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  1. Billy Gilmour(loan) -> Wolves(3), Southampton(3), Aston Villa(5) Tom Krauss(loan) -> Brentford(7), Everton(6), Milwall(7), Hamburg(4) Yusuf Demir(loan) -> Werder Bremen(5), RB Leipzig(2), Villareal(2), Liverpool(2)(Buyout if he played more than 15 games)
  2. Noah Okafor -> NY Red Bulls(0), Basel(1), Red Bulls Salzburg(1), Monaco(1), Celtic(2) Bukayo Saka -> Everton(1), Swansea(2), Norwich(3), Celtic(2) You serious bout that?
  3. Maybe Zirkzee to Leicester (since he's fluent in English which might help) and Rodrygo to Levante/West Ham?
  4. Joshua Zirkzee (loan) -> Newcastle (4 ST), Leicester (4 ST), Stade Brestois (4 ST), Espanyol (5 ST) Rodrygo (loan) -> Swansea (5 Wingers), West Ham (4 Wingers), Aston Villa (11 ST), Levante (5 Wingers) Tbh they have a great team, maybe they just need a better manager (Graham Potter is their current manager). Maybe you can try bribing some agents to send their best player to Newcastle 😂
  5. FMM 2021 Game Of Agents (Season 7 Jan Update) Players @andyliew @broodje kip @gunnersaur @HeartsBoy @Jsavfc @Lagom @LordArezo @M.O.T @RichD @Titjes Around The Globe
  6. You must have feel disgusted winning the league. 😂 Great first season, and good luck on not winning anything in the next one. 😉
  7. I'm disappointed that you didnt recommend signing Mikey Johnston or John Stones
  8. Here's the full list of players at their new clubs. Lots of players from Arsenal, Valencia and Bayern this season. With the "fallen" wonderkid Ansu Fati now at recently promoted EPL side Swansea, the prediction question for this season will be How many goals will Ansu Fati scored for the Welsh team this season?
  9. Yes, you can replace one of the 3 (Reyna, Fati, Wamangituka)
  10. @andyliew New Budget : 91.55m (After paying @RichD 12m) @RichD New Budget : 125.89m
  11. Another great season, great decision not joining Chelsea as I remember the last time you went to Chelsea in a 1K, your save disappeared.
  12. His starting value will be the value when the simulation started, which is 120m.