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  1. Cracking stuff Ian, you and they really performed well in this, they are declining for you pretty much identical to the way they declined for me, Rod lost his physicals a lot quicker, but maintained his technicals much better than Vini, maybe there is patterns to growth and decline in attributes after all🤷‍♂️ (is it purely based on the player or is it a lot of factors in one?)
  2. Don't question FMM! Its the first sign of insanity 😂
  3. I think I had myself as fitness, then two more fitness and two attacking coaches, I'm not sure what Aerial comes under for coaches, so you could be right, if it's a defensive attribute or something. 🤷‍♂️ I had that once with him too, he loves the drama of not signing a contract 😂 I think if I remember correctly he lowered his wage demands when I got the three months left on his contract message, I hope he does the same for you and nobody offers him a bosman before you can sign him on, fingers crossed 🤞🤞
  4. Cracking season again mate, your smashing this, your two most recent seasons with Haaland were better than I ever managed with him as a lone striker for my 1kc, I'm jealous you got him to 20 aerial though his aerial never passed 16 for me, even though i focused on it the whole way through🤷‍♂️ Anyway your doing great, KIU.
  5. Great effort here mate, if you had of kept going, you'd have had some amazing numbers, but regardless fantastic career mate, we'll done.
  6. Great start mate and really refreshing to see you attempt the challenges. Ralph has put you up against it here😂 but your smashing it, KIU
  7. Speaking of ashamed, how did we not lose 8-0 to Brighton yesterday 🤮🤮🤮 watched the highlights on MOTD last night without looking at the scores all day, couldn't believe we stole that game
  8. Another good season mate, Rod held onto his attributes better than Vini when I used them too. This is all but wrapped up at this point, KIU your performing great with them as inside forwards
  9. Cracking season, big jump in goals and the Lads are starting to develop into elite forwards, Esposito especially has improved loads in 2 years, KIU
  10. 😍😍😍 Can't wait, if the game was to change nothing I'd still buy it, so if any changes are made its an added bonus for me, of course they're going to make changes, I'm just intrigued to see what they are
  11. Not really sure, he's a bit like Alderwiereld before the injuries, can pass the ball comfortably and loves a physical battle
  12. A big, mean, eastern European machine😊 in all seriousness, he is quality should improve your defence
  13. Good start mate, Haaland is a beast and from what I've seen of Esposito on other career threads, he becomes a beast too, good luck. Buying players you haven't used before is always a good way to keep it fresh and enjoyable.
  14. Cheers @RichDave32 it was my first time using him in a few years, I recall someone using him for a peak years challenge not too long ago. I'm back to scanning Vibe for a new challenge🤔
  15. Thanks @Ian, his selfish trait helped I think, even as an AF, who's supposed to score and assist, but Balotelli didn't fancy passing a lot of the time 😂, if he's gonna bury them in the back of the net, I'm fine with it 🤷‍♂️
  16. I've just noticed after looking back at the save, my 4 draws were against both Man City and Man Utd home and away, we beat everyone else in the league in both games, nothing special just a bit humorous to me 😊
  17. This challenge is very popular so I thought why not give it a go, it's only one season long and it was very enjoyable to do, I just went head on into it without testing as I just needed something to sink my teeth into for a few hours, here's how I got on: Competitions: We win the League unbeaten with 106 points and a GD of 95 Lost 1-0 to Man City in the Community Shield, wiping out a potential clean sweep on day one 😠 Comfortably won the CWC as to be expected, we won 8-0 in the SF and 4-0 in the final Beat Man City this time 2-0 in the EFL Cup Beat Chelsea 2-0 in the UEFA Super Cup Beat Atleti 1-0 AET in the CL, we couldn't take our chances, luckily a goal from Firmino was enough Beat Man City 1-0 in the FA Cup, wrapping up the treble Transfers: In: Out: Liverpool start off with four right footed CB's, this didn't sit right with me, so the inferior 2 of 4 (Matip and Lovren) were offloaded for 2 left footed CB's in Ake and Romagnoli, Zielinski came in to add more quality to the midfield, (tried to sign Brozovic first, but Spurs beat me to him) Schulz and Castagne come in as backup to Robertson and TAA and last but not least I brought Super Mario back to Anfield, Brewster just wasn't gonna cut it as backup to Firmino in the short space of time I had. The Shape: Fairly standard setup, nothing too crazy, 2 CD's, 2 Wingbacks that provided the width, 2 CM's either side of a DLP, the front three Salah cuts in from the right, Mane cuts in from the left and Firmino playing as an AF (I did try Firmino as a DLF at first, but I quickly changed it, cause there was nobody stretching the defence and sniffing around the box for opportunities. A very strong defence this year, I played Attacking throughout the whole season and never changed it even in the middle of a match, so I find it quite interesting that our defence was so strong The Front Three: Mane: 28 goals, 28 assists= 56 Firmino: 39 goals, 12 assists= 51 Salah: 28 goals, 18 assists= 46 League Points: 106 League Goal Difference: 95 106+95+56+51+46=354 Final Score: 354 A trophy-ladened season with the main three contributing to a large percentage of the goals, very happy with how they performed and Ive found a tactic by accident that I really like, I've always liked the ones that have water tight defences while letting the attack do their thing. Super Mario Balotelli was stellar too as backup to Firmino. Really enjoyed this challenge, thank you @Rob, could you please add me to the leaderboard. P. S: I must have a left footed CB at left CB and a right footed CB at right CB, I don't know why I do it, it's sort of an OCD thing I have with this game🤷‍♂️
  18. That's harsh but inventive way to get around the rules, I'll keep an eye out for him on FMM in the years to come 😂😂
  19. Fantastic throughout mate, comfortably passed 2k, enjoyed following it and great to Mason Greenwood perform so well(being a United fan)
  20. Gives you a good excuse to use Forest next year🤷‍♂️ should be a good signing for them if he takes to the championship like a duck to water, Forest look good for the playoffs as long as they don't bottle it big time again
  21. Lower League management from my experience has been, sign a few players (like 5 or 6) to go straight into the first team, offload older players, sign some younger players with potential to be good at that level. Have you signed many players? Formation is very important too, attacking formations usually doo well at the lower levels because defenders are generally terrible. There is such fine margins in player quality in LLM, so if you can pick up a few decent players you should usually finish near the top. Plenty of blues on a player will be one of the best players in the league most of the time, of course the attributes need to coincide with the role and position. For eg, a top Poacher at that level, would have at least 12 in Pace, Shooting, Movement and Technique, if you can get a player with any of these attributes at 15 or above with the rest being above 12 then you have a player who is most likely currently the best player at that level. This applies to all roles of course, find a system and fit the players to that system.