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  1. Can't wait, lets hope some of the obvious problems in FMM 18 has been sorted and we don't have a Problem Forum with over 60 pages of moans and complaints that simply get ignored after a few weeks 😯
  2. Mate looking good, I'm thinking of attempting a 1K challenge, need to get one out of the way to see if i can achieve it for my own insanity
  3. Cockers2505

    Need a challenge

    If you go onto the Challenges, the originator creates a Leaderboard, usually for EME or OME, you then attempt the challenge, creating a link to your Career, the eventual score, be it good or bad gets uploaded to the Leaderboard, have a look at the links above, you will see other attempts by those on this Forum
  4. Cockers2505

    Need a challenge

    @KyleJNichol have a look through the Challenges page, there is the likes of: Otherwise there are sooooo many you could put your talents to and make a name for yourself on the Leaderboards
  5. Cockers2505

    FMM18 Bug List

    @Fozz_Quaker its been doing it for ages mate, every player I exchange within a sale it names them some random name when the actual player who is part of the deal isn't named
  6. Mate 22 years in the Army, hardly anybody knew my real name so it's stuck, everybody knows me by this name, so I thought thats what my stadiums are going to be called 🤣
  7. Yes it is a shame, i enjoyed the challenge regardless, thanks mate It is a big ask mate, I thought maybe attempting it with with Rashford, or even Kane, but it's whether his age will hold up to get the all exclusive 60 before he is retireable, where Rashford will cost a world to get Cheers @scratch99, as explained above, I thought maybe Rashford? or Kane, lets see, thanks buddy, you like the Cockers Stadiums then 🤣
  8. Cockers2505

    The New Stadium Challenge

    Don't tell @Taff he'll be the first to get his name on it 🤣
  9. Cockers2505

    The New Stadium Challenge

    Can I please add another to my name @Foxy 😁
  10. So my latest update is I've thrown the Towel in, to be honest I got fed up with EVERY other striker scoring freely than my main Man Brereton. I think he is a good player, but not as prolific as he promised at the beginning, and to get 60 League goals is a big ask from anybody, especially him... So I will give you some screenshots of my heroic attempt, and then say farewell to this challenge, another day possibly... You must beat his record of 60 league goals, 37 hat-tricks and 383 club goals. The player must also win at least 2 League Titles, 2 Charity Shield and 1 FA Cup League Goals Required - 60 - 44 was his highest (Well off target) Incomplete Hatricks - 31 - 21 = 10 Left Incomplete Overall Goals - 306 - 306 = Complete League Titles - 1 - 8 = 0 Complete FA Cup - 1 - 2 = Complete Charity Shield - 1 - 6 = 0 Complete Brereton 2026 Even though his stats are good, he just didn't cut it as a Prolific Striker So total League goals was around 300+ for this challenge, which is ok for what was required, but as you can see is best effort was 2022/23 where he got over 40 League goals, the rest was Charity Shield and a couple of Cup games My Stats... So I thought I did well overall with Everton, turning them into a force not to be reckoned with... Got the call to build a 80000 Stadium - Cockers Stadium 😁 Well that's it, thanks for all those reading this, and those who have commented along the way, I will give this another try before 2019 edition hopefully...
  11. Hi @Titjes this sounds like another terrific Challenge How about calling after 2 legends from History: Torres & Gerard Ronaldo & Rooney Hernandez & Iniesta Ronaldo & Rivaldo Henry & Bergkamp Beardsley & Lineker Silva & Aguero De Bruyne & Jesus Toure & Tevez Thought I'd throw in some City players as not to anger you 😁
  12. Cockers2505

    Is it just me ?

    @Kennyd100 you are not missing anything, it is so annoying as you highlighted that when in Search engine you cannot see who has been selected for National team without going into even player, and as @FBBB24 said, you either un-select them or select them for your INT team. Even something as simple as a Heading saying INT with a tick in a box if they have been selected would be nice ✅ or ❌ for example
  13. Cockers2505

    Kylian Mbappé 2025 - is he worth it?

    Just look at other Careers with him in it and you will realise he turns out to be so prolific that if you can get him, then make it so...
  14. Cockers2505

    The FMM Burnout by PriZe

    I think for me, the best was when I played it on a Commodore Amiga, and it was 5 or 7 disks, can't remember if it was FM or CM? otherwise the 01/02 has to be the best, I find we are trying to turn the FMM into FM, to many people want soooo much in a Mobile game, it's called Mobile for a reason, I admit I play it on an iPad now, much better than my phone, but still, please please please stop trying to make it so complicated, fix whats wrong now, rather than add more crap that will cause more problems down the line...
  15. Cockers2505

    The FMM Burnout by PriZe

    See another legend springs to mind, well adds to this conversation @Ashez