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  1. Can you tell me what the instructions are ?
  2. Hey guys can you tell me what the instructions are ?
  3. Im looking at some careers and people are making great transfers and sometimes even like 17 free transfers that are all great in the first season. Can you give me some tips,because all i can do is signing players for free that have no club or if i make an enquiry for a low value player (like 2k) and they respond he can go for free. And how do you find regens without using tools like FMH Scout or something ? I never seem to find one. Thanks for your time
  4. I play in the skrill South and i am in february,but i cant sign any player for free although their contract runs out in 6 months. Am i doing something wrong ?
  5. Hey guys i have a question. When i am holidaying a Match,is there the same engine used as if you would watch it normally or is there used another engine?
  6. Ok thank you ! Next thing i dont know is what number is a good stat for a let's say skrill n/s player ? 10+ ?
  7. Hey guys,i want to know what things you are doing when you start your career at a club in a lower league. Also i have some general questi Sorry i have written this on my phone. General questions like 1. how many players do do you sign per Year ? 2. how do i find the best free players ? 3. how do i get rid of players that i dont Want ? Hope you can help me out
  8. First season is over and here are the results As you can see i really had an easy time winning the league title with a weak team (odds were almost never in my favour) and with players that wont even fit their roles ! I will make new signings in the new season so that the roles are filled better and i will keep you updated !
  9. I have tested this tactic with Weston-super-Mare and this are the results after the first 10 games in the Skrill South. I absolutely love this tactic ! I will keep you updated when the season is done !
  10. Ok thank you ! Another question - when is the best Time to ask the Board for better Training facilities or expanding the Stadium ?
  11. Hey guys, Is it possible to turn from semi-professional to professional ? If yes,how ?