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  1. Ashez

    The Dark Rogue Returns

    I feel your pain haha
  2. Counter will still invite them on to you so with the right outballs, pace and threat I don't think it matters how attacking they get lol
  3. If the AI are all over me I'll for sure drop to counter which is pretty effective. I never go below counter though. The key is to always ensure you keep an outlet and a threat.
  4. I try to stick to attacking but I will drop to counter (disciplined, slow, short) late on now and again or to overload if I'm after a goal. Another option I'm experimenting with when goal searching is playing with the width, I'm naturally narrow but going wider has secured me a few wins from drawing positions. Personally I never look at what the AI is doing so I trust my gut and the stats to make my decisions.
  5. Ashez

    You Win or You Die

    Massive congrats on the titles mate, that can't be easy when you're constantly losj g players, well done mate!
  6. Hopefully this should help It's last year's guide but most of it will still apply.
  7. Excellently stuff with Vardy but your bad luck sucked for the next two updates but that's FMM. The move to England is a brave one so good luck mate!
  8. A very reliable system this but you do need to be careful of the wages you give and so on. Signing young free transfers and loaning them for a few seasons can also be beneficial. My personal favourite way for yearly cash is to rotate my back up striker every season, like most my first team striker is my main man but he can't play every game so having a back up is an necessity. So every year I sell my back up and replace him with a free agent or a cheap transfer listed option, after a year of reputation building and goals you can usually bring in a decent fee. Tbh I do tend to rotate my back up back up options across the squad but the striker is the one I do the most.
  9. Ashez

    Zenit - 19 Hour Play

    Quality stuff mate, as expected you're flying through this! Gary MS has done excellently for you!
  10. Ashez

    Zenit - 19 Hour Play

    Best of luck!!
  11. Ashez


    Not sure how you'd do a film unless it was like one region split into four films and base it on badges/E4 but that's some commitment.
  12. Ashez


    Summer I think it said You've got to love Pokemon, that first Pokemon Go reveal trailer was so freaking cool and imagining a film like that : o.
  13. Ashez


    The designs are ace yet bizarre lmao. Like I've never really considered the fact Pikachu would be furry lol, the Mr Mine bit was ace and Charizard looked bad ass! The furry Jigglepuff 😂😯😂😯😂 Apparently the game is really good but it's a point and click one so not for me but if anyone can pull this off its Ryan. Well it can't be worse than the Super Mario Bros movie haha.
  14. Ashez


    I really can't decide if this is magic or tragic lol
  15. Ashez

    You Win or You Die

    Unfair bump!!!! I expected an update!! 😂😂😂😂😂 Na, only teasing.....Kind of 😛