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  1. Man Utd actually cost 350 million according to the list, you will still have 150m to spend as your Chairman Budget. You can decide how much to offer Ole (or a potential new manager πŸ˜‰) now or after the signup phase, can be up to 500 million, for him to get you 100 Ighalo's maybe. πŸ˜‚
  2. It's totally up to the in-game manager to decide the transfers. Here's an example to make it clear. Sorry for not explaining it clearly in the OP. For example I used 450m of my 500m Chairman Budget to buy Man City, I will have 50m remaining to do transfers. I can still invest for example 200m for the in-game manager to spend and the in-game Man City transfer budget will be 200m (not adding 200m but to 200m, so it's basically you setting the in-game budget) , but investing too much transfer budget will have a risk of having the club being bankrupt.
  3. The leftover budget is different with the in-game transfer budget. You can invest as much as you want for the in-game manager to spend. Leftover budget is for you to do transfers. Hope that makes it clear.
  4. Welcome on board! Exclusive image of Phil Jones after hearing the news of the purchase of Utd. Open at your own risk!
  5. Welcome to the FMM 2020 Chairman Game presented by me and @Kanegan. As the name suggest, you will be a chairman of a club, handling transfers, sponsors, and most important, manager sackings (your chance to sack Ole, Man Utd fans πŸ˜‚). How To Join? Clubs Transfers Manager Sackings & Appointments Squad Rules More features to follow. Feel free to signup, deadline for signup will be 12:00 AM GMT 2nd of February (Monday). Looking forward for your participation!
  6. Great results, Hulk looks strong till the end, good return from Falcao with his 1 stamina tho. Great job!
  7. Yes if he stop complaining whenever I sent a scout to watch a player that play at a similar position lol πŸ˜…
  8. Thanks for the comments, @Titjes, @smoggy90 and @danovic78, much appreciated. Turkish Delight (Season 5) Last season had been the best so far with 2 players reaching 20 goals, and some extra goals from the international job. Let's see whether we can do better than that this season. Before that, it's the Euro 2024. Turkey Transfers Competitions Notable Matches Awards Turkish Trio Player 1 - Ali Akman A slight increase in Movement from 18 to 19, while other attributes remain almost the same. His stamina is worrying tho, can't increase much. 14 goals for him this season, even worst than his first season. Another 3 goals for Turkey, a total of 17 goals from him this season. He's just so inconsistent, and getting tired easily. Player 2 - Fehmi Koc Finally getting some greens in attributes, as he's now past the "Development had plateaued" state. Developing into a decent Target Man. Slightly better season than the previous one, scoring 18 goals plus another 4 for Turkey, 22 this season. He's still 20, but I'm starting to be worried. Player 3 - Omer Beyaz The best attributes among the 3, highest value and the highest wage among the 3. I have to offer him a new contract every 6 months to avoid him "losing respect of his manager", this guy have the insecure personality, and whenever I sign a player with the same position, he will start whining. The first to hit past 30 goals, it was Omer Beyaz's best season after so many hat-tricks. Another 11 international goals, give him a total of 41 goals this season. Team Performance Triple Threat Summary Last season was good, an increase of 25 goals, but only an increase of 3 this season. +80 this season, giving us a total of 290 goals out of 1500. They are still only 21, which give me some hope that they can eventually hit the target. Anyway, thanks for reading, and comments are appreciated.
  9. Pretty sure @Scratch won't agree with that πŸ˜‚, he's an expert in playing defensively but scores a lot
  10. What an amateur that is with 2 goals in 2 international caps. Great job!
  11. Will you be signing any non-Africans now with the Continent challenge completed, or stick to the only Africans policy? Nice season as always.
  12. Depends on luck sometimes to get the scoring streaks. It will be too easy for @BatiGoal especially the part using non-league striker after his career with far worse amateursπŸ˜‚. Thanks anyway.
  13. Scoring Streaks With Cristiano Ronaldo equalizing Gabriel Batistuta and Fabio Quagliarella's 11 games goal-streak last weekend, a question arise, can he break some of the greatest scoring streaks in football history? It won't be easy in real life, but it may be a walk in the park for FMM addicts. Before we get into the challenge, here's some of the best goal-streaks record in Europe's top leagues. 5. Jamie Vardy - 11 (England) Jamie Vardy's story had been a football "fairy tale", playing for non-league side Fleetwood Town in 2012, and being Premier League winners as well as second highest scorer in the league in 2016. Jamie Vardy also had an impressive record under his name, scoring in 11 consecutive Premier League games, breaking Van Nistelrooy's 10 games record. 4. Gabriel Batistuta/Fabio Quagliarella/Cristiano Ronaldo - 11 (Italy) A record shared by 3 players, with Cristiano Ronaldo joining "Batigol" and 36 years old Quagliarella. "Batigol"'s record was set in the 1994/95 campaign with Fiorentina, where he scored in all Fiorentina's opening 11 games, which is also a record never been beaten since. Meanwhile, Fabio Quaglirella's record was set just last season with Sampdoria, with the 36 years old winning the Serie A Golden Boot the same season with 26 goals. 3. Serge Masnaghetti - 13 (France) In contrast with the "fresh" record in Italy, the goal-streak record in France was set almost 60 years ago, by Serge Masnaghetti in Valenciennes, which had been a relatively unknown name compared to the other record holders. The ex-Valenciennes forward scored in 13 consecutive league games during the 1962/63 season. What made this even more impressive was that his club only finished ninth in the standings. The French striker ended the campaign with 35 goals in his name. 2. Gerd Muller - 16 (Germany) Gerd Muller aka "Der Bomber" was Germany's greatest striker in history. The German striker that spent most of his career with Bayern Munich, set the Bundesliga goal-streak record in 1969/70, when he scored in 16 consecutive league games. 1. Lionel Messi - 21 (Spain) How could there be a goal-scoring record without Lionel Messi. The Barcelona superstar began his historic goal run with a brace against RCD Mallorca in mid-November during the 2012/13 season. He even came off the bench with a thigh injury to score against Real Betis in matchday 34. His 21 goal-streak record was so far ahead of the previous record in Spain, set by Ronaldo in 1997/98 when he scored in 10 consecutive games. Enough of history, let's hop into the challenge part. The Challenge Since FMM only allow up to 4 leagues loaded, the challenge will only involve 4 of the 5 records stated above,where you will have to break the record one by one moving from one league to another. Stage 1 : England What made Vardy's record so special is that he's still playing in a non-league side 4 years before he set the 11 goal-streak record. Your challenge will be to emulate his fairy tale by using a non-league striker. 1. Join any Premier League side. 2. Sign a striker from a non-league side (Vanarama National League) which will be your main man. 3. Have your main man scoring in at least 12 consecutive games to surpass Vardy's record. Stage 2 : Italy Jamie Vardy's record is all about how he went from non-league football to Premier League winners, while the record in Italy is about age. Fabio Quaglirella's record was set when he's 36 years old, while Cristiano Ronaldo equalized it at the age of 35 years old, though Batistuta was much younger when he set the record with Fiorentina. Your challenge will be to surpass the record in Italy with an oldie. 1. Leave England and join any Serie A side. 2. Sign or use a striker 33 years old or above already in your team as your main man. 3. Have your main man scoring in at least 12 consecutive games to surpass the record in Italy. Stage 3 : France/Germany In Stage 3, you will be able to choose between France or Germany to continue your journey. In France, you will have to choose a team which is out of the Top 5 and surpass Masnaghetti's 13 games record, while in Germany, you can use any team but will have to surpass Gerd Muller's 16 games record. 1. Leave Italy and join a Ligue 1/Bundesliga side. (The Ligue 1 side must be out of the Top 5 in the previous season, while the Bundesliga side can be any team) 2. Sign or use a French/German striker (French if you choose Ligue 1/German if you choose Bundesliga) already in your team as your main man. 3. Have your main man scoring in at least 14 (France)/17 (Germany) consecutive games to surpass the record in France/Germany. Stage 4 : Spain After beating the record in 3 nations, you have now unlock the final stage which will be Spain where you need to beat the 21 games record set by Lionel Messi. 1. Leave France/Germany and join any La Liga side. 2. Sign or use any player already in your team as your main man. 3. Have your main man scoring in at least 22 consecutive games to surpass Messi's record. Challenge completed as soon as you surpassed Messi's record in Spain. Easy yeah? Brief Summary : 1. Load England, Italy, France/Germany and Spain. 2. Start your journey in England with any Premier League side. 3. You are only allowed to move clubs when you have completed the challenge in that particular nation. You can leave as soon as you surpass the record or wait till a suitable time/club. 4. Usual challenge rules (No unlockables, badges and reputations are allowed) 5. Have fun! Leaderboard The main leaderboard will be sorted by number of seasons used to complete the entire challenge, while 5 separate leaderboard will be sorted by the goal-streaks in each nation. Main Leaderboard England Italy France Germany Spain Let me know what you think about the challenge and thanks for reading!
  14. Thanks guys, the World Cup journey is just luck all the way, no tough opponents untill the Semis, no offence Netherlands πŸ˜‚
  15. Regens often regenerated in a different nationality in the recent versions. Not too sure though.