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  1. Can Harv get a loan to a top of Championship team. Needs some game time!
  2. I'm still happy with my guys. Haaland will move back over the 100mil mark soon and it looks like Harv and Phil are going to pick up momentum too. Happy Times.
  3. I think I'll go with our Potugese friend Matos please. He needs a move to a top division team in Portugal just outside the top 3.
  4. Leave my 3 where they are. Hopefully Harv gets some game time with the reserves and the other two will be fine.
  5. FMM Goes to the Movies: Alvin and the Chipmunks Bear with me on this one folks. What's not to like here? Family fun... Check. Great cast of comedy characters... Check. Animated chipmunks... Hell yeah! If you don't know the franchise, Alvin and his chipmunk buddies are an animated band set to take over the world. The film tells the story of the chipmunk's rise to fame, the hardships they encounter and, as expected in this family film, the happy ending. And who wouldn't want to watch a film with singing chipmunks? Alviiiiiiiiiin. The Challenge 1 season, TT challenge. Choose your chipmunks. Your chosen player's names must start with a letter for the corresponding chipmunk - Alvin, Simon, Theodore. Score as many goals and assists as possible in 1 season. Any league you like. Bonus points: Every personal award collected means more fame! Domestic team of the week = +1 point. Domestic team of the year = +10 points. WPOTY (or similar continental/global award) = + 25 points. All usual challenge rules apply. We all have a guilty secret, go on, play it! No one's judging you. TPM Wall of Fame 1.?
  6. Nice! How about a pair of these? Standard fashion in my early teens.
  7. No probs. Hopefully he'll get some game time in the new year. Might look into a replacement though
  8. I'm happy with my boys. Just need some playing time for Harv. Can I see his current profile and are we able to recall from his loan to find another one for the rest of the season?
  9. If we're highlighting poor music choices from our past...
  10. Another nice challenge BG. Was there a wet and windy night in Stoke though?
  11. Fulham was his wish so Fulham it is. Loan with no transfer option please.
  12. Lovely, happy with that. Just had a phone call, apparently Fulham are interested in taking young Harvey on loan for the season. Could you see which other mid-table Championship teams are keen on the young man? No transfer option though. He's happy at the Pool for now.