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    Ashez reacted to Foxy in Vibe World Cup 2019 The Final: Results   
    The time has come to reveal who will be crowned this years Vibe World Cup Champions.
    The final saw Scotland represented by @samhardy and @1759 take on the Japanese team of @Ashez and myself. The final challenge was a bit complicated so I won’t bore you with the details now. If you do need to recap this link will take you to that post.
    With this being quite a detailed challenge it will be difficult for me to give you all the details of each competitors attempt but hopefully I can do you all justice and keep it easy to read.
    One final thing to say is this was a tough challenge with the squad getting steadily worse as the months went on so it is a huge credit to all 4 competitors that no one got sacked.
    So enough of that lets reveal the score and crown our champions.
    1759: Leyton Orient
    Club choice was always going to play a factor in this final and Ian played a blinder going with Orient who have the best squad in the National League and have a good chance of cup runs in both the FA Cup and FA Trophy as well.
    This is the 2 XIs that Ian put together and an interesting formation as well.
    A key part of this challenge was the cup games I think because they give the bonus points on top of league games as well. This is probably where Ian struggled a bit although he did get through 2 FA cup rounds before being knocked out by Fleetwood. In the FA Trophy he faired a little better as he won 3 matches before Aldershot did for him in round 4 although that means he still missed out on some potential points especially with the 2 legged semi final.
    In the league Ian met all club expectations by winning the league with a very healthy 96 points including 30 wins, 6 draws and 10 defeats.
    All this added up to a score of....
    1759: 111 points
    Certainly not the perfect season but a good start for the Scots nonetheless.
    Ashez: PSG
    How could the Japanese respond?
    @Ashez was the first from Team Japan to submit. He choose to go down the big club route and opted for PSG with the reasoning that they already had a good spine of eligible players already at the club and an abundance of money to complete the squad. This coupled with 38 league games and then 3 different cup competitions means he could get plenty of point scoring opportunities.
    This was his teams.
    Ash had a good run in both domestic cups as he reached the final of the League Cup losing to Nice and the semi final of the FA Cup but succumbed to St Ettiene. In the Champions league he got out of a group involving Roma, Porto and Malmo to set up a game with Schalke. Despite registering a win in the first leg he eventually went out on away goals in the round of 16 as his squad started to deplete.
    Squad depletion was certainly in evidence towards the end of the league season as well with 7 of his 9 league defeats coming from March onwards.
    This left Ashez with
    108 points 
    This means that at the half way point Scotland have a narrow 3 point lead in the final.
    Scotland: 111 points
    Japan: 108 points
    samhardy: Crusaders
    Just as in the VPL final Sam went with a team in Northern Ireland due to the ridiculous number of cups and potential matches they have in there league.
    This was his squad.
    In a shocking turn of events Sam didn’t win every tinpot trophy going in Northern Ireland as he lost in the final of the prestigious Steel & Sons Cup and also got knocked out the Irish Cup in the semi final stage. He did win 3 other cups and make the group stage of the Europa League picking up a famous win over AA Gent in that one.
    In the league it was a procession with just 4 draws and 4 lost games to blemish his record as he won the league with 96 points.
    All this added up to...
    173 points
    That gives Scotland a total of 284pts.
    Foxy: Sunderland
    That means I would need to score 177 points in order for Japan to win the final. What we needed was a hero and I felt I was the perfect man to fit the bill and break Scottish hearts.
    I choose Sunderland due to the large number of league games and the Checkatrade trophy. On top of that I also had the league cup and FA Cup so plenty of games with 60+ matches more than possible. Sunderland also have some good reserves and excellent facilities so I felt the squad I could build would do well week in week out versus teams like Luton 🤮
    This was my squad.
     The only problem with the cups is you have to rely on a favourable draw. I didn’t worry about the first few rounds as I felt I could beat any team in leagues 1 and 2 but after that it could be tricky. As it turned out that was the case as we lost to both Newcastle and Everton in the 3rd rounds of the League Cup then FA Cup respectively. The Checkatrade went much better though as I got maximum points winning the final against Gillingham.
    The league was in a funny way similar to Sunderland’s actual season as we drew a lot of games but were very difficult to beat. I did do better than Ross the Boss managed though with 111 league points.
    That all added up to 
    Golden Mobile
    Some Stats
    That brings to a close this years VWC. I hope everyone has enjoyed it whether you took part or were just watching. I would like to thank you all as this was a great event which seems to have gone pretty smoothly.
    The biggest thanks from me is reserved for @1759 though for taking co host duties with me. He came up with some great challenges and was an excellent sounding board for my ideas as well. Considering I moved house halfway through this event his input and hosting duties meant that this event was able to take place so he deserves huge amounts of credit for that.
    Thanks for reading and all comments are appreciated.
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    Ashez got a reaction from Schwantz34 in FMM19 Bug List   
    They shouldn't have fiddled after the conditioning mess tbh, they should have fixed that and left it. If editing stamina/conditioning breaks transfers then what can you say 😂
    The game released and was iffy for a few months, then it was okay but they fiddled again and it was a mess for a month or whatever, and now we've got 4 months to wait to see what state 2020 releases in and the journey starts again. The game is playable for hardly any of its life cycle, especially if they have dropped 2019 support. 
    Unfortunately this has been the FMM cycle for years now, the only way to stop it is to speak up and don't support the game at launch tbh. 
  3. Favourite
    Ashez got a reaction from Schwantz34 in FMM19 Bug List   
    They shouldn't have fiddled after the conditioning mess tbh, they should have fixed that and left it. If editing stamina/conditioning breaks transfers then what can you say 😂
    The game released and was iffy for a few months, then it was okay but they fiddled again and it was a mess for a month or whatever, and now we've got 4 months to wait to see what state 2020 releases in and the journey starts again. The game is playable for hardly any of its life cycle, especially if they have dropped 2019 support. 
    Unfortunately this has been the FMM cycle for years now, the only way to stop it is to speak up and don't support the game at launch tbh. 
  4. Favourite
    Ashez reacted to matrixneo in FMM19 Bug List   
    What are SI doing? We seriously need a hot fix for this. You can't leave a bug this big in the game and expect people to ignore it and wait to buy next year's edition!
    SI's refusal to patch this really does not reflect well on their quality assurance in future... at this point, one can already guess what kind of bug-ridden state next year's will be.
    FMM2020 perhaps playable after June 2020? If it's anything like this year's, you can rule that out.
  5. Happy
    Ashez reacted to Foxy in Vibe World Cup 2019 The Final: Results   
    No although I am the only one not finished.
    Results should be tomorrow evening.
  6. Funny
    Ashez got a reaction from Rob in FMM19 General Discussion   
    At least with FMM we always know the VAR outcome 😂
  7. Favourite
    Ashez got a reaction from zaangie in Why Seeing FMM As A RPG Changed My Gaming Life   
    Why Seeing FMM As A RPG Changed My Gaming Life

    Before I jump into this topic I think it's best to give some context into my gaming habits, you see I've always been a "gamer" from a young age as I grew up playing Lemmings on my mother's original Gameboy and Super Mario World among others on her Super Nintendo, gaming has just always been there for me. Nintendo wise I've had every console but the NES, Sony wise everything apart from the Vita and PS4 while I've also had all three Xbox's, however across all those platforms there was one genre I hated and that was RPGs. Granted there was and always has been one exception to the rule with Pokemon being a game that just sucked in my generation and it's a series I basically stuck with but for whatever reason I never saw that as a RPG, it was just Pokemon. Before you read any further I just want to say this thread is one of personal journey and not your typical Vibe article, if you read it and take something away from it that's cool, if not I completely understand. 

    I suppose you could say Pokemon was the starting point to this realisation as I got heavily into Platinum's Battle Tower which was basically a gauntlet of battles where you had to build a team and climb as high as you could. Platinum released in Europe during 2009 which means I'd also have been into FMH on the PSP at the time while I joined Vibe in 2010. Joining Vibe and getting more into FMH basically meant I had to decide which game to devote myself to and I think it's pretty obvious which way I went, I still kept up with Pokemon but I never got into the battling side as much again as FMH and Vibe became my primary hobby. 
    One comparison between the two games stuck with me though and that was team building, both games gave me almost endless amounts of teams to build and mess around with, I even remember going about team building in similar ways for both games which sounds daft but there is some logic in my madness. In basic terms both teams would have members who's purpose was to fit a specific role, for example a bulky Pokemon might be referred to as a tank or a wall and I'd use the same logic with FMH team building, for example my tank would be my DMC/BWM. In Pokemon you have special and normal attackers, similar to mages and warriors or creative roles and offensive roles. I'll admit this thought process is pretty odd but I found my knowledge of both games helped with the other as I learnt alot about team building during this phase of my life, I guess knowing how to build successful teams is a transferable skill. 
    This goes so much deeper than just roles however as like FMM players every Pokemon has unique viewable and hidden stats which determine how the character will develop, sure FMM has more stats but once they're grouped together it's a pretty easy comparison. I'd spend hours browsing Pokemon sites trying to find the ideal Pocket Monster for my team just like I'd spend ages stat searching on FMM trying to find that player to make my tactic purr like a Meowth on payday. 
    This shows I had the seeds of FMM as a RPG planted but the tree took another few years to grow, I enjoyed similar things across Pokemon and FMM though which was surprising, yet eye opening. Around 2012/13 another big development took place in my gaming life as I decided to invest in a 3DS XL, I liked the original DS and I'd dabbled with my little brothers original 3DS but for whatever reason I was a little late in picking up a system of my own. This system was a life changer as it's the console that really brought me back into gaming, it's easily one of my favourite systems and it's library of games is fantastic, especially if you count the original DS library. Between the GameCube/PS2 era and the 3DS I'd basically lost interest in gaming as the Wii didn't float my boat and I never had many PS3 games, the 3DS was the restart my gaming life really needed. 
    I'm not sure how my expanded horizons impacted what happened next but when FMM 2014 released I was hesitant, it was the first year without the PSP version and while I loved 2013 on mobile 2014 took some time to settle with me, eventually I liked it but it was very much a love hate relationship. Not playing FMM as much meant I had more free time on my hands and it was around this time I started purchasing riskier (for my tastes) 3DS titles. 

    The game Fantasy Life by Level 5 was one I kept my eyes on for months during it's build up, it was a role playing life simulator which was a genre I had no history with but it just looked so much fun! Eventually I placed my pre-order for the title which in itself was embarrassing as when I asked if it was available for pre-order the worker responded with "oh that girls 3DS game".....I remember being taken back by this response but I've never been impressed by my local stores Nintendo appreciation. Anyway the game released September 2014 so a little before FMM during the horrible waiting period, I actually remember going to Fifa's midnight launch with my brother, he picked up Fifa and I picked up Fantasy Life which released the same day. That night consisted of Fifa but once I plugged Fantasy Life into my system I was hooked, it was such a peaceful and fun Zelda like action/exploring game but with elements of job sims as you could become masters in various jobs to increase your stats and abilities, this turned out to be another gateway game for me as while it wasn't a typical RPG something about it hit a cord with me. Seriously if you have a 3DS look into this hidden gem, I'm so gutted it never got a proper sequel! 
    Fantasy Life was where everything started to click into place, I loved the game so much I decided to look up the developer and see what else they made, with one title in particular really standing out to me being Dragon Quest IX on the original DS. The game had a similar stunning art style and various other similarities but it was a turn based RPG which made me instantly hesitate and lose interest. It always stayed in the back of my mind and I did pick it up but it was a game I was scared to try as I just didn't think I'd like it. 
    We basically jump forward a year at this point until July 2015, I was planning a two week vaccination and I needed a game for the travel and hotel room downtime. It was at this moment my life would change as a few days before leaving I decided to finally test the waters with Dragon Quest IX, so I popped it into my system to see if it was something i could chill with while away. I had every intention of playing the opening and seeing how I got on with it which soon materialised into me playing the first 10 hours before leaving the country! I was caught! I was addicted! I couldn't put it down! I ended up sinking 60-100 odd hours into this game and I loved every second. 

    The world building is excellent but to my surprise on IX you have to build your own party so without realising it I was back in familiar territory which I'd learnt years before from Pokemon and FMM and once again my knowledge was transferable. I'd spent years building balanced teams and I put this knowledge into practice once again as my party carried me through the game, building your own team has so many pitfalls from being too defensive or attacking or not having key components. I easily could have screwed this pivotal moment of my life up but due to my history with team building I had an advantage, I had an idea which I wouldn't have had without Pokemon and especially FMM. 
    The story, the enemies, the villages, the art style and the world did pull me into the game but it was the stats that I found comfort in, it's odd that I love stats in FMM but I never connected the dots that I can be a numbers guy, I can enjoy grinding to get that level up as I'm someone who enjoys numbers raising and working out how to improve my chances. With FMM I've always played commentary only glued to the stats page trying to understand what's going on, trying to gain an advantage from the numbers or to see something that I could miss not viewing them, that appears an unique play style but it works for me even today. In FMM I'd look for the ideal player I needed or look at a players stat spread and give him a role which is exactly the same in some RPGs, you have to look or build your character and make sure they're suited to the required role, it's all about understanding the needed stats for the job. 
    It was now that I had fully realised FMM could be seen as a RPG as all the elements are there, you have your party of characters that are all unique, that level up with experience to improve which is now shown much clearer in game, you have a world to explore, encounters to battle, bosses to be beaten and a party to build. Sure a massive part of any RPG is the story which FMM does lack but you have the freedom to write your own tale like Dungeons and Dragons as Vibe has shown, having no story line means we have endless quests and adventures to undertake.  
    Once this concept was in mind it was one I struggled to shake so by the mid point of 2015 I'd roped in two friends to help me bring a RPG experience to FMM and Vibe. The concept was simple as we created a squad of Vibe members who got to select their role/class with the catch being they'd all start with 1 stat in each area, to earn stats they had to earn experience in matches which could be used to level up and improve the characters stats, thus making them more suited to the role. For many reasons with the time commitment being the main one this interactive experience failed yet it proved my theory that FMM as a true RPG actually worked really well. The feedback and comments from the community really brought the thread to life, considering the save only lasted half a season we hit 16 pages of comments which is good bloody going, even to this day I'm still surprised at how awesome FMM as a straight RPG was to see and experience. 
    With this knowledge my mind was blown wide open as I went on to spend the following years exploring RPGs more and more with me playing titles like Radiant Historia, Chrono Trigger, Dragon Quest 7/8 and I continued my love in of the Pokemon series but in a new light. I'll admit I'm still hesitant on alot of RPGs and not all of them are for me, but I'm at least now open to the idea which really does shock me. 

    I then discovered a sub genre of RPGs which are often called strategy or tactical RPGs and after years of playing FMM and loving the tactical side of the game I decided to dip my toe into the water. I remembered this game releasing to humongous hype earlier in the 3DS's life span called Fire Emblem Awakening and it looked absolutely fascinating under my new eyes. I'll openly admit I was extremely hesitant as while I fancied my chances as a tactician on FMM how would I fair on the battle field? Was I up to the challenge? It turns out I found the perfect genre I'd been missing my entire life! I fell head over heels in love with Awakening and I've actually played through it multiple times and others in the series, admittedly I'm not sure how much help being a FMM fan played in this new love but if it wasn't for the tactical element and name I know I wouldn't have even tried it. I knew how to counter on FMM and how to implement changes to my tactics to gain the upper hand so I guess it must have contributed on some level, but again my FMM knowledge was essential when it came down to assessing stats, team members and squad building. 

    Finally while not really a RPG I've also developed a fondness for card games, in particular Yugioh Duel Links on mobile. The entire point of this game is to collect cards and build decks to compete online or against the AI, in truth I liked Yugioh as a kid so that was the appeal but i do once again believe my FMM knowledge helped with the deck building part of the game. The decks you have are 20-30 cards so it's a similar number to a FMM squad and making sure each card has a use is similar to making sure a player is worth his squad number. It's a little different but I thought I'd throw it in anyway considering team building has been a common theme throughout this article. 
    This might be one of the strangest articles I've ever written but I felt like it needed to be shared, FMM accidentally introduced me to a massive amount of games I'd previously written off as not for me. I actually struggle to think of my life now without RPGs as some of the experiences FMM has led me to outside of its own universe have been some of the best gaming experiences of my life with Fire Emblem Awakening, Dragon Quest 8 and Darkest Dungeon being some of my most cherished games of all time! I don't know if this article will find an audience or if others have similar tales to share but if I can help one other member who was similar to the old me jump into the world of RPGs it was worth it. 

    As he's about I'd like to thank @Marc Vaughan for not only supplying me with endless hours of content through his own series but for opening my mind to a complete different world. I might be a pain in the arse at times but I appreciate the impact your games have had on my life. Thank you. 
    With that lets bring this rambling to an end, as always thank you for reading and I look forward to any discussion that come from this. 
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    Ashez reacted to Rob in Nintendo   
    I got a bit in and then just lost time and fou it overwhelming. When winter kicks in I will probably buy it (I’ve given it back to my mate) and give it some time.
  9. Shocked
    Ashez got a reaction from Nucleus in Nintendo   
    @Rob is actually kinda right when it comes to me as while I've done everything in BOTW I have any intention of doing the other day the thought of starting a new save did cross my mind. I was debating a more streamlined playthrough or may be the master mode to check that out but I think playing on a harder difficulty would require more time investment shrine wise than I'd like to put into a second play through. @Aaron55 recently got the game so similar to when @Nucleusdid talking about it again has tickled my fancy but obviously this time I've already done everything. 
    Maybe I'll start a new save later in the year in anticipation of BOTW 2 but I'll try not to do it soon lol. How far did you get Rob in the end? 
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    Ashez reacted to samhardy in Gundogan's Victory Challenge   
    Instantly upon seeing this the other day I knew it would make an enjoyable challenge for vibe, or maybe even a side challenge to a challenge you're currently playing.
    Many challenges here are long and complicated but it doesn't get much simpler than this one.
    Aim - Sign or use a German midfielder for any club in any league and try to match Gundogan's feats, by having the player play in 1-0, 2-0, 3-0, 4-0, 5-0, 6-0, 7-0, 8-0 and 9-0 wins in one season.
    You can take charge of a nation as well if you wish as Gundogan achieved this playing for both Manchester City and Germany. A bonus achievement would be for your player to score in each of the victories as well.
    Take over at any club you want and sign a German midfielder. You can use one already at the club if you wish. You may manage a nation as well. You must complete all 9 games in one season to complete the challenge. It's a simple pass or fail one, no points system. Either database. No cheating, reloading, editing etc. Own tactics only. Evidence will be required. Leaderboard:
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    Ashez reacted to samhardy in Vibe World Cup 2019 The Final: Results   
    There's no such thing.
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    Ashez reacted to Foxy in Vibe World Cup 2019 The Final: Results   
    VWC 2019 Final
    Welcome to the final of this years Vibe World Cup. It’s all set up to be a mouth watering final as the Scottish team of @samhardy and @1759 take on the Japanese team lead by @Ashez and myself. The Scots are the runaway favourites having top scored in 2 of the 4 challenges so far to get to this stage but the Japanese are up for the fight as well so it’s all up for grabs.
    The final is a straight shoot out and the team with the highest score will be crowned champions.
     The Sell Them Slowly UWC Nation Locke
    The premise of this challenge goes way back to the first ever international football match between Scotland and England on November 30th 1872 although the story really begins between the Auld Enemies but in 1967.
    As we all know England won the World Cup in 1966 and nearly a year later they played Scotland at Wembley in the Home Nations Championship. The Scots ran out 3-2 winners thanks to goals from Denis Law, Bobby Lennox and Jim McCalliog in a result that lead Scotland fans to dub themselves world champions. Fast forward to the early 2000’s and the story of Scotland’s win and there fans assertion that it made them world champions caught the attention of journalist Paul Brown.
    He decided to trace back to the very first international match and track every unofficial world champion since then. The premise is simply if you beat the current champions you become the champions. That first match back in 1872 was a 0-0 draw so the UWC title remained vacant until the 8th March 1873 when England beat Scotland 4-2 and became the first UWC.
    The currant UWC champions are Germany who won the crown on the 24th March this year beating Netherlands and there last defence came in June when they beat Estonia 8-0.
    More info on the UWC can be found here: https://www.ufwc.co.uk/
    The Challenge
    This weeks challenge is in 2 parts so I am going to break it down and try and explain it as simply as possible.
    Club Choice
    You first need to choose a club and you can be any club in any league you wish within Europe so long as they play in a league which follows the conventional August-May/June (CL final is on 1st June) schedule. One important rule is that you and your team mate must manage in different countries though.
    Squad Building
    This is the list of the 10 nations that have held the UWC title the most.

     You must build a squad of 20 outfield players using all 10 nations but there’s a twist. You must use the Nation Locke which pairs players together by nation and position on the pitch.
    You will decide on a formation and then you will pair up the outfield positions in a logical way so for example CB+CB, CM+CM or ST+ST. Each pair then need to be players of the same nation from the top 10 above so that you have 20 players in 10 pairs. 
    This screenshot using just a basic 442 may explain it better and as you see the RB+RCB are Brazilians, LCB+LB are French, RM+RCM are English, LCM+LM are German and the strikers are Argentine. 
    The player pairs must make sense so they are in positions that link to there pair. This means you can’t link a CB to a ST or a RB to a LB if you have CBs in between. You can link say RWB to a LWB if you had no DMs in between. If in doubt send me the screenshot of your formation for confirmation.
    The pairs must be made before the season starts.
    You may use players already at the club to make the pairs so long as you only use the nations on the list and all other first team players must be sold for whatever price you can get. Your GK may be any nationality you wish except for a nation on the top 10 list.
    Once the season starts you may only play a player if he is with his pair so for example if your English CB is suspended then his partner may not play either and you will need to play the other pair. You may use players from your reserve team either real or greyed out as back ups and your subs bench for every game must be made up of reserve or greyed out players.
    These 20 players are the only transfers in you are allowed and must all be in place by the first competative game of the season.
    Once The Season Begins
    This is a full season challenge and all competitive games count towards your score.
    At the end of each month you will need to sell/demote your pair with the highest combined AvR (simply add up each pairs AvR and the highest pair have to go) so by May you will have sold 9 pairs and if your season goes as far as June all pairs will have been sold/demoted. These players may not play again and it is only your pairs that need to be added and not any reserve or greyed out players you use. You may have the no transfer window unlockable to assist in selling these players.
    You will be awarded 3 pts for a win and 1pt for a draw in all competitive matches. In the event of a tie the team with the best GD will win.
    Clarifications and Rules
    You may be any club you wish in a European league that runs from August to May/June. You and your team mate may not manage clubs in the same nation. You must make 10 pairs of players using all the nationality’s on the above list. You may use players already at the club or buy players in but no loans. These outfield 20 players make up your first team squad and along with 2 GK if needed are the only transfers in allowed and must all be bought by the first competitive game. The pairs positions must be logical so playing next to or just in front if each other on the pitch with no other players between them. All other first team players must be sold or demoted and may not be used at any point in the challenge. You may have 2 GK in the squad and they must come from nations not on the top 10 list. These can either already be at the club or bought in. You may use players from your reserve team (except demoted first teamers) or greyed out players as back ups but you may not demote first team players to then use as back ups. The reserve players don’t need to paired with a player from the same nation and cannot be used to create a pair with a first teamer. The subs bench must be made up of these back up players. A first team player may only play if he is on the pitch with his pair. On the last day of each month one pair must be sold/demoted. This is done by adding each pairs combined AvR and the pair with the highest goes. Both players in the pair must go and they can never be used again during the save, reserve or greyed out players aren’t to be counted. If you have a game on the last day of the month you may play the pair then do the calculations after that match but before the 1st of the next month. If two pairs have the same combined AvR you may choose which goes. No transfer window may be used to sell the pairs as the season goes on but no more players may be purchased. No cheating or editing of any kind. Only SI databases but either Nov or Feb is fine. No unlockables Gold badge and superstar rep is fine. You may be asked for you save file and failure to produce it will lead to you being disqualified. Screenshots
    The tactics screen showing players laid out in formation to show there pairs. Transfers in and out at end of the season. Manager profile and history. Final league table. Either Cup finals or the game you are knocked out of each cup. Squad by list of appearances. Deadline: Tuesday 25th June @6pm UK Time
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    Ashez reacted to Foxy in How to add player pictures manually?   
    Never really been my thing but I think it is sortitoutsi.net that has the ID DB.
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    Ashez got a reaction from Ran7777 in Vibe World Cup 2019 The Final: Results   
    @Foxycarrying me into the final

  15. Funny
    Ashez got a reaction from Ran7777 in Vibe World Cup 2019 The Final: Results   
    @Foxycarrying me into the final

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    Ashez reacted to Foxy in Vibe World Cup 2019 The Final: Results   
    Group Stage Week 3 Results
    This is the final week of the group stage and at the end of this update we will be saying goodbye to two teams as the other two progress to next weeks final. Remember Scotland qualified last week after winning the first two challenges so it was between England, Japan and Brazil for the final place. Brazil need to win this weeks challenge and hope that England and Japan finish 3rd and 4th plus they need to overturn a hefty overall points deficit as well. Much more likely is that it is a straight shootout between England and Japan and which ever team finishes higher this week will be in the final.
    The Challenge
    In honour of Messi being the only player to score at World Cup finals in his teens, 20s and 30s you had to buy Argentine strikers in each age bracket and get as many goals as possible at three teams in three different 2nd tier leagues.
    There is a lot of information in this weeks challenge and I am going to try and make it all as concise as possible.
    With Scotland already qualified they decided to rest the “big guns” this week and Sam never submitted any scores. 
      20s 30s
    The finalists can now have a couple of days off to recharge there batteries as I plan to post the final challenge on Wednesday evening.
    Thanks for reading and all comments are appreciated.
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    Ashez reacted to Ran7777 in European Football   
    Chelsea have announced Kepa as their new player-manager😂😂😂👌👌👌
  18. Favourite
    Ashez reacted to 1759 in Ian’s Young Gems   
    Welcome to my first ever article. I’ve put in a lot of hours playing this years game and have completed multiple challenges which has seen me manage in a good few countries and manage a wide variety of players.
    I thought I’d share a few of the younger players I’ve used that have exceeded my expectations and turned into decent players. Whilst these boys are not wonderkids or superstars they have all done a good job for me and a few I wouldn’t hesitate to place in a top team right from the off.
    Obviously this would appear to be solely about the players in question but I have a slightly different motive as with the game now being old in its yearly cycle sometimes we the user can lose motivation to play and I’m trying to get you thinking and hopefully give you a few ideas for potential saves you could do.
    I thought I’d present the players in a team line up and then go through each player individually so here goes.
    Please note that to get all these players to appear in your game you will need to select the top two leagues in England, Germany, Portugal and South Korea and depending on which club you choose to manage you may encounter work permit issues on a few of them.
    Ian’s Young Gems

    Aaron Ramsdale - Goalkeeper
    Team - Bournemouth
    Cost - £3-6m

    This lad is the least tested of my boys as I’ve only actually used him in one short save which was actually a challenge where I had to try and get him to score goals. Although I had the option of using him outfield I mixed it up and he was impressive when I had him in goal and he actually scored five goals in half a season with Portsmouth in League One. Three of those five goals were from free kicks so he may make a good choice of goalie for the Rogério Ceni challenge. You can see he’s got decent attribute numbers in Aerial, Handling, Kicking and Reflexes but his Throwing at only 3 is poor so might be a good idea to focus your training there if you take a punt on him.
    In the real world he’s currently employed by Bournemouth but hasn’t played a competitive game for them as he’s had a couple of loan spells away from the club. Firstly he went to Chesterfield in January 2018 where he scored a horrible own goal on his debut but he followed that up with a clean sheet in his next game which shows he can bounce back after calamity.
    Fast forward to January 2019 where he was loaned out to Wimbledon for the remainder of the season and performed really well for them in winning the clubs Young Player of the Year award. It’ll be interesting how he develops over the next few years and whether he can go on to being a decent Premiership level keeper.
    Lewis Travis - Right Full Back
    Team - Blackburn Rovers
    Cost -  £3-6m

    Lewis actually played for Liverpool in his younger days but left the club in 2014 and joined Blackburn Rovers where he’s so far made 31 first team appearances. He’s a versatile player who can play in midfield or at full back. I signed him on my Queen’s Park career where I took the club from amateur status all the way to Champions League winners and he was an important first team player in that side.
    Here he is in 2025.

    So we can see he’s a decent player and it looks as if he’s still improving. He has a lot of attribute numbers in the 13-14 range which could quite easily rise to 15 green level with better facilities and then he’d be rather good.
    Josh Earl - Left Full Back
    Team - Preston North End
    Cost - £3-6m

    He currently plays for Preston North End having spent his entire youth career at the club where he actually played in defence, midfield and as a striker.
    On FMM 19 his starting attributes aren’t anything special but you can see he has some promise with his Pace already at 14. I used him at Queen’s Park and on my first save of FMM 2019 whilst managing Sunderland and he turned into a great left wing back with all green for the key attributes needed for the role in Crossing, Dribbling, Positioning, Pace and Stamina.
    Scott McKenna - Central Defender
    Team - Aberdeen
    Cost - £3-13m

    I wasn’t sure whether to include this lad as I’m sure a few of you will have used him but I felt I had to because he’s an absolute steal as he usually only costs a few million at the beginning of the game.
    He has great attributes to play centre back with 14+ in all the main attributes needed for the role in Aerial, Tackling, Decisions, Positioning and Strength. He also has green level for pace which is great if you are planning on playing a high defensive line and with his Passing, Dribbling and Technique all being decent he can play the Ball Playing Defender role pretty well right from the off.
    In real life he’s currently playing for Aberdeen where he’s made 70 first team appearances and scored 5 goals. Celtic came calling in August 2018 with a bid of £3.5m which was rejected and later in the same month Aston Villa had a larger bid rejected so it looks like Aberdeen are going to have trouble keeping hold of him in the next few years.
    Luka Racic - Central Defender
    Team - Brentford
    Cost - £1-3m

    A young Danish defender who came through the Copenhagen Academy and played for the club at youth level until he signed for Brentford in 2018 where he’s made 2 appearances so far.
    He doesn’t look fantastic on FMM 19 but I think he’s one of those players that plays better than you’d expect when looking at his attributes. His Strength attribute at just 9 stands out as a weakness so that’s an area to maybe focus your training on if you do decide to try him.
    Here he is in 2025.

    You can see he’s improved a great deal and even though he still doesn’t look fantastic his season average rating of 7.29 in a Champions League winning side shows he usually performs well on the pitch.
    Matheus Jesus - Deep Lying Playmaker
    Team - Estoril
    Cost - £5-10m

    I really like this player and he always shows up in my searches. I used him in my Sunderland save where he became a top player. At 21 you can see the potential as he’s already got good numbers in most of the key attributes to be a decent midfielder. Good numbers in all the Physical attributes, Passing, Decisions, Creativity, Movement, Positioning and Tackling. Even his Technique and Teamwork are high which is great as it’s difficult to get those to rise on this years game. The only annoying thing for me is his Leadership at only 5 as I generally like the players at the base of midfield to have a good number there but it’s an attribute that should rise as he gets older.
    He’s currently contracted to Estoril of Portugal but hasn’t played a game for them as he’s been loaned out a few times over the last couple of years. In May 2019 he joined Corinthians on loan until December with a buy out clause added into the deal so I’ll be watching with interest as to what happens with him over the next few years.
    Lewis Ferguson - Box to Box Midfielder
    Team - Aberdeen
    Cost - £1-4m

    Lewis Ferguson currently plys his trade at Aberdeen and has played in 33 competitive games and scored 6 goals. He actually began his youth career at Rangers before transferring to Hamilton Academical in 2013 and eventually graduating from their academy in 2018. After impressing in his first few games in the first team Aberdeen showed interest and with him being out of contract in the summer of 2018 they offered him a deal and snapped him up.
    His first goal for Aberdeen was a fantastic overhead kick against Burnley in the second leg of a Europa League tie which they unfortunately went on to lose. In May 2019 he was nominated for PFA Scotland Young Player of the Year award which was eventually won by Ryan Kent but it shows he’s certainly one for the future.
    On FMM 19 he looks like a decent prospect with some good starting attribute numbers in Stamina, Aggression, Passing, Decisions, Movement, Technique and Teamwork and you can easily see him developing into a fantastic player.
    I used him in one of my earlier saves where I took Fleetwood Town to the top and he was an important squad player in that side.
    Bruno Costa - Advanced Playmaker
    Team - Porto B
    Cost - £2-6m

    This lad was the main playmaker in my successful Queen’s Park side a few years into the game but looking at his starting attributes at 21 years old and you just wouldn’t be able to predict what kind of player he would go on to become.
    Here he is in 2025.

    He’s now a nice player with some good attribute numbers in Pace, Passing, Decisions, Crossing, Movement and Technique and he’d make a great first team player in a weaker league or squad player at a big club in a stronger league. I played him mostly as an Advanced Playmaker in the CM strata which is why his average rating is nothing special as that role can be funny in my opinion but trust me he did his job. He can play on either wing and may be even better in those positions.
    In real life he plays for Porto B but you’d expect him to break into the A team over the next few years.
    Che Adams - Right Inside Forward
    Team - Birmingham City
    Cost: £8-15m

    This lad currently plays for Birmingham City having started his senior career in non league football at Oadby Town. He’s a pacey player and can play anywhere in the final third. For City he’s scored 34 goals in 116 games at Championship level.
    On FMM 19 he’s usually available for a reasonable fee and I wouldn’t hesitate in bringing him straight to a decent English Premier League club to ease into the first team over a few seasons.
    Here he is in 2025.

    Some rather nice attribute numbers there with great Physicals, Dribbling, Movement and Shooting. I used him as an Inside Forward on the right and he was the main man in my Champions League winning Queen’s Park team.
    Here he is scoring a brace in the Champions League final against Milan.

    Tim Handwerker - Left Winger
    Team - FC Köln
    Cost - £5-10m

    Tim is just one of the many decent wide players available from the German leagues. I bought him in my Double Trouble challenge attempt whilst managing Ajax and he was great for me. He can play in any position on the left flank and could probably be retrained to play any position on the right without much trouble. He doesn’t look amazing at the start of the game by any stretch of the imagination but with attribute number 14 for both Pace and Crossing there’s plenty of promise there.
    In the real word he’s currently playing for FC Koln but hasn’t properly broken into the first team yet and has just had a loan spell in Holland at FC Groningen.
    Jun Se-Jin - Poacher
    Team - Suwon
    Cost - £1-2m

    I just couldn’t create this team without including this boy. He was one half of my successful Double Trouble duo that combined to score 1200 goals at Ajax in the Dutch league. Not content with that he also went on to score over 1000 club goals himself in a fantastic career that’s still ongoing.
    I was looking for a player I hadn’t heard of or seen anybody else use for the challenge when my searches put this lad up. The main selling point for me was his Pace at 15 and decent numbers in Shooting and Movement for a youngster.
    Here he is in 2028.

    He’s now got big numbers in Pace, Strength, Shooting, Movement and Aerial which basically means he’s a beast. He’d scored 575 club career goals at this stage and wasn’t showing any signs of letting up as you can see below with him knocking in seven goals in one game in 2031.

    Well that’s the team and I hope you enjoyed reading through my choices. As I said at the beginning my motive for creating this wasn’t solely about showcasing the players it was more about hopefully getting you thinking. Maybe this will give you an idea of a save you might want to try and get you to play the game slightly differently which can often reinvigorate the game.
    Anyway, if any of you have used any of the boys I’d love to hear how they performed for you or maybe you’d like to share some of the gems you’ve found so feel free to do so in the comments section below.
    Thanks for reading and thanks you to @Foxy for creating the tidy header graphic.
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    Ashez got a reaction from zaangie in Nintendo   
    I've seen that site but never used it, unfortunately I don't know which offer international shipping so I can't suggest any really. I typically use Amazon or 365Games which both seem good price wise for what I look at. 365Games ships to Portugal for £2.99 according to the website. 
    Marvel £45 
    FE £43 
    + Shipping of £2.99. 
    I've had no issues with the site but obviously I've not used them internationally and I assume you could be hit by import fees and taxes which can be pricey. I've only imported from Gamestop Ireland and Amazon US but I paid the fees on ordering. 
  20. Favourite
    Ashez got a reaction from zaangie in Nintendo   
    That's fair but I'm always happy with a tease, especially for BOTW 2 lol.
    I didn't expect many surprises tbf as I think most of until Xmas was covered 
    July - FE
    August - Astral Chain 
    September - I expected DQ11 but it's also got Links Awakening and that Mech game has been sent out to die here. 
    October - Surely Luigi will land here for Halloween
    November - Pokemon
    December - I expected Links Awakening or Animal Crossing here but do we have a December game yet?
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    Ashez reacted to Foxy in FM on Google Stadia: What does it mean for FMM?   
    FM on Google Stadia
    What does it mean for FMM?
    Last weekend it was announced that “full fat” FM20 would be a launch title for Google Stadia in November.
    If you are unfamiliar with what Google Stadia is then obviously Google is your friend but here is a brief description. GS will allow you to stream games in a similar way that Netflix allows you to stream movies and tv shows. This means that you will be able to play any game on the platform from a multitude of devices including TV, tablets, phone (only Google’s own Pixel devices to start with but no doubt that will change over time) or PC/Laptop. A big advantage of this is that if you have a low end device such as an old laptop you will be able to still play the latest games so long as your internet is up to it as all the heavy work is done on Google’s servers. At the moment it remains to be seen how well this will work and it will depend on the quality of your internet speeds but the talk is that about 10mps will allow you to stream at the lower end of quality with 35mps+ being top end. I guess this will depend on the game and of course FM is much less graphic heavy and fast paced than say a FPS. 
    Of course none of this comes free and if your only goal is to only play FM then it would be an expensive way over time to do it compared to simply buying the game and a laptop. 
    What it does mean though is that FM is going to start encroaching into FMM territory simply because as long as you have a suitable internet connection you could technically play full fat FM anywhere but also it gives access to the game to people who perhaps don’t want to buy a laptop or pc simply to play 1 game as they can now play on there tv.
    So the question is where does that leave FMM?
    This is a tricky question to answer because as we know many of us play FMM as a preference because we enjoy the quick game play that allows us to rattle through seasons. That isn’t the case for everyone though and many will play the game due to a lack of a device quick enough to do FM justice but if they are will to buy the kit required for GS and pay the monthly subscription they can from the autumn play FM on an old laptop or there TV and if GS performs as advertised should be able to play FM to the equivalent performance of a high end gaming PC. It also opens up FM to people who may play in free time during the day such as lunch breaks at work because all that’s needed is an internet connection. 
    The worry is that this causes a drop off in sales for FMM which in turn makes SI question either the amount of investment they put into FMM or the product as a whole. As discussed in the past FMM walks a fine line between a “pick up and play” experience and having enough realism to keep people engaged in the game and SI have always said that they want FMM to be as accessible as possible. This leads me to believe that FMM will be around a good while yet but will it get more and more marginalised over the years if FM starts to eat into its sales. We already have FMT available on tablets and that inevitably puts a ceiling on developments with FMM because there needs to be a distinction between the 2 “mobile” products. Of course none of this is a major concern to SI as a company as in an ideal world we would all own all 3 of there FM products and I expect they would be happy enough if sales of FMM dropped if sales of the flagship product grew but I would like to feel that there is still a desire from the company to see FMM as a successful product in its own right.
    My own hope is that SI won’t forget about FMM as they pursue these new avenues for the full fat game and that they will use the extra exposure they will get by being on GS and the new Xbox PC game pass to boost all the products in there range. It’s clear that SI have big plans at the moment and I sincerely hope that FMM remains part of that for many more years.
    How does the news of FM being in Google Stadia effect you? Will you be buying into this new gaming system and if so will a big reason be to play FM and if so will you continue to play FMM? Comment below with your feelings on this subject and the future of FMM as a whole.
    Thanks for reading and all comments are appreciated.
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    Ashez reacted to zaangie in Nintendo   
    There you go @Ashez
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    Ashez reacted to Foxy in 10 Things FMM Needs - By Sam and Ashez   
    Been out on this sexy beast all afternoon and honestly I can’t get the pitch designer idea out of my head.

    Perhaps with different levels of mowers so as you raise up the leagues you can get better equipment for the groundman.
    I might start a campaign!!!
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    Ashez reacted to Jack in The Final Third Conundrum   
    Amazing article. It’s ideas like this that drive my desire for the AI managers to be significantly improved. We discuss whether a particular calibre of player would make decisions based on our own managerial reputation but consider how it should affect the AI too. A player is much more likely to completely take what Sir Alex Ferguson instructed on board than, perhaps, Tony Adams.
    Think how much more fun the game could become if AI managers were able to get the ‘best’ out of the players after recruiting their particular ‘type’ of player and whilst using their own tactics designed around these players.
  25. Favourite
    Ashez reacted to Mr Tree in The Final Third Conundrum   
    interesting piece, Ash
    i have some thoughts, not extensive though, and i suppose they can be taken with a fair pinch of salt as i clearly suck in general 😭
    but i've been plodding along for quite a while now with just "Through Balls" selected. to be honest, i should probably reconsider that, as FMM loves a dribbler, but i like the idea of slipping balls through for the striker to be one-on-one. i don't put much thought into having amazing playmakers or attackers with good movement and a note that they make good runs, though - maybe if i did, it'd be more effective...
    if i'm chasing a game, i'll stick Early Crosses and Shoot on Sight on, with the theory of getting the ball in the box and testing the keeper. but i don't start with those for fear of wasting possession (pumping the ball in early rather than looking for a better position, and bad players shooting too early).
    i started on the game as Expressive but everything got better when i went Disciplined, so i've stuck with that in general now. but when i break through and become the awesome top-level dominant sort of team, i go away from Disciplined because it feels stupid to tell top-level players to stick to a rigid system (as you guys have discussed a bit). and then, much like Man City now or the classic Arsenal team trying to walk the ball in, I'll switch to "Work into Box", with the theory that my players are good enough to get through, and the modern XG philosophy that i want to get as close as possible so that i create a high-percentage opportunity - passing up a good shot for a great shot.
    i don't generally use wing-backs, so i've never been too bothered about "look for overlap".
    to use City and Arsenal as examples again, that's how i take it - they have a clear "Work into box" philosophy, so they'll mostly try that, but not exclusively, like you say.