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  1. I‘d like to add my support to your campaign and share my opinion with you. I started playing FM with CM00/01. I struggled initially, but found loads of advice on the forums and played happily with different versions for many years. I lost confidence in the game with FM07. When the game came out, it was very difficult to win away. Even big teams would lose to very small clubs away from home. I sought help from the forums, but was criticised for failing and trying to "blame" the game. I was told "FM is not a game, it is a simulation"! "More realism" seems to have become the mantra from that point onwards. I was the point of giving up completely when I discovered FMH and fell in love with the game again. Now it seems even this version has changed. For the record, I don‘t want realism. Football managers have a terrible time. Very few are consistently successful. Most get sacked, their lives and families are abused by fans, every set-back seized upon by the media and pundits. Players and agents work against you. Who would willingly play a game where you are constantly stressed and miserable ? Life is hard enough. Why can‘t we indulge our fantasy where we lead a small club to glory ? There are lots of clever guys playing the game and I learned so much from you, but I‘m realistic enough to know I‘m not that good at identifying tactical opportunities mid-match. I would much prefer the idea that if I sign and develop the right players, their better abilities will generally get me the result. Isn‘t this the point of the attributes ? FMH worked because it was fast, the matches fly by and seasons can be finished quickly. Usually with better training, squad development and signing "key" players, after several seasons you start to make progress. However, it is easy to lose interest in a career, so the idea of a slower game is a bad move. I really hope our FMH can be saved. Apologies for the long post !