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  1. More of a 4-3-2-1. Uncommon for the AI.
  2. Test the mighty Fulham and possibly Poole Town for more variance. We play the 4-3-3 IRL.
  3. Some of these points could be presented better (like the upgrading of facilities - could have said that these are found under 'Board Confidence'). Good work though, they are helpful to the newer members. I don't agree with point 6 though, I'm using three Bronze physios in my BTS career and there is no negligible difference in injuries. Scouting is also not very reliable, even Gold Scouts try to recommend some bang average players. Two suggestions I propose from my own experience are to: 1) Set new personal goals every season (e.g. getting your forward to break the Dixie Dean record), or even conduct some mini-experiments (Buying a player who has affinity for your club). That will keep things fresh. 2) Alternatively, keeping a core group of players together can also maintain interest in careers. 90% of players playing in top leagues are decent Champions League players, it doesn't matter if they are from Brighton or Manchester United.
  4. Tactics The Any Team 4-2-3-1

    Poor IRL, works hard but can't get going. Central defence definitely needs sorting out, best is a loanee.
  5. So that's Defence - WB/CD/CD/IWB Mid - CM/AP Attack - AP/Treq/Defensive Forward/IF
  6. Tactics The Any Team 4-2-3-1

    Just sell Fonte and reinvest the money.
  7. Tactics The Any Team 4-2-3-1

    I'm not surprised if you're playing with the Feb 2018 database. We have a good possession-based team, and Ryan Sessegnon and Mitrovic are beasts (like IRL).
  8. Thanks lads for the feedback. Would like to think my write-ups are the strongest part of my careers, hope the power of Besiktas changes that. What a fine player, has stamina for days. Hopefully not because he is slacking. Nothing spectacular so far, but Treq does suit his skill set. This is my first challenge and expectations are modest, but I am aiming for 200 points from this lot. I aim to update on Saturday morning (UK time). One thing is certain: Once you come to Besiktas and the Super League, you will never want to leave!
  9. Introduction BTS is a famous Korean boy band. Most notably, they charted on the American Billboard Hot 100 with 'Mic Drop', making them one of the few Asian acts to do so. Besiktas is one of the 'Big Three' football clubs in Turkey, and go into this season as two-time defending champions. In Europe, they have had some success too, topping a Champions League group that also included Porto, Red Bull Leipzig and Monaco. Off the pitch, they are known for the 'Come to Besiktas' meme. So how will BTS come to Besiktas? B Bruno Henrique has devastating combination of technique, physical ability, mental strength and shooting. T Already at the club, Talisca has scored 22 goals in just 44 appearances for Besiktas. More of the same will be expected in FMM, where he is also great. S An open secret in FMM, Scarpa will provide valuable service to his taller BTS teammates. Formation We hope to get the most out of our Brazilian trio with this liberal 4-3-3 strikerless formation. K-League players will potentially provide the South Korean flair. The next update shall be a full-season update, with transfers, league and cup performance and most importantly, our BTS's performance.
  10. I went with 4-4-2 as well. As a winning tactic there are better but a successful 4-4-2 is the best of all.
  11. Chat Team report negatives

    Don't think so. Coaching has a minimal effect on the game, the best way is to get players with good Passing, Decisions and Technique as they are good for your team. Scouting can identify Professional players but it's not reliable.
  12. Chat Team report negatives

    From bottom up: 1. Ignore the 'lacking depth' parts if you have enough players at GK and LB. Donnarumma is very good, but I usually have three players in each position. 2. Go to 'Player Search' --> 'Attributes' and look for players with 'Passing' and/or 'Decisions'>15. 3. Professionalism and Determination are more hidden, but players with good Decisions, Leadership, Teamwork and Stamina tend to be more professional and determined. Another way is to see the player traits of each player (Bottom right of player profile) but that is more time-consuming.
  13. I second 4-3-2-1. Always loved to dominate possession. Three CMs and two wingers is a good combination.
  14. Some observations from Round Three: Prize ultimately showed his experience from past FMMs: Not sure how much he spent on Pellegri, but you've got to get him in the Championship. Guebbels is more for the future. Also better to spend on players at established clubs, because they have better hidden stats. (5Cyril> Fabiano) Prize also 'capitalised' on the loan rules - and I did so in the past too - bringing in some amazing foreign loans (Lenglet instantly stands out).