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  1. Nice idea, this might be a side project for my current save as it foes. Not sure if I'll be hanging around in the league long enough though.
  2. Fantasy Premier League 2017/18

    Not happy with my midfield but not sure what to do ATM. Ings is a place holder and will only stay if he goes on loan, same with Gray as if Mahrez stays he'll be changed.
  3. Indeed, it's Shawn Michaels aka HBK :D.
  4. Unfortunately I think you should have named this challenge after this man You've just given yourself too much to do surely?!? I'm almost gutted I'm likely going to miss it's conclusion! If I do make sure you remind me!
  5. This is going to be insane! Cracking idea mate, best of luck
  6. Which one is Berbatov's regen?

    I checked England only so that makes sense, based on that I'd say you're 100% right RR :).
  7. Which one is Berbatov's regen?

    No other Bulgarian appeared with matching positions on the test save i loaded so I just looked for the closest options on my save haha. If someone matches the second ones positions that case is closed then :). I leaned towards Cahill as his were closest and regens apparently can change positionly etc.
  8. Which one is Berbatov's regen?

    That's a real tough one, I'm leaning towards the first though. Did you retrain the second? If not purely based on positions I think the second might be Tim Cahill or Gudjohnsen.
  9. How Fast Is 20 Pace?

    Thanks Lee
  10. Another class season mate
  11. How Fast Is 20 Pace?

    Ha! Come on now I'm going to be disappearing back into the career forum next month (4 seasons in and looking epic ) so someone else can have ago. All you need is a solid base concept and the community will do the rest, just look at this thread. Personally I thought the exciting part was purely the real life top speed stuff (always loved proving FMM concepts/theories/possibilities with real life) and the rest snowballed from there and in truth I pretty much fluked it lol. Content has never been my passion and from now on I'll just be dipping my toe in when inspiration takes me. I have some big plans for August though so I'll have plenty to keep us all busy .
  12. How Fast Is 20 Pace?

    The demand has been shown so let's see what Vibe can produce
  13. I'd just let it flow personally, we don't want to put off potential members thinking they'd need high scores or to play multiple seasons etc. Just let it flow naturally and we'll see where we end up
  14. Nintendo

    That's your call lol. 10 for the price of 1 is a compelling arguement if you don't care for the plastic. Functionality wise Zelda and Splatoon series likely the best, like one Zelda one gives Epona and Wolf link gives you a wolf ally in BOTW which can be trained in Twilight Princess from WiiU, that's pretty cool. Saving set ups and stuff to Amiibo feels pointless now though with the console being just as portable. £15 is way OTT which is what Game sell them for here, I wouldn't touch them at that price. Nintendo sell them for £10 from their store I believe, for the quality and some functionality I don't think £10 is too bad but closer to £7 is usually when I bite if I do (they go on sale on Amazon fairly often). I think the figures are of a decent quality and they have improved, especially compared to Skylanders. I got the Donkey Kong Amiibo cross Skylander cheap ages ago and that's a glorified happy meal toy! It's awful. I really like some and I'm not fussed on others but I love the Fire Emblem, and yarn sets the most I think. I wanted some of the 30th anvo and BOTW Zelda ones but I've never seen them available :(. The archer link and horse riding one's are bad ass! One massive issue is they blew their load too early launching with Smash and having every series represented so early, I generally couldn't care about duplicates (only Zelda ones tempted me).
  15. Nintendo

    The careers section would be ace with you back :D. Yeah i agree, I need to get the DLC still. Horses was one aspect of the game that never grew on me tbh as the controls were just annoying lol. Most the time I'd just climb somewhere high and glide everywhere, it's amazing how fun just climbing is! Shovel Knight has two versions on Switch, one is a single DLC type campaign which I forget the name of. The other is called Tressure Trove I believe (it's around £25). This version is the original game plus all the DLC which is two or three more campaigns (new characters with different play styles) and I believe more are coming IIRC. The more expensive one is like the series while the cheap one is just the newest campaign (but it's included in the collection set.) No news on a physical release on the Switch but it was released physically on everything last gen (I have it on 3DS (physically and digitally) which is why I'm not double dipping for digital on Switch as the DLC stuff is free so I have it already on 3DS etc). I'd support a physical Switch release though for sure. All Metroid games have been on sale recently apart from the Prime Trilogy I believe which makes me think a HD collection could be in the works, especially if Prime 4 is some way off. No facts or even rumours to support that though. It can be done, I know there is some device which has all the "codes" on them or something (seen it on amazon). It's not something I've looked into but all it is is a tag inside the base so if you have the right code it should function like an Amiibo. Tbh I like Amiibo but Nintendo put themselves in a stupid position as if they use them as important content they piss people off, if they use them for fluff like they're mostly doing now they piss people off, they just can't win. My biggest disappointment is we haven't had a big game like Skylanders or something to really make use of them. Outside of Smash which is iffy support at best Amiibo have largely been costume related which is kinda meh.