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Mohd Syahid Ali

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  1. Mohd Syahid Ali

    FMM19: Every Playable National Team

    Can i manage thailand or indonesia using changes.txt?
  2. Mohd Syahid Ali

    Transfer window update

    @No One..how did you manage to get the update?I still dont have the latest update one after checking at google play store
  3. Hi Terengganu..I tried your way again but failed again.Every time tried to load the holland league, the game shuts down. Is there another way of using Johor DT?And this changes.txt should be placed at Documents/Sports Interactive/ Football Manager Mobile 2018/normal right?
  4. Thanks Terengganu..I tried the way you ask me to but still has problem of loading the league..is there any way I can use Johor DT in the game?
  5. I tried to swap Malaysia club with a Holland club but when I did and load the Holland league, the game could not load and needs to be restarted.Can anyone help on this?
  6. How to swap a unplayable team to playable league?
  7. How do I edit an unplayable team to olay in a playable league for example like Singapore team in the Australian league?
  8. Mohd Syahid Ali

    who are you looking forward to managing in FMM 18

    I would go for Everton, PSG or AC Milan..for Everton, the reason why i would manage them is because not only they have an average good squad but their youth squad look promising especially recently winning the U21 PL..buying a striker worthy of a goalscorer like Giroud can guide Everton to achieving cup success or top 4 in the PL. For AC Milan..their recent transfer window was a success.They manage to get in good midfielders and buying Bonucci was a good buy. Lastly, why PSG is because we might see a strike force of cavani neymar mbappe as good as msn..if not better which can make they ucl contenders
  9. Mohd Syahid Ali

    2017 BG Logos Megapack

    Hi...would like to know if the new Juventus logo is included in this file?
  10. Mohd Syahid Ali

    UEFA Super League

    There is a problem for me when downloading this file...i cannot unzip the file.I would appreciate if you can help me out polandsolo_zip-1.fc0409b69fe929b3bc7120e768f32800
  11. Mohd Syahid Ali

    New nations playable

    Pls make UAE
  12. Mohd Syahid Ali

    New Nations Superpack [Database - 2.2]

    FMHVibe can you pls make UAE and Saudi Arabia national team playable too?
  13. Mohd Syahid Ali

    Super League: 2014 Edition [Android]

    Can i change the name of the fake players to real names?
  14. Mohd Syahid Ali

    New nations playable

    Can you make Thailand playable? Can you make Thailand playable?