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  1. how do you get the green lines with the relationships? how do you set them?
  2. I tend tend to go from attacking to overload if i am losing. Since changing my defensive instructions (2nd post/picture) I haven't had to change due to always being in lead.
  3. I have since changed my defensive settings to this and i am getting even better results.
  4. Hello everyone. New to the whole creating a tactic thing as i am not very tactically minded and I often use other peoples LOL. I would also class myself as a lazy manager as i don't bother with the new corner features aswell. However after finding this years installment rather challenging and none of the suggested tactics from the fmm index working for me I tried my own. I started using this after 4 straight loses 6 games into the season. Have a try will be interested to see your results.
  5. I dont seem to have it though...am i missing something.
  6. Hi Guys...long serving/playing Football manager mobile player here...need sone help! Can somebody please tell me how you save a tactic on this years addition. I can see how you save your selection but there appears to be no save tactic button. Have they removed it??
  7. I find it very frustrating about ageing squads...like mentioned above teams often sign big players who are like 35 years old on 5 year contracts on ridiculous wages...although yes this CAN happen, it happens far too often. The top teams AI seems to be majorly flawed because of that in most saves if you play 10-15 years you can see big teams simply falling down the league because there players are old, awful stats and on long contracts...this has been an issue over many years Also!!! Teams buying one of your star players and they play like 3 games with their new team. Again yes this can happen in real life if things don't work out, however again happens too often. I feel the morale however makes the game more challenging and slightly more realistic. Lose 3 games and morale is low and you feel like you need to scrape a good result. I like that.
  8. Will give this a try...the shape is very similar to one i am currently using!
  9. Is there any plans for an i Scout app or is tgere anything on the market similar?? Used to find the old app really helpful with older versions of the game.
  10. I am finding this game a mixed bag...morale seems to play a big part and deffo budgets and player costs are making it more challenging which is great!! To say you are finding it easy as liverpool is understandble...drop down the leagues and you wont be sayin this...I had a save as Hibs in scottish prem and was very challenging taking on rangers and celtic with the budgets they have!!
  11. How come the attendance stat has disappeared from the match overview screen? I used love seeing that rise and fall to show how far my team had come from game to game...all we have now is the average attendance stat on the club info screen. Can we bring back the stat to appear during games??
  12. Newcastle often end up on league one in my saves due to their squad...more than likely not your tatics its more the squad...I have found this series of game very difficult atm in terms of tatics though...found a 4-4-2 off the tatics section that seems to work atm but thats not 100% at times.
  13. Thankyou!!! This is very helpful!! Should hopefully be able to get some steals now!!