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  1. Favourite
    Ashez reacted to scratch99 in FMM19 Ideas Series: Any Other Business   
    Great article guys! And very interesting perspectives. 
    I wouldn't mind seeing a half time team talk as long as it's done right (sometimes bollocking your team will get you the win, sometimes destroy team morale or get some players to dislike you). It would have to be something you do occasionally rather than every game - a bit like the morale thing now, where it's not in your face, but where you can go use if you want, but it doesn't always have the intended effect.
    For new leagues, China is the obvious one for me, but the Greek one would be fascinating too - some great clubs there. Not sure how their finances are these days, but if they are weak I guess that would make it even more fascinating... Imagine taking Panathinaikos to Champions League success!
    The DOF one is also fascinating, as long as it was a start save option. If it was on, I'd actually like to see it be a little random. Some clubs have them, some don't, like in real life. In some clubs the manager has more say than in others, etc. I guess that's over-complicated and unlikely though. Actually I'd quite like a challenge where you start off with very little say, but as you become more successful you can start wresting control back from the DOF.
    Anyway, great write up and very thought provoking. 
  2. Favourite
    Ashez reacted to Peely in Where There's Grot There's Goals - A 1K Challenge   
    Hello all. After a break of about four years the World Cup got me back to playing FMM and I thought that the perfect way to get back into the swing of things would be a good old-fashioned 1,000 goal challenge. I'm not intending to do anything fancy in this save, other than making a footballer bash a ball into a net until they're too old to control their own bladder, let alone a football.
    Rather than lay out all of the info on the challenge up front, I thought I'd see if anyone wanted to guess the player I've chosen. Some clues:
    He's a powerhouse forward (for his age) He is signed to a Championship club, but starts the season on loan to a club in his home country He's got a fantastic name He comes from the land of edam, tulips and clogs. I've already played a few seasons so will try to get some updates up in the near future but first, any guesses?
  3. Funny
    Ashez reacted to Nucleus in Sam v Nucleus: A H2H Series   
    To be honest I did think of going Brazil/Argentina but stuck to Portugal. Thinking about it now I should have gone for Argentina as they couldn’t have beaten me in the semi final! Lol
  4. Favourite
    Ashez got a reaction from Foxy in FMM19 Ideas Series: Any Other Business   
    I enjoyed working on this and I think some great points are brought to the table, nice work @Foxyand @Nucleus!
  5. Favourite
    Ashez got a reaction from Nucleus in Sam v Nucleus: A H2H Series   
    Wonderful challenge lads, @Nucleusdid well as I've not seen many people push @samhardythat far! I didn't know human players could beat the AI in shootouts so I've even learnt something new :p. 
    I'm not sure if the rules made being a European team a must but I'd have found Brazil or Argentina tempting as their talent is always massive undervalued in game, that is said without checking the options though. I tend to always load France and Germany just due to the cheap players so if I did this I'm sure France would have been very tempting. 
  6. Favourite
    Ashez got a reaction from Foxy in FMM19 Ideas Series: Any Other Business   
    I enjoyed working on this and I think some great points are brought to the table, nice work @Foxyand @Nucleus!
  7. Favourite
    Ashez got a reaction from Foxy in FMM19 Ideas Series: Any Other Business   
    I enjoyed working on this and I think some great points are brought to the table, nice work @Foxyand @Nucleus!
  8. Favourite
    Ashez reacted to Nucleus in Sam v Nucleus: A H2H Series   
    Final Challenge - World Cup 2.0
    So we’ve seen how Sam got on, I know what I have to do. It’s winning the whole damn thing or bust! 
    I decided to stick with Portugal for this one, I felt like they have an abundance of quality players valued at under £1m plus I obviously knew a few from last time around.

    Qualifying table looked like this when I took over, one foot on the plane to Russia already it seems, and with the first two matches against Andorra and Hungary I knew that two wins would more than likely be enough for me to top the group.

    Heres the squad for those first couple of games, there’s a couple of names in there that I know of 🤔 I think. How did we get on in our first match in charge?

    It took an 85th minute winner but we eventually prevail against Andorra in what was a largely one sided contest, we just couldn’t find the target as often as we should have.

    Same scoreline against Hungary, although the stats were considerably more in our favour for this one. Anyhow, that was enough to send us to Russia as group winners!

    With two games to play against Switzerland and Latvia respectively my intentions for them was to simply drop them as to not raise the value of players I may need for the finals. So for the final two qualifying games I made up a squad of players whose value was less than £100k.

    Should be absolutely trounced by the Swiss with this lot...

    Yeah, pretty much 😂

    We do hold the Latvians to a draw mind, after dominating the game we were pegged back by them in the 91st minute. Never mind, it was a match with no consequences and we are off to Russia as group winners either way!

    World Cup Finals:

    This is the squad that will hopefully lead me to a World Cup glory. Saved using a few of these in qualifying as I knew it would raise their value by having a call up. Zé Gomes being one of them, along with Mika.

    A kind group all things considered, with the Germans not having any players I should beat them (I did last time) South Africa should be a breeze and I’d be happy to take a draw against the Koreans. Simples

    Smashed the Koreans in the first game by 4 goals to 1, and we were playing with 10 men for 75% of the match. Great start either way. With South Africa coming next we could seal a place in the knockout rounds with a win...

    Win we did. Just. A cagey game where neither team wanted to make an error. Just the one clear cut chance throughout and Rui Pedro puts it away for 1-0, and that my friends is a place in the knockout rounds secured. All we needed to do now was beat Germany in the final group game to top the group and seemingly get an “easier” tie in the next round.

    Another win, another 1-0. That’s top spot secured, although the lack of goals we’re scoring concerns me. A familiar foe awaited us in the next round, Switzerland to be precise. It could be considered a kind tie but it could also be a perfect opportunity for a slip up. Could we go one better than last time out and reach the Quarter Finals?

    Never in doubt, it was 3-0 before the red card and we breeze into the quarter finals with our squad of under £1m players. Would the draw be kind as it has been for Sam? Could we avoid another big team? 
    The answer is Yes. Australia awaits us in the Quarters and we have massive opportunity to reach the Semi-Finals of the World Cup.

    Which we did, with ease! Dominated the game from start to finish, but still that finishing touch evades us as we can only muster another 1-0. 
    Last time out, we were eliminated by Argentina in the last 16, they trounced us if I remember correctly. This time we would meet them in a semi final.

    The winner would take on my home nation Wales in the final! Oh the irony 😮 
    Could we take one more giant step? I’d be very confident against Wales, but Argentina is a different beast...

    Heartbreak! Sergio Agüero breaks Portuguese hearts along with mine too! It was an even game but again, we just couldn’t find the target and that’s what came back to bite us on the arse in the end.
    Sam takes the round, and Sam takes the H2H.

    We went on to find the net four times when it didn’t matter 

    Whilst Argentina broke my heart for the second time in the save.
    A third placed finish was something I was very happy with, but the luck of the draw had it Sam’s way as he gets an easier route to the final, and that’s taking nothing away from him as he was a tough opponent and a very deserved winner. It’s been a pleasure taking you on and I hope it’s not the last time.
    So congratulations Sam for winning the H2H!
    Final Score
    @samhardy 4-3 @Nucleus

    Thanks for reading 
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    Ashez reacted to Foxy in FMM19 Ideas Series: Any Other Business   
    Welcome to the fourth and final part of our FMM19 ideas series. Sorry for the delay but it maybe that I had forgotten we had actually written this about a month ago and it was only @Nucleus who reminded me today.
    In this final part @Nucleus is going to discuss the new leagues he would like to see in next years game whilst I tackle Director’s of Football and @Ashez interviews me on my opinion on press conferences being added to FMM.
    So without delay lets head over to the Vibe media centre.
    Press conferences
    @Ashez: Today I welcome the members of the press to Vibes first ever seminar, where the topic for today is ironically press conferences and interviews within the footballing world of FMM. Some people present today might be calling for these questionnaires to be added to the little management sim that could however the community also contains members against its inclusion. Today's speaker will be Mr Foxy as he aims to answer my questions and offer some thoughts on this fascinating subject, so without further ado welcome to the hot seat Foxy. 
     Foxy: Thank you for the opportunity to express my views on press conferences in FMM by making me do a press conference.
    1.     Welcome and thanks again for attending this event, from my understanding you have a history in football manager correct? 
    Foxy: I have played Football Manager and before that Championship Manager for 20+ years and I remember when press conferences were first introduced to the game and have since see them stagnate over the years.
    2.     So with your back ground and time spent with the series how do you feel about press conferences, team talks?
    Foxy: I personally hate press conferences as they are almost always the same questions but in a different order. You get a pick of 5 options and generally you can just keep pressing the same option for each question. You could say that mirrors real life as managers get asked the same kind of questions week after week but why would I want that in a game? It is a game and it should be fun and not an exercise in clicking the same answer to the same multiple choice question I was asked before the last game before I can get in the action. That isn’t a game being realistic it’s a game being boring!
    Team talks are a different thing as I have always done them since they were introduced into the PC game. Yes you start to learn the best things to say in which situation and yes they are repetitive but I felt that they had an impact on how my team would perform in the game. In the PC game players have in match morale and body language which can change depending on the situation E.G. If you are playing a non-league team in the cup you may find your superstars are complacent going into the game and a team talk would focus there minds. That in game morale and body language would need to be added to FMM for team talks to serve any purpose in that version and I can’t imagine it will be added any time soon so any introduction of team talks would just be cosmetic. In the PC game on a match day it is all about getting the right balance of players, tactics and man management to give you the best chance of winning and if team talks were added to FMM then it would need to be the same.
    3.     Interesting, it's also been made aware to me you've recently made the transition from FM to FMM, in this case how do you feel FMM copes without these key FM features? 
    Foxy: I think that FMM has the right balance at the moment as we do get some press interaction if we want to answer those questions but they don’t crop up before every game and they are very unobtrusive to the game. As FMM is supposed to be a quick game to play any press conferences are just going to slow the game play down and for what? So we can answer a few questions we have heard a million times and have little to no impact on the actual team or game. 
    4.     In your opinion what impact do such talks actually have in the full FM game? Are they vital like say tactics or an afterthought like FMM coaches? Are they actually worth the time and effort? Does FMM not having them really mean we're missing out?
    Foxy: I would say they have very little impact on the game itself. You do get a little boost or reduction in morale or player happiness based on your answers but you soon learn the right and wrong answers, also winning games is the biggest boost in morale you can get and far outweighs the impact press conferences can ever have. I think the biggest sign they have no impact is that you can set your assistant manager to do them and still win games, promotions and trophies so if you can ignore a feature in a game is it really that important?
    5. Simply fascinating, I suppose my final question is do you feel FMM should add these new features to the game? I'd love to hear your conclusions on the subject. 
     In a word no! Oh you want more than one word.
    Foxy: Press conferences are a definite no for me for the reasons I said above but mainly because you are slowing down the game by adding a feature that some people think they want at the moment but after an hour or so of playing FMM19 they would be bored of and a feature that has very little impact on the game at that. I guarantee that if press conferences were added to the game Vibe would be full of comments from people moaning about a lack of variation in questions and that they no longer use the feature.
    Team talks should only be added if they can have an impact on the match in some way so if you are losing giving your team a bollocking might produce a better performance in the 2nd half or warning your team to not be complacent against weaker opposition. If this was added it has to have an impact and that’s not to say that shouting at the team will always result in turning around a 2-0 deficit at half time or but simply that you feel it gives you some control over the match.
    Well I think that covers the topic excellently and I think it's clear where Foxy sits on this subject. 
    New Leagues
    We already know that Germany will be licensed in FMM19 but will we see any new leagues added? @Nucleus discusses which leagues he would like to see added.
    @Nucleus: As we move into FMM19, could SI keep up with the trend they set this year and add even more leagues into the game? This year saw the addition of the long awaited MLS and although it didn’t live up to its expectations due to not having the draft, it is still a welcome addition to the leagues currently available. Another addition this year was the South Korean league, and apart from challenges based there that we have here on Vibe who really wants to start a career over there? I certainly haven’t. So, which leagues would I like to be made playable in FMM 19? Well first off how about China? The Chinese Super League has rose to prominence in the last few years mainly due to the vast number of high-profile players that have made the move over there. Big names such as Belgiums Axel Witsel & Yannick Carrasco, Argentina’s Javier Mascherano & Nicolás Gaitán and Brazil’s Ramires, Hulk & Oscar have all made the move over to the Far East for hefty transfer sums and of course a hefty pay packet. The most interesting factor about managing in China in FMM19 would be the transfer budgets, there’s no doubt the Chinese are building something big over there and trying to put the final pieces together would make for an interesting save. 
    Secondly, we’ve been crying out for a secondary league in the Portugal/Scotland mould for years. So where better to go than to the southern most country in Europe, Greece. With some historic teams such as Olympiacos and Panathinaikos whilst not forgetting this season’s league champions AEK Athens, Greece would offer a solid option for some fantastic career opportunities and could open up the door for a host of new challenges. The Vibe Olympics could solely be competed there for example.
    Which leagues would you like to see added in FMM19? Let us know in the comments below
    Directors of Football
    Foxy: In the UK we usually refer to the man in charge of a football team as the manager of the team. This stems back to the days when the manager would manage all aspects of the football team from buying players, negotiating contracts, taking training and of setting tactics and picking the team on match days. These days manager aren’t really managers any more and many clubs especially at the top level have a head coach instead of a manager who deals with training, tactics etc whilst also having a director of football (DoF) and a chief executive to take care of transfers and contracts. The head coach may suggest the players he would like to bring in to the club but he will have little to do with the fee paid and the contract that player gets. Then in other cases such as Chelsea the head coach seems to have very little say in which players are brought into the club, he is simply given a squad of players and told to win everything. Its this set up which seems to have led to the situation at Chelsea were Conti has fallen out with the powers that be at the club and looks like he will soon leave.
    So how does this fit into FMM? I would like to see the option brought in that we could employ a DoF at the club we manage although unlike at Chelsea I think it should be us as the manager that chooses who that man should be or if we even have one. Once we have a DoF employed we could then ask them to run certain parts of the club for example you could ask them to run the scouting staff and set them assignments, perhaps he could deal with all contract negotiations or you could tell him you want a left back and he would go out a find you one. That could perhaps be done by you creating a shortlist of players as a real life manager would do or you could simply set the parameters like you do on the player search but ultimately you would have the final say in whether you sign him or not.  In the PC community there is a challenge called the DoF challenge were you set your DoF to run all aspects of the club except for training and match day. So he signs all the players, you can recommend players to him or ask for a player for a certain position but there is no guarantees you will get what you want with the AI being as it is. He also hires and fires all the backroom staff and deals with contracts. You are left with training and match day so it tests your ability to work with what you have and get the best out of the players you are given. If we had DoF’s in FMM we could also do this challenge.
    Ultimately it should be our choice whether we have a DoF and if we do what we ask him to do for us but it would be great to have that option available.
    I would like to thank @Nucleus and @Ashez for their help with this series both on this article and the ones they published on their own. If you haven’t read the whole series yet you can find the other three articles by clicking these links.
    Article One: Backroom Staff
    Article Two: Set Pieces
    Article Three: New player Roles
    It would be great to get your comments below on these subjects or any other features you would like to see in FMM19.
  10. Happy
    Ashez reacted to Foxy in World Cup 2018 Prediction League   
    Well done @Ashez👍
    My predictions feel off a cliff but at least I beat @samhardy and @BatiGoal
  11. Shocked
    Ashez reacted to samhardy in World Cup 2018 Prediction League   
    Looking back to the first page, I bet @Nucleus regrets this now!!
  12. Happy
    Ashez reacted to Paul186 in World Cup 2018 Prediction League   
    Well done Ashez and thanks Sam for running it.
  13. Happy
    Ashez reacted to Woody in World Cup 2018 Prediction League   
    Gutted!! Well @Ashez mate 👍
  14. Happy
    Ashez reacted to Titjes in World Cup 2018 Prediction League   
    I almost won, it was so close 
    Congrats to @Ashez
  15. Favourite
    Ashez reacted to samhardy in World Cup 2018 Prediction League   
    Congratulations to Ashez for winning the 2018 World Cup Prediction League.
    Final Leaderboard
    1) @Ashez - 68
    2) @Woody - 67
    3) @Nucleus - 66
    4) @Paul186 - 61
    5) @Taff - 57
    6) @Ulysses - 56
    7) @danovic78 @Foxy - 54
    8.) @BatiGoal - 53
    9) @samhardy - 52
    10) @Titjes - 41

  16. Favourite
    Ashez reacted to samhardy in World Cup 2018 Prediction League   
    Leaderboard with just the final to play
    1) @Ashez - 65
    2) @Woody - 64
    3) @Nucleus - 63
    4) @Paul186 - 58
    5) @Taff @Foxy - 54
    6) @BatiGoal @Ulysses - 53
    7) @danovic78 - 51
    8.) @samhardy - 49
    9) @Titjes - 41
  17. Favourite
    Ashez reacted to Foxy in Vibe World Cup: Semi Final Challenge   
    As you all wanted I will reveal the results of Group A tonight and then Group B tomorrow.
    Just a reminder of the challenge. You either took over as  Fiorentina and brought in an Argentine striker or Valencia and brought in a Russian striker and then tried to emulate the World Cup hat trick exploits of Gabriel Batistuta or Oleg Solenko.
    Team Member 1 Scores
    Taking control of Fiorentina in Group A would be @Taff, @Woody and @salohcin with the Welsh and Englishmen bringing in Franco di Santo and Salohcin went for Benedetto.
    It seems that di Santo was the way to go as Benedetto had an absolute nightmare for Salohcin as he only scored 33 goals in 42 games and never got a single hat trick in the season. It was a tough time all round for Salohin as he could only finish 8th in Serie A with 60pts and went out in the cup at the semi-final stage. Inexplicably Salohcin was the only guy to not make a transfer other than bringing in his striker!
    Salohcin scored
    0 Hat trick pts
    4 cup pts
    60 league pts
    Total: 64pts
    Franco di Santo had a strong season for Woody as he scored 53 goals in 43 games for the Englishmen. He got hat tricks in 3 matches with 1 of them being a 4 goal haul. In the league he finished 10 points behind Juve and missed out on some valuable points here as he could only manage 83 league points. He did win the cup final to get maximum cup points thanks to a hat trick from di Santo in the final.
    Woody Scored
    10 hat trick pts
    8 cup pts
    83 league pts
    Total: 101
    With a good showing from Woody which nation could take an early advantage in Group A?
    Taff also went for di Santo and he real stepped up to the plate for him with 88 goals in 43 games with an AvR of 9.55!!! This included 9 hat tricks and 2 games where he scored 4. With a striker doing that it was no surprise that he won the league with 101 points and also took the cup home with a win in the final against Inter.
    Taff Scored
    35 hat trick points
    101 league points
    8 cup points
    Total: 144pts
    So at the half way stage of Group A Wales hold a 43 point advantage over England with Singapore needing to make up 37 points over England to get a semi-final spot.
    Team Member 2 Scores
    @Nucleus, @Rob2017 and @chewkaiwen had to take over at Valencia and bring in a Russian striker and they all went for Feydor Smolov with varying results.
    Chewkaiwan was going to need a huge round if he was going to make up for his team mates disappointing attempt. Smolov scored 56 goals in 47 games of which 18 were part of a hat tricks in 6 games. He made it all the way to the cup final but came up short against Real Madrid losing 2-1 but he did win the league although finishing on the same points as Atletico as he took it on the H2H rule they use in La Liga.
    Chewkaiwan Scored
    18 hat trick pts
    83 league points
    8 cup pts
    Total: 109pts
    Singapore Total: 173 points
    That means that Rob needed to score 72 or more points to claim a place in the semi-finals and eliminate Singapore.
    Smolov scored a very respectable 60 goals in 38 games with 7 hat tricks thrown in and coupled with winning the cup Rob has 32 pts so far. Rob won the league finishing 3 pts clear of Real but with 7 draws and 5 loses he missed out on a lot of valuable points.
     It was still enough for England to progress into the semi’s and all that’s left is whether they could top the group and potentially get an easier semi-final.
    Rob Scored
    22 hat trick points
    10 cup points
    85 league points
    Total: 117pts
    England Total: 218pts
    That means that a score of 79 or more from Nucleus will be enough for Wales to win the group.
    In usual Nucleus style he didn’t hang around and I had his results last Saturday meaning he has had a long wait for this post. He managed 1 goal more than Rob as Smolov scored 61 in 46 games and he had 1 hat trick game more as well with 8. He also won the cup to get maximum points there so it all comes down to the league. With only 1 lose and 6 draws he smashed the league scoring 99 points in the process and getting the 2nd highest score in Group A.
    Nucleus Scored
    27 hat trick points
    10 cup points
    99 league points
    Total: 136 points
    Wales Total: 280 points
    This leaves the final standings in Group A looking like this as Singapore bow out at the first stage with England getting through comfortably and pre-tournament favourites Wales living up to that billing by winning the group by a huge 62 points.

    So we say goodbye to Salohcin and Chewkaiwan at this early stage but thanks for taking part lads and being so prompt with your scores. Tomorrow we will find out the results in Group B and complete the line up for the semi finals as well as see how the race for the Golden Mobile Award is shaping up as well.
    Cheers lads.
  18. Angry
    Ashez got a reaction from samhardy in World Cup 2018   
    Agreed, unfortunately he slipped my mind 
  19. Favourite
    Ashez reacted to danovic78 in World Cup 2018   
    England's six shots on target from open play (600mins) - Croatia: 0; Sweden: 1; Colombia 0; Belgium 1; Panama 2; Tunisia 2     Saudi Arabia's six shots on target from open play (180mins) - Egypt 5; Uruguay 1; Russia 0   Says it all really. Nowhere near good enough up top. We bottled it big time but again we left players on the pitch because of reputations and not because they deserve to be there. Alli ghosted through the whole tournament! I bet Pickford had more touches of the ball than he did. Kane was clearly not fit yet Southgate left them both on? Need a stronger manager to make bolder selections and subs.
  20. Favourite
    Ashez got a reaction from Mikee1984 in World Cup 2018   
    We played two decent sides and we lost both matches, yeah we rolled over the shit but even then we created little from open play. Did we really over achieve? We all expected last 16 or QF's then when the results went how they did who didn't think the semi's we're more than possible? Maybe I'm being negative but I'm not buying this fake hope. 
  21. Favourite
    Ashez reacted to samhardy in World Cup 2018 Prediction League   
    A poor round for our leader means it's going right down to the wire!!
    Leaderboard After Semi-Finals
    1) @Woody - 62
    2) @Ashez - 59
    3) @Nucleus - 57
    4) @Paul186 - 56
    5) @Foxy - 54
    6) @Taff - 52
    7) @Ulysses - 51
    8.) @samhardy - 49
    9) @BatiGoal - 47
    10) @danovic78 - 45
    11) @Titjes - 39
    I'll put the fixtures below for the third place play-off and the final. Points will remain as they have been for the 3rd place play-off, however as stated in the OP points will be trebled for the final! It could well all come down to a correct score prediction in the final match to decide the title.
  22. Favourite
    Ashez reacted to lilgwanz in Lilgwanz Attempts The Triple Threat Challenge-Completed!   
    And here is how we ended up after 13 seasons 
    Isak   Total Goals Mbappe-669 Rashford-572 ISak-414   That's 1655 in Total   And double Trouble challenge would be between Mbappe and Rashford Combined Goals -1241 goals    That's it for this save!
  23. Favourite
    Ashez reacted to Woody in World Cup 2018 Prediction League   
    France 1v1 Belgium
    Croatia 1v2 England 
    Total After Quarter-Finals - 62
    Semi-Finals Total - 0
    Total - 62
    Sorry @samhardy been with the wife all day...she had some brilliant news today!!
    I dont mind letting you all know...she has been told she is in remission 😆😆😆
  24. Favourite
    Ashez got a reaction from Foxy in Vibe World Cup: Semi Final Challenge   
    Cracking challenge, good luck lads!
  25. Favourite
    Ashez got a reaction from Taff in Sam v Nucleus: A H2H Series   
    Two cracking runs there lads! I know I've said it before but I'm loving the uniqueness!