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  1. Not usualy one for community games but this sounds interesting. Im in. Team Name: Last Place FC Home Kit Colours: Blue and White Away Kit Colours: Green and White Manager Name: Niall C
  2. Great start to season 2. Caught between Bellerin and Giroud to be voted out. I went with Bellerin will be interesting to replace.
  3. Just catching up on this challange/ battle for the ages. Great work from both guys. Cummings look like a good replacement for kane. Keep it going guys.
  4. Very interesting read.Looks like a formation you could try with the likes of Barcelona, Real madrid. Also I love how you analyse the formation with your screenshots, makes me want to look at my own games in more detail. Great work.
  5. Interesting challange definatley something to try in the upcoming game.
  6. Excellent article mate. I enjoyed using Mbappe both for Monaco and at other clubs and he turned into a beast every time. Hopefully he continues to improve both in game and real life. Keep up the good work.
  7. Vibe My Departure

    That's a pity mate. Has being great working with you and reading your content. Best of luck in the future.
  8. Welcome to a guide to one of my favourite teams in football. Athletic Club Bilbao or Athletic Bilbao as they are better known. They can be one of the toughest but more interesting sides to manage in FMM17 because simply due to their recruitment policy. The club is known for its policy of bringing young Basque players through the ranks, as well as recruiting top Basque players from other clubs like club alumni like Joseba Etxeberria and Javi Martínez. Athletic's official policy is the signing of professional players native to or trained in football in the greater Basque Country, Which includes Biscay, Gipuzkoa, Álava and Navarre (in Spain); and Labourd, Soule and Lower Navarre (in France). Since its foundation, Athletic has played exclusively with players meeting the criteria to be deemed as Basque players, and has been one of the most successful teams of La Liga with 8 league titles. Honours La Liga (8) Spanish Cup (23) Spanish Super Cup (2) Club info Club Finance The Challenge The board expect champions league qualification this season, This will be no easy feat however, as Bilbao have only reached the group stages in the current format of the Champions league just once in 2014 and on that occasion the failed to progress past the group. It will be your job to change that, the other challenge would be to bring Los Leones their first league title since 1984 and end a 33 year wait for the 9th title. You start the 16/17 season with approximately £36 million in a transfer budget,£38m if you are bold enough to go for the league title in your first season. You also have a wage budget of £836k again you can raise it to £886k if you set your ambitions higher. Squad You have a big squad to use, which is to be expected with the importance placed on youth production. The likes of Kepa, Muninan, Villalibre should be the base for the squad along with the following. Key Players Aymeric Laporte A favourite of FMM players for the last few seasons. Laporte will be the centre piece of your defence. Possessing vital green ratings in the likes of Aerial, tackling and strength. He has all the abilities to lead the defence for years to come. Did I mention he is only 22 so will no doubt improve in the future. Inaki Williams Another young gem to base your team around. The lightning fast winger continues to improve every season. Already rating highly in Dribbling and Shooting and an ability to play in a number of attacking positions. There is a reason why in most saves he is quickly snapped up by the likes Barcelona, Man city this kid will be a beast. Artiz Aduriz The elder statesmen of the team. Despite his age he is more than capable to lead the line. With superior Aerial and movement will make him a target man for the likes of Willams and Munian. You may only have him for one or two seasons by then Asier Villalibre should be ready to take the mantle. Transfer Strategy Your transfer strategy will be the most intriguing part of the save. Remember you can only sign Basque players. Depending how you attempt the save if you use a sugar daddy style strategy you could sign the likes of Ander Herrea, Antoine Griezman, Gonzalo Higuain could be an option. There is also plenty of players at Real Sociedad as they also adopt the basque transfer strategy, although they do allow the signing of foreign players. The likes of Inigio Martinez, Asier Illarrmendi would be eligible but Bilbao and Sociedad are bitter rivals so expect to pay big prices. My personal strategy is to rely on youth intake and regens to supply your team as this is more realistic in terms of Bilbao's policy. Thanks for reading and best of luck with the Rojiblancos save.
  9. Great season @Brenty92 Bellotti is one of my favourite players in this years game.
  10. Interesting article. At this time of year with the new game on the horizon. I like to try a couple of different saves with unknown sides and a few of these maybe used. Keep it up.
  11. Very good article. An interesting insight to what the player will do for you in different situations and tactics. Keep up the good work.
  12. Great Article mate. Interesting results looks like all my pestering of the board to improve the facilities is warranted lol. Keep up the good work.
  13. Good intro, looking forward to seeing this play out.
  14. Was going to say did I lose Spurs cause of geography