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  1. Ashez

    English football

    That was fun If only Newcastle had another 10 players πŸ˜‚. ASM is boss!
  2. Ashez

    Off Topic

    I love weird theories like this What if the MCU and the Tarantino universe were the same. His The Rock (film) is definitely a James Bond film is awesome too. Basically saying how it lines up that Bond is the person locked up in The Rock. Obviously a long held theory but he adds alot to it
  3. Ashez

    English football

    I agree you need a bit of bite and snide but Gerrard became a much better player when Benitez got most of that out his game. Gerrard always said though he loved the roar of the crowd after a big challenge. I've said before DMC is one my favourite positions and I've loved the nasty bastards like Mascherano but there is something special about a more technical breaker of play like Fabinho. He's just as destructive if not more without snapping people in half week in week out.
  4. Ashez

    English football

    From what I read Elliot went to get up, that's one reason Salah ran at him calling the medics and telling him to stay down. From what Klopp said it sounds like they popped it back in on the pitch. Suppose we'll know more after his operation.
  5. Ashez

    English football

    I'm still gutted now, one them moments the second it happens you just feel sick. Sucked the joy out of a very enjoyable match. The club have announced he's out of hospital and having surgery in the coming days. Everyone see Klopp's interview? He was obviously shook up. Klopp says it's a dislocation and it was put back in, he also says he knew something was wrong as his foot was facing the wrong way 🀒. I can't handle shit like that not going to lie haha. Trying not to get caught up in non official stuff but seen a few people say an ankle dislocation usually also ends with a break due to how the socket is, but all reports just say the dislocation ATM. Klopp said against Burnley letting more tackles go will lead to injuries, for once I wish he was wrong but more often than not he's proven right. Burnley kicked the shit out of Elliott and everyone mocked Klopp for moaning, now Elliott is out for who knows how long. A daft needless challenge from behind might have ruined a career that looked incredibly bright. Don't get me wrong I want a contact sport but players need protection and the more that's let go the more they'll push the limits, I agree this was an accidental injury with no intent but it was a rash challenge. This time last year we lost VVD and Thiago to disgusting challenges and now Elliott.
  6. Ashez

    English football

    That's why I think they should just separate the kick off times like they do aboard. Obviously I know away fans and the bigger pyramid is more of an English thing but it is daft we aren't able to watch half the matches.
  7. Ashez


    I'm so glad I'm not into Lego as it's so stupidly expensive but these Nintendo lines have me so tempted at times haha. Only previous times I've been weak is for Batmobiles but I've not bought Lego yet lol. I did get the Club Nintendo Lego Mario keychain last week though πŸ˜›
  8. Ashez

    English football

    What's everyone think about the blackout debate then? I think it's absolutely stupid the thing to start the debate back up again for the first time in years is bloody Ronaldo, like Jesus Christ. Anyway I've always hated the blackout and I am someone who'll "find a way" to watch Liverpool if they happen to play at 3pm, granted I'm lucky as we're televised alot but the few times it happens it does almost ruin the weekend. I'm either pissed off I'm not watching it or getting frustrated with the usually questionable quality of the means I'm forced to go to to get my fix. I do plan my weekends around LFC and the other big matches, so when I have to plan in a 3pm KO and I don't get a decent stream it frustrates me no end, we've a 3pm kick off on my birthday and I'm already annoyed I'll have to deal with that πŸ˜‚. However I understand why it exists and I think that's all well and good, I know the die hards say they'd still go local and lower down the pyramid and all that but I do think televised games would impact clubs. I just don't get why they don't just do away with Premier League 3pm kick offs tbh. Give the lower leagues a complete window to be the focus. Obviously that would make fitting the other games on Tele awkward, especially in regards to traveling supporters. Would just spreading the 3pm fixtures across the 12.30, 5.30 and 7-8pm kick off times work? Maybe have an extra game on Sunday? I dunno but in this day and age I do think matches should be available live. Everyone knows streams exists and thousands are forced to watch them.
  9. The mention of speed has me curious since recent editions (training, set pieces, bidding wars etc) have added to the play time. Likely just to say it's a quicker experience than the others like but it's somewhat intriguing.
  10. Ashez


    @Rob holy shit!
  11. Sorry for going off topic πŸ˜›
  12. Thanks, now you've made me watch this, easily one of my favourite moments from DC. Spoilers for Under The Red Hood film and basically anything Red Hood/Jason Todd related That's everything the live action DC films have missed, imagine that scene as a payoff to a live action set up. Granted Snyder planted the seeds to start it but that's the Batman story we should get, it shouldn't be hinted at in a JL film. Maybe it's not as powerful out of context but that 4 mins shows you everything you need to know about Batman, Joker and Todd. The delivery hits hard, it's understandable and it's bloody awesome. Batman has always been an emotional and personal story but most the film's have missed that, they've gone for the big epics and not the story telling. Maybe I'm biased and maybe something like this doesn't compare to an alien invasion or whatever else these blockbuster movies go for but this is why I love the animated films as they tell the stories I want. Seriously go watch Under The Red Hood πŸ˜‚. Neil Patrick Harris voices Dick/Nightwing πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.