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  1. Season 2: Another successful season completed won everything expect the Champions League, knocked out in the semifinals. The lads, I was hoping at beginning of the season that they would double their tally’s compared to previous. Which to be fair, some of them did double their tally so, I was more than happy with. Total: WG: 40 - 989 = 949 YA: 21 - 489 = 468 RC: 9 - 495 = 486 Improvements: Manager stats:
  2. Season 1; I’ve already completed the first season and honestly it wasn’t the best for three kids I’ve chosen to deliver this task, but on the other hand it was a fantastic season for the club. Pretty much winning every domestic trophy to hand, but there was something missing, we was solid at the back. However, going forward we lacked, erm, umpf about us. which showed in the final against Barca, losing the final. We was so close, but so far. Stats: As you can see our main boys aren’t there which was slightly worrying, but I wasn’t going to be too harsh since it’s there first season. Improvements: Good improvements across the board for all three, but still some more work to be done. Individual History: Total: WG: 11 - 1000 = 989 RC: 5 - 500 = 495 YA: 11 - 500 = 489 Manager Profile:
  3. So, as some of you have probably noticed, I’ve not been as active on here as much as last year and that’s because I’ve simply not played FMM20 that much. However, I’m back with a 1K challenge and additional bonuses of two players getting 500 assists each. So, where have I started my career? Who have I chosen to do the challenge with? I’ve chosen PSG, a well funded team with a decent squad. I’ve chosen my favourite wonder kid Willem Geubbals Then theses two wonder kids, Rayan Cherki and Yacine Adli
  4. I didn’t know that, but I’ve not tested much on this FMM yet. However, I do appreciate this information
  5. Has anyone noticed that you now have formation on coaching staff including yourself? if people have noticed this then I apologised for being late to the party 😂
  6. Yo all, It’s that time of year again when everyone get FMM20 and deciding who to start with. I need your guys and gals help deciding who to start with, I’ve narrowed it down to either York City or Halifax Town. I had a career with York City back on FMM18 and I guide them to champions league success so, to go back to York City would be a sweet return. However, I went to watch Halifax earlier this year and I was impressed with their stadium and the support for the Shayman so I started a career on FM 19 on the Switch with them, but couldn’t complete the first season because of FMM20. So who do I decide?
  7. This is very interesting! Good luck bud!
  8. This is gutting news for the site! I enjoyed getting the player/logo packs. However, I’m not phased by the lost of the packs. I’d rather have a community where we can all turn for tips and advice for instead of the packs. Plus, if you play long enough of a career then, players faces disappear anyways. Hopefully this doesn’t have a big impact on the site, but saying that if, you were only here for the packs then, you wasn’t getting the full benefit of the community.
  9. Hey guys, Some features have been released:
  10. I’m lead to believe that two new teams will be in the MLS league, Cincinnati FC and Inter Miami (David Beckham’s team). I think they could be too interesting team to manage in FMM20 as they are two new teams, budgets unknown until game gets released and you could make yourself a legend in their early years of being a team. Two other teams that will be a good challenge is Bury (Hopefully they are in FMM20) and Bolton. As everyone probably knows that these two clubs was potentially looking administration and unfortunately, for Bury they have been expelled from the footballing league. Bolton on the other hand was saved. They started the season with a draw fielding a team with average age of 19 and having 12 points deducted from the clubs before anyone has kicked a ball. Luckily, for Bolton they made a few signings before deadline day. Could take them back to the Premier League? So, they idea of not having any money and trying to help the team back to a good place maybe a hard challenge, but an enjoyable one.
  11. Update: Unfortunately as I’ve update my phone, I accidentally deleted some of files on football manager and this save was one of them. I’m gutted as the end was near and the time and enough I put into that save. Sorry about the disappointing news, but thank you for the support guys! 👏🏼
  12. Season 11: So I’m trying to smash this challenge out the way to have a new fun save. How did my young en get on? Well, he got 54 got in 45 games for club and 2 goals in 4 games for country. Sadly the country games were mainly friendlies, which I’ve realised are added to his total on his profile page. However, cause I’ve not been tracking his friendlies goals, I’m not going to add them in. Progression shot: Manager shots: Total: Other mentions: A recurring theme: Season 12: You’re probably thinking what the hell! A double upload. Yes I’ve been grinding this career out since I got back from Ukraine. Which this career is now a ticking time bomb as were into our last 5 seasons... So who’s going to finish first my son or me? We lost more games this season than any other season as I didn’t have a back up keeper and our main keeper was injured for 3/4 weeks so I had a youth in net... How did are young en’ get on? Well, he was smashing the season scoring goals for both club and country then a couple of injuries hindered the total outcome. He scored 49 goals in 48 games for clubs and 13 goals in 6 games for country taking him up to 61 for the season. Progression shot: As you can see in the last two years he’s had injuries that have been too long. Supposed the recurring knee injury runs in the family. Manager shot: Total: He’s got to score 356 in 5 seasons at a minimum or its over. He’s just turned 30 and is 31 in April 2044. I’m hoping he doesn’t decline too quick. Other news: Another comeback: The recurring issue... Thank you for reading and supporting this career, I appreciate all the comments and support! If it wasn’t for you guys I would have stopped going on this career 👏🏼
  13. The second half of the challenge has been draining 😂 I’m hoping he smashed it soon, but 400+ goals is a lot to get 😂