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  1. 20+ players have snubbed me, the latest being transfer listed, 2* rated Ezekial Barcos. A little experimentation shows that now I literally cannot sign anyone! The game will not allow me to even make an offer! Every player who has snubbed me showed as "interested" or very interested" when scouted! I cannot make an offer even with players who tell me that it would "take a very lucrative offer" for me to sign them (most say they are not interested in playing for my club.) Add Andreas Pereira to the list. He wants lucrative offer, but thegame will not allow me to do that. (If you are talking to me, Mr Tree, just what would you suggest? Listing egregious bugs and expressing my frustration at the state of the game should be constructive if those in charge are really interested in fixing the flaws).
  2. I give up! This used to be such a great game, but it is now Fubar. I have taken Kaiserslautern from 3L through BL2 to BL1 champs, raised the team's star rating to 4*5 stars and am being snubbed by even 2.5* players who I try to sign. I cannot sign anyone despite having over 100mm Euros to spend. This is just the latest of many screw ups that infect this version of the game. I'm outta here. someone let me know if the SI folks get their collective heads out of their pants.
  3. In the Euro Cup semi, my Schalke side were down 0-1 (agg1-1) in et @ CSKA when we scored. The on screen pitch suddenly went blank (all the dots disappeared and only the names of the player who scored and the player who assisted could be seen) and a message in the scroll stated: ET Half). I hit the "opposition" tab, but it's screen was blank, so, i hit the "tactics" tab for my team and all the info, etc came up. The game started the second extra time normally when i hit "play"...but the all important away goal we had just scored had disappeared. We ended up losing in a shootout. Each update just introduces new bugs to irritate the s**t out of you and diminish the enjoyment of the game.
  4. More FMM19 Follies (post latest update): Adrian Rabiot "wants a new challenge." has 1 year left on contract. So, I sell him to Inter, but he rejects them, saying that he is "happy with his role" at PSG. Then, a few days later, he requests move, saying that "it's time to move on to a new challenge." The "Most Recent Save... That Isn't" problem persists.
  5. In all honesty, although bugs have existed in all the versions I have played since FMH14 and had to be fixed with updates, it seems that in the last two, FMM18 and 19, however, things have gone off the rails and the updates have either failed to fix them, created new ones, or both. Until FMM18, the game was challenging, gave a sense of realism and was great fun to play. The EME was a real advance. With FMM18 and 19...not so much. We can only hope that the June update will provide a comprehensive repair of the game.
  6. These things are occurring post-update. So, what you are saying is that they did not fix them, right?
  7. Man City has offered me 525,000, not million, thousand, euros for Timo Werner who was just named best player in Italy (Inter) and won the scoring title. C'mon guys, get a handle on things.
  8. WTF??!!?? Now the game has me playing in the ECC final with all my players ineligible due to international duty!!! All my very best are out. I literally do not have enough players to fill out my substitutes. 10.2.3 Looks like a normal update to me.
  9. Latest Laughers: 1) A young player, Achraf Hakimi, making 250k euros/week, demanded a new contract...for 240k! I hit the "Suggest Terms" tab and he accepted. (Not the brightest bulb in the pack, I guess, and definitely needs a new agent). 2) I was managing Atlanta United but left to take job with Inter. Yet, My old first team scout, Lucy Rushton, is still providing my pre-game match reports... 5 seasons later (I only made love to her once.) 3) The "Most Recent Save" is still never the most recent save.
  10. I found that if you go back and give the player what he originally asked for, he agrees to terms. Don't raise your offer. In one case, I offered, player refused, i offered more, player refused, but screen showed that his wage demand was what was originally offered. So, I just hit suggest terms and he agreed. I agree with many others. The game is really f***ed up right now. By the way, be careful when reloading a save because the "most recent" save usually isn't. FMM19 needs a major overhaul.
  11. Unfortunately, I am giving up on FMM. Game is totally f*****. There are so many bugs, I don't know where to start. the latest is having over 5 million euros in available wages and game not letting me offer more than 180k euros/week and 1.6m signing fee. I literally could not sign any decent players. All wanted 250k+ and 3m+. Others crap includes latest save not being the latest save, phantom goals and morale roller coaster making game more irritating than fun to play. Every time a new update is made, it screws up more stuff than it fixes. I really liked this game before FMM18, but it is honestly more irritating than fun to play now. Why don't they go back to FMM17 and start over from there?
  12. I am sure that someone else has already noted these bugs, but I don't have time to look through 30+ pages to check. So, here they, and a complaint, are: 1) The save listed as "most recent" isn't. I just booted my game. the "most recent" save is listed as 15/11/20. The two saves below it are for 16/11/20. 2) When a team advances in cup play, the scroll always announces the games to be rescheduled to make way for the team's next match and who they will be playing before officially announcing who the next opponent is. Every time the folks at SI do an update, it screws up my the team's performance in the current save, forcing me to adjust formation and/or tactics to get them back on track. I had won 9 straight matches in the same formation with minor tweaks in tactics from match to match, scoring 24 goals, when 10.1.3 hit. we went 1-2-2 the next five with only four goals scored before I found the right adjustments to recover from it. The same sort of thing happened with 10.1.1 and 10.1.2.
  13. My ipad just downloaded version 10.0.6. anyone know what problems it addressed?
  14. My name is Klaus Fischer-Hays. I am 50 years old and manage Schalke04. I am evidently quite proficient at producing sons 😁 :