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  1. If you can't take screenies how do you enter your results? Either way I'd wait for @samhardy
  2. Sam will be offline so I feel I best give a response. As it's a friendly most people won't even play I don't think it matters, however they can't be used once the official games begin.
  3. Guides/Tips Transfer Tips for FMM18

    All stuff I take advantage of, great work mate
  4. Off Topic Nintendo

    I like talking to myself I suppose it's a consequence of posting on Vibe about saves and how I like talking about games, this is just my record. The Switch took off and in time people joined in :). Never liked or trusted ign reviews tbh. Just read the review and it's not reviewing the game on its own merit but by comparing it to other versions, tbh that's pretty poor.
  5. Off Topic Nintendo

    I think it's intended for two players using a joycon each on Switch. That sounds familiar. I know it doesn't have the frostbite engine which started with 2017.
  6. Off Topic Nintendo

    The Switch version reviewed reasonably but got shit on for lacking features. @Real_Randomis the guy to talk to about Fifa Switch as his play time is sky high :p. I've only played 3-4 hours of it so far. I know what you mean about fifa getting complex though, I've felt that before. The Switch version has "two button mode" I saw today as a control option but I've not tried it
  7. Off Topic Nintendo

    Oh, I see lol. My comment mentioned handheld mode then you said console and I was thinking that the Switch is the console version lol Had my brothers round today so we messed around on fifa, at first they gave it grief but after a few games we had a blast. My one brother has a XB1 while the other has a PS4 and they play a lot of fifa but they seemed to enjoy the Switch version. It almost feels more arcadey than older fifa games I played on XB1, to me anyway. What's so wrong with the XB/PS versions?
  8. Off Topic Nintendo

    What do you mean? I'm confused lol.
  9. Looks like the end is near!
  10. Mbappe hit that and the others still smashed it
  11. Noone uses keepers on the bench anyway apparently
  12. Career Dare to Dream - The Bahamas

    Really unique and enjoyable save mate! ITN management is usually dull but you've found a way to make it highly entertaining!
  13. 92 is a solid start mate, anything near 100 is enough imo.