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  1. Ashez

    2018 Vibe Premier League

    It's a cracker tbf! Indeed! Even @PriZe couldn't save that lot 😛
  2. Ashez

    2018 Vibe Premier League

    It was a gimmicky thought I had which needed looking into, it almost fell apart as I couldn't find a rabbit but thankfully a bunny search delivered the goods! Considering how many play in black and white I was surprised to see so few Panda options in truth. The original plan was for you guys to be the worst team in Turkey who have two wins in 29 or something IRL but unfortunately they didn't have the funds for the signings. As it was late in the day I decided to let you pick your own clubs knowing it would lower the difficulty haha.
  3. Ashez

    2018 Vibe Premier League

    @Foxy and @Taff have locked their scores in! How'd you enjoy the challenge lads? @NucleusNT and myself would love to know. I struggled with the points system the most but I went with AvR as G+S would force you into attacking signings etc. @samhardytells me I'll receive his Saturday so I'm just waiting on @PriZe.
  4. Here we go! The next squad out of my deck is.... Pav-Gone! He wasn't good enough for my squad anyway so no loss to me! @Foxy kill me slowly!
  5. Whoops I missed this! I'll draw mine asap
  6. Take your time 😛 Just the way it goes mate, a few wrong calls and the tables can turn, I hope!!
  7. Ashez

    2018 Vibe Premier League

    How you guys doing? @Foxy @samhardy @Taff @PriZe
  8. @Foxy feared the PSG superstar Mbappe being pulled from my deck and for good reason as the Frenchman is indeed my latest pull! Finally some luck on my part as I counter attack Arthur's mental assault with one of my own! Mbappe I choose you!! What! What do you mean?!? You're seriously suggesting Foxy wins yet another round as his stat of 63 in higher than my mediocre stat of 55? Hmmm rules are rules I suppose........Sly Mr Fox indeed.
  9. CC type events always lead to FMM burn out! That's a fact!
  10. Okay, I feel I may have a chance in this one so I'll pull my next player shortly!
  11. Check out @ClassicFootbaIl’s Tweet:
  12. And the day just gets worse as not even my favourite player on 2018 can save me! I'm officially worried at this point! Foxy is walking away with this with my squad looking real thin! I have 4 cards remaining to Foxy's 10!