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  1. Ashez

    BWM Attributes - Aerial

    Aerial is linked to height (build?) isn't it? Which could give two added benefits. I'm assuming this since they changed the stat to aerial from heading which must mean it's more than just heading ability 1. As @Foxysaid having height and being a physical presence will have its benefits, just think GKs into midfield. 2. Being lanky can also be a decent trait for BWMs, take Fabinho for example who really puts his long legs to good use.
  2. Ashez

    Wing Back Movement Attribute

    Positioning is kind of the defensive version/stat of movement. A wing back needs good positioning to be able to find the right and safe opportunities to break forward by his positioning, and unlike movement he needs to always keep his positioning in mind not to be caught out defensively. Then once he's in attacking positions like @Foxy said he's basically working in his own corridor just looking to cross, he's not going to be cutting in or be doing much work in a more crowded area of the pitch like a midfielder or looking to get in behind defenders like a striker. For wing backs I personally only look for stamina, positioning and crossing while I'd say the secondary attributes are dribbling, decisions and pace. Yeah I pretty much ignore tackling, purely because I think positioning is more important, didn't one of the greats say that if he has to make a tackle he's already made a mistake?
  3. Ashez

    Do Managers matter

    Buffon would have just inherited the ability and stats of a manager who retired at the same time.
  4. Ashez

    English football

    Yet in our match Matip being wrestled to the ground by the throat wasn't one lmao, VAR is sound, it's just the refs that are useless.
  5. Ashez

    English football

    Am I being biased or is that beyond soft? Like the million rolls after it help.
  6. Ashez

    English football

    I thought you did okay until we equalised, once we did and Bobby came on we took control. Bobby was sensational today.
  7. Ashez


    Yeah I'm not $80 interested and I've not seen a UK price so it'll likely be £70-80. It's neat though and you can see some heart went into it, I hope it finds an audience as it's maybe too gimmicky for "gamers" while a RPG isn't as casual friendly as Wii Sports/Fit, it's an odd one but I'll see how it plays out for sure. As long as Nintendo are producing the stuff I want i love seeing the bizarre shit they can come up with. Labo and this aren't really for me but they're bloody cool.
  8. Ashez


    Okay this is alot cooler and gamey than I ever expected, it actually looks kinda fun. Personally I don't see myself getting it but Nintendo strikes again.
  9. Ashez

    Hello there, I'm Dai.

  10. Ashez

    Is FMM too easy?

    I was just listening to a podcast which discussed the breaking of strategy games in where you'll often accidentally (or deliberately) break the games if you have an understanding of the systems in place. This issue isn't the fact you know how to break the game as such but more about how not to use that information in the future as it's impossible to unlearn something you know, unless you have the self restraint to ignore said information. Even more so in a competitive environment like Vibe. This is a problem I've fell into a few times with FMM, back on the PSP I had a tactic which broke the game completely, as I did on the mobile game from 2013 until I stopped using the OME, and that mobile tactic was especially hard to break away from as absolutely nothing compared to it. The EME was a tad harder to break but I could name multiple exploits which make the engine a joke and this is without looking for them especially hard (back in the day I did enjoy breaking the game, not so much anymore after destroying 2016 & 17 for myself by making some shocking discoveries). However we're a tight nit community so even if I didn't discover exploits myself from play I'll likely know of them from discussions, articles or whatever else, the information is readily available. So how do you then play the game without using said information? Since the role system come into play I've had my own tactical principles and go to ideas as the base which have always served me well, even still but whenever I'm building a tactic I'm not doing it blind as I am using the knowledge I've picked up even if unintentionally. Exploits like the heading bug are easy to ignore as it's something you have to go out of your way to do but with general things which you need to think about like the puzzle of tactic building how do you not use information you know? Sure you can build specific tactics which are typically awkward like a flat 442 but the fact remains that they just won't compare. I've never been keen on the role system and maybe that's partly to blame via its limitations, we have less to play with so most the time the options select themselves and with knowledge that's hard to ignore its easy to fall into the trap. Then you have the team instructions with a few which are seen as starting instructions with the rest seen as situational in match, this imbalance is realistic but it's sending us down the same path. With limited options and knowledge that's very useable and effective it's not surprising as a community we can produce tactic after tactic, help article after help article and accidentally make the game easier for everyone. Take a look at the Black Pearl for example, there are reasons why alot of tactics since that was revealed look similar, even if unintentional 99% of people here know that tactic and know it's highly effective. Yet how do SI counter this? We've seen them try with frustrating and game destroying results but any time the difficulty has naturally increased so for example from the OME to the EME (purely because it was new, the EME isn't harder than the OME as RNG is a bitch) we broke the EME wide open in months if not weeks. All it takes is one discovery accidentally or not and we have the knowledge to take off from to make the game even easier for ourselves. When @Foxyand myself went about building the Tiki-Taka tactic we went into the process with knowledge of the game and how to achieve what we wanted, it was a time consuming process to get exactly what we wanted but we had the information available to use as a base, which saved alot of time. Then you have the Gegen which was basically made within a hour as we used the information learnt from making the first which made making the second laughably easy and in my personal opinion the Gegen is an excellent tactic. We learnt and adapted what we knew to essentially break the game, and I dunno about Foxy but I've personally used alot of what I learnt then in every tactic since.
  11. Ashez


    Wtf is this?!? That's so bizarre, surely linked to an up and coming Wii fit like service? Either way that's wild!
  12. Ashez


    Alot of people are, I just couldn't finish the sequel on the 3DS which means I have little interest in the third, I have to admit it looks good though. I just don't see the appeal in that series at all, that part of the direct was so slow and boring.
  13. Ashez

    Is FMM too easy?

    How hard would it be to select Chelsea and simply not sign anyone season one? Why'd you need a hard coded restriction to stop you signing someone? Yeah it's realistic but it's limiting and an option easily implemented by the player.
  14. Ashez


    Thankfully I've way too much to play as is, hopefully the January direct is more to our tastes.
  15. Ashez


    I didn't think I'd make it through it last night tbf, I actually dozed off waiting for it lol. Hence why I left any impressions for this morning. I look forward to hearing your views