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  1. Chat What to do??? What team to be?? - England

    Cheers guys!!! i have revently done Port Vale and enjoyed it... What i have decided to go for is Chelsea...I always play on OME so i have finally upgraded to EME and want to finish better than where they currently are! currently sitting top 12 games in un beaten in all comps lmao...but none the less something different. Cheers for all your suggestions!!
  2. Hi Guys I am struggling for ideas for a new save prefer to be in England...I had a break from the game and came back did abit of a journey man save and there was no challenge there...any ideas? fun teams to be in England?
  3. now leave them and repeat the process with another non league team lmao..re write the premier league
  4. Chat Transfer window update

    I miss Marlon harewood....
  5. Challenges The New Stadium Challenge

    cheers bro
  6. Challenges The New Stadium Challenge

    How do you unlock a new stadium??
  7. Hi guys...Bit confused. Took over Norwich who were 20th in premier league mid save finances said they were bankrupt but they had 40 million transfer budget. I spent that and managed to keep them up...the next season i had 30 million budget but it still said club was bankrupt. How can a club be bankrupt with having over 70 mill transfer budget in 2 windows. Am i missing something or is this a glitch in the matrix?
  8. Chat Fav league to go? Worst league to go?

    ermmm i would say English leagues are my fave then maybr germany then Italy and Scotland...not into spain and the rest really
  9. Article The FMM18 Tactics Index

    ok cheers guys
  10. Article The FMM18 Tactics Index

    so I am guessing the tatics which don't have EME in the title will work well with OME??
  11. I usually load the same ones...England, Italy,Spain and Germany.
  12. can i tag this for iscout or will i have to do another comment
  13. I have signed this chap on a couple of saves and wanted to share it...apologies if this is old news but this gem is a free agent at beginning of the game. Signed him for Port Vale and he left for 7 mil after a fantastic season!! will sign for most English league 1 and top league 2 sides.
  14. Chat Transfer query

    ahh this happened in my save today and i remembered tht somebody bought it up on here...cheers for clearing that up.