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  1. 5 million! Oh wow Prosherry and me posted at nearly the same time lol. 6 million in that case

    FMH13 General Discussion

    Ok chill mate. Delete my freakin' post if I have committed a crime omg! Everything I do on this site is criticized by you and your pets! And it was already on the top! The reason I posted on it. Plus its "General Discussion". What does that mean to you?

    FMH13 General Discussion

    I don't know actually. Just randomly came across this. I hope I didn't do anything wrong lel

    FMH 2015 - My wish list

    Yup like picking only certain stats

    FMH13 General Discussion

    Oh the memories when it comes to fmh 13

    "The Economist"

    Ok noted.

    "The Economist"

    Alright, will change the font and I don't see the difference between condensing and making simpler. Well nvm about the PMing me part, Alright, will change the font and I don't see the difference between condensing and making simpler. Well nvm about the PMing me part.

    2014 "The Economist"

    "The Economist" Challenge This challenge was inspired by my Rotherham United Career, which I haven't really post on here but anyways the challenge: This challenge is based on youth, domestic trading, money, and points. You can start off with one club. Doesn't matter which club, but you get x2 points for every lower division team. Now the starting configuration, rules, and goals. Starting Configuration: You have to choose one club in the start. Lets say you pick Arsenal. You HAVE to sell all the Non-English players (or release them). You also have to pick the nationality of the league you are playing in. (The reason will be stated later on) By now you should have only English players. These will your main assets. These players are really important towards you score. Any players you buy (only English players, unless they have a second English nationality) are called your secondary assets. Rules: You will get more points for every lower tier you start. (e.g: BPL: x1 Championship: x2 League 1: x3 etc.) This can be in any country, but this is limited to one club in every country. So if you pick Arsenal, you can't accept a job offer from Chelsea. BUT you can accept a job offer from Real Madrid ( I wouldn't suggest this as it requires farming a lot of youth from one country, and if you leave, all your progress goes to waste*) *not your points so dw Only your hard-work. Main Assets: All the players you had when you joined from the country where you league is based, and all you youth. Your youth are your best friends in this challenge. Every main asset that retires at your club, their goals or assist (you can choose) divided by 2 if under 100, above 100 divided by 3, above 200 divided by 4 etc. Secondary Assets: These are players you bought. You are limited to one secondary asset per season. So basically one transfer per season but unlimited selling. Transfers: For every main asset you sell, you get all the points from them. For example, if Gibbs goes to Chelsea for 30 million, you get 30 points. 2.5 million is 2.5 points, and 500k is 0.5 points etc. YOU ARE ONLY ALLOWED IN POUNDS. I believe you can change the currency in the settings. Every secondary asset, on the other hand, you have to cut their price in half. So you buy Luke Shaw for 2 million and sell him for 30 million, that gives you 15 points. You are only allowed one secondary asset, BUT you can buy more at the cost of your points. For every second transfer you make you minus the amount you bought him for, for example 15 million = -15 points, but you lose a minimum 1 point. So if you bought a player for 500k you lose 1 point. You could use this to your advantage, but you will have to find out how And if you buy 3 players, you lose x2 points on him. For example you bought him for 15 million = -30 points, and fourth player equals to x3 and so on. If you get an Irish youth in England (with only Irish nationality, you have to sell him. You can loan him out to gain value, but no playing with him) Every Domestic Super Cup, 5 points. Every Europe Super Cup, 10 points. Every Small Rep Domestic Cup (e.g Capital Cup), 15 points. Every Big Rep Domestic Cup (e.g F.A Cup), 20 points. Every Top Division title you win (only top division) you get 25 points. Every Europa League, 30 points. Every Champions League, 40 points. Every Club World Cup, 35 points. Every International Continental Competition (e.g EUROs), 50 points. Every World Cup, 100 points. For International Teams, you are only allowed to use the nation your league is based in. So if you are in Liga BBVA you can't manage England. You can resign and manage England, but look at the points you will be missing out on! You can use any player from the country you are managing, not restricted to your team but if you have a Champions League winning Arsenal Squad (Which will only happen in the game ) you basically can use those players to win the World cup. Plus every player in you squad that won an international competition with you, get 1 point to your tally. ​ Goal: You have to have proof. Screenshots and no use of SE. This challenge is about valuing your money, hence the "economist challenge" No Sugar Daddy allowed. Only the teams if you want. ENJOY! There needs to be a lot of editing in this article. So sorry if there are any errors. And please feedback and improvements are appreciated. Any ideas? PM me them. Would love to improve this challenge! and I will credit you so DW Thank you

    More MONEY to ALL clubs....

    HAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA xD Wow you LEAKED it. Like all of us on this site are stupid donkeys. lol Btw dude if you like cheating, just save before every game and reload if you lose. I used to do this when I just started, as all my O.P fifa ultimate team, formations weren't working. But Tbh ever since I understood the tactics thanks to @Dec I had more fun. Believe me when I lose a CL final, the career excites me even more! But if you lose a World Cup final....Delete that freakin' app
  10. APGART

    4-1-2-2-1 Tiki-Taka

    i am sorry but this is my first article. thanks for the advice and feedback. will improve next time
  11. APGART

    4-1-2-2-1 Tiki-Taka

    Haha my bad sorry guys but for the defense midfielder it's DLM
  12. Tiki-Taka Ok now this tactic is a bomb. Amazing stats, and guess what its a fire and forget. You just need to change short passing to direct if you are losing. Alright...Now the tactic Pcr Inf Wng APM BWM WBk CTR CTR WBk GK Attacking Short Committed On On Off Off E.Heskey And there you go. Tested in Spain, England, Portugal, and Italy* *for some reason this tactic is bad in Italy. I have some screen shots. But I don't know how to post pictures (P.S - can you tell me how to) Would love some feedback! Thanks and welcome if you liked the tactic
  13. APGART

    Peely’s Great Big Evogen Study

    Great read! Haven't plussed yet (as I didn't know that was possible until read the comments, but you deserve it +1) Good work mate
  14. APGART

    [Update] FMH 2014 Save Editor

    Sorry Jay but is the bug for swapping clubs fixed? Cause everytime I try to swap it gives an error. (I have newest version and legal) I think someone previously had the issue, just wanted to know is it because we have an old save or something? I believe I created my save in 5.3 most prob