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  1. Thepremiermanager

    Worst Players On FMM18

    I'll have a look when I get a chance. Here's hoping we find the guy that even we must be better than!
  2. Thepremiermanager

    Worst Players On FMM18

    Done... This guy's even worse... Not found an all red yet though
  3. Thepremiermanager

    Worst Players On FMM18

    Cardiff Met Uni - pretty much anyone in the squad. Thought I'd choose a small team as a challenge, didn't realise quite how much of a challenge! Wonder if he gets the record for most red attributes!
  4. Thepremiermanager

    Vibe's FMM 18 Help me with my tactic topic

    Great info so far guys. @BatiGoal How do you go about your test games i.e. do you avoid any changes (subs, tactical tweaks etc) for the entire 90 mins or do you play a 'normal' game? Presumably changes would influence the outcomes and therefore the test results.
  5. Thepremiermanager

    Funny FMM 2018 Moments

    This guy looks good for his age!
  6. Thepremiermanager


    If you notice, he only has 3 areas set on each regime. If you take @BatiGoal's theory of points (intensive =3, medium =2, light =1 - see last year's forum) this means @RealHaks training = 9 per regime (10 for GK with the light fitness). Bati reckoned on about 11 points as a rough max for top clubs, and I've previously used 9 for lower league without problems. I reckon you might get away with these regimes and even more if you play higher up the leagues. That might partly solve the poor defence problem as you could have your players on light-medium defence at the same time. By the way @RealHaks How does the no motivational affect your players?
  7. Thepremiermanager

    FMM18: Feature List and Screenshots

    @Alari @Marc Duffy and the rest of the team. Well done guys. Some great looking stuff so far and very much looking forward to the release.
  8. Thepremiermanager

    FMM18 - New Features

    Just watched the video again. Also noticed that the two CB and all three AMs have slightly different shaped icons (backward arrow and forward arrows respectively). The rest of the team have standard rectangle shapes. *Check out the suggested 11 section* Again, a hint of tactical options or just graphical changes?
  9. Thepremiermanager

    FMM18 - New Features

    Anyone else notice the yellow arrows from the AMs ... more tactical options?
  10. I also tried wing back after a red and few yellows for the other two there but it seems my Brazilian born buddy really wanted to stitch up his country of birth in the competition.
  11. Now now, calm down boys. Friendly rivalry only. Let's leave the sheep out of it. I tried BWM, nothing. Apparently he likes being a sweeper too. I was hoping for some last man take downs but no good.
  12. Great job so far Taff. If you're lacking striking options could you go a bit Converted Winger or Unicorn Midfielder for a season just to make up the 3 and get a score posted? Looking forward to what's next.
  13. 4 reds! How did you manage that. Found this challenge really frustrating as I had 2 reds from other guys and plenty of yellows. My Costa seemed more interested in getting decent ratings than getting sent off.
  14. Thepremiermanager

    500 International BatiGoals

    Mate that was brutal! Fantastic achievement getting so close though and we all know you would have smashed it.
  15. You're lucky @JustM1kePlays. Had I not been waylayed by faulty plumbing we would be sharing that top step! @mcandrew003 @arobbo92 Loving the next challenge too. I feel a red mist coming on!