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  1. Guides/Tips In-game Tactical Tinkering

    Interesting that when facing one wide opponent you say we could get away with one ourselves. You are right of course, but I tend to go the other way, and have 2 wide players, a wing back and a winger, and the focus my passing to that flank. Also worth checking the position capability on the AI screen. If I see a Red Full back for the other team, I target them, overloading them and passing down that flank
  2. Fmm Scout 17

    Just another post in support of the PGE Jay you do a great job with it, thanks
  3. Graphics 2017 Standard Faces Megapack

    Soneone wanna seed retina!?
  4. Unofficial Update Summer Transfers 16/17 (31 Aug)

    Is thie england or englandsolo database?
  5. How will this affect my pre editor database changes?
  6. FMM 2016 Pre Editor

    Jay, I made some changes to the database pre-update. will the 7.2 update overwrite my database when it unzips the new data? And how do I know which database I am editing, the summer or February database?
  7. Vibe Football Manager 2016 (PC) Giveaway

    I would like this thanks
  8. Kits for the Tactic Screen

    These look good. Could you add Leeds in there?
  9. 2016 Standard Logos Megapack

    1080 download doesnt open as a torrent. Not sure the address is right?
  10. 20 Wonderkids to look out for in FMM16

    Mike, as a Leeds fan, I'm disappointed you haven't put forward the name of Lewis Cook. Started this season very well, on the back of being our young player of the year in his first full season. Leeds will struggle to keep hold of him beyond this season
  11. Downloaded, Cheers, Good Job.
  12. updated some d day transfers. I couldn't be asked to do it again so I purchased a premium account to download update 5 and now that page has an error so I can't download the file. Fair to say i'm unimpressed!
  13. Dec Have made some adjustments to this database and now Altrincham appear everywhere and some lower league teams have gone missing, why is that?
  14. Ok, Of the Goalies, Stuart Taylor and Alex Cairns were both released, Cairns went to Chesterfield, Taylor is a free agent. We currently have Marco Silvestri, but he is at Sampdoria on the file. This is a bizarre one, Silvestri was signed last summer, and was with us in the original November Squads. Don't know why he was moved. In Midfield, Rodolph Austin, Zac Thompson, and Michael Tonge were released. Thompson is now at Guiseley. Austin has been ridiculously booted out of the UK due to new work permit issue regulations. I'd definitely leave him as a free agent though, Sheffield Wednesday and Ipswich were rumoured to be after him before the FA made their ruling. Tonge is a free agent. I asked whether you wanted them because I was happy to do them myself if necessary. Cheers.
  15. Good job Dec, Do you want some Leeds corrections?