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  1. Seth Anacondas

    EPL Eleven - One player only from each team

    Yeah, as a physical TM in my formation, he is better.
  2. Seth Anacondas

    EPL Eleven - One player only from each team

    Yep, Ederson edged out Alisson at Sweeper Keeper, but that's all.
  3. Seth Anacondas

    EPL Eleven - One player only from each team

    4-3-2-1 Ederson (Man City) Targett (Saints), Maguire (Leicester), Tarkowski (Burnley), Trippier (Spurs) Doucouré (Watford), Groß (Brighton), Neves (Wolves) Ryan Sessegnon (Fulham), Fraser (Bournemouth) Lukaku (Man United)
  4. Seth Anacondas

    Armed with 3 notebooks and a rollerball.

    Zlatan at the Cottage! Ambitious tactic, but I'd look to control possession. The engine appears to favour more attacking mentalities.
  5. Seth Anacondas

    iScout Rodrigo Caio

    Neymar and Caio (No. 3) - Image courtesy of Wikimedia; labelled for noncommercial reuse Name: Rodrigo Caio Club: SPO (Brazil) Asking price: 1.6 M Caio at the start of a save Caio after one season (Default training; Excellent Training Facilities) Strengths Appears in myriad league combinations, including England only Versatility - can play in several positions (and in a variety of Player Roles too) Low asking price/ wages Largely consistent Gets Work Permit easily Weaknesses Poor Strength Lowers Domestic Bias Rodrigo Caio needs no introduction. He was fantastic in FMM18, and is somehow even cheaper this year. Earning a 7.33 rating playing primarily as a right full-back (orange competency), Caio can do a job for a variety of mid to high reputation teams.
  6. I also use a 4-3-2-1 with the exact same roles for the front 3 (IF-W-CF), good luck on the 1KC!
  7. Good job on the FA Trophy. Lower league defences are made of glass, so just aim to outscore your opponents.
  8. Interestingly, Manager Reputation now affects your budget. As an unknown manager I got £7.76M with Fulham (half of the stated budget; that's before accounting for debt). As a 'hard' mode it's an interesting development.
  9. Fulham career mode, in which we play two keepers.
  10. Seth Anacondas

    FMM19: Who to Manage

    My recommendations are Fulham, Preston North End and Palermo. Fulham FMM Legends paradise, with Mitrovic, Schurrle and Vietto forming a formidable attack. Alternatively, a home grown challenge is also possible, with Ryan Sessegnon and Matt O'Riley already at the club. Look out for 15-year-old Harvey Elliott. Defence (or lack of) is a boon here, as new managers can just focus on the back four if they wish to recruit. Finally, Fulham have some fun history in Europe. Can you get them to clash with the likes of Juventus and Atletico again? Preston A superb home nations challenge. Darnell Fisher, Josh Earl and Tom Barkhuizen all start at the club. Preston also have significant history as the first-ever Football League champions. Palermo Their crest is amazing.
  11. Interesting take on the 4-4-2. You'll ace this challenge.
  12. Thanks all for the support. Uni has just started, so that's me going back in hiatus. Of course, I'll be back for Fulham in the Premier League (FMM19). [Though given my ADHD, it's likely I get the legend Clint Dempsey to score as many as possible (in FMM18).]
  13. 2018/19 will be my 6th FMM, and I've attempted just the one challenge. Time to change that - with The Slab Head Brothers One Season Challenge. Challenge The challenge saw me (a Macanese female in this save) take over Leicester City, sign Harry Maguire's brother Laurence and get both to score as much in one season The brothers must play as forwards. Thanks to Foxy for these: Scoring = Harry's goals + 5 (Laurence's goals) + League points Philosophy A traditional 4-4-2 with some twists. I have never used 4-4-2 before and it'll be interesting to see how this pans out. Counter is a misnomer as I change it to Attacking or Balanced soon after kick-off. Final Third instructions were kept simple - either classic Through Balls or Run at Defence. Transfers In Over £70M was spent to remodel the defence, including on IRL Leicester player Ricardo Pereira. At £70k, Laurence looks to be a bargain. Transfers Out It's an emotional goodbye to Premier League winners Vardy, Mahrez and Okazaki. Would have kept Okazaki had there been more interest in my loaned out players (all listed), but alas. Harry Maguire Laurence Maguire League Performance Final Score Proof Misc And that's it! Fun challenge and thoroughly recommended. Both brothers the most consumate of professionals, making this an intriguing save.