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  1. Hi Guys, It's been a whilst since I last did an article or commented on any posts, but I should be back soon with a 1k career mode again. However, I'm trying to create/find my tactic for that particular career mode, so I created a Google Sheet. I've listed the link to the Google Sheet below; https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1zEKovaklyesPuiMYKHh-uLg1aPz_SHNeeMEKXhdNiAo/edit?usp=sharing It's basic sheet, but if it help anyone then awesome
  2. No worries, I noticed earlier today when trying to search for players which attributes that fit my tactic noticed that
  3. Hey you guys, I’m not sure if this is new or not, but I noticed whilst I was playing today and thought it might useful to some people
  4. if I restart my phone to New Zealand will it start downloading? It worked on Xbox for fifa 21
  5. Season 2: Another successful season completed won everything expect the Champions League, knocked out in the semifinals. The lads, I was hoping at beginning of the season that they would double their tally’s compared to previous. Which to be fair, some of them did double their tally so, I was more than happy with. Total: WG: 40 - 989 = 949 YA: 21 - 489 = 468 RC: 9 - 495 = 486 Improvements: Manager stats:
  6. Season 1; I’ve already completed the first season and honestly it wasn’t the best for three kids I’ve chosen to deliver this task, but on the other hand it was a fantastic season for the club. Pretty much winning every domestic trophy to hand, but there was something missing, we was solid at the back. However, going forward we lacked, erm, umpf about us. which showed in the final against Barca, losing the final. We was so close, but so far. Stats: As you can see our main boys aren’t there which was slightly worrying, but I wasn’t going to be too harsh since it’s there first season. Improvements: Good improvements across the board for all three, but still some more work to be done. Individual History: Total: WG: 11 - 1000 = 989 RC: 5 - 500 = 495 YA: 11 - 500 = 489 Manager Profile:
  7. So, as some of you have probably noticed, I’ve not been as active on here as much as last year and that’s because I’ve simply not played FMM20 that much. However, I’m back with a 1K challenge and additional bonuses of two players getting 500 assists each. So, where have I started my career? Who have I chosen to do the challenge with? I’ve chosen PSG, a well funded team with a decent squad. I’ve chosen my favourite wonder kid Willem Geubbals Then theses two wonder kids, Rayan Cherki and Yacine Adli
  8. I didn’t know that, but I’ve not tested much on this FMM yet. However, I do appreciate this information
  9. Has anyone noticed that you now have formation on coaching staff including yourself? if people have noticed this then I apologised for being late to the party 😂
  10. Yo all, It’s that time of year again when everyone get FMM20 and deciding who to start with. I need your guys and gals help deciding who to start with, I’ve narrowed it down to either York City or Halifax Town. I had a career with York City back on FMM18 and I guide them to champions league success so, to go back to York City would be a sweet return. However, I went to watch Halifax earlier this year and I was impressed with their stadium and the support for the Shayman so I started a career on FM 19 on the Switch with them, but couldn’t complete the first season because of FMM20. So who do I decide?
  11. This is very interesting! Good luck bud!