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  1. Its not their fault though...
  2. The result does our talking for us, I'm just sick of the excuses being made for Liverpool now everything isn't going their way and Klopp is at the heart of it, at least yous put the ball in the net today, that's progress
  3. You're starting to talk like Klopp nowadays who has become Mourinho 2.0 in the last 3 years, Jose spent his whole life mastering the art of moaning and Klopp has got to that level in a fraction of the time.
  4. The 2 wins were in the cups aswell 😂😂 no league win all season with two games left to go they didn't want me anymore for some strange reason, I guess they didn't want to set more than one Scottish record as worst defense ever was already in the bag.
  5. Tell you what, it was some season, 245 goals in 30 games... 7.5 goals a game, who wouldn't pay to watch that, unless your a Raith Rovers fan of course. I'm just relieved it's over 😂😭
  6. Look at the xG table from last season and it paints a picture, they got 24 points more than expected meaning teams weren't taking their chances against Liverpool and Liverpool were scoring almost every attempt they had.
  7. No need to apologise mate, everyone analyses football games differently, why do you think Carra and Neville both work for Sky 😂 I havent seen any stats from the match today but I wouldn't be surprised if they were almost identical to our game, it felt like I was watching the same match again.
  8. Last season Liverpool would of scraped a 1-0 win today and against us. Even when they played poorly they always seemed to find a way to win. Liverpools next 6 games are going to be huge for them staying in contention for the league.
  9. I still think in the back of my mind, he's just doing it to raise interest, I hope I'm wrong and he performs week in week out from now on but I have my doubts, plenty of past exprleriences to go off.
  10. Son over Neymar, but I guess UEFA had to fill their Ligue 1 quota, the rest I agree with.
  11. I have to disagree mate. It takes 2 to tango and frankly both teams were shit tonight, singling us out as the reason for it is a little unfair, our attack looked better despite having a 3rd of the possession, I'm not going to call our defending brilliant as it was just as much Liverpools attack being mediocre at best
  12. Gary Neville was spot on when he said we were playing against Liverpools reputation. That was the worst Liverpool team we'll play against for years to come and our players seemed to the lack the belief that they could win that game. I agree Ash, I feel like we've missed a great opportunity there.
  13. Horrific for the neutral and even worse for a supporter of either club, we had the better chances but a win for either team would have been daylight robbery. Felt like a pre season game.
  14. Doesn't matter now anyway, I've finished my attempt and for the record, I HATED EVERY SECOND OF IT.