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  1. Alright thanks guys, I think I’ll get it later once I’ve done my uni work, I’m excited now!
  2. How’s it going guys, just wondering if you’s think its worth getting the new one. I’ve played FMM for years but recently lost the drive to play the game, probably burnt out from playing it too much! Are the new features good and would they encourage me to get back into FMM? Cheers
  3. I know this may seem like a long shot but an online career like in PC FM would bring FMM back to life for me. Don't get too much enjoyment from playing offline anymore.
  4. Juve 1-2 Barca Dortmund 1-3 Bayern PSG 1-2 Liverpool Man Utd 3-1 Benfica Napoli 1-1 Arsenal Man City 3-2 Spurs Torino 3-1 West Ham Torino 5-0 Hertha
  5. Cheers bro, so will I wait til the window before I choose a team?
  6. Personally, when I'm playing all I want to see or read through text commentary is - red cards, clear cut chances/set piece opportunities and goals. Also by having it this way, matches would be way shorter unless its a repeat of liverpool vs arsenal carabao cup haha
  7. I feel it is ruining the FMM experience a bit. Where I would have been able to play 4 or 5 matches in previous editions I can only play 1 or at a max 2 matches. Really need the ability to turn off the text commentary between highlights imo.
  8. I'd have it so we only see text commentary when we see the pitch
  9. Not sure if it is an actual glitch or not but this is something that is becoming really frustrating. I use enhanced match engine with key highlights on an average speed slightly increased from middle. About 60-70% of a match is pointless text commentary that leads to absolutely nothing and it is taking up a couple of minutes per game. Need an option to turn this off!
  10. Good luck, good choice of team and a very solid start!
  11. I'm confused with how poor Aberdeen's training facilities are considering we opened a brand new training ground complex last month. Has it not been updated and is just needing altered in the future?
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