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    Ashez got a reaction from samhardy in Je Suis Eminem - a double trouble attempt   
    Solid start mate, it's safe to say I'm "Not Afraid" for you. 
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    Ashez reacted to PriZe in 2018 Vibe Premier League   
    ARE YOU F*CKIN KIDDING ME🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
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    Ashez got a reaction from JustM1kePlays in The Weekly Poll: Was MLS worth the wait?   
    SI's fault or the audiences? 
    I have to say I think this one falls on us as SI repeatedly said the MLS wouldn't happen, especially a true MLS. They obviously compromised to give the fans a highly requested feature in the best way they could and it appears people expected the draft and other rules etc. 
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    Ashez reacted to FuddledFox in The Mid-week Quiz   
    Results Week 1
    Thank you to everyone who took part. I had 9 entries in the end which is great and I hope you will all stick with it next week.
    Week 1 answers
    Eusebio. The great Portuguese striker was top scorer in the 1966 world cup and is considered one of the all time great strikers. Peter Hinds. Its seems most of you read my short article about FMM17's oldest player.   Alex Telles. Porto's Brazilian left wing back. Bas Dost. Dutch striker who plays for Sporting Krovinovic. Croatian play maker at Benfica  Scores
    We had a good number of 5/5 entries and I have put you in the order that you replied to me.
    @Athul Vishnu 5 points @Titjes 5 points @PriZe 5 points @Eogtuc0910 5 points @NucleusNT 5 points @Jwill11 5 points @Seth Anacondas 3 points  @samhardy 2 points  @mcandrew003 1 point Well done to everyone who got 5 out of 5. I hope you will all enter again next week as well and remember scores carry over from week to week. I should have the week 2 questions out at some point on Wednesday so make sure you are following this thread so you don't miss them.   Thank you for reading
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    Ashez reacted to samhardy in 2018 Vibe Premier League   
    2018 Vibe Premier League - Week 2 (Results)
    It's only week two but already there were some important fixtures this week and each game looked a belter on paper. Let's take a look at the results from this week's Defence Spending Budgets challenge from The Netherlands.
    In terms of team selection it was much more even than the first round of matches with PSV proving the slightly more popular choice.
    kts365 v Acidsparxx
     Titjes v Mr.Manager
    FuddledFox v samhardy
    Taff v Real_Random
    BatiGoal v PriZe
    Scorelist in full:
    And this is how the league table looks after the second week: (Note - @BatiGoal and @kts365 both have the same points, GD and goals scored so total points from the two challenges combined was used next.)

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    Ashez got a reaction from samhardy in Je Suis Eminem - a double trouble attempt   
    Solid start mate, it's safe to say I'm "Not Afraid" for you. 
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    Ashez got a reaction from NucleusNT in Je Suis Eminem - a double trouble attempt   
    Looks like a challenge you could loose yourself in
    Good luck! 
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    Ashez got a reaction from NucleusNT in Je Suis Eminem - a double trouble attempt   
    Looks like a challenge you could loose yourself in
    Good luck! 
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    Ashez got a reaction from samhardy in Home Nations Triple Threat   
    Hmmmm. It was expertly done!! 
    This surprise reveal late into the challenge has given it new life though, I'm sure every aspect of this was carefully planned out by the genius that is Sam. You're just jealous you could only fluke this type of story telling
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    Ashez reacted to Rob2017 in Triple threat attempt - Completed   
    Completed as Kylian’s about to retire. Final totals:
    (I’ve screengrabbed the bottom of each goal profile to show previous goals to discard)

    446 for Pellegri. Solid.

    Geubbels got 338. Disappointing and my biggest lesson learnt - poacher isn’t as good in EME!

    889 for Mbappe.
    1,673 in total using EME and post-update. 
    @danovic78 please add me to the leaderboard. Out of interest, can I submit Mbappe and Pellegri for the Double Trouble using this save too? If so, they came to 1,335 goals and 494 assists. Happy to send save file if needed.
    I’m half-tempted to try this again, but with my fave club Spurs now I’ve got a tactic that works and combine it with the Triple Threat Assists challenge and do a detailed career. It’s an addictive one. 
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    Ashez got a reaction from NucleusNT in Je Suis Eminem - a double trouble attempt   
    Looks like a challenge you could loose yourself in
    Good luck! 
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    Ashez reacted to BatiGoal in Je Suis Eminem - a double trouble attempt   
    You deserve a permanent ban if you can't get a solid score with those two players 
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    Ashez reacted to PriZe in The Strikers' Striker with BG   
    That sounds promising
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    Ashez reacted to BatiGoal in The Strikers' Striker with BG   
    The Strikers' Striker Challenge
    - Strikers' Striker Challenge -
    Stage Four - Vanarama National Player - 2nd. attempt

    So we're here for our 2nd attempt and this is the best player I found at Billericay.

    How sweet a find is this? All green physicals for a Vanarama player is just incredible. Even Shooting too + decent numbers in the rest of the main attributes. Again, feeling very confident.

    Nice hat-trick vs Leicester. Excellent start!

    Another one. He actually scored 4 hat-tricks in the first part of the season. This player has blown me away.

    33/50 At this point we're 8 goals ahead of schedule and doing way better than any other player. I can't quite believe how well Massanka is doing. It's looking so good only another injury can stop us. Let's pray he remains fit and injury-free for the next half season.

    Great score and a brace for Massanka. This Vanarama player is definitely exceeding all expectations so far.

    A decent 4 goals this month brings us to a solid 37/50 and with 4 months to go there's room for error if need be.

    Another fine brace for Massanka lifts our spirits and goal tally closer and closer to the magical 50.

    3 months left and we're already on 41gls. Can't believe how easy this is going this season. 41/50 Too good to be true perhaps?

    This hat-trick couldn't have come at a better moment. Clearly Massanka has outgrown the Vanarama division at this point.

    With a handful of games left to be played we only need 3 more goals to seal the deal. 47/50

    Hat-trick! This is his 6th! one this campaign. Where all other players struggled to score hat-tricks, Massanka is banging them in for fun. We've made it!!! Final Stage here we come!

    With 3 games left we're on 50+ EPL goals already. After last season's failed attempt I was fearing the worst but this gem of a player absolutely stunned me.
    Player Form

    Massanka had a fine run in the first half of the season and slightly dropped form towards the end but his rest during Cup games seemed to have done him well. Obviously remaining injury-free played a massive part in this year's success too.
    EPL Goals

    I'm biased of course but this player is truly remarkable. A Vanarama legend I also have to say that the team I'm managing is right at its peak now with all 10 starters playing the best football in their careers. Also, the (Batigoals) tactic is fine-tuned to the players in the squad so we're pretty much running the perfect machine for our LL players. That's been the biggest difference with the first couple of stages and I think that has to be the reason why Massanka outperformed all other strikers I've used in this challenge. Either that or he's got some crazy good hidden attributes that upped his performances beyond Vanarama levels. Whatever it is, I'm thrilled and can't wait to get cracking on the last stage.
    It could be over next update or I could spend the next 20+ seasons attempting and failing to get an even worse player, from Vanarama North/South - the worst English division, to score 50 EPL goals. Can't wait to bring this challenge home.
    Thanks for reading and wish me luck!
    Stage One - score 50+ EPL goals with a Championship player (53 goals) Stage Two - score 50+ EPL goals with a League One player (55 goals) Stage Three - score 50+ EPL goals with a League Two player (52 goals) Stage Four - score 50+ EPL goals with a Vanarama National player (56 goals) Stage Five - score 50+ EPL goals with a Vanarama North/South player (in progress..)  
    Stage Five - Vanarama North/South Player - 1st. attempt
    coming up..
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    Ashez got a reaction from mcandrew003 in Vibe app (suggest)   
    The site scales so there is no need for an app, I do however agree off-site notifications could be useful but that's the only real positive. Like Foxy I have a Vibe bookmark on my main screen but I never use it as I typically have Vibe always open. 
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    Ashez reacted to FuddledFox in Why you should buy FMM legally   
    Why you should buy FMM legally
    We often see posted on Vibe comments like this “how do I get the real player names” or “please send me a save file”. Our answer is always the same “buy the game”.
    I thought I would put in writing a few reasons why we don’t support piracy here at Vibe.
    ·        The creators deserve to be paid. No one should have to work for nothing and the creators of the game have worked hard through there studies and careers to be in a position where they are paid to create games like FMM.
    ·        It will help improve the game. SI Games is a business and as such needs to make money. That money is used to pay there employees but also to invest in new technology and new staff to work on the game which in turn should help the game get better.
    ·        It really isn’t that expensive. I know that is easy for me to say. I have a job and I live in a wealthy country but the game only costs £8.99 full price and will often be on sale now it has been out a while. You can also save up with schemes like Google rewards to help pay for it. Think of it this way. How much did the device you plan to play the game on cost? I suspect it was a lot more than the cost of the game.
    ·        You get the full experience of the game. You will have all the real player names and you can start any save in any league you wish at any time so why restrict yourself for the sake of a few pounds.
    We are lucky that we have a good relationship with the creators of the game with many of them visiting the forums to see how the game is being received and to get ideas for future editions. We would never jeopardise that by supporting  piracy on this site and our Mods will remove posts that try to promote it in any way.
    I never say this normally but please do not comment as none of this is up for discussion and Vibes stance on piracy will never change. I will be asking @samhardy to close the comments anyway.
    Thank you for reading
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    Ashez reacted to FuddledFox in The Mid-week Quiz   
    The Mid-week Quiz
    Welcome to this new idea that I want to trial, if successful in this first week I want to try and do this every week.
    I will pose a series of questions either related to FMM or real football for you guys to answer and we will have a leader board as well so you can all keep track of your scores and add a competitive element.
    If successful the quiz will be in this thread every week and I will create an index on this OP to each weeks questions. 
    Answer as many of the questions as you can. Please don't post answers in the comments.  You don't have to compete every week to be eligible for the leaderboard but of course it will give you more chance to win if you do. All questions are worth 1 point unless stated otherwise.  PM me with your answers. If you already have a PM chat active with me please use that to save message space. All entries to be with me by 12.00pm UK time Saturday 24th Feb. Answers and results will be out at some point over the weekend. Have fun. Week 1 Questions
    1.Who am I?
    I wasn't born in mainland Portugal but I am considered one of the greatest players from that nation.
    I have scored over 700 goals in my career.
    I have played for clubs in Portugal, U.S.A and Canada
    2.Who am I?
    I was born in Barbados.
    I started my career in English non league.
    I played for amongst others Dundee Utd, Maritimo and Gil Vicente
    3.Who am I?

    4,Who am I?

    5,Who am I?

    I hope you will all get behind this and have a go.
    Deadline:12.00pm UK time Saturday 24th Feb.
    Thank you for reading
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    Ashez got a reaction from mcandrew003 in Transfer Tips for FMM18   
    All stuff I take advantage of, great work mate
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    Ashez reacted to mcandrew003 in Transfer Tips for FMM18   
    Transfer Tips for FMM18
    Football Manage Mobile is the most realistic simulation of a manager's life and struggles known to be available on handheld devices. One such struggle is the art of choosing the correct players to bring into you right squad to strengthen, or reinforce, and the most efficient ways to do so. Is splashing big bucks the best idea? Are the Clauses useful? We'll find that all out today. Welcome to the FMM18 Transfer Tips guide, where we'll look at a few tips on how to wheel and deal in FMM18
    (Please note - This will be different from the one I did last year, however some similar themes live throughout)
    Make Use Of The Loan-To-Buy Option

    A new type of transfer bargaining chip in this year's game, the Loan-To-Buy clause offers more versatility in transfer deals than ever before. It is likely to be more useful to those of you managing smaller, weaker teams as it's unlikely you'll need to loan a player as Manchester United, PSG or Real Madrid. If you're low on funds yet want to secure that player for the foreseeable future then this clause is perfect for you as it almost gives you a whole season to make up the required money to outright purchase the player. Another use for the new clause is the fact it gives you a BETA of the player, so you can see wether he is good enough, if he fits your system and finally, and most importantly, some he worth the money. On the other hand it's a great way to ship of youngsters for a fee if they aren't in your plans or simply not good enough to make it into your teams Starting XI. Overall, the clause is very useful in negotiations if you're a mid to lower ranked side in world football, as it offers more options in transfer dealings than ever before. Make sure to make the most of it. 
    Embrace Brexit

    This may be perceived as a strange option to include seeing as Brexit is one of the biggest hinderences in the game, but embracing it and abiding by its strict restrictions can actually be great not only for your team, but for your transfer budget. Teams struggle for work permits, meaning prices are likely to go up for players around the country. That means you can sell your players for higher prices to fellow Premier League teams. However, this also means the biggest names from around the country will want to move somewhere else at some point, and with you hopefully being one of the biggest teams in the country, you'll be able to snatch up the stars with relative ease. It might take away your freedom to dabble in the market abroad, but Brexit actually makes the UK look so much more attractive, transfer wise. 
    Exploit The 'Big-Club' Release Clause

    The most annoying this in the world for lower league manager, yet an absoloute treat for those in the big time, the Big Club Release Clause practically makes it legal to steal the best young talent from lower division sides for the lowest fees. When doing your regen hunting, looking for players with this clause inserted into their virtual contracts is always a great way to not only stack your Squad with young wonderkids, but to save yourself millions of pounds going after players without said clause. Make sure to save some space in your transfer budget for the plethora of talent you can bring in with this clause being exploited. The main weakness in any negotiation for the selling club, remember to be sneaky and trigger it so the player is yours within an instance.
    Scavange Off Relegated Clubs

    A seriously good tip for those of you looking for cheap recruits to fill a small squad whilst still remaining competitive, this tip did feature in my guid last year, though I feel it's that helpful it had to feature again. If you're operating on a shoestring budget, looking at any of the clubs who have been recently relegated is a great way to scope out talent. The players value will have almost certainly dropped outstandingly low, and most of their best players won't have been able to fathom a move away from the club just yet. Players worth 25M drop to as low as 3-4M and this make it easy for you to scavenge all of their players who could be considered too good for the second division. Wether you're after Wonderkids or squad players, this tip is an extremely cost efficient way to help you in your pursuit of a decent squad for the new season. 
    Check For Transfer Listed Players

    Look at this. A quality striker thrown on the scrap heap, and more importantly, he's only going to cost me £8 Million. There are more and probably better examples of quality Transfer listed players who command a smaller fee than usual, however I've quickly just picked out one of the thousands. Transfer Listed players want a new challenge most of the time, and are extremely cheap if you look in the right places, so why shouldn't you be the ones to offer that new challenge? Buying from the transfer Listed section of the market is not only cost-efficient, but it's fantastic for building a squad of talented players for as cheap as you possibly can. The players value is almost certainly dropped, and their willingness to move,high. It's a no-brained to lodge a bid.
    That was my 5 Transfer Tips for FMM18! I hope you enjoyed the write up, my apologies that two of the tips here featured on my list last year but they were just essential in my opinion. Thanks for reading and let me know your best transfer tip!

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    Ashez got a reaction from NucleusNT in Nintendo   
    I like talking to myself
    I suppose it's a consequence of posting on Vibe about saves and how I like talking about games, this is just my record. The Switch took off and in time people joined in :). 
    Never liked or trusted ign reviews tbh. Just read the review and it's not reviewing the game on its own merit but by comparing it to other versions, tbh that's pretty poor. 
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    Ashez got a reaction from Taff in 2018 Vibe Premier League   
    Noone uses keepers on the bench anyway apparently
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    Ashez reacted to Real_Random in 2018 Vibe Premier League   
    Don’t worry you should be fine, I’m not going so well, here’s my first game as a teaser of my progress 
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    Ashez reacted to FuddledFox in The Weekly Poll: Was MLS worth the wait?   
    Was the MLS worth the wait and has it lived up to the hype?

    I received a letter during the week from Vibe legend and the man who sits proudly at the top of the Vibe hall of fame. Yes that's right the one and only @Ashez. Why he sent a letter or how he got my address I will never know but obviously I was completely star struck and had to feature his question 

    So lets hear your opinions on the MLS have you played the league yet? will you at some point this year? or are you going to give it a miss?
    Also what leagues would you like to see added next year?
    Whilst you guys vote I'm still so excited about Ashez getting to touch that I need to go and calm down.

    Thanks to @Ashez for this weeks question and thank you for reading.
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    Ashez reacted to samhardy in 2018 Vibe Premier League   
    Forgot to say thanks to @Ashez for the assistance with this challenge
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    Ashez reacted to samhardy in 2018 Vibe Premier League   
    Week Two - Challenge
    Defence Spending Budgets
    Week 1 is behind us and now it's over to week 2 and the second *and final* leg of the political challenges! Last week your focus was on putting the ball in the net, this time, it will very much be on keeping it out.

    Going to war is never a decision to be taken lightly. Here you will be building your military defence up to withstand the pressures of wave after wave of attacks week in week out.
    This week also sees a Dutch dust-up between the two top ranked managers on the site and to celebrate this the Netherlands will be a theme for this challenge!
    The Challenge
    As previously mentioned, your main job will be to keep the ball out of the net. But that's not everything. Whilst trying to prove defence is the best form of attack you'll be trying to win as many matches as possible too.
    With thanks to this article you can see that the defence budget of the Netherlands is almost 10 billion U.S dollars. That equates to 7.1B British pounds or 7.9B Euros. For the purpose of this challenge we'll be converting billions into millions.
    When taking over the club you will get rid of your whole defence. Sell them all if they are any shade of green in any defensive position. Including goalkeepers. Then, with the £7.1M or €7.9M (depending on your currency) budget you will rebuild the defence (GK, DL, DC x2, DR) with 5 new Dutch defenders. You can't keep any original defenders or buy back the ones you have sold. This new back line has to play every game and if there's any injuries you'll have to either switch to 3 at the back or play someone out of position.
    You'll receive 3 points for every clean sheet your new look defence keeps. As well as 1 point for every game you win during the course of the season. All competitions.
    Which team?
    Once again you have a choice. It's between the two Dutch giants.
    Ajax PSV Points
    All competitions. 3 points for every clean sheet + 1 for every game won.
    A few clarifications
    The only defenders you may have in your squad are your new look Dutch back line. They must play every game. Any other transfers are fine Injury to a defender - either improvise formation wise or play an out of position player there. Over budget for the 5 players will result in disqualification from this week's challenge No player trades allowed for transfers Loans/free agents are fine Deadline - Saturday 24th February 5PM
    Best of luck
    Rules and screenshots required