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  1. At fmm20 it was wonderful, I'm doing the same thing this year and it's not working the same way, but it's still better than putting it on the transfer list.
  2. In my case, I am getting few offers when I put the sale on, and most of the offers are from teams where the league is not playable. I think it must be a big one. The impression I have is that the teams in the playable leagues are practically broke. When you sell your players, are you making good profits?
  3. I agree, it's very easy to deal with the team's finances and the AI sucks at that. These news cheered me up, but all I hope for is a more challenging FMM and as I know that the changes I want are "invisible" (more improved AI in finance and team building), I still hope that they have improved AI and did not disclose for not be so attractive to the general public.
  4. As a South American, I was happy with the addition of the Argentine league. But this is far from what the game needs most, I have been waiting for years for more improved AI in the selection of the team, in the signings, in the financial part, in the development of the young players. As it stands, in a few years of play the drop in the level of the teams is already noticeable and the more the years pass, the weaker the teams become (weird signings, without money) and the average level of the best players drops a lot too (development bad young players). I really hope this year will improve. And I also understand that for commercial purposes, the cost-benefit of these changes visible as new leagues are better than invisible changes like the improvement of AI. Anyway, I'm a big fan, it's basically the only game I play. It is undoubtedly the best in its category. (Discover English, I'm using an online translator).
  5. The game is not released in my country, I would very much like to be able to buy it. I was eager to play this year's version. I'm upset about this. I opened this topic to make this outburst. A pity to be unavailable in Brazil, please correct this next year, thank you. (Google translator)