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    Ashez got a reaction from ptg in Unlockables   
    It's old but I'd think 2018 is mostly similar. 
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    Ashez reacted to danovic78 in The Much Adu about Nothing Challenge   
    The Much Adu about Nothing Challenge

    If everything had gone exactly according to plan, Freddy Adu would have been in a football stadium in Europe on a Saturday afternoon, in his prime at age 28 starring for a big club, tormenting opponents with exciting bursts and preparing to guide the United States to the World Cup next summer.
    He was destined for superstardom. Instead, he ended up bouncing around the planet like mislabeled luggage: 12 teams in eight countries, plus countless tryouts and promising leads that never panned out.
    Once billed the next Pele — and once a co-star with the Brazilian soccer icon in a TV commercial — Adu never fulfilled the massive potential that he displayed excelling with U.S. junior national teams. He was, he admits, too young for a pro career. He became spoiled and didn’t work hard enough, and found himself in bad situations with various teams and coaches.
    This past summer, Adu was prepared to join a Polish team. The technical director wanted him but the coach didn’t. So he turned down the offer.
    Can you turn the ultimate FMM wonderkid into something still?

    Load up the MLS and any other leagues (I think you need the MLS is order to pick Adu up) Sign Freddy Adu on a free transfer. Play as many seasons as you can with him before he retires. Set a target for the combined number of goals and assists with Freddy. Usual other rules apply. LEADERBOARD
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    Ashez reacted to BatiGoal in The Strikers' Striker Challenge   
    - The Strikers' Striker Challenge -

    You are right, the boys up there are in fact playmakers of the highest order and not your typical striker, but don't they look an awesome bunch? But more importantly, just like the misleading title, I am always thrilled to make people believe -Vibers in particular- that they are going to have an opportunity to manage FMM's finest stars when they are totally not. Quite the contrary actually -evil laughter- anyways... I present you my first of hopefully many FMM18 challenges to come. It is not a complicated challenge per se but it *will* test your tactical, strategical and man-management skills over a duration of at least 5 seasons. What formation are you going to play to get the most out of your not-so-greatly talented stars? How will you tweak the training to accommodate these non-stars? Have you given your worthless player enough rest inbetween games to excel when it matters? How does your squad react when you favor a godawful striker over a seasoned one, and how do you? What minimal qualities does your hopeles hero need to possess to be able to complete the upcoming insanity anyway? Questions and more questions you as the manager will need to find answers to. If you fail to complete any of the stages you may re-play them as often as you need before progressing onto the next one. Play the full 30 seasons to get a bigger total score if you like, or just the 5 to quickly note your name on the leaderboard for everyone to see. There are a couple of rules though but we get to those once I present The Strikers' Striker Challenge first. 
    The Challenge Objectives: Load any nations in any order you like, one of which must however be the English one, and select your preferred EPL club. You're going to embark on a journey taking 1 (forward) player with you from each of the lower English divisions per season, each increasing in difficulty as you go. For this challenge I have chosen to focus on goals scored in the Premier League only. This in order to have a gradual increase in difficulty and at the same time measuring your "weakening / less talented" striker Vs striker per stage against (near) identical opponents in the English top division. Stage 1 will see you score a minimum of 50 league goals with a striker bought from a Championship club. Stage 2 the exact same but this time with a striker bought from a League One side. Stage 3 with a player from League Two, and Stages 4 and 5 with one from Vanarama National and Vanarama North/South respectively. See below:
    Stage One - score 50+ EPL goals with a Championship player Stage Two - score 50+ EPL goals with a League One player Stage Three - score 50+ EPL goals with a League Two player Stage Four - score 50+ EPL goals with a Vanarama National player Stage Five - score 50+ EPL goals with a Vanarama North/South player  
    The Challenge Rules:
    No unlockables incl. SD, no IGE or reloading etc. Coaching Badges ARE allowed.  The 5 stages must be completed in order of difficulty (1 to 5) and may last no more than 1 season each. Take as many attempts per stage as you need but a new player must be used for every new attempt and/or stage. Your chosen player must score 50+ league goals in 1 season before you may move on to the next stage.  When buying a player, all teams in that specific league count, also newly promoted/relegated ones. Players you may use: real players, fake/grey players and regens. Players you may NOT use: players used in previous attempts + ex-players of your club (to combat the obvious ) Post a career for us to follow in order to be eligible for the leaderboard.  Have fun  
    The Strikers' Striker Leaderboard:
    (best scores from all 5 stages = total score) 
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    Ashez reacted to tsadefalu in How To Purchase FMM and/or Any App: For Nigerians   
    Hello Mates,
    I understand that CBN have restricted payment on some international market/stores with Google playstore and Apple Appstore not being an exception.
    Last year, I was able to purchase FMM17 by changing my home address and phone number to a U.S address and phone number. But this year, that method didn't work.
    In this guide, I'm going to show you how to purchase the game easily without the need to change any of your details on your Google account or Apple ID.
    I want to understand that we are all aware that a digital bank was created by WEMA BANK called ALAT. Now, you can open an account with them with just your BVN and get your debit card shipped to your home address within 3 days.
    That debit card is an international master card that can be used on any platform. In fact, there's no restriction whatsoever in making use of the debit card. And you are charged at a dollar rate of 313naira which is quite cheap compared to other banks. 
    Head on to alat.ng to open an account with them and get your international debit card or you can download their app on Google playstore or Apple Appstore. Just search for ALAT. 
    Note that this is not an advertisement. I'm just trying to make it easy for my Nigerian pals who have not been able to purchase the game due  to the restrictions placed by CBN on international transactions  using your cards.
    Another method is to use a dollar master card credited. But that's quite expensive as we all know. 
    Attached is a snapshot of the debit card. And I hope this helps.

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    Ashez reacted to CIRRUSmd in FMM18: All Playable National Teams   
    Hey mate, you miss some nation playable. Angola, Guinea-Bissau, Paraguay, Slovenia n Venezuela are playable. Here is the combine of the slot you must activated.
    All division in portugal / germany at slot 1 / 2
    All division in spain at slot 3
    And any league at slot 4
    All division in Portugal at slot 1
    All division in Spain at slot 2
    And any league at slot 3 and 4
    Paraguay n Venezuela,
    All division in spain at slot 1
    All division in portugal at slot 2
    MLS at slot 3
    and any league at slot 4
    I think all division in some big league in europe at slot 1,2,3
    and all division in poland at slot 4
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    Ashez reacted to sharaziuk in Kindle Fire HD 10 & FMM 2018?   
    I've been away too long that I forgot about that 
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    Ashez reacted to Aaron55 in FMM 18 Books of Records   
    Chuba Akpom:
    Most goals in a season 101
    Most league goals in a season 90
    Highest average rating 9.08
    Most PoM awards 35
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    Ashez got a reaction from FuddledFox in FMM18: All Playable National Teams   
    It was indeed mate, it's been like that the last two years IIRC. Hard to say this year though due to the database changes. 
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    Ashez reacted to Marc Vaughan in OME vs EME   
    We used the 'scores' because in real-life its that sort of thing they do on the tannoy at half-time tbh ...
    I'm open to us changing what is shown potentially, but before we do anything like this I want to mop up any more serious issues for obvious reasons.
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    Ashez reacted to lilgwanz in OME vs EME   
    Ome forever.... Its fast and plug n play.Cant stand the news at half times on Eme
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    Ashez reacted to Scott in Calvin Stengs   
    I could iscout Kluivert but he is too well known 
    He doesn't look like he can defend but that doesn't matter on the EME because everyone shoots from 30 yards 
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    Ashez got a reaction from FuddledFox in FMM18: All Playable National Teams   
    That's an ace line up tbf! Thanks Fox  
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    Ashez reacted to Fozz_Quaker in Tactics   
    Was just something I was thinking about...
    I spend a lot of time on buses and was thinking of something to do when sat on buses, and when Missus Fozz is playing Resident Evil on the xbox 😀
    Wont make any promises, but I will see what I can knock up
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    Ashez reacted to FuddledFox in FMM18: All Playable National Teams   
    FMM18: All Playable National Teams

    The nations that are available to you during a save depend on the leagues you have loaded, as you require at least 50 players from that nation to be able to manage their national team. I have loaded up the database in various combinations to try and ensure that this is complete a list as possible. You will need to load the correct leagues to get some of these teams E.G. Load the MLS to manage Canada, Jamaica or Bermuda. The more players you load the more nations you will have available. If I have missed anyone please let me know the combination of leagues you loaded and I can add them to the list.

    Belgium Croatia Denmark England France Holland Ireland Northern Ireland Italy Portugal Russia Albania Serbia Spain Turkey Ukraine Wales Greece Slovakia Poland Austria Bosnia & Herzegovina Czech Republic Romania Sweden Switzerland Scotland Slovenia        
    North America

    USA Bermuda Canada Jamaica Mexico       South America

    Argentina Brazil Chile Colombia Uruguay Venezuela  Paraguay   

    Australia Bahrain Iran China Iraq Uzbekistan Qatar Jordan South Korea North Korea Saudi Arabia   Africa

    Algeria Cameroon Ghana Ivory Coast Nigeria Senegal Morocco DR Congo Mali Cape Verde Angola Guinea-Bissau
    New Zealand Thank you for reading 
    Thank you to @CIRRUSmd
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    Ashez reacted to FuddledFox in All playable national teams?   
    I'm a tight arse so I haven't payed whatever it is to unlock INT yet.
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    Ashez reacted to Scott in Calvin Stengs   
    Name: Calvin Stengs
    Age: 18
    Club: AZ Alkmaar 
    Position: Attacking midfielder
    Value: £6.25 million
    League Loaded: Eredivisie
    Attributes at the start of game: 

    Attributes after 4 seasons:

    How he performed for me:
    2017/18 - Played 36 - Scored 13 - Assists 22

    What position/role did he play?
    Season 2020/21 he played AMR as an advanced playmaker, first 3 seasons played in midfield and attacking midfield in different roles.
    How much does he cost in first transfer window?
    He will cost £16m if you can't unsettle him and £8m - £12m if you can.
    Can he be retrained?
    I retrained him to play as a striker and he had very poor aptitude for MC/DMR/DL 
    His physical Attributes are capped at 15/14/14 and his favourite club is Man Utd.
    I think he's good enough to play for the top clubs but there are better youngsters on the game.
    Coach report at Liverpool was to exceed Salah's level of ability in the future.
    So will you be signing Calvin Stengs on this years game?
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    Ashez got a reaction from Aaron55 in Concord Rangers: Champions on the Cheap?   
    Absolutely smashed it mate! Now the challenge begins though! 
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    Ashez got a reaction from JustM1kePlays in FMM18: Feature List and Screenshots   
    Fantastic stuff SI, this is the type of progress we've been craving! 
  19. Happy
    Ashez got a reaction from JustM1kePlays in Football Manager Mobile Online Mode   
    You'll always be one of us  
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    Ashez reacted to JustM1kePlays in Football Manager Mobile Online Mode   
    Really appreciate the comments so far. Feels good to be back in here.
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    Ashez got a reaction from JustM1kePlays in Football Manager Mobile Online Mode   
    I wasn't interested at first but I know I'd end up using it all the time verse guys here so I voted yes. 
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    Ashez reacted to JustM1kePlays in FMM18 - New Features   
    Thank you Ash
  23. Happy
    Ashez got a reaction from JustM1kePlays in FMM18 - New Features   
    @JustM1kePlaysreveal lads
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    Ashez reacted to Chris Woodward in Introducing "harder mode" - NIT Difficulty   
    You may be lacking experience dude but watch your language, I know kids use the site too.
    Let's keep it  good for all....just saying.
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    Ashez got a reaction from BleedsBlue in What a stupid games   
    This is what I want to see, I don't recall ever seeing a sorry before. 👏👏👏