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  1. Hello Everyone, I need help with tactics this year, I’m struggling like mad! I’ve tried all sorts and nothing is successful for me, I want to create a tactic similar to the Dutch style of play. A creative freedom possession play style. Can someone help me create this? I want a tactic that’s playable in the lower leagues if possible
  2. Hey guys, I’m three seasons in my career mode and I’m seeing a recurring theme. My team will start off really strong and win a bunch of games, but then, when we lose one games, we struggle for form for the next 5-10 games. Does anyone have any advice regarding this?
  3. What about if you decide to resign from your job because you feel like you can’t take a team any further?
  4. Intro Most of us here on Vibe have achieved total domination in the game: decades of winning the league, unbeatable in the Champions League, multiple World Cups. Let's face it - it's not that hard. Of course, most of us have achieved that when starting at a strong club. There's nothing wrong with that, but could you do it if you had to start at the very bottom? Could you work your way up to becoming a superstar manager? Here's the deal: You've never been a professional player. You don't have any contacts in the game. You're unemployed, with no reputation at all. You've just got to knock on clubs' doors until one of them buys into your spiel about being an FMM legend and decides to give you a chance. Once your foot's in the door, you have to work your way up to the superstar manager event; eg: Do you have what it takes? If so, try to cement your place at the top of the leaderboard by getting there quickest (in game). But be warned: It's a long way to the top!. Notes To keep this fair, you must start with only England (all divisions) loaded. No shortcuts by getting a job in a lower division in a country with only a couple of divisions. You only get the event once, so if you are not starting from scratch, you will need to delete your game.cfg file. On Android, this is found in the Documents>Sports Interactive>Football Manager Mobile 2019>normal>cache folder. If someone can tell me where it is on iPhone, I'll add it here. Rules You must chose a starting Reputation of Unknown and a Coaching Badge of None. You must load England only, with all divisions (Vanarama North/South). You must start unemployed. You can change clubs, but only within England obviously. You can take an international job if you earn it, but you cannot start with it. Screenshots needed as evidence (a career here on Vibe is recommended): The Manager Profile screen immediately after starting The Manager History screen at the end of each season Screenshots of any job changes The "<Manager> celebrates managerial recognition" event (shown above) with the date achieved The Manager Profile screen immediately after the superstar manager event (Manager Points will be used as a tie breaker). No preferences/unlockables. No uses of text changes, save editor or IGE at all. No cheating or restarting. If requested you must upload your save so we can check no cheating has taken place via the save editor, failure to do this will result in you being rejected from the leader board. SI databases only. No Myclub or created players. Leaderboard In order of quickest to achieve superstar status (with Manager Points used as a tiebreaker): None yet I’m currently doing this challenge, and I’ve just been offered the Carlise job in league 2. Can I take it?
  5. KyleJNichol

    Need a challenge

    Oh what's this leaderboards?
  6. KyleJNichol

    Chat Need a challenge

    Hey all, its been a while since I’ve posted on here, but I’ve been playing a lot of football manager lately and does anyone feel like it’s too easy? I’ve started numerous career modes and just seem to win everything (not complaining), but I feel like I need a serious challenge. As you can see from the images below it’s a not just one career that I’ve tried.
  7. KyleJNichol

    Chat Pep tactics

    Any got a tactics for Pep Guardiola? He plays a 4123, but has certain types of players in the positions. GK - Sweeper Keeper RB/LB - inverted full backs CB - ball playing centre halfs CDM - deep line playmaker or anchor CM - Advance playmakers RF/LF - Wingers/ inside forwards ST - Advanced forward but I don’t know what kind of attacking and defensive tactics would be suitable for a Pep kind of play can someone help?
  8. KyleJNichol

    Career Mode

    I’m from Yorkshire way and the closest Butlins near us, is in Skegness so I’m going to with Boston United
  9. KyleJNichol

    Help Career Mode

    Hey Guys, I'm looking for a long career to do on FMM, as my York City was accidentally over written. I was 13 seasons in with York City, winning everything that I possibly could win, but now... It's gone forever so I need a new career. Can any recommend a slightly challenging low diversion team to start with? Preferably England, Spain, Germany, France or Italy.
  10. Need help with the 1k challenge. What's the rules? Or does any one have a link to the challenge?
  11. KyleJNichol

    Twist of the Class of 92

    New Month Heading into September in dreadful form, just winning 2 games of out 6. That's 6 points from a possible 18, we couldn't believe what had happened, so with that fresh in our minds we was determining to go into September to win at least 3 games out of 5 games. Up next for Wakefield City was Chorley (A) bearing in mind the form we've been in, this was going to be a hard game. 7th Game - Chorley (A) What a signing Jacob Blyth has been! Scoring another brace to win Wakefield City the game, another 3 points on the board. 8th Game - York (H) Heading into this game with another three points under our belts, we was in confidence against our Yorkshire rivals, York. Once again the two main goal getters Jordan Brown and Jacob Blyth getting a goal a piece, but York put a good fight against us at the end of the game. Proving we still need quality at the back. 9th Game - North Ferriby (A) Once again another Yorkshire Darby to take place. Sadly North Ferriby, just don't have the strike power or defensive quality to deal with our attack which lead us to score 4 goals and grab another points on the road. Surely we should have climbed the table now. 10th Game - Darlington (H) Pretty average game as we took the lead early on and Darlington, just didn't have the answer to make a comeback, but we conceded late on which I would have preferred the clean sheet. However another 3 points. 11th Game - Alfreton (A) However our good little run of back to back wins came to a end as we drew 1-1 to Alfreton. By looking at the stats we was wasteful in front of goal and didn't take our chances, but I would rather take a point then lose all 3. So the end of September and we have taken 13 points out of possible 15 which has moved us up the league to 4th. Next game is a cup game against Stalybridge so hopefully can get a cup run going.
  12. KyleJNichol

    Twist of the Class of 92

    I know, I just enjoy getting off to a good start to be honest
  13. KyleJNichol

    Twist of the Class of 92

    Pre-Season and Transfers So, after playing 3 friendlies, Wakefield City got off to a fly start with winning 3 games in a row (first game was already played). I’ve only made two signings which were frees to say I’ve got so much money to spend, Jordan Brown and Owain Jones, which I must say two very good young players. Both players have got off to flying start in the friendlies scoring 4 in 3 games for JB and 3 in 3 games for OJ. Hopefully they can carry their delightful form on for the upcoming games. On the other hand we’ve had one departure which was James Knowles breaking the club record for the highest amount for player sold. I’m looking to sign some more players as we’ve only got a small side at the moment, if I can’t find any decent signings in before the start of the season, then I may bring some youth through as cover. So, Sod’s law, I’m waiting for my scout to get back to me with some decent cheap signings before Boston Utd (A), but he hasn’t managed to find any. After being told this annoying news regarding signings, I decided to have a wonder down to our Reserve team, and I was shocked in the result of what I have discovered. I was expecting to find one half decent players, but we have a few players dubbed to be world class. So I’ll be offering them long term contracts as they will be the future of Wakefield City. First Game So after a long anticipated waiting of getting the season started. Game day was finally here, a couple of hundred fans travelling to Boston Utd to see Wakefield City play their first game in the football league. A nice warm day August to kick or season off, both teams setting their teams in attacking formation and hoping to grab the three points. After a goalless half, Boston Utd took the lead with a bullet header in the 59th minutes with George O’Neil. Then 5 minutes later, Boston Utd was in again after a short back pass to Steven Drench (GK) meant that Kabango Tsihmanga was through on goal with a 1 v 1 situation, and he came out on top with a cool slotted finish. I was disappointed that we was 2 goals down after having a clean cut chance to open the scoring in the first half. We left it late to grab a goal back, but Jordan Brown has opened his scoring tally for the season. I hope it’s the first of many for Jordan Brown. The whistle went for full time after scoring the goal in 91st minute. I was annoyed that we was so wasteful in front of goal, I felt bad for all the travelling fans. Not the game I was expecting to start the season or the beginning of Wakefield City to go, leaving us in 17th place of Vanarama North. With the defeat still fresh in our minds, the whole of Wakefield City Club wanted to turn the 2-1 defeat around as quickly as possible. Up next for Wakefield City was Southport at Home. 2nd Game – Southport (H) With Southport denied an early lead by offside, which obviously woke Wakefield City up as we took the lead 7 minutes after and went into the halftime at 4-0, unlucky to concede late on in the game, but our first home victory. 3rd Game - Brackley (A) We were too wasteful as we created numerous chances to score, but just not hitting the target and we paid the price by losing 2-1. However Jordan Brown was on target again. Two of our key players got injured before our fourth game, so now we’ve had to promote some youth players to cover the injuries. 4th Game - Kiddermister (H) So again losing by a narrow margin against Kiddermister, but they was the better side, however new signing Jacob Blyth has gotten off to flyer, but looks like we need a new keeper and some stronger defenders. 5th Game – Tamworth (H) Finally our dominance paid off in this game. Jacob Blyth scoring his hat trick, unlucky to not get 4 goals, but the game was always going to be a bit easier with Tamworth down to 10 men. 6th Game – Spennymoor We was unlucky not win this game as we created 3 clear cut chances, but we was wasteful in front of goal and means that we only won 2 out of 6 games. Proves that this league isn’t as easy as people thought it was. Also, another injury to add to the list, Nicky Wroe, so time to bring another youngster. Overview of August (Results, Transfers and Table)
  14. KyleJNichol

    Twist of the Class of 92

    So here we have it, Wakefield City! We have replaced Bradford PA in footballing leagues after they went bankrupt. Wakefield City share the Belle Vue stadium with Wakefield Trinity (Rugby Club). The stadium holds 9000 people, hopefully more when we progress through the leagues. We have appointed Jermaine Beckford the living Leeds striker who went on to score 71 goals in 126 games for Leeds. As a new club into following footballing world so we needed to appoint some back room with experience so I’ve appointed the following; Also, with Wakefield City busting into the scene there was numerous local businesses wanting to help Wakefield City do their very best through the leagues, so a local Funeral Planning company has invest £8.81 million into the club. With the new manager, back room staff and investors on board. It’s now time to recruit some good players for the following fixtures against Chippenham (H), Curzon Ashton (H) and Chester (H), before our first league game against Boston Utd (A)
  15. KyleJNichol

    Twist of the Class of 92

    Right, so I am going to create a team called Wakefield City FC, which will replace Bradford PA in Vanarama North, because Bradford is the closest to Wakefield. I will post updates regarding the creation of the club.