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  1. You would probably need to change formation, personally if drop your AM to a DM or CD and play down the wings with wingback and wingers with Look for Overlap on as they they only have a LB and RB you should easily overload each flank play a CM and BBM in the centre and your DM as a BWM also change to fast tempo and go to Counter attack with Normal or wide width
  2. You are already retraining him as an inverted wing back otherwise that option wouldn’t show up
  3. Stay mate, you won’t regret it when you lift a Premier League trophy with Macclesfield in the season to come
  4. Check their Managers profile and it will show his preferred formation
  5. Look at your previous results in he league and stuff and if you notice a pattern of poor games anywhere, check the formations they used against you. United will come out in a 4231 like yours. So if any weaker teams got a surprise result against you check what they used and that could be your counter tactic.
  6. 100% agree, the Germans know how to support the team, and the games are always high tempo. Like gegenpressing everywhere lol
  7. Mainland-Nile’s Vagnonam Luke Shaw Diogo Dalot they’re all young with loads of room to improve so that’s why I went for them, also I tried to go for two footed players as I find it helps in that role
  8. It scores well and has a solidish defence, so I think I was unlucky to lose a quarter of my matches.
  9. A little box appears in the bottom right hand corner of every screen except the match screen, so no he didn’t use an IGE
  10. Cheers pal, I’ll give it a go added 0 minutes later Because I don’t choose my players numbers lol, I leave it to the assistant added 0 minutes later Thank you
  11. Season 1: Lets take a look at how we got on in our competitions this year. A trophyless season this year, but the squads a work in progress so I’m not too concerned, we finished 4th in the league which is to be expected, the usual top 3 all finished above us, went out to Bayern Munich in the CL and lost the Cup Final to Real Madrid. So all in all we done okay. Just the three transfers in as we have so many players out on loan, I decided it’d be best to wait for them coming back to sell and improve our finances. One very noticeable outgoing in Jose Gaya, I did not want to sell him but I felt the money offered was substantial as for the rest they were surplus to requirements. So here’s how Maxi got on. Decent growth first season, in focusing on his stamina to try to improve it. Overall I think he’s done very well to hit 33 goals, Kondogbia though hitting 21 goals from centre midfield was a bit annoying and Parejo chipping in too, hopefully next year they’ll pass a bit more lol.