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  1. Loving the detailed and unique updates Prize! A career and FMM lessons in one! As for the goals what can I say! He's smashing it!
  2. Career Harvey Barnes goes for 1K

    A slight improvement so the signs are good! Nice going Sam!
  3. Any reason why the unlockables went "one unlock" only? Back in the day as long as say you had SD turned off you could re earn it on a fresh save but that doesn't happen anymore. That's the main reason I delete the file when needed as i at times base a save around earning SD or whatever unlockable etc.
  4. That's the file I deleted
  5. You can just delete the unlockables file but I can't remember it's name and I don't want to say the wrong one. I know I've done it before anyway so hopefully someone can provide the files name.
  6. Chat FMM 18 - Wish List

    Great minds think alike, I've requested the same things over the years :). For the last one I asked around the release of 2017 and was told it's almost not possible IIRC. The Footed ness one is a must as is fixing the positioning search bug, those two things alone result in so much wasted time.
  7. Career Harvey Barnes goes for 1K

    Unless it's me then it's just bully away!
  8. I'm so far behind in careers currently :(. I keep wanting to catch up but the task is so daunting and I dunno where to start lol. Now the CC is out the way I'm going to slowly but surely catch up though! In other words I'll mock you at that point too
  9. It's called the CC mate
  10. We've discussed the BP so much since the EME was introduced so I'm happy you've finally got it working! Some smart changes and wisdom shared mate, as you know we have very similar views usually. As for the goals what else can I say, simply superb :).
  11. Career Harvey Barnes goes for 1K

    Two curses one stone? I love it! If he pulls this off he'll be a Vibe legend!
  12. A top ten of challenges and I'm only responsible for 1/10! Man I'm slipping Na in all seriousness great work mate and another simple yet creative way to make content . Hopefully this inspired some people to play then while also inspiring the next bunch of challenges for us to play
  13. Fun/Games Challenge Cup XI

    Interviewing The Champion! While Sam is never shy to voice his opinion I decided it was only fair I interviewed your latest Challenge Cup Champion! The obvious question is how does it feel to finally have your name on the Cup after two failed finals? It is more a feeling of relief than anything else to finally get over the line. The curse put on by Scott has been there since 2012 so I'm delighted it's been lifted and now passed on to BatiGoal. I'm undecided whether to do a Rosberg like what PriZe nearly did and call it a day on my CC career after this glory! I noticed some clear doubt in your mind once you knew BatiGoal's score was submitted but how worried were you? Had your previous failures got in your head for example? Well, I guess he's good at the talking side of things.. You have to be good at something right? I thought I'd drawn too many games and the ridiculous way Ashez was banging on I assumed it was a tie and I'd lose on league points. Any words for the runner up? Whilst there may have been a lot of banter going on throughout the tournament it would be impossible for me not to respect him after that epic final. Good luck breaking this curse, mate, and in the meantime I'll keep the throne warm During a previous interview you mentioned a new found love of a mystery player, do you wish to inform your loyal fans about this discovery? Yeah, after coming out victorious I received an abusive message from our runner up however the one he should be hating on is the new love of my FMM life Harvey Barnes. He was only used off the bench and still managed to bag over 20 goals. Last minute winners. Hat tricks. Assists. He basically won the CC for me. Hero. He indeed sounds like a talent! Do you have any future plans for this player? Nice question, considering you already know the answer. All I'll say is that Harvey has helped me break one curse and now he'll be trying to help me break another. Let's see how many know what I'm talking about Alternatively you could just watch out for a certain career making an appearance on the forum soon. Now the cup has come to an end do you have any favourite moments you'd like to mention? Favourite interactions, challenges and so on. I enjoyed the whole thing! The buzz around this tournament made it one of the most intense in recent memory. It'll be pretty hard to forget the semi final challenge that got everyone sacked, or the constant banter between myself and the two overrated Dutchmen. Taff, as ever, spiced things up with his scarily large collection of gifs and memes however his semi final performance wasn't his finest hour. Amazingly this CC has become the most commented thread of the year! The previous edition also hit impressive numbers so with the CC being your baby how does this make you feel? I'm both very humbled and surprised by the activity this version of the CC has produced especially during the time of year it is when vibe is usually quiet. So thank you to all the viewers, commenters, participants and my co-host Ashez for helping me run this so smoothly. Whether you only commented once or made the quarter finals it's all very much appreciated. Talking about the previous edition it is worth mentioning that was won by PriZe. Is there any plans for a Cup unification battle to see who comes out on top? Or will this battle be saved for CC 12? That does sound interesting. I think I'll leave the ball in his court for the time being but if the demand from vibe is there then I'm sure a H2H could be arranged. Maybe in FMM18... If he hasn't disappeared! Now a final word from your Challenge Cup XI Champion! There isn't a lot more to say than I haven't said already! Very grateful to have finally won the tournament especially in the most commented on one of all time. I've thoroughly enjoyed hosting this and with the outstanding community we have here it's a pleasure to bring events like this to vibe. Thanks to everyone and long live Harvey Barnes I believe that brings this Challenge Cup to an end! Once again thank you to everyone who made this possible and we'll see you soon! The Road To Challenge Cup XII Starts Now!
  14. Fun/Games Challenge Cup XI

    Nice, it took me a while to work out how to post it in a suspenseful way so I'm happy it worked out :). Imagine if a wildcard only scored two goals lmao. I thought it was so low people wouldn't fall for it.
  15. Fun/Games Challenge Cup XI

    Haha, that makes me happier than it should do