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  1. Do this again for France, Belgium, Spain, Germany and whoever else 😂. Half those players you're saying did well to reach such achievements did it with help from the nation's above.
  2. Ashez


    Made in that Game Builder Garage game Nintendo released on Friday @Rob Simply incredible
  3. Too many of mine were a goal off 😡
  4. Ashez


    The leaks and rumours were true with Mario And Rabbids 2 announced. I'm so hyped for this as the first is one of my favourite Switch games.
  5. If I've looked correctly no-one has 3-0, come on Turkey get the one back!
  6. Ashez


    I like Super Rare Games and I've bought a few titles from them (Steamworld series) but this announcement has pissed me off. In short they'll be doing physical only releases of "smaller" indie games, things like prototypes or demos or whatever else, basically things that aren't complete games I guess. I'm all for physical media but this is everything wrong with the limited run company's, they're releasing this knowing it will sell out purely to the FOMO crowd. Buying games of unknown quality, length or reviews at full price just because they're physical? Having no digital release means they'll be lost to time as most those physical copies will stay sealed as collectors and the like will know what they have. In fairness they've said it'll be 5000 copies start and open preorders but I can't help but think this is so scummy as it's purely FOMO item targeting collectors. I've missed out on limited run games from various company's and it is annoying as I know I'll now likely never have them physically. Imagine wanting a complete SRG set which people do go for, you'd be buying their regular release and this every month or whenever they announce them, that's £80-100 a month. It's outrageous. Not to mention if you want Limited Run Games you have to pay the physical release mark up, the postage and import tax which to the UK is a joke. I love what these limited release companies do by making games that would only be digital physical but God does it create a FOMO and scummy behaviour, the fact it's limited isn't enough now though. I understand these games wouldn't be seen otherwise and I appreciate that, but I just think this is wrong.
  7. Ashez


    I'm very close to unsubscribing tbh. I've basically stopped watching them and now they're starting to piss me off. Same goes for Switchforce, but they do cover alot of the smaller games. Screw that, give me Diddy Kong Racing 2! Now that theme tune is in your head Do da do, do do do do da dooo, do doo da doooooo doo da doo! 😂😂
  8. Ashez


    GameXplain already spoiling things 😡. Won't say what they've reported today but I'd have been hyped to see that announcement and being able to be surprised by it.
  9. Turkey 1 v 3 Italy (1) Wales 0 v 2 Switzerland (1) Denmark 0 v 0 Finland (1) Belgium 2 v 0 Russia (2) England 1 v 1 Croatia (2) Austria 3 v 0 North Macedonia (3) Netherlands 2 v 1 Ukraine (4) Scotland 0 v 0 Czech Republic (4) Poland 1 v 0 Slovakia (4) Spain 3 v 0 Sweden (4) Hungary 0 v 2 Portugal France 3 v 3 Germany
  10. Everything, I want the information to make informed decisions. Small example would be "errors leading to a goal". We know that's tracked yet it's info we see match to match, I want to know how error prone a CB is, I want to see how many errors he's made in his career so far and so on. I want to know my GKs catch or punch percentage from corners, I want to know my strikers conversion rate, I want to know how many completed crosses my wide players average, I want to see distance covered, how often a free kick taker hits the wall or scores, how often a corner taker hits the first man and so on. Historical/season calculated player statistics would be awesome, as like I said we could then make informed decisions. Most are calculated already just not collected. It would not only help us judge players but also get a better understanding and depth to tactics and how players play the role differently. I've always said FMM should have gone the stats route and now they're popular and used across football media it has to be time to strike. Imo they had the option to be ahead of the curve with statistical gameplay but instead it took us half a decade to even get set piece instructions 😂.
  11. This. I always identify targets my self via the search feature then throw a little scout out there to see if they're as suitable as I thought. Usually I'm looking for injury related traits though as nothing else is that important. Availability is the greatest stat of all.
  12. Ashez

    English football

    Brings a tear to the eye @samhardy ❤️
  13. That Mexico prediction ❤️