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About Ashez

  1. Ashez

    Rob’s Strikerless Bonanza

    Possibly, I've messed around with plenty of stupid ideas but i have nothing in my files.
  2. Ashez

    Rob’s Strikerless Bonanza

    All the way back in 2015 😮
  3. Ashez

    Is it just me ????

    @samhardydidn't SI attempt to blame this on snow? Lol
  4. Ashez

    Serverdotmy on youtube

    Polite warning......Stay away from my content pal.
  5. Yet time savers like search features, menus, squad management, ITN, training setting and stuff like that is broken or a mess of menus
  6. To get to the international team you can also go find club, North America, international team and then Jamaica but like you said it's missing loads of players as it's just the selected squad.
  7. Absolutely loved Paterson's appearance! Woody's making some real unique picks so far tbf. As for Asensio what is there to say, top draw season from a top talent, well done Rob!
  8. Nicely done, it might take another season to get a decent Premier League job but having this section done is solid going :).
  9. Excellent ....Haha that's ace! This was our main song for the season we reached the Europa League Final so it means something to me as well, I guess that's why the challenge idea hit me :).
  10. I'm hoping you try it @PriZe!
  11. Perfect for every time of year ? Good luck if you decide to
  12. You couldn't call that a boring month could you! The draws suck but solid returns tbf mate
  13. I think he might be my worst performing "striker" of all time, it got to the point where I was wondering how awful he could do!