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  1. What changes did you make? I tried a few but couldn't get it to work but tbf I'm very well could have made the wrong ones.
  2. Knew I got something wrong! That's interesting, ill probably go with s different formation when facing the 442 in general then.
  3. I also ran a MLS test run. The results are interesting so far. I started a save as the New York Red Bulls. They have a good AP who can't tackle, and I brought in a decent cm and Will Keane to play up top. The start was a bit shaky, but a few adjustments led to a nine game undefeated streak! Then I played against a 442 diamond, and lost big. The only reason the stats aren't completely dominant was because they switched to narrow and contain around the 80th minute, letting me get a few shots and a goal. My takeaway (which could very well be wrong and probably is) is that if your wingers are just average, they can't handle the offensive pressure that the 442 diamond produces. My best winner is an average one and his backups are pretty bad. Notice that the goals were spread out. Then I went up against Orlando. They went with a deep 4231. Nice clean win. Against nycfc, a team similar to Portland in form, but using a 4231: This was a game I should have won but it wasn't meant to be, still a good performance. But it's weird why the 442 diamond hurts this tactic, any ideas? Or maybe just a coincidence (or I'm grasping at straws to explain me being bad at fmm? ???)
  4. Sentarian

    How do you counter the counter?

    Not sure if my central defenders are good enough to run the offside trap but ill keep that in mind thanks. I'll take off pressing, i definitely think it tires them out but also opens up the team to be ripped apart by passing teams. Also when I attacking 442 i mean with two wingers playing up in the attacking midfield area as inside fowards. I almost always am in balanced mentality unless im down a goal (happening often now lol) Ill try commited tackling thanks.
  5. I recently started a career in the Premier League as Sunderland. It's been going pretty decent so far, but now in the latter half of the season I'm coming up against a lot of teams who counter attack. While I've gotten some results, teams at or below my level with counter attack on are ripping me apart. Any tips to slow them down? I'm currently running a 4-4-2 attacking with only pressing on.