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  1. Wow that's fast! Congrats! 👍 Pedri's attributes and the all "light green" from MC to FC positions looks so satisfying. 😂
  2. Single, Double, Triple Trouble Roma wasn't built in one day, just like most Attacking Trio's aren't brought into the club in the same season. In the Triple Threat challenge, the players are often brought into the club in the same season, and form a deadly trio immediately. But that's not quite common in real life, the members of a trio often didn't came into the club in the same season. For example, being one of Vibe's favorite trio this season, the "Liverpool Front Three" aren't brought into the club in the same season. Firmino arrived first, followed by Mane's arrival the next year, and finally Salah. The three soon found the chemistry between them and lead Liverpool to Champions League and Premier League glory. In this challenge, you will be trying to build your deadly trio one by one, moving from a "One Upfront" tactic to "Two Upfront" and finally "Three Upfront". The Challenge: 1. Join any club in any league. Season 1 2. Sign or use a player already in your club as the first member of your trio. 3. Play the first season with the chosen player as a sole striker. He can only play in FL,FC and FR positions. Your score this season will be Total Goals Scored + Assist by the player. Season 2 4. Sign a player to be the second member of your trio. 5. Play the second season with the 2 players upfront. They can only play in FL,FC and FR positions. Your score this season will be Total Goals Scored + Assist by the 2 players. Season 3 6. Sign a player to be the final member of your trio. 7. Play the third season with the 3 players upfront. They can only play in FL, FL and FR positions. Your score this season will be Total Goals Scored + Assist by the 3 players. Challenge Rules : All general challenge rules (etc no unlockables, IGE) Leaderboard 1. 2. 3. Have fun!
  3. Just caught up with this, great results so far! I've used Pedri as well in my Ceni career, and god this kid looks like a mini Messi, glad to see he's doing well for you too.
  4. Didn't knew before that the board can actually sack you when you declare interest in other clubs, was shocked myself as well when I got the sacking news lol Hopefully Vanja can get the goals in China, most importantly stop conceding that much 😂
  5. He's truly a legend 😃 He refused to sign for more than 2 years though, so I guessed this is the final 2 years of Vanja
  6. Season 19 : End Of The Journey? Competitions Vanja Here's how he looks like at 40 years old, he probably can't even run back to the goal post after taking a free-kick now with the awful 1 pace and 4 stamina. Slightly better in terms of goals conceded, only 65 conceded compared to previous season 89, also 7 assists for him. Vanja's Goals Only 12 goals scored this season, his lowest tally ever. Probably because of Vanja's poor performance as a goalie, the team isn't performing as good as before, losing the league title to Real for 3 seasons in a row. Maybe a change is needed? Anyway, in the beginning of the following season, this happen ... Career Total : 361
  7. Wow insane numbers from Godfrey 😮 Maybe this save is the reason why Everton buy him IRL 😂
  8. Thanks @Scratch and @RichDave32 😃 Yeah my tactic is a very offensive one with only 2 center-backs and no wing-backs, Vanja did concede a lot of goals for not being able to run back to the goal after missing a free-kick 😂
  9. Thanks 😂 He's suddenly so good from the spot this season, scored like 4 out of 5
  10. Season 18 : Road To 1/3 KC Welcome to the 2nd update since I continued this career. This season was a successful one for Vanja, in fact the most successful one for him but definitely not a good one for Barca. Competitions Vanja Milinkovic-Savic So here he is at 39 years old, awful physical attributes. Another awful season in terms of goals conceded, 89 conceded in 57 but more assists this season. Vanja's Goals Team Performance We got a new addition to the team at the end of this season, with my "son" Cassio Luiz Ceni promoted to the first team following Jean-Clair Todibo's retirement. He's a center-back that have quite some potential in him. That's all for this season, disappointing for the team, winning only the two Super Cups, but a very successful one for Vanja, scoring 27 goals, breaking his own record of most goals scored in a season (26). He also agreed to sign a new 5 years contract, and to my surprise, he reconsidered retirement and will be playing even after the current contract. With the 1/3 KC hit, my next target will be 400 goals, which again seems possible since he will play for another 5+ years. Thanks for reading 😃. Total Goals : 347
  11. Season 17 : Vanja's Back! Yup you see it right, I'm back into this career again, trying to bring Vanja's goal tally above his current 305 record. After seeing @George Traistă's amazing career with Stefan Bajic, I missed the feeling of having a goalkeeper scoring so much that I decided to load this save again, and continue Vanja's goal-scoring career. He's now 37 years old, with 3 more years in his current contract, still a decent free-kick taker, so my current target for him is to have him achieving 1/3 KC that is 333 goals. If I managed to get him another 5 years contract, I may aim for 350 or even 400, but the target's 333 goals for the time being. Competitions The Team Vanja Here's how Vanja looks like at 38 years old, terrible pace, stamina and strength. Luckily his free-kick ability remains. As always, a lot of goals conceded. Vanja's Goals Goals This Season : 15 Total Goals : 320 15 goals scored this season, only 13 left for Vanja to hit 1/3 KC which looks very likely. He's yet to sign a new contract, but I did make him reconsider his retirement. If nothing goes wrong, he can probably play for another 2 seasons, plus another 5 if he signs a new contract. Anyway, thanks for reading and please leave your predictions on how many goals will Vanja end his career with. 😃
  12. 22 goals! 😯 Great season! Should be able to complete the challenge by next season!