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  1. They could make it one of the Challenges in the unlockables maybe, but not as a norm, the game would get boring IMO
  2. I bought him in my save, and he was sold end of the season for 50Mil and he had 4 stars when bought by Arsenal
  3. Are you using Holiday mode? this is one of the settings in here to 'Reject all transfers', otherwise you should control everything?
  4. Well done @Schwantz34 a good challenge completed, and another name on a Leader board to be beaten! I'm sure you would of got fed up and itching to do something different, so not really a sad loss I'm guessing, but a big congrats on completing anyway 👍
  5. I doing well @Schwantz34 just ashame he isn’t doing as well has hoped, normally as they get older the numbers double each year
  6. Yes thanks mate, I'll never get the same numbers as Dan using EME, had a season where I got 27 goals each and 25 assist from Hulk so no where near the same figures, plus Falcoa stamina goes down after season 1 making it hard to reach 4 seasons
  7. What a difference since @danovic78 did this challenge, Falcao has dropped 5 Stamina leaving him only on 7 instead of the 12 that was in dan's screenshot, so he more or less has to come off around the 60/70 minute point as he knackered! I guess this is since the update??
  8. Hi @Rob, thanks for your comments, I agree with what you are saying, there is only so many options at first so we make the most with what is available, so Kean, Silva etc are the best, so why not use them, and as you use the word 'Twat', there is those who post the most outrageous scores, outcomes or wins that yo have to laugh, and simply say 'ok you cheat all you want', those are the Twats who basically jus want their name up thee in lights, but truthfully we can see them for what they really are.
  9. 1k with Nassim Akrour of Chambery d’alfaedo would definetly be worth reading, he is 44 years old 🤣
  10. Thanks Dan, I guess we all look at Challenges different, some just simply can't get past a few seasons before it's to much and simply think about sacking it and starting again, that is why I asked the question as it looks like the long challenges don't really get a look in unless you put the effort in to make it sound worth while to read, I must admit recently as @Scratch said it gets harder and harder to post as you get older and work/family commitments seems to take over, in my case anyway. I guess until a couple of seasons have gone by and you start to see the Regen's it is a bit like that with everyone who looks for a long(ish) challenge, I have tried and tested a few players for a 1K, just couldn't get the numbers even though his Stats said different, and then I have tried a few Challenges, but again they seem to fall down after 2 or 3 season,s @Ian created one where you take a striker each season from Championship, then 1st, then 2nd etc until VNS/VNN and score 50 goals, again got through Mitrovic first season, then second season couldn't make the grade with striker, so give up, probably never to be attempted again, I guess it's the same throughput the Challenge list?? Yes I agree there is one that pops up and takes everyone's interest, Strikerless challenge, Maguire brothers challenge are a couple more that hit the headlines at the time, so I agree there is plenty to get on with, I just feel sorry for those who have gone out to create these challenges, for nobody to even attempt a go at it, not even the creator of the challenge (which I am one of those to be truthful) I believe there are probably hundreds of attempts out there that never get reported, we as humans don't like defeat, so we probably don't want to post a failed challenge, but maybe that is the catalyst we need, to see someone brave enough to attempt, could open up others up to have their own attempt regarless of the outcome?? I guess it depends on the type of individual, I hate starting any career/challenge with top clubs, firstly the players are predictable, you already know what players are worth, how good they are and who you can and can't afford depending on the Club and its transfer funds, I prefer the 'Start at the bottom' and prove your worthiness, but again that's my opinion, I hate seeing Tactics reported using Real, Barca or Liverpool, but when you get lower clubs, it simply flops, so really it's not the BEST tactic ever made, it's ok for the Prem, or Spanish first Div etc. I must admit, I'm amazed how people like @Ian, @Scratch or @Foxy for example, actually reach the dizzy heights in their challenges, 2K goals, 1K assists, how??? I am happy to get a 50 goals season, or a player to get over 20 assists, but 100 goals seasons, or 50+ assists each season, wow, I am amazed.
  11. That sounds good, maybe there will be the introduction on Players we haven't heard of before who make a surprise appearance
  12. Hi @danovic78 thanks for your input, what do you vote for then? short, medium or long? I understand what you are saying, I guess seeing the usual players being used it tedious, but I guess if the list of Youngsters for example is available to see, why would anybody choose someone not on the list knowing full well they are not going to maybe get 1K goals out of them, let's be truthful not many people have gone, 'guess what I'll get 1K goals or 500 assists out of a nobody', I think that would probably waste their time trying. Getting a 1K challenge using Salford, or Bath would be a challenge, maybe see if a youngster could be bought very early, and then score 1K goals at that club, now I would keep an eye on that, but someone going to the list of future World Stars, and then choosing Barca, Man City etc, is not that exciting to get a 1K I guess, unless you are @Scratch and do the unbelievable 2K, 1K assists etc all in the same challenge, now that is worth watching.
  13. Thanks @Kanegan i can see the amount of Challenges you have created and either attempted (by you) or that sits waiting for that first person on the Leaderboard as so many others. I guess what I’m trying to make people aware is that it’s a shame so many people have put in the effort to create these challenges, but nobody seems to want to give them a try even though there are still so many posting ‘bored’, ‘the game is rubbish’ or ‘to easy’ yet there are hundreds (if you go back to other versions) of challenges that could not only prevent these type of statements, but also bring back the interest the game sometimes needs when you have won everything with someone from lower leagues, took them to the top division and basically can’t do anymore other than keep winning everything season after season.
  14. Thanks Scratch, i believe the Forum has lost some of its connections, i don’t know if we are getting older and busier in our normal days to post as we used to, but it’s definitely getting quieter, i for one don’t read or post as much as i used to due to family life and work. Do you believe there is enough options to create realistic challenges and still make it fun and interesting? The sound of making ‘fastest’ challenges could be the way forward, look at when the Striker less first came out, even the Goal average is one that seems to do well, so i guess you might hit a nail on the head with a quickest to 500 for example, you could even put twists on it over time like 100 had to be from midfield and then even 50 has to be from defence etc