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  1. All have developed nicely and delivering the goods mate!
  2. Ashez

    Funny FMM 2019 Moments

    This required a second viewing when I saw his name on the in match text πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  3. Ashez Plays The Squad Number Goal Challenge Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to my second career of the year and one that is based around a new feature of 2019. Squad numbers were introduced and while it's not a feature I cared about I'll admit this idea has me super excited as it's the type of save I love! Seeing the rebirth of my Rogue concept had me craving a career with bite sized updates that I can play and post regularly which is when the idea of scoring a goal with a striker of every shirt number (1-99) hit me! The extra beauty of this save is it also reminds me of another challenge I adore being the goal a minute challenge. I ran a few test saves which ran into plenty of issues but after chatting to @Foxy I ironed out the issues and came up with an approach that does work thankfully. You see I attempted to stockpile players for use with this but the moral issues that approach caused were unbearable so instead I've decided to bend the rules slightly. My tests proved to me I needed the ability to buy on the go which is when I decided to use an unlockable, dirty I know but it's the only way so I'll be attempting this save with the no transfer window unlockable active, this means I can buy and sell as the save progresses at any point. I've typically got in the habit of only having three active players in my squad and I replace them once they're crossed off. I had hoped the lack of windows would mean squad numbers wouldn't lock but unfortunately it doesn't so I need to make sure I'm selecting numbers correctly as any mistakes will be very costly! The set up of this save involved clearing the squad numbers and selecting my squad as numbers 60-100 which left 1-20 free for me to use for my strikers. When the time comes and during a time changes are possible I'll have to rotate the squad back to the earlier numbers to free up the space I need. The main rule I've set myself is I can not skip numbers and I have to go in order, so if a player is unavailable due to injury I'll have to wait it out or find a way to free up said shirt. Skipping numbers kind of beats the point in my opinion and if I could skip numbers it would make sense to use the entire squad and not just a single striker. Obviously needing to sign roughly 99 strikers is some challenge in itself but I also wanted to use different and unique players or ones that mean something to me when possible so this save will see a wide range of strikers on show which should add to the interest. The plan is to post each squad number as it's own mini update which will highlight the player and showcase the matches he played in, so in theory this could lead to 99 updates but I can ensure you that won't happen as I've had some early luck with double goal matches (sub needed number scoring). So while I can say we won't see 99 updates we'll still have a massive amount of content to get through! Obviously with this type of save it all depends on the response from you guys as if you keep motivating me to update I will but my starting out plan is one update a day when possible, but like I said that will change depending on interest. I'm nowhere near finished but I've got a reasonable chunk played so I'm not concerned of running out of updates tbh and even if I do updates shouldn't take long to whip up considering how I'm handling this. The starting club will be Liverpool as I knew I needed a ready made squad as money will be tight while I also needed a team with a reasonably free reverse team in case I get stuck with any completed strikers. It's also nice to be using Liverpool for once and even playing in England as it's not something I do that often on Vibe. So let's take a look at the starting point shall we. The Fixtures The First Three I decided to start using three strikers already at the club so I can flog them early (hopefully) for more spending power. That brings my opening post to an end and I can't put into words how excited this save has me so hopefully it's something everyone can get behind. Keep your eyes open for fast paced updates for the foreseeable future! As always thank you for viewing and any comments will be appreciated!
  4. I'll be nice and not count that lol No 4/20
  5. You'd hope so πŸ˜‚ Yes 1/20 I left it to to Vibe πŸ˜›
  6. Ashez

    2019 Vibe Premier League

    Well played lads
  7. He's a player I've used countless times (usually as an APM) and he was used in one of my TTs with Icardi and Vietto from a few years back. So I was sure @1759 or @Nucleuswould get it since you've been scouring my back log lol. That was my thought but I wanted you guys to decide, I completely forgot this was a double and I didn't just wanna do a double 20 questions without asking lol. Damn FMM!! 20 Questions Go! Like I said information isn't easy to find so I'll do the best I can when answering!
  8. Ashez Plays The Squad Number Goal Challenge Season Four Update Eighty-two Squad Number 97 Paulo Dybala One of my all time favourite FMM players makes the list! Match Two-hundred-seven Attempt One I'm amazed the Β£500 Ronaldo hasn't haunted me yet! Match Two-hundred-eight Attempt Two Ahh! What a missed opportunity! Match Two-hundred-nine Attempt Three Job done..... Squad Number 98 Alexander Isak Absolutely delighted he was a double as I really didn't want to use him, however he warrants a place due to his history on Vibe. Current Progress 1-90 91. Pacoο»Ώ Alcο»Ώacer 92. Fabio Borini 93. M'Baye Niang 94. Eldin Hadzic 95. Kevin Mayi 96. Conor Coady 97. Paulo Dybala 98. Alexander Isak We're down to the final member! Who Am I? I'm a tad stumped for the last lad as I'm struggling to find information. Options are another 20 questions or I'll use FMM for clues, you decide! As always thank you for viewing and any comments will be appreciated!
  9. No πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ 16/20
  10. No, number 16. 14/20 Sorry not been online, I'll write the update now but I won't post it until it's needed.
  11. Really cool idea this, good luck mate!
  12. Ashez

    H2H: BVB Edition

    And @kylieboi88 nerves hopefully πŸ˜‚
  13. Not according to Wiki. 8/20 Wrong again 😁 9/20
  14. Ashez

    H2H: BVB Edition

    The come back starts here!!
  15. I hate losing to regen goals in first few seasons more than anything.
  16. Nope 7/20 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Some one missed the update including number 77 πŸ˜›