place... French Ligue 1 Conforama XI of the Season... We did well taking 4 places in the too 11 players of the season, and all are new players within the team, so shows how well I am building this team only after my second season... Last award goes to me, the World Coach award sees me in Second Spot... Full fixtures... A good cup run in the Champions League saw me get wins against Galatasaray, Chelsea, Arsenal and Man City before finally losing to Real Madrid... Offers from other clubs keeps pouring in... Serious ones include Clubs like, Man City, Liverpool, Tottenham And some others from , Everton, Atletico Pamplona and West ham to name a few more... Season Transfers... In... So real excellent FREE players brought in this season, more to follow... Out... Only biggest sale was Toni Jurcevic to our arch rivals PSG for £28.5M Players worth a mention, and remember all these are for FREE... Matthieu Providence let go by Valencia, a key player in my Midfield... Nicolò Soldati is an up and coming striker that will take the world by storm eventually, Bologna's loss. my gain... Chris Warnock, knew everything about him, for those who didn't know, he was with me at Juventus, so I could not resist bringing him with me once I saw they was letting him go... Reece Hewson was let go by Arsenal, my surprise is how, the potential to reach the stars... Andrea Rossi, another player who was with me at Juventus, again I just simply couldn't resist bringing another one of my solid players... Benjamin Eugenio, all I can say is WOW, what a pick, Valencia need shooting... Alessandro Goldaniga is the second part of my front 2 line-up, together with Eugenio, they are getting better and better as each game goes by, watch this space for all the future awards, Borussia Dortmund feel ashamed... Final Stats of the Team... Av. Ratings... A good av rating throughout the team, everyone of the top 10 are all FREEBIES... Goals... My top 2 strikers scored well together, the rest of the team getting their fair share... Assists... Again a good mix of assists throughout, as I don't play with wingers, and more IF's, the assists can come from anywhere... Final Managerial Stats... So my second season improves a little from he first, I should hopefully be clinching everything in this country by 3rd and 4th, then it's time to have a look at what is missing throughout my 4 countries, and go back to add them to the table... Again as you can see, 10 league wins and 29 cups, and all with FREE players... And thank you for reading, hope this is still good to read, and maybe will influence some of you to believe you don't have to spend a fortune to get the right team and be successful...
  6. First thing First - BUY a good Striker 🤣 or have a striker, Rashford, Martial are both IF's to be truthful
  7. It's a good point, as you said there is those that simply fit into the role, Aaron Ramsey was a good leader at Arsenal I believe, but look what happened to him, they simply let him go, why? I would go with Leadership first, but then also the position is a concern in the modern game, Spurs with Loris as Captain, for me doesn't work, a Central Def or Central Mid is the right position IMO, but eh I'm an Oldham Fan, my memories of good Captains are in the 80/90's 🤣🤣
  8. At times I don't select one, I let the AI select one, so at times I can have a youth player being captain, I personally (my opinion) don't really see much in attitude change within each game regardless of who is captain? I have realised that some players will just be crap regardless of their attributes, just like the real game, example: Man Utd - Plenty of talent, but most new players after Ferguson era was deemed to be the next GOD, but turned out to be shite! Pogba, Sanchez, Fred etc etc but they have been captain as some stage, so why can't a youth do the role, Grealish for example? 24 years old and Captain already Youngest Captains In Football Fernando Torres – 19 Years Old. ... Aaron Ramsey – 20 Years Old. ... Francesco Totti – 21 years old. ... Raphael Varane – 21 Years Old. ... Neymar – 22 Years Old. ...
  9. Yes because at an early age he is worth a few million, but not 322M ??
  10. Unless I am confused, this firstly shows that Mason Greenwood has only scored 817 goals throughout his career, and secondly he has 183 international goals, which I guess you are pointing at 1000 goals, but, had he scored any goals before you became his manager (no screenshot) and was you the manager of England during all of his international goals?
  11. Good run @Ian you have given yourself a great opportunity to miss the drop, some good results. What's happening with the Man Utd Badge and their position 🤣 looking at that you should have no problems going home with the cup.
  12. Cheers @Ian it's been a very good challenge so far, my mistake with Italy, but I can always go back with the amount of offers I get per season. Cheers as always @Scratch, didn't really know much about St Etienne to be truthful, thought it would be a more challenging concept than PSG or Monaco for example, but it's turned out good in the end. PSG who? they have gone downhill and it looks as though they haven't the players to help them neither, so don't know if that is a fault of the current manager, or the Database getting real?
  13. Thanks Bati, yes there is the Trophy des champions, but i haven't got there yet. I am amazed mainly as I have not changed the tactics or formation at any time, I don't even look for individual player to fit the positions, I simply get those that look good, and basically gel them into the portions I want them to play. I guess when I finish off in France, I will either go back to Italy to get the Euro. Super cup, or go back to England for the Championship title??
  14. Then if you are as honest as you say, then continue to post, but the one thing worse than a liar on this forum, is those who post results that are completely fabricated, it's simply not worth it, everyone can smell a rat, so if you are as honest as you say, then I look forward to your progress, good luck if you do continue.