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Aaron Thornton

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  1. Aaron Thornton

    Episode 3 Bargain Buys.

    Yeah thats a fair point but i love my BPD's 😁😁
  2. Now this is my type of defender and for 2.2 million its a great pickup, you can see as the seasons went on and he got experience at the highest level he played more and his AV R drastically improved.
  3. 3.6 million pound for a player who grows to that is insane. My only downside with him is i only play BPD's so he doesn't really get a look in but i will try to retrain him as a BPD and will post his stats if they improve. But as far as CD's go you can't get much better.
  4. Aaron Thornton

    Episode 1 Bargain Buys.

    Yeh he is very one dimensional but for the price you can't go wrong added 0 minutes later Nice one what system do you play him in
  5. Niclas Eliasson: Burnley career stats: Games played: 134 Goals scored: 21 Goals assisted: 39 For just 6 million in the first year he turns into an amazing winger. Please if you have screenshots of him from your personal saves, send them in.
  6. Aaron Thornton

    Erik Ten Hag's Amazing Ajax tactic made in FMM19.

    Watched that already, great video
  7. Who are you managing
  8. Aaron Thornton


    On the day your meant to submit your squad go on holiday for one day and your assistant might remove them, dont know for sure cause I've never encountered this glitch but its worth a try
  9. Aaron Thornton

    Erik Ten Hag's Amazing Ajax tactic made in FMM19.

    Does not work in game lol at all
  10. Having watched a YouTube earlier today on the Ajax style since Erik Ten Hag's appointment I felt inspired to try and create it in FMM19, so here it is. Looks bizarre (roles wise) but once I post this I will see how it performs, feel free to give it a go and any tweaks you might make. The video I was inspired by Statman Dave. Check it out if you want a good breakdown of the football they play.
  11. Really good idea, i might do one in the background now
  12. Short Fast Expressive football will do the trick
  13. Aaron Thornton

    Benítez's Valencia - Double Challenge

    Looks interesting I'll be following you
  14. Thanks man it felt like the family pet died when i did it haha
  15. Unfortunately due to me being a pleb i accidentally overwrite my save with a Lyon test save and because I dont use automatic weekly save my progress would resume at season 2, i was halfway through season 4 😭😭 I've decided to cancel the series,but I will be starting a different series soon, sorry for my idiocy, next time will be different