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  1. Hey Guys, I was messing around with my tactics with my York save and I created this tactic. I’ve only tried it on this save, please do try it and feed back to me
  2. Hey All, I need help to create a successful tactic whether it be 3 or 4 at the back. I know there is an article tab with everyone's tactic, but I want to build a good successful tactic. Anyone got any advice?
  3. I’m starting a new career mode with England Germany, France and Portugal loaded up. Which teams should I start with; Louletano - Portugal 🇵🇹 Nice 2 - France 🇫🇷 Aalen - Germany 🇩🇪 Truro - England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 All these teams are struggling in real life
  4. KyleJNichol

    The Italian Job (literally)

    So first season done and dusted. I’m not going to lie, I thought my first season would be a real challenge, but the results showed different. Winning the league with ease and winning two cups. I had no idea who to sign in my first season so I don’t think I ended signing anyone and got rid of the dead wood and players I wouldn’t be using. Di Nolfo what a little gem he is, scoring 20 league goals, but we need more goals for Serie B. Time to get scouting.
  5. KyleJNichol

    The Italian Job (literally)

    Currently burn through the league and progressing through the cup successfully. I’m expecting us to hit bad patch of form soon. Hopefully we can win the league in our first season. I’ve not found my wonder kid so far, but I still have plenty of time as we are only half way through the first season. More updates to come.
  6. KyleJNichol

    The Italian Job (literally)

    Lol that’s a typo I meant trustee assistant
  7. KyleJNichol

    The Italian Job (literally)

    After a while of think which team to start a career mode with; I’ve chosen Matera. I’ve attached a link about the clubs history if anyone wants to read it. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matera_Calcio So after embarcing on this new exciting journey of guide this club to Serie A and most importantly the Champions League. However, I am going learn quick about this league and the players in it because I have no idea who to sign. Worrying face. I thought with the club being in such a low league we wouldn’t have much money, but we have 600k which I’m baffled by. Maybe the FA gone learn to invest in the lower leagues of English football or maybe the Italian leagues are run by the Mafia lol. I’ve revamped the whole staffing of this club and employed Dennis Bergkamp as my trustee assistant! What a legend.
  8. KyleJNichol

    The Italian Job (literally)

    It’s a crazy story. You don’t expect to see that sort of stuff happening in modern day football. I couldn’t believe it when I first read the story. Yes! You are the guy! What a fantastic career you have going on and thank you for your career mode! It created this idea 😊
  9. So I was reading through two careers modes on here and where they’ve taken a Scottish team from division 4 to their version of the premier league. One was/are using Albion Rovers and the other was/are using Queens Park (@RPA123456). Tag them if you know who I mean, couldn’t remember their names. I believe they started the career off looking for a challenge as Albion Rovers are in the relegation zone in real life at the moment (I think) and Queens Park is the only Amateur club in Scotland (On football manager). So, I got thinking which teams are currently struggling in their divisions in real life. I looked at the English, German, French and Spanish leagues, but I didn’t want to do the English leagues as I’m part way through one and I always know how to get out of the English tiers of football. Germany and France their 3 tier of football seemed pretty close so I wasnt interested in them, even it would be a challenge as my knowledge is literally next to nothing outside their top teams in their respective countries I.e Bayern, PSG, Dortmund, Lyon and so on. Spain, well, Spain’s lower leagues make no sense whatsoever (might just be me), but they have 2 normal leagues La Liga, and second tier of football. Then their third league has four parts to it and I don’t get it at all. My last idea was to try Italy and see who is struggling in Serie C (again that splits off into multiple divisions). However, I found my challenge, well I found two clubs that I will be deciding in the morning. We have Pro Piacenza that’s on minus 8 points in real life and got beaten 20-0 in a league (screenshot below) which not going is embarrassing for them so the whole club needs work. Then we have Matera who are in minus 34 points, which I do believe they was reducted 50 points for federation decide (don’t know what that means). This sounds juicy as this is a proper survival (in real life). This will be a big challenge whoever I chose just for the lack of knowledge I have on the Italian leagues, obviously I’ve heard of the big teams like Juventus, AC Milan, Inter Milan, Roma, Napoli, Lazio and etc. I always think of the Italian league to be a slow defensive passing league, not with my style of play. (Queue evil laugh) Apologise for the long introduction, but I got an idea and I didn’t want to lose it.
  10. Just out of curiosity, can you add other leagues i.e. Spain, France and so on. Just having on diversion can be quite boring imo
  11. KyleJNichol

    Successful tactic 4-3-2-1 (EME)

    Here you go, let me know how you do?
  12. I wanted to use my old tactic from FMM 18, but I tried and tested it. The old tactic went down with a led balloon, so I made some tweaks, and I feel like this has been successful so far, but I’ve only tried it with Braintree Town in Vanarama National League. If anyone wants to use it in another league and let me know how they do, I’d be more than welcome to hear about there results
  13. Hello Everyone, I need help with tactics this year, I’m struggling like mad! I’ve tried all sorts and nothing is successful for me, I want to create a tactic similar to the Dutch style of play. A creative freedom possession play style. Can someone help me create this? I want a tactic that’s playable in the lower leagues if possible
  14. Hey guys, I’m three seasons in my career mode and I’m seeing a recurring theme. My team will start off really strong and win a bunch of games, but then, when we lose one games, we struggle for form for the next 5-10 games. Does anyone have any advice regarding this?
  15. What about if you decide to resign from your job because you feel like you can’t take a team any further?