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  1. fmhaberdeenfan

    Away Games

    Yeah I think it needs to be toned down a bit if you look at the away record table all the top teams in my league have at least 2-3 more away losses than home losses
  2. fmhaberdeenfan

    Kamal Bafounta - Tipped to be Next Pogba?

    Builds into a very similar player to Ndidi
  3. fmhaberdeenfan

    Away Games

    Oh right, I keep them the same for the lesser sides but if its a big game i tend to slightly tweak them
  4. fmhaberdeenfan

    Away Games

    Sorry but what do you mean?
  5. fmhaberdeenfan

    Help Away Games

    No matter what team I manage I always drop points away from home or scrape wins I have won 5-0 or so at home. Is there any way to improve on away games or is it just the game is programmed to give a home advantage?
  6. fmhaberdeenfan

    End of Oct English Champ and 58 day break?

    Yeah defo the World Cup gonna be annoying to have a winter World Cup because when you think of World cup its about summer time and going out
  7. fmhaberdeenfan

    Vibe Community Events 2018/19

    When/how do you sign up, not sure if i missed that part when skimming 😂
  8. fmhaberdeenfan

    Barcelona Spend £811M in One Season

    I have never seen anything like that before ahaha
  9. fmhaberdeenfan

    4-3-2-1 EME Winning Tactic

    Got results with any other teams?
  10. fmhaberdeenfan

    Fast Links Not Working

    Same problem for me aswell
  11. fmhaberdeenfan

    Adding some Claws to the Wolves

    Keep Neves, he is still very young so will improve.
  12. fmhaberdeenfan

    so annoying training bug.... only me?

    Please change the title
  13. fmhaberdeenfan

    Sign on fee truble

    Also an issue for me, needs to be toned down because it can ruin a save.