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  1. The_0NE

    Double trouble in Brugge

    Season 2 Had a good first season half but then it went really bad Diatta dus slightly better this season Dennis was unhappy for most of the season He wants tot move to a bigger club so he had shit results Goals: 116/1200 Assists: 39/600
  2. The_0NE

    FMM18 Bug List

    To much players in your senior squad?
  3. I think we need an extra poll. EME or OME
  4. The_0NE

    FMM18 Bug List

    Don't know if it's already mentioned but if i get a loan offer with buyout on one of my players then i can raise the buyout amount and then accepteren the offer. But the buyout amount doesn't change when the other club wants tot nut the loaned player. Example: Player a is worth 1.4 Mil Club a does a loan offer for player a with buyout of 1mil. I then change the 1mil to 5mil and press accept. Club a makes a transfer offer for 1mil and it automatically accepts because it's the buyout amount (before me changing it)
  5. The_0NE

    Double trouble in Brugge

    SEASON 1 finished. Diatta had a bad season with 2*1month injury and not gaining any attribute points. He still managed to score 18 goals and make 9 assists Dennis had a very good season (for a belgian team) he scored 46 and made 11 assists alsof had a good attribute boost. If he keeps playing like this he will be very hard to keep (already had a 30mil offer on him) Goals: 64/1200 Assists: 20/600
  6. The_0NE

    Double trouble in Brugge

    They have till 2021 and 2022 contract atm
  7. The_0NE

    KTS Goes Strikerless

    Nice score
  8. The_0NE

    Double trouble in Brugge

    Going to je hard to keep those 2 happy for the next 10-15 years
  9. Giving the double trouble challenge a go with Club Brugge. The players i picked are Friendly's are done and Diatta scored 7 and Dennis scored 5 (in 4games) Hope they continue like this
  10. Attacking: W P TM W Midfield: WB BBM DLP WB Defence: CB CB OR LD LD OR LD CD ( not sure on this one) Goalkeeper: SK
  11. @danovic78 @FuddledFox @Titjes thx And will give it another try soon
  12. Unbeaten in the league. Lost 2 games in the season
  13. End of season results 104 + 69 = 173 points 37 + 30 + 25 = 92 23 + 16 + 14 = 53 173 + 92 + 53 = 318
  14. The_0NE

    Defensive tactics?

    Will post the tactic at the end of my challenge And it's eme with the new update
  15. Only problem is the fatigue level. Mostly i only play 2 of my 3 picked players and sub one with lowest condition