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  1. I'll give it a shout @Foxy, concentrating on finishing my first EVER 30 year career with Oldham, won everything with them, and as England manager just got World Manager of the Year, never got that before.
  2. have you made any transfers or are these the original players from the start?
  3. Cheers mate Yes it is annoying but I guess they wouldn't be a challenge if you did the norm and sell everyone, and then buy yourself a new team, but thanks mate
  4. Do I get this added to my tally for promotions @Foxy on the Warnock challenge?
  5. Thanks to @Foxy for this little 1 Season challenge (Well 2 with both clubs) Thought I would endeavour taking on this challenge just because I grew up just round the corner from Curzon Ashton FC, my mum and dad live 2 minutes away from their new ground in Ashton-Under-Lyne Greater Manchester, I've been missing on this site for a little while as I am continuing with my Oldham career which I want to finish a FULL 30 Year career which I have NEVER done before in all the versions of FMM or FM. Anyway to get on with it, Curzon it is first... Started with no Reputation Cup Games.. FA Cup... vs Banbury Third Qualifiying Round Comfortable 3-1 win vs Kidderminster Fourth Qualifying Round Took them to a draw at their ground, hopefully take the win at Home in the replay vs Kidderminster Fourth Qualifying Round Replay Not to be, loosing at home 2-0, good bye FA Cup FA Trophy... vs Bamber Bridge Third Qualifying Round A nice 3-0 win qualifies us through to the vs York First Round A nice 1-0 win vs DAG & RED Second Round The end of my other cup run, a 1-0 loss away to DAG & RED Awards Fixtures Team Stats... Goals... Av. Rating Transfers... No transfers as instructed How do we do in the league.., Final League Standings... Final Managers Stats... So I work out if I am correct @Foxy League 81 + GD 26 = 107 Cup Games 3 wins = 9 Total = 116 Points
  6. 🤣 they have started a Facebook page of how to get you!!!! I pass it on my way up North from Oxford
  7. Mate, LYNE not LYME It's Newcastle-Under-Lyme and Ashton-Under-Lyne
  8. @Foxy can you add another 3 promotions from my Oldham Career please
  9. Cockers2505

    The New Stadium Challenge

    HI @Foxy can you add my Stadium increase in my Oldham save please, the new Cockers Stadium
  10. HI @Foxy sorry to bring this up, but it's actually Ashton-Under-Lyne in Greater Manchester, my parents (and where I grew up) live facing the ground, just a little change 👍
  11. wow what a Goal Haul in the second season, this should be a breeze with them numbers each season, good luck mate
  12. Cockers2505

    11 Bati's For Glory

    100% right @Foxy and that's why more and more people are either giving up or simply not bothering as Bati has done here, my take is to many people looking JUST for a better Tactic, or use for there own pleasure in a YOUTUBE link or whatever these days, yes i'm an old fart, but I can see so many people now getting fed up to create a Challenge/Career, have hundreds look at it, but NEVER comment, a simply Nice! I like! or even thanks! is not a massive amount of their time to type, but sadly that is the way it is now.
  13. Cockers2505

    Team report/summary

    I don't speak for everyone, but to be truthful, don't care about it as it changes as you go through the season, so your example has basic club Positives, and the same Negatives nearly every club has, regardless of how well you do, so simply ignore and concentrate on your winning mentality and making the club better with success.
  14. Wow, I have seen close to like £190 Mil, but over £200 is simple scary, oh well in a normal save that would be very tempting, you can still add it to the Records surely, you have a screenshot to prove it
  15. Looking good mate, obviously City are a good team so far, still haven't decided who to choose to do this, might go with a big team, just because of @geordiekrispy attempt with Newcastle good luck with the rest