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  1. Here here. Great work @Kun Aguero. Enjoyed being part of it and thought every part was well organised and run expertly. Good stuff.
  2. Happy with 3rd place. A solid position after the farce of young Harv, the boy let me down!
  3. Cheers BG. Just trying to create some slightly different challenges to try. Got a couple of bigger ones in the pipeline too so hopefully something for everyone.
  4. FMM Goes to the Movies: Unstoppable Denzel Washington and Chris Pine, on a train, chasing another train... What's not not love about this film? Unstoppable is loosely based on a real-life incident of a runaway freight train in rural Ohio. In the film, Washington and Pine take up the pursuit of locomotive 777 (triple 7) barely averting disaster after many miles of twists, turns and personal revelations. With triple 7 speeding through the American countryside, our heroes eventually tame the beast and bring an end to the danger. Edge of the seat stuff in this action thriller! The Challenge In this challenge, you take on the role of 777. Will you be tamed or can you unleash the beast? Speed is the key to winning here. You must sign your triple 7's - three players who are natural in the no. 7 positions: RM or RW. They may also be green in other positions too. As this is a film about speed, they must have 16+ for pace. How quickly can you reach 25 assists for each of your 7's, making a total of 75 assists? Points = (777 ÷ games taken to get to 75 assists) x10 E.g. 777 ÷ 100 games = 7. 77 x 10 = 78 (rounded) 777 ÷ 75 games = 10.36 x 10 = 104 (rounded) Bonus points = Challenge completed inside 1 season = 25 points. Any formation you like. Any league and club. All usual challenge rules apply. C'mon, get on track and smash this. Link to full index Wall of fame 1.?
  5. Agreed, not last is a bonus. Top half would be good. Top 2...its going to be difficult but would love to be up there. C'mon the lads!
  6. Yeah just checked his age, 27, foot in mouth moment! 😂😂😂 Just bitter I couldn't afford him!
  7. Who needs a budget when you have the best players in the world! Would've gone for Havertz but he's a bit old now. I predict a downturn in @BatiGoal's fortunes.
  8. @Kun Aguero Can we attempt to get Foden a move to Roma and join up with my boi Riccardi. Also, if possible, can I sell Diaz and buy Reiss Nelson?
  9. In that case, Sevilla it is. They're obviously due a change in fortunes and Diaz is the man to do it. I have complete confidence (in the guy I was trying to bin! 😕)
  10. See, leave someone alone for a minute and they go and get themselves transfer listed! Which of the two has the least options in similar positions and how are they getting on domestically? Thanks
  11. Excellent. I don't think Diaz noticed I dumped him, was too busy on twitter!