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  1. Hey, I don't own FMM21 yet. However, my friend is on the full version. His name is Maximiliano Almada, he plays for Cruz Azul, probably in the reserve side. We played together some time ago and now he made it pro. I'd like to show him that he's in the game so I'd appreciate it if one of you could screenshot his profile. Thanks!
  2. Is it possible to add players to unplayable teams? If so, how would I be able to do this and is there a guide on how to edit the game(change team names, transfer players, etc.)
  3. Region: England Difficulty of Game: Any Finances: At least 6M pounds Other Specifics: No Premier League teams.
  4. Preston North End, first ever champions in England in 1888-89, as well as the first team to win the "double." They never won the league for the second and last time the next year. They alternated between Tiers 1 & 2 for 72 years before finally relegating in 1963, never to see the First Division ever again. Can you take them back to glory? Start in the League One with PNE and try to get them to the Premier League once again, win the double as well as European Glory.
  5. OK. You are Michael Sandland right? PS. I really like your videos!
  6. He's really good IRL and, despite his young age, has managed to break into the first team for Chivas.
  7. Will try in my St Albans Career! Update: Have tried lost 5 matches in a row.
  8. We begin! So we begin the journey to the PL, with Basic facilities and a stadium capacity of 6000. Leagues loaded: England, Germany, Spain and Italy. So since the club just got promoted, they have no players and I have selected to stay clear of relegation which gave me £19k and wage budget of £4,220. Seen as the club has no players, I decided to sign as many (good) free transfers as I can. As well as a few players that fit under the 0-19k spectrum. I have signed mostly U-23's but also a good forward called Manny Williams for 6k from Basingstoke. Transfer List: Tony Warner(29) GK Free Aaron Ibbetson(18) GK Free Sam Unsworth(18) GK Free Lloyd Ellams(22) AM/F RC Free Aaron Carter(22) DRC Free Karl Clair(20) AMR Free Louis Barnes(21) D/M L Free Manny Williams(31) AM/F RC Free More to come(probably) So with 13k left I hope I can get the rest of the positions I need, at least to fill the starting 11 spots. Stats of new transfers (I apologise for the ones that say 'copied to clipboard' will not happen again) So, as you can see, the transfers are decent players to keep us up for at least this season until we get some better players that can get us promoted. At this point we played our first friendly against Ryman League club Billericay Town. We had to play with the few players we had as well as some greyed out players just to fill the squad. We left winning for the half-time 1-0 with a goal from Manny Williams. Made no substitutions and continued dominating the match. The match ended 3-0, just a warmup for what is coming. NOTE: I will be playing ahead just to keep stuff happening and taking screenshots and all, not sure how often I will post updates. Next update will be: January Transfer Period.
  9. In my Arsenal career I have several prospects, none are good enoughfor the 1st team but I hope they will develop well. I will post screenshots of them when they are in the 1st team.
  10. Sorry for telling you this, but I forgot to put positions in the form, I have now for future signups but I need to know you position.
  11. Thanks! Yes, that's why I posted it here. I still don't have FMH15, but will be looking to get it soon.
  12. Hello again! So, I have already started a MyClub career(waiting for enough signups), so in the meanwhile and maybe later simultaneously I want to take recently promoted club St. Albans City F.C. to the premier league. Of course, I have the update, because if I didn't then the team wouldn't be there. I play a lot in my free time and am very commited to the saves and to all the readers so you can expect many updates in space of an hour or so. If you have any suggestions for players I should sign, comment below. Thanks for reading!
  13. Thanks! So far we have 5 signups(including you), as well as myself, so six players.
  14. Hello, I'm not sure if there will be anyone reading this but it's OK. Anyway, I want to make a MyClub career in FMH14(because I still play it), however will be making a new one as soon as I get FMH15. So, here's what you need to do if you want to participate: 1. Fill in this Google Form with the data needed for the game. 2. If you want, you can suggest a name for the club. 3. Wait for enough responses to come in until I can start the game. If you don't get in (you probably will), then, I'm really sorry, I couldn't fit you in. I will be posting updates regularly(every two days or so) so you can constantly see the progress. The updates will most probably be monthly(in game) so not too slow and not too fast. Thanks!