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Rhys Rockley

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  1. Rhys Rockley

    The Ipswich Challenge

    Started this just a few days before this post...I have to agree with @ITFC_Alex the squad was very bloated at a lower than average championship or higher league 1 level. Was surprised I won the league in my first season. I sold a fair few players in my first season which gave me a better budget and signed Lacina traore, Rohan Ince, Mathis Bolly and Didier Ndong all on a free. All these have all been sold in my first season in the prem as they are not really good enougj for that level but Ndong would have been but someone came in with an offer whicb triggered his release clause. Find this tatic is bossing. It isn't one i came up with however all i changed was i selected to run at the defence as i found it bought me more goals. Now condsidering evolving this challenge into the neil warnock challenge and moving to another championship club and seeing if i can mould the prem into a league of teams i have managed.
  2. Rhys Rockley

    Pensioners on lucrative long term contracts

    I can see you point and i kind of agree...but the same again and again gets annoying.
  3. Again and again over the years of FMM I have noticed this...and I have been playing since FMH 2014! When moving clubs to take over a new job I will use for example here, Man City, I will move and they will have a number of players in the squad over the age of 33 with 400k a week wages and still with over 4 years left of their contract...It is so stupid why can't the game AI just offer 1 year contracts over the age of 32. This massively effects budgets and squad sizes. If you look at any team after 10 seasons in they have massive ageing squads!. Please sort this issue out!! PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!!
  4. Rhys Rockley

    Comeback from anything

    A little harsh..because he didn't give credit to someone for making a tatic for a mobile phone game...dont get me wrong i love the game but sometimes people within this community need to get off their high horse and get a grip...
  5. Rhys Rockley

    FMM19 Bug List

    I have the issue whereby when selecting a position to search in the transfer market it always comes up with no results.
  6. Rhys Rockley

    An attempt at Cardiff city

    Again What tatics are you using mate? Lol
  7. Rhys Rockley

    An attempt at Cardiff city

    What tatics are you using mate?
  8. Rhys Rockley

    FMM19 Bug List

    Not sure this has been bought up by anyone...but everytime i put players in the reserves they end up back in my first team after a week without me saying so...rather annoying.
  9. Rhys Rockley

    Finally finished my 1st season

    What is this madness!! Banish this man!!
  10. Rhys Rockley

    Tactic Search???

    This is working for me atm. Started using it at the MK Dons Game.
  11. Rhys Rockley

    Tactic Search???

    Which one is that mate i cant remember can you please share. I seem to have found one that is working. I will share shortly as i am currently at work...trying to dodge my boss whilst play FMM...I think i have issues
  12. Rhys Rockley

    Tactic Search???

    I agree...alot of my old favourite tatics from previous yeats are not working.
  13. Rhys Rockley

    Help Tactic Search???

    Anybody found a successful tactic on EME yet?
  14. Rhys Rockley

    FMM 2018 Summer Transfer Update

    Ooo sweet no worries...Don't get me wrong I am greatfull for any update for the game
  15. Rhys Rockley

    FMM 2018 Summer Transfer Update

    Restarting worked cheers...however i have noticed they have not changed the leagues in which teams are in. Why is that??