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  1. I’m just curious to see which leagues everyone loads up? For me personally I always load English and German then choose randomly where I’d like to manage. I’d personally like it if you could have 5 leagues, but obviously that would be too many players to function.
  2. Jesus this is so tight! I hope you can get the goals to finish the challenge
  3. KyleJNichol

    Hampton and Richmond all the way to the top

    Aww man, that’s shocking hopefully you’ll bounce back to where you was
  4. Keep up the good work! And you’re flying up the leagues
  5. KyleJNichol

    Hampton and Richmond all the way to the top

    Looks like a fantastic start to a long career!
  6. KyleJNichol

    Career KN Journeyman!

    The concept; So I was trying the long way to the top, but I’ve decided to stop that, because I’ve got a new idea for a career mode. I thought why not start a career to countries I’ve been to in the last few years, only can do the last few years because FMM 19 isn’t big enough to do all the countries that I’ve been to in my life, so last years will be the start. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿- England (Where I live and from) 🇵🇹- Portugal (Went on holiday last year) 🇪🇸- Spain (Literally off there in two weeks) England; I’m from Yorkshire, Leeds, but I’ll be taking over any club in Yorkshire and Humber since it’s huge. I could choose places like Liverpool, Aston Villa, Nottingham, Blackpool, or Carlisle, because I’ve been to all of them within the last 2/3 years, but I thought some of those choices would be too easy. Portugal; I went Albufeira last year and Quarteira the year before, so I’ll be choosing a team from the Algarve area. I’ve listed a photo below so you can see what’s available. Spain; I’m off there in like two weeks, I will be off to a place near Almeria. My idea was to start a career mode in one of the countries above as a nobody, like real life and try make myself one of the best managers in the world. However that’s not the end of my idea; I wanted to make the career mode interesting with not only footballing issues, with some life issues as well, so for example, finding a property so we are close to the football team and so on... I have listed two photos of the teams in Portugal (Algarve Area) and the Yorkshire and Humberside map so you get understand of which teams I can choose form that moment, (this could change down the line). I’ve listed some photos of the football clubs in Portugal and Almeria for their training and youth facilities as well as their stadium capacities. I’ve not listed any of the Yorkshire and Humberside teams, because there are loads of teams, but if you would like me to start with a Yorkshire team than let me know. That’s right guys (and gals) I’m letting you pick the team.
  7. So entering season 3, I was dubious whether we’d stay up in the VNL. Especially, with Corie Andrews are star striker leaving us so we had to find a replacement fast as this league comes thick and fast. I ended up signing 3 strikers, Kyle Wotton, Tyler Smith and Donovan Wilson. Kyle Wotton used to play for Scunthorpe, so I thought he would be half decent at this level. Only downside is, he is a target man and that’s not my style of play, but he proved me wrong finishing top goal scorer of the league. So after a half decent pre season, I was excited to get the season under way. However, Dagenham & Redbridge shot me down at the first hurdle and shown me what this league going to be like. Fast forward to 8 months where we are challenging for a title or more realistically a play off spot. We needed to win our last three games and hoped that Crawley and Chesterfield slipped up for that automatic promotion place, but noooooo, we decided to become the bottle jobs. Drawing 3-3 with Bromley, losing 3-0 to Aldershot and beating Salford 4-2. Buuuut... we did it! We went up through the play offs beating Barnet and Chesterfield in extra time, which honestly, had me sweating like mad because both teams I know could score at any moment. I got some decent job offers throughout the season... honestly some league 1 & 2 jobs, but my thought was if I have two promotions on my CV would look better than switching clubs. I’ve attach a bunch of photos of the season and some key games
  8. KyleJNichol

    Surprise tax bill and delayed transfers

    The delay transfer happened in one of my career modes, you can’t do anything about the transfer. The transfer will happen at the end of the contract
  9. So on to the next season, and the board wanted me to challenge for the play off, but I fell short. I was trying to find a suitable tactic that would slowly guide Chester through the divisions. I thought there is two ways of doing this, 1.) score more goals than the other team, but always a bit risky, or 2.) be a solid defensive unit. Fair to say, I opted for option number 2. Our pre season was horrible, we lost 3 and drew 1, which had me thinking that this was going to be a long season a head. However that wasn’t the case! We hit the floor running beating some of the bigger teams in VNN and only conceding 1 goal in about 4/5 games. However, fast forward to end of the season (due to lack of screen shot) we was battling throughout the season with Stockport for first place, which look like we was going to bottle it, but my team showed the true class after a couple of defeats to get back on track. Cup runs; FA Cup - Second Round FA Trophy - Final, lost on penalties. For season three in VNL, I’ll be taking screen shots of results. I should have done it before for season 1 & 2, but just forgot. We won manager of the month a handful of times! This showed how well our team had progress through the season. In other news: Pep Guardiola got sacked from City, then become Man Utd’s manager 🤯
  10. So this morning was bored on my way to work, so I thought I’d load up FMM19, but I wanted a reason to get really into career mode. I’ve struggled to bond with this FM for some unknown reason. So I’ll be attempting it’s a long way to the top, as it seems interesting and I like the idea of being a nobody to a club legend. As required I post the screen shots below; Season 1! I thought I’d be able to apply for some VNL or VNN/VNS jobs, but nope there was nothing available for myself. I decided to treat myself to a nice long holiday as there was no jobs till beginning of October. I got offer the Dartford job, but they was expecting me to turn the club around from 20th to challenging to title, normally I would take on the challenge, but being from Yorkshire, I thought I’d get a job closer to home. I kindly rejected the job (what’s the old saying? Beggers can’t be chooser, or something like that). The Chester Job become available so I decided to apply for that, and lord behold I was the new announced manager of Chester. However, that went down like a lead balloon with some of the players. They wanted a manager with experience, but what they didn’t know is... that I’m the real special one (que evil laugh). My first signing as manager was the trusty Corie Andrews on a free! Such a good player for lower leagues. Failing to recognise that our problems was midfield or attack, it was our leaky defence conceding too many goals. I made a couple of loan signings and tweak with the tactics to guide the from 15th/16th to 9th... could have been promoted if didn’t do a Spurs (sorry to any Spurs fans) and ended up drawing our last 4 games. Annoying I know. I’ll be back once I’ve completed season 2... I feel like this could take a while
  11. Hey Guys, I was messing around with my tactics with my York save and I created this tactic. I’ve only tried it on this save, please do try it and feed back to me
  12. Hey All, I need help to create a successful tactic whether it be 3 or 4 at the back. I know there is an article tab with everyone's tactic, but I want to build a good successful tactic. Anyone got any advice?
  13. I’m starting a new career mode with England Germany, France and Portugal loaded up. Which teams should I start with; Louletano - Portugal 🇵🇹 Nice 2 - France 🇫🇷 Aalen - Germany 🇩🇪 Truro - England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 All these teams are struggling in real life
  14. KyleJNichol

    The Italian Job (literally)

    So first season done and dusted. I’m not going to lie, I thought my first season would be a real challenge, but the results showed different. Winning the league with ease and winning two cups. I had no idea who to sign in my first season so I don’t think I ended signing anyone and got rid of the dead wood and players I wouldn’t be using. Di Nolfo what a little gem he is, scoring 20 league goals, but we need more goals for Serie B. Time to get scouting.
  15. KyleJNichol

    The Italian Job (literally)

    Currently burn through the league and progressing through the cup successfully. I’m expecting us to hit bad patch of form soon. Hopefully we can win the league in our first season. I’ve not found my wonder kid so far, but I still have plenty of time as we are only half way through the first season. More updates to come.