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Aaron Thornton

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    North Belfast, Cavehill Road.
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  1. I hope they keep that background it is lovelyyy.
  2. Aaron Thornton

    Assymetrical 4-1-2-2-1 EME

    Gonna use it in my new Wolves save, see how it performs
  3. Aaron Thornton

    Assymetrical 4-1-2-2-1 EME

    OME or EME
  4. Aaron Thornton

    Attempting danovic78's Double Trouble Challenge.

    Season 2 update: Firstly I have to apologise for this taking so long to come out, the reason is I've had my phone in a tub of rice because I dropped it in the bath while watching Leeds vs Aston Villa last night. Anyway let's get into it. Trophies won: Well, that's good. A treble in our second season. The 6-3 FA Cup Final was a great game and CL demolition job of Porto. Transfers in and out: A lot of money spent to bolster our depth on the wings. Few outgoings too notably Sandro, he didn't enjoy the thought of being backup and I couldn't turn down 32.5 million. Performance: Another year another good season, Isak especially is just tearing teams apart. Goals and Assists tally: Goals combined(This season):113(58) Assists combined(This season):64(38) Thanks all for the support and again I apologize for the delay on this update.
  5. Aaron Thornton

    Attempting danovic78's Double Trouble Challenge.

    Season 1 update: Safe to say we had a pretty good start. League Table: Transfers in and out: Overall performance stats: Manager Profile: Goals and Assists tally: Goals combined=55 Assists combined=26 Season 1 roundup: Overall I think the first season was very successful, a 3rd placed finish and a ton of goals, stay tuned for more.
  6. Aaron Thornton

    Attempting danovic78's Double Trouble Challenge.

    Well I signed De Ligt, the wonderkid from ajax, no other signings besides the terrific twosome
  7. Aaron Thornton

    Attempting danovic78's Double Trouble Challenge.

    Thank you all, quick update, the in-game date is 15th of October 2017. Still trying to find the best 2 striker system, really struggling, currently Isak has just 2 goals and asoro 5. But the first season will mostly be a test if you like, as I'm not familiar with two striker formations. Update probably tomorrow, and again thanks for the love.
  8. Aaron Thornton

    Team to manage

    Portsmouth, Coventry or York in England Palermo or Parma in Italy Real Oviedo in Spain, they are a club on the up, but if you want Google their story it's brilliant.
  9. I don't often attempt challenges as I prefer to play the game with no barriers, but this one I like the look of, if you don't know what it is, basically I must use two strikers from the same nation and score a combined 1200 goals, for more detail look up danovic78. The team I'm using is Everton for no particular reason and the terrific twosome are perhaps not what you'd expect: AND: Long road ahead, but I think these two can achieve the goal target, I will post an update at the end of every season.
  10. Aaron Thornton

    The Double Trouble Challenge - FMM18

    I shall attempt this one, just need to do some research for the perfect twosome
  11. Aaron Thornton

    owe you one achievement

    Did they agree to your first request.
  12. Aaron Thornton

    Liverpool's Jurgen Klopp Tactics by Weulfoe

    Safe to say it's fantastic, used Liverpool, won the league with 103 points and 114 goals scored, won Champions league, winning every game from the group stage to the final, unfortunately lost Carabao cup final 2-0 to Man Utd and lost the FA cup semi final to Man City 2-1.
  13. Aaron Thornton

    Liverpool's Jurgen Klopp Tactics by Weulfoe

    Looks very close if not exactly like Liverpool IRL, I'll give it a go
  14. Aaron Thornton

    International club

    You need to meet the boards expectations on terms of league position and winning cups helps, they usually only accept one request per season
  15. Aaron Thornton

    International club

    Press the button in the bottom right corner, note you can only have a Max of 23 players on your roster at once, so add a player, you first need to remove a player, hope it helps.