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  1. The tactic use to be amazing. Since I started a new game a month ago I cannot get it right. I am conceding very easy goals and it seems I cannot win. I am using the right players in each position. Is there a possibility the system have blocked that tactic;
  2. Can anyone help. My reserve team players at the stats are showing as first team in the game played. For example for Man Utd a player I never promote and plays with the Man Utd reserves, when you go to the history it shows 3 games played as Man Utd and not as Man Utd reserves. Is this a bug?
  3. How I can sign wonderkids from Argentina or Brazil? Each time the deal is done is cancelled due to the work permit failure. I even loaned the player with the option to buy but again did not work. Any workaround for that?
  4. Playing the Greek league. Players disappear from the database as the game progress in January. All of these during the 1sr year. A player arezo, rober all in the wonderkind list do not exist anymore. Has anyone had a similar experience? I am sure will be other players missing.
  5. Started playing the Greek league. 2 weeks ago I was able to find the player but cannot find him now. I was waiting for January transfer and now he disappeared. Searched with both names. Anyone had a similar issue?
  6. i know that this probably has been discussed a lot, but i cannot find info on the search. Please someone send me a link to the correct topic or explain me what i can do with the in game editor.thanks
  7. add the greek leaque. For space issues you cam gave some leaques pay and play, meaning give the chance to players to select the leaque they want to play. Also more media news.
  8. no.is there any possibility if by mistake I moved the game from the device memory to sd card to loose the unlockable.where can I find the file in adroid menu? But for sure I have not deleted?
  9. yes. I had updated the latest version. How you install the patch? the game says version 5.3.2.
  10. also on the achievement section it says that I have unlocked sugar daddy. I had unlocked after 3 seasons previously. Any help?
  11. purchased the original from google play
  12. nothing happened. I followed your instructios but again the same. Thanks for the try
  13. I had unlock sugar daddy througtout my career. Every time when I was starting a new game I always had an option under preferences called unlockables and I could turn it on or off. Suddenly I just realise with the new update this option is gone. But on the achievements table it says I had unlock sugar daddy. Any ideas? Could this be a bug?