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  1. Graphics EPL trophy

    Check if you turn on the use real players button I don't know maybe it work
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Player award trophy. android_data_com.sigagames.fmm2017_files_installed_fmh_retina_skin_gui_images_icons_player awards
  3. Chat FMM 17 Community Projects

    Do you know how to make program like pge?
  4. Chat FMM 17 Community Projects

    Making a language needs a lot of work Anyway how can we add lower leagues? We can't make it in 2016?
  5. I can make but you can play friendly only maybe in 2017 we can play indonesia or cambodia
  6. I don't know why that happen.... I made it with fm2016 stats
  7. Mls would be hard to added. Rules are very hard to make in fmm
  8. Son!!! He is a good player in korea Also I think lee seung woo and paik seung ho in barcelona b need to be upgrade
  9. Maybe mls would be too hard Korea league is almost same like scotland league
  10. Martin rennie was fired from eland haha
  11. We now share the competition system with FM, so I trust everything is updated accordingly. Will check. Maybe league system would be update!!