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  1. TM training plus aerial focus = 20/20 stat.
  2. Back in the day reserve teams copied our set ups but then they stopped doing it. I wonder what stuff this means for sides like the Madrid youth teams. It could be cool if we have any influence on who managed the youth teams, like offering it to former players and stuff who could be "inspired by our tactics" to eventually become a rival. That's the relationship building stuff I could get into compared to coaches, mentors and news fluff.n
  3. That's exactly why we need more control. It's a vital area of football completely ignored and every goal scored or conceded from them feels incredibly cheap, especially as they're OP. Most goals are long range worldies or set pieces. I'm intrigued that set pieces are getting so much attention now yet I've wrote article after article about them and never got that impression 😂, I'm delighted others are beating this drum. Unfortunately the developers don't think we're smart enough for set piece options as it'll just confuse us 😂. Over a decade ago we had them 😂.
  4. International wise that whole area of the game needs revamping to work as a stand alone experience, at ITN level you should have staff (Coaches etc), scouts to help identify potential call ups, training, and just more meat on the bones. It's been undercooked since forever and while I love they've added more teams and competitions the experience is just lacking. I wouldn't say an U-?? is needed but I can somewhat see how that's extra appealing, you'd be working with a small pool of players that would constantly be changing as people age out, granted you can implement that yourself at any level but you can't lower the pressure/expectations, currently it's something you'd play for a challenge and not for a super developing player based save. By nature you'd also be working under someone which could be likely wouldn't have an influence, basically the DoF idea that often comes up. However the biggest knock I'd have against any form of U-?? teams is you'll have regens in no time and personally that beats the point of the game for me. Yeah fakes are needed 9-11 seasons in but not day one.
  5. Ashez


    Ouch! Hopefully it shows up today! Mine is arriving today but I dunno what time it'll get here, Amazon delivery is a little all over the place, if I ordered it earlier I'd have from someone who uses normal post as that comes first thing. I've just got in from work and I'm working tonight so I won't be playing it today either way, my plan is to sleep tomorrow day then play it all Saturday night lol. That way I can sleep Sunday day ready for work that night. I've got time off after Wednesday morning though. As they weren't officially released I did look up the new starters last night, I hate the one but the other two look okay but I wanna see what they look like in game (\only seen none game stills). If the one looks cool in game which I think it might I've decided, if it doesn't I'll somewhat reluctantly pick the other one lol. Tbh they aren't the strongest designs going, I've like 2/3 all along but the middle stages are all just awful and I'm not sold on either final form as yet. Edit - My copy will be delivered by 1
  6. Ashez


    Like I said I did expect more but I'm also kind of understanding that this is only their second HD console 3D Pokemon release with the first being a remake in Let's Go. It'll 100% be a stepping stone and we'll see more in Pokemon Lance or whatever they call the third game or next gen. I can't deny it not looking a little rushed and maybe they took too much on with Let's Go, Little Town Hero and Sw/Sh. If I find it the 8/10 experience most reviews seem to think it is I'll be satisfied, I'm just focusing on the positives as if I go in negative I won't enjoy it. Ohh while writing that my copy dispatched :D.
  7. SI used to claim that even if you have no reserve team fixtures or results the reserves still played fixtures, it just wasn't "recorded". I suppose it's up to you if you believe that, or if you think their smoke and mirrors approach is catching up with them haha. Personally I do believe it and they've just been made visible, don't get me wrong leagues and structures are alot of work though. I actually believe it as alot of features in recent years have been hidden features being made visible. The level up/experience system for example. It's funny to think the tactics side of the game is starting to become the most hidden part lol. That's alot closer to my actual take tbh, I just decided not to spell it out this year as I simply cba haha.
  8. Ashez


    The ones pulling it down 1. Comparing it to BOTW is fucking stupid, this is their first console game since the Wii and first console RPG since the Gamecube and it's Gamefreak not Nintendo ffs, Zelda has been on consoles and 3D for over a decade and BOTW took like 5 years to make. Don't get me wrong those first trailers did seem to show the game as revamping the series but never to a BOTW level lol, the wild area did bring BOTW to mind I agree, I think I even said it but I never expected a BOTW Pokemon on the first attempt. Just a snide conclusion tbh. 2. Criticising it for something it isn't instead of embracing what's made Pokemon Pokemon for the past 20 odd years. 3. That's never a 6/10 conclusion 4. Again I wouldn't say that reads like a 6/10 and feels nit picky. The unscored reviews All appear mostly positive but one or two. 15 positive to 4 mixed reviews. Currently 81 compared to 87 of Moon, 90 odd new Pokemon and making online accessible is all gravy in my book.
  9. Ashez


    I'm like that with Star Wars, it's everything I should love but for some reason I can't get into it at all.
  10. Ashez


    Spent the last hour bingeing Pokemon reviews and I'm sold, so much so I've just placed my order for Pokemon Shield. I'll admit it might not be the incredible new Pokemon experience I hoped it could be but it still looks excellent. I'm excited As for that "leak" thread linked above its basically confirmed he was playing a pirated copy of the game while hacking it which meant it performed poorly! Granted that doesn't remove all the potential issues but most. I'm excited for a new game with close to 100 new Pokemon to capture and train. The wild area does look disappointing yet still pretty cool at the same time. Bring on Friday!
  11. Trust has to be earned and once that trust is damaged it's difficult to repair, after five odd years of terrible releases I personally have no trust left. I'd love to be proven wrong and I'll happily eat my words if needs be but I just don't see it happening. I'm snarky purely because they've broken my trust and I can't help but question if these new features will work as intended and if old bugs will be fixed. If I hear about the heading bug day one for example I'll actually be pretty furious, will it be fixed? I dunno but it was known very early last year and is still in 2019, they broke conditioning in the March update but didn't fix the heading bug? Adding features instead of fixing issues happens year on year which just leads to more issues. I won't lie and say these features excite me as they don't, but they might make decent additions in practice but only time will tell. From what we currently know these features could be deep options or just shells, I obviously don't know how it will work out until community members have the game and share impressions after a few weeks, early impressions are always biased haha.
  12. Don't be daft, they're named after the sound every fan makes every release period 😂
  13. Because the previous stat boosting features (coaches, badges, training) have gone silky smooth
  14. The key battle stuff.......Do we have the tactical options to counter these? I'm assuming not with no new tactical news hmmm. Kinda feels like the old FMM when it always told you to man mark which was never an option 😂. Can you manage reserve sides? Or influence them in any way? Anyway 2020 just looks like features and menus added on to previous features. I really thought 2020 would be the year of set pieces with the demand for them growing.