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  1. Great season @Brenty92 Bellotti is one of my favourite players in this years game.
  2. Interesting article. At this time of year with the new game on the horizon. I like to try a couple of different saves with unknown sides and a few of these maybe used. Keep it up.
  3. Very good article. An interesting insight to what the player will do for you in different situations and tactics. Keep up the good work.
  4. Article Dutch legend signs in Nice

    Good article. Always liked snejder especially with his constantly being linked with a move to Manchester United, could never understand why he wasted his peek years in Turkey. Hopefully he does as well as your test suggests. Keep up the good work.
  5. Great Article mate. Interesting results looks like all my pestering of the board to improve the facilities is warranted lol. Keep up the good work.
  6. Good intro, looking forward to seeing this play out.
  7. Was going to say did I lose Spurs cause of geography
  8. Great season the standard just keeps getting raised.
  9. I'll sell them to you if you want them 😉
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    Glad to see this save back and your doing great KIU
  11. This seems like fun can I join or is it too late
  12. It is a topic that has being discussed by many a football fan over the years. How would the Scottish old firm clubs get on if they moved to the premier league. How would they fair? Would they enjoy the same success in England as they enjoyed in Scotland. Well after a lot of transfers and in game editing. I moved Celtic and Rangers to the Premier league to see how FMM17 would play this scenario out. Given that Celtic were champions I chose the English champions Leicester as the suitable candidate to make the switch. For Rangers it was newly promoted championship winners Burnley who would be making the move north, Season 1 Now that everything was in place. How would they get on in their first season. Also Celtic would have the benefit of an automatic champions league group stage place so could they progress. Celtic Premier League: 15th EFL Cup: 3rd Round (Lost 3-2 Bristol City) Fa Cup: 4rth Round (Lost 2-1 Derby County) Champions League: 4rth Group A Community Shield: 2-2 (won on penalties v Man Utd) Rangers Premier League: 18th Relegated EFL Cup: 2nd Round (Lost 1-2 Huddersfield AET) Fa Cup: 3rd Rnd (Lost 3-1 Shef United) Verdict So for Celtic it was an up and down season. Lifting the community shield was the perfect start but it didn't get much better from there. Finishing bottom of their champions league group, was followed by early exits in the Fa cup and Efl cup to lower league opposition but they managed to finish 15th in the league and survive their first season. As for Rangers it was a disastrous, like Celtic they suffered early exits in the cups to lower league opposition. None of that compares to finishing 18th and relegation from the Premier league. Season 2 So Celtic have settled well in the premier league and Rangers are set for life in the championship. How would each side get on in season 2. Could Celtic improve on 15th and could Rangers bounce back to the top flight at the first attempt. Celtic Premier League: 16th EFL Cup: 3rd Round (Lost 1-2 Tottenham) Fa Cup: 5th Rnd (Lost 2-0 Man United) Rangers Championship: 22nd Relegated EFL Cup: 4th Round (Lost 7-0 Liverpool) Fa Cup: 4th Rnd (Lost 1-0 QPR) So despite finishing with a better points total this season they slip to 16th but still premier league survival was once again priority for Celtic. They once again crashed out early in the cups although this time to premier league opposition. As for Rangers an improvement in the cups as they progressed further but their league form continued to suffer as they slipped to successive relegation as they are set for life in league 1. Season 3 So we enter a third season in the hope to see some improvement by Rangers could they start the climb back up league ladder. Could Celtic improve on their position in the league or were they destined to be in another relegation fight. Celtic Premier League: 12th EFL Cup: 2nd Round (Lost 1-0 Peterborough) Fa Cup: 5th Rnd (Lost 4-1 Southampton) Rangers League 1: 6th Lost play offs EFL Cup: 1rst Rnd (Lost 3-1 to Watford) Fa Cup: 2nd Rnd (Lost 1-1 Newport after penalties) Checkatrade Trophy: (Lost 3-1 Shrewsbury) The good news for Rangers fans is their slide down the leagues has halted in season 3 with a 6th place finish which earned them a play off but they lost at the semi final stage. Celtic enjoyed their best season yet finishing 12th and their highest point tally with 47 points. Both sides continue to fail to go any distance in the cups. Season 4 Investment and Manager change. So in one final season in our simulation and to just to give a helping hand to our test, I awarded both sides unlimited funds, Increased reputation and the two very best managers in the game.So with these added advantages will either side find success. Pep Guardiola moved to Rangers and Massimiliano Allegri moved to Celtic. Both sides spent heavily in the transfer windows given their new found wealth and increase in reputation. So how will the added changes help our sides.... Celtic Premier League: 10th EFL Cup: Quarter Final (Lost 2-1 to Crystal Palace) Fa Cup: Winners Rangers League 1: 3rd Lost play off semi final EFL Cup: 3rd Rnd (Lost 3-2 to Liverpool) Fa Cup: 5th Rnd (Lost 2-0 to Wolves) Checkatrade Trophy:Quarter Final (Lost 4-1 Shrewsbury) The investment helped Celtic achieve their highest finish yet and their first silverware as they landed the Fa cup. Rangers finished 3rd in the league but once again fell in the play offs. Leicester and Burnley in Scotland Just as a quick mention on our two sides that moved to Scotland. Leicester maintained Celtic's dominance as they went on to win three league titles and two Scottish cups. While Burnley also managed to land a league title. Conclusion So it seems fairly certain Celtic can cope in the premier league perhaps significant investment and they can challenge the top sides in the league. As for Rangers look set to be a league 1 side. Which is not too much of a surprise given their recent troubles on and off the field perhaps if this was set a few years ago it may have being a different story but in this scenario Celtic win. Thanks for reading.