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  1. Can you create with new math engine, please
  2. ong vhep vao bo nho may hoac the nho /fmh2015_data/data/fmhi_wvga_skin/
  3. hi. why I can not create or chang the name exceeds 15 characters of the club or name player, thanks..
  4. first backup and delete 2 file gui_images and images in sdcard/fmh2015_data/data/fmhi_wvga_skin/. then extract file and copy into
  5. this link http://www.fmgraph.com/origins-14-t9044.html
  6. sorry for my english .they are fm logo style ,I just missing logo nations , can Dec help custom it. i had logo file and xml file for custom
  7. i dont have devices for retina size, sorry Thanks, you've got the download link to the font? this is link http://4share.vn/f/6152565151515252/fonts.rar
  8. My custom skin , i want to share every body....this of android wvga size^^ . hope you like it!!!!! Backup and delete 2 file gui_images and images in your device ,then Extract to the fmh2015_data/data/ fmhi_wvga_skin link: http://fmhvibe.co.uk/community/files/file/615-simple-skin/
  9. ok, I dont force you to answer me, if I bought it or not, you have to know?
  10. Can someone help me answer that on My Club mode can be played in as many years? Thanks !!!