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  1. Ashez

    Fantasy Premier League 2019/20

    It was fantastic to eavesdrop to
  2. Ashez

    FMM19 Bug List

    It might be a bug or differences in staff/facilities and on/off season development.
  3. Ashez

    FMM is a joke - player roles

    Tbf that's just a suggested role so it means nothing and I'm assuming he's a regen which have always had odd roles from time to time
  4. Ashez

    FMM is a joke - player roles

    Mentality also plays a massive part in average positioning and how they function. A WB in a controlled set up is completely different to one in an overload one.
  5. Ashez

    FMM Mythbusters

    Very interesting @Foxy, I enjoyed this unique take on an article and it really got me thinking! As for my opinions read below 1. Yeah I think this is a myth, like you said the teamwork stat isn't all as it seems as we know it's a "hidden combination" stat with workrate. Low teamwork might not mean they're selfish with the ball but with their work rate, say a high press tactic might be worse with a low work rate striker which might lead to less chances, and goals. Sturridge vs Firmino kind of comes to mind, ones the more natural/selfish centre forward while the other is a work rate demon. 2. Player traits are a myth imo, mainly because we have little evidence they actually do anything but mainly because we know they're tied to a stat spread. If traits were vital or our way to add "player instructions" i think we'd be able to not only influence them but search for them. A "key and important feature" like how your players play wouldn't be hidden in some menu screen you rarely see if it was as vital as dictating play imo, then you have the fact they change on a whim based on stat changes. 3. Once again a myth as I never once had a tactic randomly stop working, sure I've hit rough patches but I've always found another reason for it. Small tweaks along the way will help but it's vital to continue to improve your squad in the right way, if you know how the tactic clicks and how to get it working you won't run into this issue. 4. Myth with a hint of fact, mainly because I do think slow starts can be a thing but I don't think it's as bad as people make out. With our Gegen especially I've found it can take a match or two to function but I don't play friendlies and I'd also say in the early game you're still learning your best squad, however if this was a thing big squad rebuilds wouldn't be possible which imo is one of FMMs most fun features. 5. Myth again as you just need the right players in key positions, like you said you just need to work out what stats are good for that level. The issue comes with promotion though so it might stop working unless you improve as needed, going up the league's will raise the stat bar and challenge so you need to make sure you improve alongside it.
  6. Ashez

    Off Topic Nintendo

    Just thought I'd see if we could get any Nintendo discussion going, you may all know I'm obsessed with the games they make lol. So is anyone collecting Amiibo? Or have a WiiU/3ds? Also is anyone getting Mario Maker this week? Mines coming today and I'm soooo excited :D. Haven't had chance to finish Yoshi's Wooly World yet though, damn that's a charming game! Also don't forget to post any friend codes :D.
  7. Ashez


    It was, just an evening of pure joy. The missus does portray me like that at times haha, the annoying one is that people don't understand it. Like that lads dad plays games but he's got a PS4 or XB1 and he plays shit like COD, Fifa and Fortnite (that's why the kid loves Fortnite) which is sound, everyone has their own tastes. But what annoys me is everyone thinks we should be best mates because we like games, but we're completely different haha, they can't understand that I'm not arsed on the type of games they like. I love games so I'm expected to love everyone that loves games and it's annoying. One the missus mates fellas bought a Switch with BOTW and Odyssey and he sold it soon after as both games were "shit". I was speechless. Yet he likes Fifa so that thing in common should make us mates, erm noooo.
  8. Ashez


    Seriously Nintendo magic is unlike anything else, so let me set the scene. My missus agrees to look after her best mates kid for a few hours (he's 6/7) so he's around ours, the second he gets here he pulls out his Switch and he's giddy to talk to me about it and to show me Fortnite. I don't see him often but he knows me as the Nintendo person lol. So he goes to show me Fortnite but it needs an update so he shows me MK8D while we wait, he's only got those games but he loves them both. He gets bored of Mario Kart and moves onto Fortnite so I try and show an interest but I just don't get the game and it bores me to tears. After a while he's had enough so he asks what games I've got, so I throw my Switch in the dock and he's blown away by all my game icons, considering he's only got two especially. He's doing the typical what's that, what's this and he's saying he can only play the Mario games due to his age when he asks to play Mario + Rabbids. I decided against showing him a tough SRPG in M+R so I run and get Odyssey instead. His face when it booted up was a picture, he was blown away and glued to the seat. When he caught the frog he was basically screaming and just giddy! I'm helping with speech only and refusing to do anything for him and he gets to the first boss, he's adamant it's too hard for him but he did it after a few tries (first boss is 2 hits), in the next kingdom when he saw the Odyssey and the Trex I thought he was going to explode, he was giddy as anything! He explored and with direction he made it to the boss and this one gave him trouble, he was visibly getting frustrated, especially after he hit it twice and it didn't die (typical 3 hit boss this time) but he was also getting 2/3 hits on most tries so I refused to do it for him, I told him I knew he could do it. I left the room and I could hear him shouting "I've hit her twice, I need one more hit" so I snuck to the door and watched, he got the final hit and seriously I thought he was going to cry lmao, he was so happy with himself! Jumping around the room and super chuffed lol. He finds the final moon he needs and goes to the sand kingdom. He explored and messed around but we were running out of time and he wanted to try another boss so I took over and rushed to the rabbit boss. This time I gave no direction and said he had to figure it out himself, he beat it on his second try. Once again he was ecstatic. After that it was time to go and the sneak tried to leave his Switch and take mine šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚, he was just messing though. I dunno I just found this process super Nintendo Magic, maybe it's because I remember these emotions as a kid, hell I had similar moments of pure joy playing Odyssey myself but witnessing this kid fall in love with Odyssey was awesome. There is nothing like Nintendo.
  9. Ashez

    English football

    Just about to post that myself!
  10. Ashez

    Second Nationality Call Ups

    I've had a few players accept call ups for their second nationality, tbf I suppose it has nothing to do with your reputation and it's a 50/50 call from the player for how much he represents each half of his nationality
  11. Ashez

    The Big Brother challenge

    You've stated you have a preference and from experience saves you want to play are always more enjoyable so pick one of those.
  12. Ashez


    Think it's neat just not for me, I hardly play in handheld or take the Switch out the house but if I did I'd be all over it. Just TV play is too important to me and atm I don't feel like I need a portable switch.
  13. Ashez


    Sushi Striker is Ā£4! https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07CCR5498/ref=ppx_od_dt_b_asin_title_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  14. Since the January transfer window is only around the corner i thought this could be of some help to some people Sometimes your club gets linked with a player who you litterally know nothing about and you've never heard of so first thing you do is search youtube/wiki/FMHDatabase/FIFA12 etc to do some scouting of your own but you don't always get the information your after, for example its hard to tell how good a player really is on youtube due to most clips only show them scoring etc. Since we have a great community here and i'm pretty sure theres at least one fan from each league we should be able to help people out and give out some information on some players . So if your unsure on the quality of any players you've been linked with drop a comment and someone should/will get back to you and give you the information you crave I'll start it off . Basicly LFC have been strongly linked with Luuk De Jong for months now and i know nothing about him apart from he plays for FC Twente. So can anyone give me some information about his quality? Is he got the protential needed or will he flop like Babel? (have dumbed my little knowledge of the player down abit some people get idea lol) So someone help me out .
  15. How jammy can you get ffs.
  16. Loved the move to keep the save fresh, very ballsy but it appears to have paid off!
  17. Since when did we celebrate defeat?
  18. Ashez

    Cancelling Account

    You've had an account a matter of minutes, may I ask why you need it deleting?
  19. Ashez

    Football manager mobile 2020

    The only way FMM will go 3D is if they return to the red and blue design and mail out these bad boys
  20. Ashez

    Hello Iā€™m Hamood

  21. Ashez


    Same, I'm scared of a Pro coming though šŸ˜‚ Same but I'm completely different now as I want all my gadgets just back.
  22. Ashez


    The Switch Lite has been announced