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  1. Confused Eme

    @vladinsky It's not a plug and play tactic if you have to change it every time the opponent does. And surely changeing your tactic to match the opponents is considered tinkering
  2. Great find with this player have't seem him before should definitely beat the record next season
  3. Help False 9

    Surely Fekir from Lyon would work perfectly in this role
  4. For those of you who don't know what this challenge is here is the link. As this is my first career on vibe the first 2 posts may not be the best as I forgot to take some screen shots that i wanted. Season 1 The team I chose to start this career with was Juventus as attempts at other clubs didn't work out and the player I chose to complete the first part of the challenge with is Paulo Dybala Transfers IN Di santo and Grimaldo were brought in as backups while Van Dijk and Silva were brought in to strengthen the starting XI OUT Just clearing out unwanted players So how did Juve get on in the competitions this season Champions Cup Italian Cup Super Cup Serie A So now for the main man did he beat the record or will he have to try again next season So that concludes the first season and the first part of the challenge time to move on to France
  5. So far I have used 3 different players while trying the Spanish stage so we probably will see the same names come up Yeah he looks amazing going to have to use him in future save My thoughts exactly
  6. Cheers @Taff and as long as selke does the business I suppose trophies don't really matter
  7. Well done on getting the Monaco job and your striker looks like he will complete stage 2 no problem
  8. Help Sons

    Your welcome and yeah I don't see why you can't have multiple sons
  9. Help Sons

    Not sure about multiple sons but to get a son you need to sign a player and have him play at least 10 season (he has to play each season) and have him retire at the club
  10. Season 3 My first full season with Lyon, so how did it go? Transfers IN OUT Competitions Trophée des Champions Champions Cup French Cup Coupe de la Ligue so it was a pretty poor season trophy wise as we also finished 2nd in the league as well. The Player Attributes Stats Conclusion So overall it was a poor season although there was signs of improvement near the end of the season. Now its time for Selke to step it up for his second season at Lyon and try to beat that record
  11. Your 1-2-2-3-1-1 could help you get that final stage done
  12. @Jack.Holt your right about patience. And yeah lyon were a solid team good players to help out your main man
  13. Gunna post up the next season tomorrow evening so you can see how he gets on
  14. Latin Europe Challenge

    @Cockers2505 the same happened to me my player matched the record but didn't beat it
  15. Congrats on completing the first stage hopefully a job in France pops up quickly for you
  16. @KennyMiller27 nah this one is German
  17. Help Retraining Positions

    I only retrain players that have reasonable or above and they always seem to be able to retrain
  18. Latin Europe Challenge

    I'm playing on eme the ome might be easier but I haven't used it in so long it just feels weird
  19. Latin Europe Challenge

    I was just starting to get somewhere in the last stage but then my striker decides to get injured for 2 months
  20. Latin Europe Challenge

    @Taff looking forward to it
  21. Career Twenty-five Dolphins

    Congrats on the title man
  22. Latin Europe Challenge

    I think it has taken me 8 seasons and all the good strikers are to expensive and the sqaud I have is not set up to get them to 80 goals
  23. Latin Europe Challenge

    No idea how I am going to do the last stage it's so hard to find a striker let alone get them to 80 goals