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  1. Is there any database that works kn the last update of the game?
  2. Is there any update version of this database??? It make my game crash!..
  3. Eh.. that' s the problem.. with the update i can't use it anymore...
  4. It don't work for me! I've tried everything.. but when i select one club it is empty.. there is no players...
  5. I've tried with the change.txt.. but as u said... Different club in different league isn't possible... The hex editor is too difficulf for me hahahah
  6. Hi... Is there any guide to how create a database? I want to make one really great!
  7. Hi to everyone... The game is busy now... I won everything with everyone... I want to create a league.. a special league.. but i don't know how.. someone can explaine me??