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  1. Dyballa finally coming good for me. But no berardi long term injury going to be a poor season.
  2. Very slow start by my boys. As @Erreh said embollo needs to start performing. Happy with berardis progress this season and surprised rashford and Jesus haven't kicked on a bit yet. Great updating Betty
  3. Have sent in a team. If it's not too late if not I'll watch on as it unfolds.
  4. Great read @Ashez I agree the difficulty is what you make it. I think between what you mentioned above about not using Editors, PA or regens you can make it harder for yourself without following specific challenges. Also other ideas to make it harder is to change things from season to season. Won the league with a blazing 4-2-3-1 formation change it up for a 4-1-3-2 etc or one I like doing is selling off one or two key players and then start the challenge of trying to replace them etc
  5. Excellent stuff. I've wanted to do an FC united save myself in the past but hav'nt had the chance. Enjoyed the read Keepp up the good work.
  6. Great start. Miss the days of Celtic having competition for the title. Hopefully you can change that.
  7. Love the unique posting style for a career story. Great start looking forward to the next chapter
  8. Being a united fan as much as I want you to fail can't argue with results. Great work
  9. Hell of a challenge you set yourself but looking forward to seeing how it pans out. Great start KIU.
  10. Excellent first season and when all those loanees come back the team will be so much stronger for season 2. Keep it up
  11. Nice little side challenge to a save. Will have to get my name on that list somewhere soon.