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  1. Career Risheek vs FMH Aber - International Goal H2H

    Haha yeah mate
  2. Career Beating History - Arsenal Career

    Season 2 Hey guys and welcome to the next update of my Arsenal career. Enjoy! Transfers Cups League Awards Game Changer Thanks for reading this lads! Feedback appreciated as always
  3. Career Risheek vs FMH Aber - International Goal H2H

    Thanks mate. I'll give him a great challenge
  4. Hey guys! Risheek and I will be doing a head to head. We are trying to beat the record of 109 international goals with one player! Rules Player selected cannot be capped in FMM17 No Use of editor No restarting games Own Tactic The person to hit 110 goals in the least amount of caps wins! The Selected Players @Risheek Luciano Vietto Nation: Argentina Age: 23 @fmhaberdeenfan Name: Andre Silva Nation: Portugal Age: 21 So make sure to stay updated with this guys! Its gonna be good!
  5. Career Beating History - Arsenal Career

    And West Brom in sixth
  6. Career Beating History - Arsenal Career

    Thanks, nearly done season 2 and lets just say I'm using an incredible tactic by @BatiGoal Yeah I did do a good job in the window and brought in some great players
  7. Career Beating History - Arsenal Career

    Thanks mate! Yeah only got £60M for the second season but I have shaken the squad up a lot!
  8. Career Beating History - Arsenal Career

    Thanks mate
  9. Career Beating History - Arsenal Career

    Season 1 So here we go, season 1 of the career is done. Transfers Cups League Player and Manager Awards Overall a successful enough first season where we look to build onto and buy new players and complete more of the challenges! Thanks for reading, feedback appreciated and goodbye!
  10. Career Beating History - Arsenal Career

    Thanks mate, hopefully we can do it quicker than my goal of 10 seasons
  11. Hey lads! For the next while I will be trying my hardest to recreate and better Arsenal's history. We will have the following aims for the save... 1. Invincible League Season 2. Get a player 100 international goals 3. English Treble - EPL, FA Cup, EFL Cup 4. European Treble - EPL, Champions League, Super Cup 5. Win World Cup 6. POTY and Young POTY award in England 7. World POTY award 8. 100 League Goals in a season 9. Win Euros 10. 100 Points in a season = Challenge Completed The Beginning So, I have been appointed manager and with the hope of a successful first season! Transfers Competitions Thanks for reading the beginning of my new challenge! Would appreciate it if some feedback could be left on how I could improve it. Thanks for reading and I'll be back
  12. Off Topic Xbox Gamertag

    My gt is Stracho14
  13. Vibe Site Upgrade

    Yep that works, thanks mate
  14. Vibe Site Upgrade

    iPad 3rd gen. I am using safari
  15. Vibe Site Upgrade

    Same issue here