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  1. Looks like I hit the lottery. I'm now experiencing the wonderful CTD upon startup. Have the 9.03 update, at least, per the US Play Store that's the version I have. Game played just fine for a few hours. I let it suspend/go into background without closing it properly, though. I'm usually more careful about that. Upon launch, the two license splash screens display as usual, followed by the SEGA splash. Then, when the Main Menu should display, crash to desktop with a notice the application keeps crashing. I'll try to get screens if it helps. I've tried rebooting, and I've tried uninstalling/reinstalling. Heck, I've uninstalled, rebooted, then reinstalled. Should I delete the FMM18 folder in Documents and try again? A most vexing and troublesome bug this is. I can understand that one cannot possibly test for every architecture out there and things happen. Hopefully this can get resolved. The problem seems to have appeared very suddenly. It played fine earlier today. Device: Samsung S7 through Verizon, no root, no custom firmware, running standard Android OS Edit: Deleted the SI folder in Documents, uninstalled, rebooted, reinstalled - the issue seems to have fixed itself. That said, I hope I don't have to delete my saves and everything else should the problem recur. Reported it in SI Forums. Hopefully it's a weird one time thing. It's needed to stop a time or two from being in the background so long, but hasn't repeated this behaviour since.
  2. Chat Work permits

    It's a work permit, and loaned players would be working for the club. It's not a footballing issue, it's an issue of UK immigration and employment law. I don't believe this to be a bug. As I understand it, even in cases where the parent club pays for 100% of the player's wages, the monies owed are paid to the loaning club, who then pays the player. As such, the player would require a work permit to be legally employed in the UK.
  3. Help FMM Optimized?

    I'm surprised to read this. Now, there could be any number of factors leading into this being the case, but I'm playing this as we speak on my S7 Standard (not Edge), with no trouble whatsoever. Could it perhaps be the number of players/leagues you have loaded? I generally do my best to keep my player count under 15000. You could try giving your phone a reboot, for one, and kill off any background/remaining resident processes. I'd also avoid running any additional applications if you can avoid it, whilst FMM is running. Clearing some additional free space might help as well as getting rid of applications/games that continue to run in the background (of course, within reason, I wouldn't advise going without something you need for the sake of FMM). What performance mode is your phone set to, and better yet, are any battery saving modes activated? Both can cause programs to slow to a crawl. Hope that gives you somewhere to start. Best of luck!
  4. Nice piece of work, PriZe. As usual, nothing but top-quality content from you I know I'm late to the party, but after my diatribe about FMM17, I've had a lot of crow to eat before I could get on with playing and posting.
  5. Chat Many people done this before?

    Really impressive campaign! Congrats, that's a heck of an achievement, especially in the PL.
  6. I really dig the narrative style of prose. Keep up the great work - I don't recall often seeing careers in Oz pop up very often, so this is kind of a rare treat
  7. Thanks for the kind words, Ashez, and for understand somewhat of where I was coming from. Maybe it will be interesting challenges or career like it was for you. I think I need to put dowb the mobile for a bit and take a little healthy time away first. At least from playing the thing myself. Frustration factor is just too high right now. Something will draw me back I'm sure. I hope you don't mind me getting my fmm fix through you and the community in the meantime!
  8. Challenges Restrictions - FMM Challenge

    An interesting proposal! It's certainly something different, which is important. Like you said, by this time of year, we're usually scratching our heads looking for something new.
  9. Wow, Ash. That's a heck of a tear to start off on. As you said, last season, this is where the difficulty ratchets up. Looking forward to seeing how you jump into top flight football, especially trying to do so partway into the season. Thanks for taking on this challenge, by the way. Hope it's been as fun playing as it has been to read! I guess it will depend on what jobs are offered, but where do you want to go next? Polish off the English part of the career now after your incredible run by lifting the PL trophy, or save it for later to return home the conquering hero? Can't wait to see the next update. Will be following eagerly!
  10. @BatiGoal Being done with the game and done with the community are two separate things. I'll still be around, lurking, making odd comments, watching careers and challenges. Vibe isn't what I need to put away for a while, it's the game itself. I'll probably find more time for careers and challenges now, actually. I'll enjoy the game vicariously through all of you for a while. Maybe it'll rekindle my love for it. I felt like I had to express something, and at least here, I felt like it could be heard for what it was. Not tearing anything down, but a groan of frustration and exhaustion at something we all quite clearly love. Thanks for hearing me out.
  11. This is just a mess. I've dearly loved this series since 2008-2009 on my PSP. I think I'm done with it, though. I'm not going to get into emotional exaggerations. It's not that SI doesn't care. I think it's just a matter of talent being spread too thin. As I understand, it's a small team that works on FMH/FMM, and their resources are stretched thin. Being a $6-$9 game, I get that only so many people can be shifted over to work on the project. Investors must be satisfied, profit must be made. That's business. I can understand. Alari, Jack, Marc, and I'm sure more I've forgotten have really worked hard to try and be ambassadors for their title. Please don't take this as a knock. You have all been lovely. I've had my issues with the way some things have been said in the past, but I think we can all chalk our reactions up to emotion at one point or another. None of us are perfect, myself especially. But, it dawns on me that the problem is only likely to get worse as time goes on. A small price point means the company can only spend so much on it. With each passing year, there's MORE devices to be programmed for. More idiosyncracies to take into account. Make it work with HOW many versions of AndroidOS? That's not even counting iOS devices, and let's be honest, there's a good number of them to take into account as well. As I understand, the game can still be played on an iPod Touch. That's a lot of devices to juggle. Yes, there's going to be a gripe. The past few years have been hit with some real immersion breaking and game-breaking bugs. To see another update come and go, and bugs thought squashed still popping up, 4 months or more after release. Hotfix after hotfix that can't quite solve the problem. It's not that SI have intentionally been shipping a poor game. It wasn't fair to ever imply that they don't care. There's too much to do, and it doesn't seem near enough people or the money to get it all done. That's what makes me the saddest. I was content to fork over my $30 or so for the PSP version. I'm sure SI didn't sell 10% as many copies at that price as they do now, though. I wish I even had an answer I could point at and say, "THIS, THIS IS WHY THE GAME IS AWFUL, FIX IT." I'm pretty sure that's exactly what the staff at SI wish they could say, too. The enjoyment is gone, though. I honestly haven't played more than 2 seasons since purchasing. Part of that is on me. It's chafing to feel like I'm paying an increasing amount yearly for a product that's increasingly flawed. I apologize to any and all if this seems harsh. It isn't intended to be. I'm trying to simultaneously express that I understand why some things are the way they are, while balancing it with giving a fair and honest critique of what has made me want to shelve this series. I've played more of FMH '12 and '11 on my PSP in the past year than the past 2 mobile editions combined. It's got fewer features, it's got some glitches, but it does what it's supposed to do. Thank you guys at SI for all the hard work you continue to put in. This most recent update update and resulting gremlins put a fork in me - I'm done.
  12. Guides/Tips FMM17 8.2 Wonderkids List

    It's available as of now, anyway. Downloading as I type this.
  13. Guides/Tips FMM17 8.2 Wonderkids List

    Well done, guys. Another wonder kid shortlist within hours of the update. When do any of you sleep?? Great work as always. Couple of questions- are these lists purely by PA, and does anyone know if hidden attributes grow over time as CA approaches PA?
  14. Guides/Tips Managing Germany

    Interesting. I wonder if this would work for CONCACAF nations, or if they're still not fully implemented. I won't be able to play my favourite MLS club, but managing the USMNT would be fun!
  15. This Greyd Out Player!!!

    It seems pretty random, pulled a world class (potential) player from FC United's reserve. Don't know if better facilities have an impact on the quality of player. I have found, however, that most reserve squad players, even the ones with fantastic PA tend to have terrible playing traits, like moving the ball to their strong foot before dribbling, diving into tackles, et cetera. Insofar as "cheating" is concerned, it's your game, mate. I'm sure there's people with a thousand different opinions, but it's your game, don't let anyone tell you how to enjoy a product you bought. Now, if we're talking in terms of challenges or on-site competitions, using the editor while others are not would certainly be an unfair advantage. For your own play, though, enjoy your game. (In my personal opinion, I find no issues with using the IGE to make up for such programming shortcomings, or like, trying to sign a player already in the UK in real life but the game won't give him a work permit.)