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  1. Thanks @Rob2017 I must admit I didn't expect that amount of goals from him to be truthful
  2. Cockers2505

    Ashez & The Hammer Movie Monsters

    Oh excuuuuuuuuuse me Mr @Ashez, so your next challenge is to Complete the Halloween, Christmas and Easter all at the same time 🤣 🎉
  3. Cockers2505

    Ashez & The Hammer Movie Monsters

    As always you outdo yourself, of all the Challenges out there, you amaze everyone with a suitably fitting Seasonal challenge for Halloween, I look forward to this, and the following Christmas themed one once completed 😁 👏
  4. Season 11 Is here. Transfers for 2027 - 2028 In Nothing to report, just a few Graduates Out Noticeable loss of Bellerin, Rodrygo and Tom Davies due to lack of minutes on the park, I just couldn't get them in the team Super Cup First cup is in the bag, a comfortable 2 legs against A.Madrid, winning 6-3 on aggregate NOTE: This was a scary few months to follow for Moise Kean. First of all a 2 week injury This followed with a 3 week lay off Compounded by another 2 weeks, what is happening this season Only to really worry me, another 3 weeks!!! Champions League Group Stage Six straight wins, this included hard fought wins away against Liverpool and PSG Moise Kean is back!! Bags himself 4 goals to start his come back, get in there! A memorable win in the League A shame Kean couldn't get that 3rd goal So Moise Kean is fit and well, could he get back on track to save something with the season Wow, I count 38 goals in 19 games, he's back and strong!!! The League is mine again What a season, we are a clear 22 points by this stage, and still a few games to go Spanish Cup Final vs A.Madrid We let ourselves down, Moise Kean more or less finished them off by half time, only for us to throw it away conceding in the 93rd minute to take it to extra time, and then lose it on Penalties, no way!!!! Championship Final vs Man Utd Again, we came with the right mentality, the right team, but we couldn't put it together on the day, losing 2-1 to a strong Man Utd team, maybe next season. So Moise Kean He's 28 Years old now, but his stats show he is still in his prime Goals Tally for the Season With all the injuries, this still has to go down as an excellent season, 10 weeks out, and still scores a remarkable 73 goals in 45 games 1K Challenge 768/1000 Left to go 232 goals Final Table Another season with over 100 Goals and 100 Points, this season not losing a game Team Stats Goals Geronimo Lo Celso (Messi Regen) helped himself to a few goals during Kean's injury few months. Assists Another brilliant season for Bailey and Havertz helping to create over 50 assists Managerial Stats Got the Manager Rank back up to 1st, got to be a good achievement Awards Best Player in Europe Moise Kean Spanish League Player of the Year Moise Kean Spanish League Manager of the Year Cockers Spanish Team of the Season Kean, Havert, Bailey, Hernandez, Tah and Upamecano Spanish League Young Player of the Year Geronimo Lo Celso World Best XI 2028 Lo Celso, Kean, Sancho, Havert, Bailey, Hernandez and Upamecano As always thanks for reading, and Comments are aways appreciated
  5. Cheers @Scratch, the worry is over at the moments as I've got him to sign another term with us, as for Keepers, Donnarumma is hot and cold, I have him as my best Keeper, but his rating is totally rubbish, he comes in at 6.68 most of the time with an accessional 7.00. I'll keep switching him to give it a little more challenge for places
  6. Thanks @Rob2017 he is getting there, I just hope I ca keep him injury free before he starts to loose his stats Lets hope @Nucleus, it's one of those I've wanted to do for some time but get bored after 4/5 seasons
  7. Yes thanks mate, It's a very good effort with makes it so appealing to read, I have been using a tactic that is simply crazy and will only probably work with fantastic player, it like a 2-2-1-4-1, so 4 attacking midfielders and a lone striker, but it works?
  8. Mate a walk in the park for you, I can't believe you didn't go for the 2K 🤣 Really good @Scratch, show a matter of when now 👍
  9. Season 10 Starts and Finishes like this. Transfers: In's - Nothing of great interest really, just a few youngsters to boost the squad in the coming seasons Out's - Isco was a rock for so many years, Tierney and Neves just couldn't get in the side European Super Cup - The season starts with a trip against CSKA Moscow We dominated the game from the off, Moise start with an excellent Hatrick to go with the other 3 to make it a win 6-1 Fine Score Super Cup - Another cup we was accustomed to taking home each season To follow on from Moscow, we can and dominated against the might A. Madrid this time Moise hitting 4 to go with he other 3, finishing with a massive win of 7-2. This could be my best season in the terms of goals, 7 in 2 games already His Season continued like this, another game in which he bagged another 5 Pure genius, this guy is on fire again this season After 10 games his goal tally was already on 20 for the season, wow!!! And it didn't stop there, so a season that went from 3, to 4, then hit 5, could he get any better, of course he could. This time hitting 6 goals in one game, welcome to the First Division Cadiz The League was looking like a complete Goal Feast I had scored 62 goals buy the 15th game, this has to be another glorious season for both the team and Kean. Next came the Club World Championship The final was against Wydad Casablanca, a complete domination stopped them from any challenge they hoped for, final score came through at a easy win of 5-1, this time my Messi Regen bagging 4 goals. Did the goals dry up you say? It just got better, this time he only out did himself again, this time getting 7 (YES SEVEN) in one game The French recognise Dayot Upamecano with the French Player of the Year 🎉 It had to happen, the League was mine quiet early on, we was 20 points ahead at this stage Spanish Cup This was a disappointing moment, ok we won the Spanish cup, but Moise Kean getting sent off, not a good omen So we reached the Champions Cup Final, but! We just couldn't get the vital second goal to finish them off, instead City got it, beating us 2-1 to clinch the Trophy Final League Standings Another emphatic season with over 100 goals, and over 100 points, 23 clear points above second place shows our domination in this league now So my main man, Moise Kean 27 Years old, and his stats are simply brilliant in all the right places, just wished I had noticed the Italy manager was available, and I could of got this finished a lot earlier, oh well 89 Goals out of 59 games is another brilliant season for him, I guess I wish he would turn the Assists to goals, then it would be simply sublime Total so far - 695/1000 That leaves him 305 left to go I guess as long as he stays injury free, and his stats stay around the same, I should get this done in the next 4 seasons, which would take him to 31/32 Final stats and Awards Goals As well as Kean, Havertz continued to get himself a few goals playing in the Attacking role Assists Bailey is simply brilliant to have in the side for assists, he is definitely one for the Assists Challenge Not bad Stats, 36 Losses out of 684 games is a good return for me. Another Best Player in Europe award As well as Spanish League Player of the Year I clinched the Spanish League Manager of the Year again Another good year for my top players, the Team of the Season Kean, Havertz, Bailey and Upamecano make the list this year World Best XI I dominated the World's Best list this year, taking 6 of the positions, can't be bad As always, thanks and keep commenting if you want
  10. Thanks mate, it's getting there
  11. Thanks mate, I just don't want to lose him and then have to buy him back like I've seen other discuss I've got it perfect this time mate, everyone is contributing to him scoring, ask other attempts turn out with the rest of the team shitting just as much, thanks mate
  12. Season 9 Over and the results are in We start with the Super Cup against Barcelona over 2 legs Didn't do myself proud during the second half, conceding 4 goals, but the 2 I did get tallied up to give me a 5-4 aggregate win, that was to close for comfort Kean continued where he left off last season, scoring plenty of goals now as he matures every year One of his excellent games where he bagged himself 4 goals His injuries are far apart from each other, but we do miss him when he's out This time it was only 10 days, but with recoup, that him out for over 2 weeks, dam!! Spanish Cup Final We let ourselves down big time here, the game was end to end stuff, eventually condign in extra time to a 114 minute goal to finish us off, maybe next year!! The announcement went up, the league was ours for another year This looked another excellent year, reaching over the 100 points again European Champions Cup Thinking this would be a hard fought Final, to be truthful we dominated from beginning to end, Bayern forgot to turn up, eventually winning it comfortably 0-2 with 16 shots throughout the game. Final League Table Another good year scoring over 100 goals, but missing out by 2 points to reach the 100 points, a GD of 93 says it all So the star man, how did he do this season Moise Kean - Now 26 Years old I got him to sign another 4 years, which takes him up to 2030, but for some reason I can not agree to pay him anymore beyond £435k, yet there are players not even getting a game who are getting offers for £725K per week, what is that all about, the guy scoring everything yet I can't offer him anymore? So this year saw him get an impressive 76 goals out of 55 games, an improvement from last season, but still a little way off his best season of 92 goals So that is now 606/1000 394 goals to complete the 1K Challenge Awards Got himself the Best Player in Europe award and the Spanish Player of the Year award 👏 Final Team Stats Goals With the Tactic I use, there is more setting him up than scoring, and this shows on the Goal Stats Assists The attacking players are contributing well to Kean's goals, Kavertz and Bailey helping to provide nearly 50 assists together Transfers In I have an excellent goal keeper in Donnarumma, but he let's in silly goals, and never seems to get very high average, so I bought Plizzari to shake things up a little, Foden and Sancho was really for the future, but currently they won't get onto the squad week in week out. Final Stats and Awards Got myself the Spanish League Manager of the Year award again Team of the Season saw Kean, Havertz, Goretzka, bailey, Tan and Bellerin make the top 11 I knew it would be short and sharp as 2019 is looming, thanks to all for comments
  13. Update... Season 8 finished, here is the results European Championship Cup Group stages went well Even though I won the group, wasn't to happy with the amount of draws this time around So another Trophy was added through the Season, this time it was the Club World Championship A comfortable win against Seattle in the Final saw us beating them 6-1, another trophy to add to the ever expanding Cabinet Go to the Final of the Spanish Cup, this time around against our biggest rivals, but on the day we simply did not turn up We may of got the Possession and shots over them, but loosing a player after 12 minutes, and then missing a penalty, proved to be not our day, loosing in the end 2-1 with Coutinho finishing us off, well, another day maybe Next let down for us in this season was the Champions League, we got as far as the Semi final, playing Chelsea over the 2 legs, first leg did us proud beating them 3-0, that should of got us through It just wasn't to be, we got spanked over the 90 minutes, only getting the one goal to take it to extra time, but this was not our day, eventually loosing to a Marquinhos corner header in the 115 minute to seal a win for them and take them to the Final So the Season came to a dramatic end The league was ours at least, another winning season for us FINAL TABLE Another season where we got over a 100 goals and over a 100 Points Season Stats Moise Kean 25 Years old now, all greens in the right places Season Tally Not bad, but after the season before with 92 goals I thought I would get a few more out of him, but 64 is not something to ignore So his tally is 530/1000 460 left Season Tally for the Team Goals Mauro Icardi is our back up striker, he does well for someone over 30 years old when I need him Assists As always, with the Tactics I use, there is plenty of guys who create the goals for Kean, and this season sees Leon Bailey hitting an impressive 34 Assists Final Stats for the Team as a whole So that is 8 straight League wins in a row The Stadium This must be the biggest Capacity I have ever seen in this game, 130000 capacity stadium is very impressive Year end Awards Moise Kean gets Spanish Player of the Year again I clinch the Manager of the Year Kean, Isco selected in the Team of the Season Another for Kean, this time Best Player in Europe And finally, Kean, Isco, Havertz, Bailey and Bellerin get themselves into the World Best XI, take a bow Well thanks again if you are reading, more than happy to hear your comments
  14. Cockers2505

    FMM19: Who to Manage

    I think I'll try the Random Team once I get to grips, maybe present a Career form it, sounds good.
  15. Wow @Ashez how did the master not get 100 goals out of the brothers, I was expecting Hatricks flying everywhere, goals galore!!!! Look forward to your Cup Final