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Seth Anacondas

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  1. Seth Anacondas

    Favourite FMM of the decade?

    2014 was my first FMM, and is still my favourite. William Kvist won Player of the Year while on loan at Fulham, which was special. Brazil is also way better than any new league introduced in the past three editions.
  2. This will be my last entry for the game, so: 20th min goal from Kova, should be worth a lot as I'm ending on a 5-day streak.
  3. 2 goals for my young #9. Disappointed with the result as PSG are unusually frail in this save.
  4. Tavares gets us 2 more points with a brace. For #10 and #9 I'll use another save, since my Gold assistant can do anything but pick decent squad numbers.
  5. Just 1 point for me today. I'll take it.
  6. Who needs possession? My BWM Jordan Marie gets a 20th minute goal. Let the assistant decide the numbers though, so it's unlikely I will submit anything for 13.
  7. Seth Anacondas

    City, Red Bull, Paris and Barca Goes Young!

    Good results, it usually gets easier from here. Fulham were relegated despite handing you the title πŸ™„
  8. Seth Anacondas

    BG Scores Highest Lowest

    Smashed it pal, great way to end FMM19.
  9. Seth Anacondas

    Saying Goodbye to Chaoyue [One Season Strikerless]

    Thanks mates. China will be my refuge when I've had enough of playing in the bigger leagues.
  10. Saying Goodbye to Chaoyue – A One Season Strikerless Challenge With FMM fully into 2020 prep mode now, I needed a short and soothing challenge. The Chinese First Division thus seemed like the perfect place to start a One Season Strikerless Challenge. Chaoyue caught my attention as they begin with no players! A quick look at Wikipedia reveals the club dissolved, China no less immune to the financial troubles of Bury, Bolton et al. Though unfortunate, this saves us the potentially circuitous process of flogging strikers. Instead, many defenders and midfielders were brought in… The Main Men Other Transfers The Tactic Challenge Results Miscellaneous Challenge Score
  11. Seth Anacondas

    Hi, I'm Rob

    Welcome Rob, Vibe is great and the main reason I'm buying my 7th FMM this November.
  12. Seth Anacondas

    The One Season Strikerless Challenge

    Thanks Foxy, I'll post the career later.
  13. Seth Anacondas

    The One Season Strikerless Challenge

    I'm doing this challenge with Dalian Chaoyue of the Chinese πŸ‡¨πŸ‡³ First Division. Considering the Mickey Mouse opposition, will my attempt count? If so, I'll post a mini career, including my philosophy and cup run. If not, I've had fun anyways playing in a new league and using a new tactic.