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  1. KyleJNichol

    FMM20 General Discussion

    More feature from FM Twitter
  2. KyleJNichol

    Announcement: Future of Graphics Packs on Vibe

    This is gutting news for the site! I enjoyed getting the player/logo packs. However, I’m not phased by the lost of the packs. I’d rather have a community where we can all turn for tips and advice for instead of the packs. Plus, if you play long enough of a career then, players faces disappear anyways. Hopefully this doesn’t have a big impact on the site, but saying that if, you were only here for the packs then, you wasn’t getting the full benefit of the community.
  3. KyleJNichol

    FMM20 General Discussion

    Hey guys, Some features have been released:
  4. KyleJNichol

    FMM20 General Discussion

    I’m lead to believe that two new teams will be in the MLS league, Cincinnati FC and Inter Miami (David Beckham’s team). I think they could be too interesting team to manage in FMM20 as they are two new teams, budgets unknown until game gets released and you could make yourself a legend in their early years of being a team. Two other teams that will be a good challenge is Bury (Hopefully they are in FMM20) and Bolton. As everyone probably knows that these two clubs was potentially looking administration and unfortunately, for Bury they have been expelled from the footballing league. Bolton on the other hand was saved. They started the season with a draw fielding a team with average age of 19 and having 12 points deducted from the clubs before anyone has kicked a ball. Luckily, for Bolton they made a few signings before deadline day. Could take them back to the Premier League? So, they idea of not having any money and trying to help the team back to a good place maybe a hard challenge, but an enjoyable one.
  5. Update: Unfortunately as I’ve update my phone, I accidentally deleted some of files on football manager and this save was one of them. I’m gutted as the end was near and the time and enough I put into that save. Sorry about the disappointing news, but thank you for the support guys! 👏🏼
  6. Season 11: So I’m trying to smash this challenge out the way to have a new fun save. How did my young en get on? Well, he got 54 got in 45 games for club and 2 goals in 4 games for country. Sadly the country games were mainly friendlies, which I’ve realised are added to his total on his profile page. However, cause I’ve not been tracking his friendlies goals, I’m not going to add them in. Progression shot: Manager shots: Total: Other mentions: A recurring theme: Season 12: You’re probably thinking what the hell! A double upload. Yes I’ve been grinding this career out since I got back from Ukraine. Which this career is now a ticking time bomb as were into our last 5 seasons... So who’s going to finish first my son or me? We lost more games this season than any other season as I didn’t have a back up keeper and our main keeper was injured for 3/4 weeks so I had a youth in net... How did are young en’ get on? Well, he was smashing the season scoring goals for both club and country then a couple of injuries hindered the total outcome. He scored 49 goals in 48 games for clubs and 13 goals in 6 games for country taking him up to 61 for the season. Progression shot: As you can see in the last two years he’s had injuries that have been too long. Supposed the recurring knee injury runs in the family. Manager shot: Total: He’s got to score 356 in 5 seasons at a minimum or its over. He’s just turned 30 and is 31 in April 2044. I’m hoping he doesn’t decline too quick. Other news: Another comeback: The recurring issue... Thank you for reading and supporting this career, I appreciate all the comments and support! If it wasn’t for you guys I would have stopped going on this career 👏🏼
  7. The second half of the challenge has been draining 😂 I’m hoping he smashed it soon, but 400+ goals is a lot to get 😂
  8. Season 10: Apologies for the delay, I’ve been away last weekend and I was planning to play hours on end on the plane, but it turns out that I couldn’t get that much time to play. How did my son get on? Well, he got one of his better season under my control. He got 62 goals in 46 games for club and 13 goals in 8 games for country. A good 75 goals in total for the season. However I’ve worked it out, he’s just turned 28 so I’ve got roughly 7 seasons to smash this, but I have to hit about 68 goals a season and the facts he’s only 60+ in 3/4 seasons. It’s going to be close. Manager shots: Total: It’s coming to point where I don’t want to continue this career on, because I want to start at DT before FMM 20... I’m debating it and wanting something new Other games: Thank you for reading 👏🏼
  9. Yeah everyone is a regen. Ronaldo’s regen is 34 now 😂
  10. Season 9: So this 1k challenge is now becoming harder and harder each season that goes by. So Nicho is now 26/27 meaning I don’t have much time left for him to hit 1k How did he get on? Well, he got another couple of injuries which seems to be a recurring thigh injury, but he hit 40 in 44 games for clubs and steady 15 in 7 games. Progression shot: Manager shots: Total: Still another 549 in next few seasons Other news:
  11. Season 8: So after a terrible season I decided to crack on with another season and hopefully get the goals back. Which, to be honest he did improve from last year, but that wasn’t hard at all. He managed to get 49 goals in 43 games for club and an impressive 16 goals in 11 games for country. However, he’s still miles away from the 1kc and he’s just turned 26 six so I need some serious big numbers from him. Progression shot: Another injury hit season... Manager shots: Finally all green manager stats. Total: International stage: Battered Germany twice, which always feels good from an England fan point of view, but felt better when we got 5 goals in 2 games for Nicho, makes the win even sweeter. Champions League: After fall short in the last couple of seasons in the champions league, I was hoping to go the extra mile and get to final. We got through the group stage with ease. So who would we face in the first knockout stage, it was my old team... PSG. We went to their place in the first leg. We was 3-1 down at half time, I tried to get ourselves back into the game, but it just lead to disaster and we lost 6-2, meaning that we would need to win 4-0 at home at least. So I just wanted my team to put a performance in and win maybe 2 or 3 nil to make the aggregate score less embarrassing. How did we get on? We got two earlier goals within the first ten minutes, I thought we could do it here. We got another goal in the 35th minute. We was 3-0 up at half time, I didn’t change anything because I didn’t want to concede. We got another goal in the 47th minute, I was buzzing, I decided to put the team on counter and try see out the game, but then boom another goal. Who to though? PSG and I was like oh no. However, it was ruled out for offside, but then there was another goal 5 minutes later, luckily, it was Porto’s goal. We was 5-0 up and cruising. There was still time for another twist though, our centre half decided to get himself sent off and I had used all my subs, but they score from the free kick? Nope. I switch to park the bus. Still enough time for another goal though. Who’d get it though? It was our winger, he caught PSG on a counter attack and finished it superbly. I never expect this comeback at all. Next up in the quarterfinals; @MikeF‘s Bayern Munich First leg was at home, which to be honest we absolutely dominated Bayern, and won 3-1. We should have scored more goals and not conceded the away goal. We went to the second leg with a 3-1 score line, I just hoped for a simple 1 nil win, but our shooting was appalling. 14 shots and 2 on target. It wasn’t good enough, but the game finished 1-1 m, send us through to semifinals. Next up semifinals; Barcelona We went to the Camp Nou first, where they took the lead in the 31st minute, after we got our winger sent off in the 7th minute. Helder popped up and scored in the 40th minute, so 1-1 at half time with 10 men. We grabbed another goal half way through the second half by Nicho. The game finished 2-1 to Porto, which I would have taken after seeing the red card. Home Leg: After a brilliant performance at the Camp Nou, we really struggled on our own patch of grass. They scored within the first minute, the We got lucky with an own goal just before half time. 1-1 at half time. They turned up the pressure in the second half and got another goal halfway through the second half. They lead 2-1. Even though we was playing poorly, managed to get another goal in the 73rd minute. 2-2. We saw the game out and now was heading for the final. Who would we get, Man City, Liverpool, Real Madrid, Juventus? None of the above. We faced Valencia in the final. I was surprised. However, I couldn’t write them off as an easy win. We got off to a flyer, Nicho opening the scoring 10 minutes in, I couldn’t have asked for a better start. An early goal to settle the nerves. Nicho found himself in space and finished brilliantly in the 31st minute, but it was ruled out for offside. That didn’t stop Nicho though, he got his second goal in the 36th minute. Nicho was in fine form for the final, grabbing another goal in the 42nd minute and we was on top. 3-0 at half time, I would say the game was over. They got a goal early in the second half, but that was just a consolation goal as we scored in the 78th minute to lead the game 4-1, and that would be it. We won the Champions League. Thank you for reading 👏🏼
  12. Season 7: How did Nicho get on? I hear you ask... honestly not bad for the season he had. He scored 36 goals in 37 games for club and 10 goals in 8 games for country. However, his luck was none existent this season regarding injuries. He was injured for 4 months... 4 whole months. When he got back, he had another injured for a couple of weeks. However, he managed to get some goals at least. Progression shots: Manager shots: Got knocked out of the Champions League by my beloved Liverpool, they gave me hope by winning the 1st leg 2-0, then they bet me 4-0... I should have known. Total: We need to hit some big numbers over next couple of seasons otherwise it’s going to be tight. Other news:
  13. Aye best season I’ve had out of him so far and I fancied a different league.
  14. Well done buddy, what an achievement 👏🏼
  15. Season 6: So I’ve gotten back into swing things with this career and I know this season will be bring some surprise coming up. So, how did young Adrian Nicholson get on, well he smashed 66 in 54 games for club and 6 goals in 9 international games. As you can see he’s join Porto, but so have I... I saw the opportunity for him to score more goals. I gave him a new contract at PSG before leaving for Porto with 30 million buyout cause #Loophole Progression shot: Manager shots: We won the cup at PSG then left for Porto, not bad first season claiming the title and a cup, but I need to improve the team Total: Champions league: Well, you couldn’t have written our fate with the champions league, we glided through the group stage, but we got given our draw... and it was PSG. I thought well that’s end of the journey, but I’m sturdy Porto team proved me wrong. We grabbed an away goal, which I didn’t expect. We lost the first leg, but young Nicho grabbed the goal. Home leg: PSG had nothing to worry about. Nicho got sent off within the first ten minutes, which I definitely thought well this is the end of the road. However, we had a goal disallowed from Nicho even though he’d been sent off 8 minutes beforehand... weird. We grabbed two and I started celebrating then they grabbed a late goal. So, here came extra time, nothing happened so here came penalties. We scored all of ours and PSG missed there first two. Notable Matches/Weird things: