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  1. A Walk Down The History Lane Challenge 9 : Rise Of The Mongolians The Chinese player chosen for this challenge will be Tao Qianglong, a decent winger that will be playing as an Inside Forward for the team, and the main corner taker. So hopefully his crossing stats can increase and get some assists from the corners for a better AvR. Transfers Competitions The Main Man Bad luck as Tao Qianglong missed 4 months due to an injury. Crossing and Dribbling stats improved slightly. Despite being the team's main corner taker, he only managed 13 assists. He also got himself 6 goals from the wings, some of them are crucial goals that win us matches. His AvR was 7.21, giving me the 6 points for this round, an expected result. Team Performance The History Lane Challenge (Summary) Challenge 10 : Hundred's Years War Challenge 9 ended with an average result. Next challenge will be about goals again, this time with 2 strikers representing England and France. At least 81 goals is needed to hit the full points, could be an easy one. Anyway thanks for reading, and comments are appreciated. The England and the French ...
  2. Rony Lopes, Hudson Odoi and Anor Sigurdsson in Chelsea, no quality AML in Milan.
  3. Chelsea and AC Milan interesred in taking Jeremy Doku in a permanent deal.
  4. I believe @HeartsBoy and @Kanegan are happy with Simeone as Atletico's manager 😂
  5. Some players available, same transfer rules applied. Players With BBC
  6. The Game Of Agents Season 7 Competitions The Players 1. @Kanegan 2. @HeartsBoy 3. @Lord Danish 4. @Gunners Rishi 5. @Thepremiermanager 6. @BatiGoal 7. @lforlalaland 8. @Izzxt69 Agents Rankings Bonus Awards
  7. The History Lane Challenge Challenge 8 : Renaissance After completing the "Vikings Raid" in Juventus last season that see us being so close from winning the league, it's time to leave Juventus for a team that isn't competing in any of the European competitions. The Renaissance that happened in the 12th Century had seen a lot of changes in Europe, and here I am to complete the Renaissance of football with Everton. "Formed in 1878, Everton was a founding member of The Football League in 1888 and won its first League Championship 2 seasons later. After winning four League Championships and two FA Cups, the club experienced a post-World War II lull until a revival in the 1960s. A period of sustained success came in the mid-1980s, when the club won two League Championships, one FA Cup, and the 1985 European Cup Winners Cup. The club's most recent major trophy was the 1995 FA Cup." Being the oldest and second most successful club in Merseyside, Everton will be a perfect team for me to complete my Renaissance. Transfers Notable Matches Competitions Awards Individual Performance That's the first season in Everton, a quite successful one being second in the league, and earning the 10 points. The first 10 points in the last 4 challenges, which give me some confidence in the tough challenges ahead (playing with a Chinese, a full American squad, defenders as strikers, a full U23 squad). The History Lane Challenge (Summary) Challenge 9 : Rise Of The Mongolians The next challenge will be one of the toughest in the entire challenge, and hitting 10 or even 8 points is pretty much impossible. Anyway, with 50% of the challenge now completed, I have now collected 62 points out of the 80 possible, with an average of 7.75 each round, not the best of course. Still 8 challenges ahead, thanks for reading and comments are appreciated. The Chinese player of next round ...
  8. No natural AMC in Sevilla, while Atalanta got one but their manager don't use an AMC. Sevilla was 16th last season, while Atalanta was 8th.
  9. Great total score! Looking forward for your next challenge😁
  10. He's currently transfer listed with Sevilla and Atalanta interested in having him in a permanent deal.
  11. Riccardi signs for @Thepremiermanager while Brahim Diaz returns. New Budget : 80m
  12. 60m, but since there's no u21 real players left, you will have to choose to either retain Harvey Elliott or Brahim Diaz
  13. Need to wait 12 hours to complete the signing, and for the another slot?
  14. He's quite good but I'm just using him as a backup for Morgan Rogers (signed from Dortmund) and Moise Kean
  15. That still hurts, but probably not as much as Gerrard's slip to Liverpool😂