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  1. National Team Saves

    Does this work for iOS ?
  2. 2017 Tactic Kits

    Why aren't all these mods available on iOS ? ??
  3. QPR Skin/Theme(Retina)

    Bro why doesn't tht kit of QPR n stadium nt come ??? For me
  4. Future Skins?

    Tottenham hotspus. Plzz because there aren't any spurs skin .. so there will be plenty of downloads .. plz make Tottenham hotpsurs Tottenham retina
  5. FMH2014 National Team SaveFiles Package 1.0.0

    It tells Tht the file is of older version and can't be played.. Wht should I do ?? Plz tell?
  6. Stadium patch(Retina)

    Bro. How you got Tht overlay.. man u Swansea looks so good