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  1. Bro they legit look like 2 completely different tactics
  2. I realise that this is a shot in the dark but I’m looking for a post made in the general discussion a few months ago. It was a photo from Twitter maybe showing how football manager was like a gam of Rock Paper Scissors, like attacking beats balanced or something like that. Basically when I saw it I used it a bit and it seemed to work quite well. Now I can’t find that picture or the original post. If anyone remembers it or can tell me how to check old posts because I think I replied to the original message that would be a great help thanks.
  3. Yeah the subs getting 6’s then loosing morale is so annoying. And basically if you have a DM all he will get is 6’s
  4. Might buy them all just for the sake of it and fill my reserves
  5. Hahaha gota catch them all added 0 minutes later It’s a shame none of them are good or else I’d have a team of them 😂
  6. Must be Italian royalty of some kind 😂
  7. Has anyone ever seen this before players having numbers in their names.
  8. Can you only get 1 son per career? My son sucked so I kept another player to retire and after 13 seasons at the club I didn’t get a son after he retired
  9. That’s what I originally did with Monza I then got them to 2nd place with my youngsters but now my affiliates are all in non playable leagues
  10. Has anyone else experienced this. It’s really annoyed me now I can’t send a full team of youngsters out to play in the serie A. Now I have really poor affiliates.
  11. @Mr Tree luckily I had one the league by that point so wasn’t to bad, but I didn’t realise they only had 1 shot immediately thought of this challenge
  12. Only positive to this is I get to submit a 20 to the leaderboard
  13. @DutchTony I wish I knew what I did 😂 it was completely random
  14. It happened to me in a recent save I bid for someone then it took the price down to €1 then they accept a €2m euro bid for a defender worth €100m