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  1. Full Club Name (Max 51 characters) - Arkham Asylum FC Short Name (Max 26 Characters) - Arkham Asylum FCStadium Name - Arkham AsylumHome Background Colour (Use Colour Picker LINK) - 040101Home Text Colour (Use Colour Picker LINK) - 6EF705Away Background Colour (Use Colour Picker LINK) - BD1CC3Away Text Colour (Use Colour Picker LINK) - 6EF705Club Logo/Crest (Please Read Below) -
  2. Stick of bamboo per comment right?
  3. Fun/Games Challenge Cup XI

    Typo? You clearly meant to say EME
  4. Fun/Games Challenge Cup XI

    You've lasted until at least November then.
  5. We've enjoyed it all the same so as long as you have too why's it matter :). Like I said I agree with all the points mentioned but at the end of the day you did this save for yourself and to entertain us which you've achieved. Come the end I'm sure a line of text on a leaderboard will mean little compared to the save/memories and the comments/views recieved etc. I find it rather classy tbh that you even considered this as I'm sure 99% of people wouldn't have.
  6. We all go through spells like that mate, it comes with the territory when you're always pushing the game and yourself. Trust me i know how you feel as I've felt like it for the last two years. If you ever want to chat my inbox is open
  7. I've been calling the challenge an "intriguing female dog" since it was created
  8. Fun/Games Challenge Cup XI

    Doesn't sound ideal! I just decided I'll concede goals regardless so let's just for for it haha.
  9. Oh god! You've just made imagine what his stats will be like near retirement
  10. Fun/Games Challenge Cup XI

    How much money did you have? My group had £4m! Far from ideal! My two star signings weren't even chocolate stars never mind quality.
  11. Let's hope that faith is well placed, it can't really get much worse after all haha. You can see why I was in no rush to force this update out now It has been alot tougher than I expected in fairness, having European games as basically a right off is bigger than I expected for sure. Ignore AS as he chats rubbish Finally someone telling it how it is haha. I was close to giving up so many times but this battle is far from over!
  12. Fun/Games Challenge Cup XI

    No. I'll admit this challenge is freaking brutal lol. I think it's safe to say if anyone is sacked you should still enter as there might be a few sackings this round haha