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  1. Not the best i know but u have a very small and poor squad so not too bad considering.
  2. currently testing in scottish prem in first season with a poor squad...going ok considering. will upload a pic shortly
  3. Meite being my Inside forward, Mir is my Poacher and Appeh my target man
  4. do you mean like the attributes or goals scored?
  5. You may have seen a previous thread in regards to a tactic i was working on asking for advice as i was leaking goals but scoring a tonne at the same time...well after the help of a few of you guys! I tweaked with the advice given! I advise with this tactic that you have lots of pace in your team. Your top 3 the IF, Poacher and Target will score loads! let me know your results!!!
  6. Cheers mate that is actually a big help...I'll take a look!
  7. Hi guys...sort of using this tactic at the moment...Scoring isn't the issue, I am scoring over 100 goals a season however i am conceding about 90 🤣...any advice on tweaking so I don't ont lose the Goal scoring element? i have tried going to fall backs and go to control instead of attacking but no luck...maybe i need to change player roles ?
  8. how are people coping with the work permits in lower leagues? how many do you have to get approved in a save in order to unlock the abolish work permits feature?
  9. Not on this installments no however i have found the later in a save you are ie 10 years the easier it gets to go back to back promotions etc due to the free agents on offer. On 2020 i managed to take Bolton from league 1 straight to premier league glory however never been able to do it again. What tactic you using dude?
  10. how do you get the green lines with the relationships? how do you set them?
  11. I tend tend to go from attacking to overload if i am losing. Since changing my defensive instructions (2nd post/picture) I haven't had to change due to always being in lead.
  12. I have since changed my defensive settings to this and i am getting even better results.