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  1. The Bewerken in the bottom right corner of one of the screen shots is how you tell
  2. Gonna give this a go, looks very fun and it's something a bit different, focusing on a Winger.
  3. Great dedication mate. It's quite a relief when the career ends 😁 I've done one 30 season career before with Valencia on FMM 2019. After season 15 I wanted to blow my brains out with boredom but I kept soldiering on anyway lol. I pawned the phone that save was on for a bag of weed lol. So no proof.
  4. 78% was the highest I managed, I thought I was a shoe in for the record till I seen this 😭😭
  5. Most passes by a single player in one game? Im not sure if there 8s a record for this atm. But there's my attempt anyway. added 0 minutes later Wow I'd be livid lol
  6. You would probably need to change formation, personally if drop your AM to a DM or CD and play down the wings with wingback and wingers with Look for Overlap on as they they only have a LB and RB you should easily overload each flank play a CM and BBM in the centre and your DM as a BWM also change to fast tempo and go to Counter attack with Normal or wide width
  7. You are already retraining him as an inverted wing back otherwise that option wouldn’t show up
  8. Stay mate, you won’t regret it when you lift a Premier League trophy with Macclesfield in the season to come
  9. Check their Managers profile and it will show his preferred formation
  10. Look at your previous results in he league and stuff and if you notice a pattern of poor games anywhere, check the formations they used against you. United will come out in a 4231 like yours. So if any weaker teams got a surprise result against you check what they used and that could be your counter tactic.