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  1. I was against the 50 goal total for what it's worth With lucky regen spawns it might be possible but I'm not optimistic tbf haha. I save my nasty side for CC challenges
  2. Help Unlockables

    It's old but I'd think 2018 is mostly similar.
  3. My second name is Sale So this comment brought a laugh out of me haha I expected someone like @samhardy to crack the joke but he must be getting slow
  4. In before someone else makes the joke
  5. She's requested I wait until Friday incase it goes cheaper and so we can see if anything we actually need goes on sale haha. Just have to hope the sale lasts now I suppose.
  6. Help The homepage display is different

    It depends on your device mate. Smaller screens have that view while bigger screens have the side bar view with more information on it etc.
  7. Not a lot I can say really. My main reason for not allowing say Vibe transfer updates is because they'd often include errors or missing players being added without SI's involvement etc (one year one old player was changed to a godly kid due to a mistake but banning non official databases saves us from such things). Historically transfer updates and licences were separate which in challenge terms I think is for the best. It's basically impossible to prove without "banning" licence fixes which seems too extreme as so many people enjoy them so yeah I'd please request people remove anything none licence related from the file.
  8. Lmao, I walked into that one! Na the issue is we're moving house in the next few weeks so money's a tad tight. We briefly discussed it and she said to wait for Black Friday so I'm feeling hopeful .
  9. Thanks lads, now to have a talk with the missus I guess haha.
  10. I've just seen the Kindle Fire HD 10 tablet is on sale for £110, so the obvious question to ask is is this tablet up to running 2018/EME and running it well? I have had my eye on the tablet and it seems decent for the standard price (£150ish) but obviously FMM is all I care about lol. Price wise it's extremely appealing considering I need a new device on the cheap haha. So does anyone play FMM on it? Or any SI guys able to offer any imput? Thanks.
  11. Chat Major flop in Fmm18

    If you think this is actually a thing run a study on it and report your findings to us/SI.
  12. Chat OME vs EME

    Always thought the same too. If we're forced to have a loading screen at least give us useful information we can use in the second half etc. It should be the ideal time for the coach reports if that was possible. That way they have a use and we can react more on a match to match, half to half basis but even the standard stats would be better than scores.
  13. Chat OME vs EME

    It's needed as a loading screen and the scores just fill the dead space I believe.
  14. Chat OME vs EME

    Haha, oh I know I just find certain aspects of how it's been handled entertaining . The tactical stuff of the EME is it's only appeal to me tbf.