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  1. Smashing it, should be uphill from here as the team gets stronger (and AI gets weaker).
  2. The Saviour Cometh (relegation battle challenge) is available under 'Challenge' if you start a new game. I beat the challenge with Dortmund and Fulham.
  3. Serie A Squad cap of 25 (For players aged 22 and above) A minimum of 8 Italy-based players, of which at least 4 must be club trained (Attached to your club for a minimum of 3 years before turning 21) The 8 domestic players can also include players trained by other clubs (Attached to any Italian club for a minimum of 3 years before turning 21) Either way, at least 8 players must be trained by an Italian club, yours or elsewhere in Italy. Only 2 non-EU players allowed. By the same token, loans of non-EU players are forbidden. Non-EU wonderkids are also forbidden. Club-trained Italians aged 21 and below do need not be registered, so use as many of those as you like. My Pescara save - abiding by the rules above - is one of my all-time favourite saves, so it's nice to see more rules-based challenges here.
  4. Several bargains I found in my Sunderland save. TL;DR Bargains Sotiris Papagiannopoulos - Centre-back - FC Kobenhavn Tolga Cigerci - Central midfielder - Fenerbahçe And last but not least Jude Bellingham - Central midfielder - Birmingham
  5. Thanks lads. I was fortunate there are so many bargains for Sunderland. Set-pieces are also overpowered, that strapped a rocket to Maguire's back.
  6. The One-Season Strikerless Challenge has taken me to Turkey and China, but for FMM20 it's time to leave illiberalism behind and manage Sunderland. SAFC were an easy one-season detour - they are the obvious big fish in small pond, but the long season and poor prior management intensifies the challenge ahead. Sunderland's O'Nien is also family to one of Singapore's founding fathers, which is incredibly cool. The Main Men Other Transfers The Tactic Challenge Results League Points and Goal Difference Miscellaneous Challenge Score It's anathema to Newcastle fans, but I'd recommend Sunderland for FMM20.
  7. Some watertight defences there. It's a shame Palermo liquidated; they would have been great for Hole 2.
  8. Not very Mercantilist of me, but I stopped using it 3 or 4 editions ago. Capitalising on flawed AI is bad form. Like in Pokemon where you can 'miraculously' see whom the AI is deploying next (and thus counter), this is one of my pet peeves.
  9. Struggled to like the rest of their discography, but this is great - and football-related.
  10. Ironically I'm enjoying a Sunderland save on FMM20. Still I have to agree the game engine has not improved. The 'No tackle' issue has existed since FMM18, I believe. Additional issues I've encountered include: Frozen bids for Reserve Players: Can't sell players I've demoted to the Reserves for cash. This occured after I repeatedly offered Will Grigg out. Weird Player Interactions: Player Interactions have clearly worsened. First, squad morale fell when I defended my GK from the media. This despite some solid performances from said GK. Furthermore, the only remedy for bad form is now to fine the player in question. Warning the player is not allowed. Yes, seems like FMM20 has indeed gotten worse. Yet it remains so far ahead of other football simulators, I'm not sure much will be done to improve it.
  11. Tried a short career and got a massive migraine. Purple and cyan is really too much. Not a fan of the 'Yes'/'No' switching either. Although the new mentoring, 'added statistics' and even GK fatigue are interesting, some of the interface changes have made it less fun.
  12. 2014 was my first FMM, and is still my favourite. William Kvist won Player of the Year while on loan at Fulham, which was special. Brazil is also way better than any new league introduced in the past three editions.
  13. This will be my last entry for the game, so: 20th min goal from Kova, should be worth a lot as I'm ending on a 5-day streak.