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  1. Joeldinho has arrived. Edit: he'd be more Joelnaldo
  2. Anyone want Konsa? I can think of one person in particular who might
  3. Another mare for VAR again today, McTominay's 'foul' on Son, ref didn't give it, we score them VAR says to have a look at this mate, Ref goes over and somehow sees that as a foul, thankfully it didn't matter, but if they're getting decisions wrong and badly wrong at that, why is it still here, I'd rather have pure human error and guessing than this VAR b*llshit at this point. Though we all know they won't just scrap the idea, so make amendments and make referees discuss their decisions after the final whistle. Only way I think this gets better.
  4. Looks like he's asking for Tarkowski's number, or staring at a really small tattoo that he just got done.
  5. I had planned to make this joke when i got home from work 😂😂😂 you beat me to it
  6. Setpiece instructions: set who you want to stay back there
  7. I knew excercise is bad
  8. It would have been 5 people at least, (if James got 1 less point, then 6) getting it cause 5 people are on 4 points 😂 you smoking that wacky bush 😂😂 (if so, send me some, thanks)
  9. A hard fought point this time for us. Raul Garcia with 2 more goals, what's his secret? The man is a machine.
  10. Lewandowski... 35 goals in 25 games this year, scoring bucket loads for years and yet we hear next to nothing about him from the media nor social media, he's in the GOAT picture for me (at least top 10) and could win a Ballon Dor before he retires, but since that's now a popularity contest, I don't have high hopes for him. If ever there was a player born into the wrong era, it would be him.
  11. City v Bayern Liverpool v Chelsea That's my predictions. From there though I don't have a clue, but it's nice to see the English teams well represented again in Europe, even if it isn't my own team.