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  1. Deadline Passed! You can still release players and buy the 4 new packs in the next transfer period. As for the quiz, there's still around 48 hours until the deadline, here's the submissions received so far.
  2. Quiz #2 Retired Player Active Player Deadline in 72 hours, submit through PM.
  3. Updated Coins Total Sandwich Army 15 The UnSpecial One 11 Out On Bale 9 Greasy Grealish 9 Inter Dudley 3 Guardiola XI 32 Blue Star United 6 RS Slough FC 0 False Nine FC 13 Winter Transfer Madness! With the in-game January transfer window now started, it's now your chance to do a total squad revamp. You can now release any players in your team, and get a refund of 1 coin per player released. Below is a list of all your players (including those which had been demoted to the reserves team), decide who you want to release and let us know thru PM. 😉 Sandwich Army The UnSpecial One Out On Bale Greasy Grealish Inter Dudley Guardiola XI Blue Star United RS Slough FC False Nine FC That's not all yet, there will now be 4 new packs in store, which are England Pack, France Pack, Spain Pack and Italy Pack which contains players from that nationality (including those with 2nd nationality) with PA between 150-200, and 4 Legends hidden in each of the packs with odds of ~1%. Each of these packs will cost 7 coins each, without limit, available throughout the January transfer window. Here are the 4 Legends included in the packs, and don't worry, if someone was lucky enough to claim them, they will be replaced by new Legends, so that everyone had a chance in winning them, regardless of how early or how late you buy those packs. The 3 Standard Packs are available as well for 10, 5 and 3 coins each, without a pack limit as well.
  4. Updated squad will be posted after the next game, which is before the January Transfer Window start. PS : A little tip for everyone, you may want to save some coins for the upcoming January transfer window 😉
  5. Updated Coins Total Sandwich Army 12 The UnSpecial One 8 Out On Bale 6 Greasy Grealish 6 Inter Dudley 3 Guardiola XI 29 Blue Star United 3 RS Slough FC 0 False Nine FC 10
  6. Deadline Passed! It's a quiet window this time, no transfers!
  7. New Coins Total Sandwich Army 9 The UnSpecial One 6 Out On Bale 3 Greasy Grealish 3 Inter Dudley 0 Guardiola XI 26 Blue Star United 3 RS Slough FC 0 False Nine FC 9 Second huge defeat in a row for @Albionic, you might need some better defenders 😂 The Special Pack aren't available now, but the normal 3 packs are still available.
  8. How did @Albionic lost 5-1 to Fulham? 😂😂 New Coins Total Sandwich Army 9 The UnSpecial One 6 Out On Bale 3 Greasy Grealish 7 Inter Dudley 0 Guardiola XI 23 Blue Star United 10 RS Slough FC 0 False Nine FC 6 Last chance to buy the special Weekend Pack! Each pack cost 7 coins, and limited to one each window.
  9. Deadline Passed! 5 deals this time including Erling Haaland!
  10. Is that Vanja Milinkovic Savic? You should make him your main free kick taker, he's a legend. I managed to get him to 400 goals last year. 😁
  11. Just to let you know, someone packed Haaland from that pack 😂