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  1. Thanks @FuddledFox mate, I'll have closer look at that one maybe
  2. Tactics Shadow Striker tactic

    This looks good @The_0NE, if you make the front line into 3 SS and get it to work as good, you could attempt the No Strikers Challenge, you would smash it looking at your achievements above, and it's only one season
  3. Cheers @FuddledFox, @Taff I could of done a little better, but it's a reasonable effort Don't know what to hit next, I feel as though I should try the UK challenge but obviously FMM 18, what do you think, that or something else It's not easy as i'm working 14 hour days, so I have little time in the evenings getting home after 8 everyday, so weekends are the only time I get to smash through anything, any suggestions?
  4. Wow @Acidsparxx hands down for keeping this going dude, this has to be the hardest challenge in history, so I say a BIG good luck, you will need it at this rate
  5. Tactics Tactics help

    @Giffen it's not as simple as saying Help with my Tactics, there are so many considerations, OME or EME, what role are you choosing for your players, LD, CD or BPD could be an issue, what type of role are you asking your right and left defenders, are they expected to run the full length of the pitch leaving big gaps in your formation, or do you expect them to sit back. Playing players in roles they are not suited to, example an DLP in a AM role for example, what is your Morale like, are your player 100% fitness or are you playing them below 80% for argue sake? Read some of the Tactics being offered from the Vibers, maybe test half a season with one, if it works use it, otherwise go back to the drawing board, tinker, and try again, i'm sure you will invent your own eventually that fits everything your trying to achieve, believe me there are sooooo many out there that work really well depending on your team and league your playing
  6. Thanks @SSolas for your detailed explanation of how you play the game, plus insight on how everyone could improve their playing time, I personally never use Holiday as mentioned by @rafa due to wanting to work out if a player is good enough to remain at the club One thing I have found with this version of FMM is that if you put a player up for Transfer, don't sell him to any offer given to you, I find that if you go to his contract page, then select Offer player to another club, and simply keep raising the value until somebody comes in with an offer, that way he might be worth a couple of Mil or thousand (depending on league and club), but if you keep raising the value, eventually you can settle with a club offering 10x his value
  7. Eme mate always, could of done better but i had lots of domination and shots but lack of goals might give it another shot sometime
  8. Hopefully this is ok, not as good but ok I guess Coutinho De Bruyne Hulk League Table (undefeated which was a good experience I suppose) points Coutinho - 15 + 8 = 23 De Bruyne - 40 + 17 = 57 Hulk - 20 + 10 = 30 League - 96 Goal Dif - 59 Total = 265 anybody interested the tactic I used
  9. Thanks guys, just need a good season without any injuries, post results soon
  10. Ok guys Take 2 I have stuck with PSG Hulk Coutinho De Bruyne
  11. Help Injuries problems

    Another problem is the Role you gave them, for example a BBM will run, run, and run some more, wingers seem to run more than Inside Mid's, so that could be an issue if you are already low on Stamina, I never play anyone under 95%, which can help team rotation keeping everyone happy (sometimes)
  12. Career KingSoloP's One Season Strikerless

    Excellent score @Kingsolop don't ever play OME but that is a good score to add to the leaderboard
  13. Challenges The London Takeover Challenge

    Nice @mcandrew003 are you putting your name on the Leaderboard first?
  14. Thanks guys, ill give it another go later and post my season on here, tactic worked as you said, part 2 coming up
  15. That's fine @FuddledFox mate I should of read it properly ill give it another shout, just add it to this thread saves starting another Thanks @mcandrew003 it's a shame but my fault