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Rhys Rockley

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    Bradford City
  1. Rhys Rockley

    Career Mode

    lmao your mascott being the red coats and the sky line gang??
  2. Rhys Rockley

    Lower League Players

    I agree too many players stating they have found a cheap play for like £30 million!! That is certainly not cheap!! and they are like barca or madrid or man city! Bore off!!! the real footy mang is the english lower leagues!!!
  3. Rhys Rockley

    Bet Fred Cup - Hell on Earth

    I have just finished a save in Scotland and enjoyed it...always found it hard to win the SPL but easy to win everything else. The Betfred cup seemed a strange one though! just seemed pointless having a group that early on
  4. Hi guys. Not sure if it is just my bad luck but is anyone else experiencing this issue. When opening a save i always lose the first game played no matter what previous form i was on before, even on unbeaten runs!. I have tried testing this by re playing the game (frowned upon i know, but i needed to test) and i still lose...then previois form returns the game after. Is this a glitch? or bad luck?
  5. Rhys Rockley

    Indonesia league

    Lmao...sure thing will get right on it
  6. Rhys Rockley

    Best Regens ive seen.

    They are regens mate...you won't do...they are players created by the game as years go on
  7. Rhys Rockley


    o and jonjo shelvey is decent
  8. Rhys Rockley


    Danny Batth from wolves is decent for tht level and will cost around 8 mill...danny ings is also a good shout from liverpool and will cost around 10. added 0 minutes later Mitrovic from newcastle will cost between 7-12 mill he is a very good goal scorer
  9. Rhys Rockley

    Need some tactical assistance

    is tht tatic workin then dude?...keep us updated with ur match results...i did think OME was quicker aswell as it was on previous versions but this year EME is alot quicker if not the same speed
  10. Rhys Rockley

    Need some tactical assistance

    If it doesnt work dude i would deffo consider EME...i was dead against EME up to about 2 weeks ago however i gave it a shot with some of the tatics off the tatics index and it changed the game for the better for me
  11. Rhys Rockley

    Need some tactical assistance

    This tatic seems to work well on OME...You tend to score loads using this!! I used to use OME all the time however was getting bored using the same tatics as limited tatics work on it..it appears that EME has alot more going for it this year in terms of tatic variety and alot more support on the forums for it.
  12. Rhys Rockley

    2018 real names HELP PLEASE IMMEDIATLY

    Can't beleive the cheek of some people lmao
  13. Rhys Rockley

    What to do??? What team to be?? - England

    Cheers guys!!! i have revently done Port Vale and enjoyed it... What i have decided to go for is Chelsea...I always play on OME so i have finally upgraded to EME and want to finish better than where they currently are! currently sitting top 12 games in un beaten in all comps lmao...but none the less something different. Cheers for all your suggestions!!
  14. Hi Guys I am struggling for ideas for a new save prefer to be in England...I had a break from the game and came back did abit of a journey man save and there was no challenge there...any ideas? fun teams to be in England?
  15. Rhys Rockley

    American Dream Career (done due to bugs)

    now leave them and repeat the process with another non league team lmao..re write the premier league