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  1. Hello, I understand in general. I mean, can we fix the League name and match name for the English version. Only one can be used changes.txt
  2. After the update, it will be invalid. Please fix it, mainly the names of Serie A and La Liga. The club doesn't seem to have an impact for the time being.
  3. Oh, in fact, his fixed PA value is not high, it should not exceed 85. I just see that his weekly salary is cheap, and his key attribute is strong, that is, he starts even at the peak.
  4. Philippe Brazil needs the English league as the first league. I use England, Germany, Spain and Italy as the main four leagues. He needs to sign when he starts, or he will retire when he has no ball to play in a season
  5. Oh, actually, I'm like a PC, cancel reincarnation, and then change to random people
  6. Oh, I wonder if I've become a random person like the PC version?
  7. As for the reincarnation of fmm20 players, it's hard to find the reincarnation of this generation of players, or it has been cancelled like FM and changed to random people. Long season friends, you know
  8. Look at your most capable front and middle and back players, not on loan. Free signing players, thank you
  9. Can you post the player's ability chart? By the way, we recommend a visa free player with Philippe nationality in Brazil. As long as the salary is 100 weeks, the PA is not too high, which belongs to plug and play type.
  10. I'd like to recommend some North South leagues to you, Phillip Brazil Charlie Ferguson England Onoabhagbe England It's all players in the free market with no more than 300 new players per week. You can think about it
  11. I feel that this formation is suitable for low level, but it's 4-2-4 for the year of, I don't know how it is this year
  12. For example, why can't you display the picture pack patch? It has been queried that the picture pack contains the employee's picture, and the uid in config is also correct. Seek help
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