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  1. Off Topic Euro 2012

    Speakin of head to head Holland can not get through tonight due to the fact they cannot finish above Denmark since Denmark beat Holland 1-0
  2. 2012 Semplicemente il migliore.

    Jay I thought u said u left Roma? Anyways lookin forward to followin this
  3. Monday 18th June.....FIXTURE TIME!

    Who do you want first game of the season? Southampton Home Who do you want last game of the season? Tottenham Home Who do you think you'll get 1st game of the season? Sunderland Away Who do you think you'll get last game of the season? Manchester United Away
  4. Site Feedback and Suggestions

    Cause some of my careers haven't been good and all been about the same thing
  5. Site Feedback and Suggestions

    What about people deletin they're own topics? So if they want to they can
  6. 2012 LiamD's World Domination

    @Nath about 10 times probably @TheStandardful thanks mate
  7. Nice Update mate, Kiu mate
  8. Definitely, Kiu mate this is fantastic
  9. FIFA 12 Careers

    Team: Manchester United Transfers In: Kagawa Transfers Out: Hernandez Startin XI: GK: 1.De Gea DR: 2. Smalling DRC: 5. Ferdinand DLC: 6. Vidic DL: 3. Evra RM: 7. Valencia RCM: 8. Pogba LCM: 4. Kagawa LM: 11. Nani CF: 9. Young ST 10. Rooney Also renewed Pogba's and Josh King's contract to five years
  10. Nice update mate, Kiu mate
  11. Off Topic The birthday thread.

    Happy Birthday Dec and Whyelse
  12. Remember the Name

    Jordan Spence and James Tomkins
  13. Off Topic The Transfer Thread

    Seedorf was a good server for Milan
  14. Off Topic The Transfer Thread

    I haven't watched United much this season Jay so I wouldn't know
  15. Off Topic The Transfer Thread

    But Evra is getting old, they need to replace him. But I think replacing him with Baines is useless, Evra is 31, he could play until he is 35, another 4 years. Baines atm is 27, by the time Evra is 35 Baines will be 31