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  1. Finally completed my attempt, just too lazy to post it in my career post, so I should just post it here. S1 : Jamie Vardy - 107 pts S2 : Angel Correa - 80 pts S3 : Benjamin Pavard - 212 pts Screenshots and calculations in career post. S4 : Donyell Malen S4 : Lautaro Martinez Challenge Total : 645 pts Not the best attempt but could at least take a spot in the leaderboard. Tell me if my calculations are wrong @dimashto ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
  2. Chairman's Player Of The Year With 6 votes out of 9, Mohamed Salah was crowned the Chairman's Player Of The Year. The Egyptian had scored a massive 47 goals in 48 games while also providing 19 assists for his teammates, leading Liverpool to a second-place finish in the Vibe Challenger Division. Kylian Mbappe and Fiete Arp with 2 votes and 1 vote respectively was the other 2 players included in the Top 3. Chairman's Manager Of The Year Another member of @Jsavfc's Liverpool team, Jurgen Klopp was the winner of the Chairman's Manager Of The Year award, winning 6 votes out of 9. He managed to defeat Man Utd/Man City's Mauricio Pochettino and Arsenal/RBL's Arsene Wenger for the award, after leading Liverpool to a second-place finish in the Vibe Challenger Division.
  3. PREDICTION CONTEST (Final Result) Thanks for everyone joining the fun either being a chairman or participating in the prediction game. The first season of the Chairman Game took way longer than expected (almost 6 months), thanks for everyone's patience in waiting the results every week. I knew that I did mention before that there will be a Season 2, but me and @Kanegan decided that maybe the Game can end now while the fun last. Sorry for not being able to pan out the next few seasons, especially to @broodje kip and @JustM1kePlays that joined quite late in Season 1, and also @BatiGoal since he won't be able to see his Torino playing in the Challenger Division. Once again, thank you for everyone's support in this Game, and hope to see you again in the next Game (if there's one).
  4. Season Update Awards Competitions Teams Liverpool @Jsavfc Barcelona @Titjes Dortmund @LTFC Tottenham @ThomW12 Man Utd @Crashhart Arsenal @gunnersaur Chelsea @broodje kip RB Leipzig @JustM1kePlays Torino @BatiGoal Chairman's Player Of The Year & Manager Of The Year Mbappe may be the winner of the in-game Player Of The Year, but who's the chairman's player of the year? POTY Nominee MOTY Nominee A poll will be added soon, vote for your POTY and MOTY! Everyone can vote regardless of whether you are in the game or not.
  5. Final Matchweek Update Welcome to the final matchweek update of Season 1. Who will be crowned the first ever champions of Vibe Challenger Division? Who will be the one that drop down the league? Without further ado, let's get into the results for the less important Mid Table Zone first. Mid Table Zone Dortmund @LTFC vs Sevilla Bayern vs Tottenham @ThomW12 Porto vs Liverpool @Jsavfc They were once hot favorite to win the league, but already out of the title race, the only suspension for them is whether they can overtake Barcelona to occupy 2nd place. They will need to win their match against Porto while hoping for Barcelona to lose against Inter. Relegation Zone Next up, we have the relegation zone featuring @Crashhart's Man Utd, @gunnersaur's Arsenal and @broodje kip's Chelsea. Benfica vs Arsenal @gunnersaur Chelsea @broodje kip vs Atletico Madrid The only way for Chelsea to avoid a drop is to win the game. Champions Zone Finally the last suspension, who will win the league? Man Utd @Crashhart vs Man City With Man Utd already safe from relegation, can they stop their rival from winning the league in the Derby match? Inter vs Barcelona @Titjes With Man City failed to win their game against Utd, Barcelona will win the league IF they win by more than 1 goal. Can they do it? Final League Table That's it for the Final Matchweek Update, stay tuned for the Season Update coming soon. ๐Ÿ˜€
  6. Final Predictions Inter vs Barca @Titjes Benfica vs Arsenal @gunnersaur Dortmund @LTFC vs Sevilla Chelsea @broodje kip vs Atletico Madrid Bayern vs Tottenham @ThomW12 Porto vs Liverpool @Jsavfc Man Utd @Crashhart vs Man City Bonus Prediction : 1. Who do you think will be crowned champions? (2 pts) 2. Who do you think will be relegated? (2 pts)
  7. I'm predicting 140 gls for Maddison and 115 goals for Chelsea
  8. Great job getting 42 assists from this unique choice of player
  9. Yeah I have changed the strategy again for next season, and he's doing well alongside the new Number 7 Thanks Ian, the few boys are getting better and better, and Flanagan really was outstanding in the next few seasons
  10. Vibe Challenger Division Final Matchweek Preview The Mid Table Zone With Liverpool officially out of the Title Race and Man Utd dropped down to 17th place, the Mid Table Zone will now consist of @Jsavfc's Liverpool, @LTFC's Dortmund and @ThomW12's Tottenham. Fixtures Porto vs Liverpool Liverpool now sit at 3rd place, with 4 points above 4th place Bayern and 2 points below 2nd place Barcelona. With Top 3 already confirmed for Liverpool, the only suspension will be can they overtake Barcelona for 2nd place. Their final match will be against 15th placed Porto which is already safe from relegation. It could be an easy match for Liverpool, but they still need Barcelona to lose their final match to have a chance to rise to 2nd place. Dortmund vs Sevilla Dortmund currently sit at 9th place, with 6 points behind 8th place Real Madrid, and 2 points above 10th place Tottenham. With them already out of Top 7 race, the only suspension left will be can they maintain they 9th place position. Their final match will be against 12th placed Sevilla, which may seems an easy opponent, but please don't forget they are also the team that held Barcelona to a 1-1 draw, so anything can happen. Bayern vs Tottenham Tottenham currently sit at 10th place, with 2 points behind Dortmund and 3 above Napoli. With them already secured a UEFA Europa League spot after winning the Carabao Cup, the only suspension left will be can they overtake Dortmund for the 9th place. However that doesn't seem too likely with their final game being Bayern which is currently in 4th place. The only way for Tottenham to overtake Dortmund is to win their match against Bayern while hoping for Dortmund to lose their final match against Sevilla. The Relegation Zone Probably the biggest suspension in the final matchweek of VCD, 3 teams fighting for safety while 1 will dropped down to Vibe Diamond Division. Who will be the "lucky" one between @Crashhart's Man Utd, @gunnersaur's Arsenal and @broodje kip's Chelsea. Benfica vs Arsenal Man Utd vs Man City Chelsea vs Atletico Looking at the final fixtures for the 3 sides, Arsenal which is currently in 16th place seems to have the easiest fixture. They will be facing 19th place Benfica which had already confirmed their relegation. Meanwhile Man Utd that just appointed former Brentford coach Thomas Frank will be facing title challenger Man City, while Chelsea will be facing 14th place Atletico Madrid. The only situation in which Arsenal was the side relegated is if they lost their final game, with both Man Utd and Chelsea winning their games. They just need to claim one point in their final match to survive the drop. Man Utd will also be safe from relegation if they win their final match. If they drew their final game, they will have to hope for Chelsea to not win their final game by more than 2 goals. If they lose their final game, they can still survive the drop if Chelsea only manage to get 1 point in their final match. Chelsea however will face a tough challenge. Their only way to survive the drop is to win their game while hoping that both Arsenal and Man Utd lose their final match. Title Challenger Zone Inter vs Barcelona Man Utd vs Man City 2 tough matches in the final matchweek, with Barcelona facing 7th place Inter while Man City face relegation threatened Man Utd. Barcelona NEED to win their final match while hoping for Man City to lose their final game. Final Predictions coming soon, who do you think will be the first ever VCD champion while who will be the side relegated?
  11. Class Of 19' : Season 3 Update Transfers IN OUT Competitions Notable Matches Awards The Alan Shearer Challenge with Mason Greenwood 30 goals this season with 21 league goals for the challenge. Total League Goals : 58/261 The Devil's Number 7 Challenge with Benjamin Pavard Need a defender for this season's Number 7, and the chosen one is Benjamin Pavard, the scorer of the 2018 World Cup Goal Of The Tournament. I decided to focus on getting the challenge points from trophies won, thus only 2 goals for him this season. Class Of 19' Chem Campbell aka new Ryan Giggs I'm playing him in a less offensive role this season, thus the lower number of goals scored and slightly higher assists. 12 goals contribution this season while 45 appearances to add to his tally. Marcus Quirk aka new David Beckham The only greyed-out players among the Class Of 19' that wasn't sent out on loan this season, an average performance from him with 3 goals and 2 assists. Rhys Flanagan aka new Paul Scholes He looks like the best out of the greyed-out players, and he's doing well in Premier League level, playing 15 games contributing 1 goal for Fulham. Malachi Hamilton aka new Nicky Butt He got a loan move to Premier League side Brighton but didn't play a single minute for them. Andre Harrop & Leon Chalobah aka new Nevilles Got a lot of play time for Hearts and developing well. Some greens in the key stats for a center back while playing 4 times for Newcastle, not bad. Team Performance Challenge Summary Season 3 was a much more successful season which we won the league, FA Cup and the Champions League. The few players of Class Of 19' were developing well, however the Alan Shearer Challenge does not look so well. Only 58 goals hit so far, Greenwood will eventually hit the target but probably won't be too high in the challenge leaderboard. Thanks for reading and comments are appreciated.
  12. Some spoiler for this week... The update will cover all matches till match 37 leaving the Final Matchday in a Final Update, where a 2nd Relegation Spot will be confirmed while we have another manager sacked ๐Ÿ˜‰
  13. Thanks ๐Ÿ˜€ Seems like only Flanagan or possibly Quirk can turn world class, I'm sending them out loan next season to see whether that helps their development
  14. Thanks guys, indeed Flanagan looks like the only one that can reach Premier League level other than Campbell.
  15. Winning the Ligue 1 in first season was impressive. Good job with Mario as well.
  16. Thanks shosky, fingers crossed for that ๐Ÿ˜ฌ Thanks Ian, I made a stupid decision playing Rashford alongside Greenwood upfront, will have to change the formation to a sole striker one next season.
  17. I'm unsure about that as well, thanks for clarifying, will edit it.
  18. He was exchanged to Atletico Madrid for Angel Correa, probably in the end of the Transfer Out list, didn't screenshot that.
  19. Class Of 19' : Season 2 Transfers OUT IN Competitions Awards Notable Matches The Alan Shearer Challenge with Mason Greenwood The Devil's Number 7 Challenge with Angel Correa Class Of 19' Chem Campbell aka "new Giggs" Some green's in Dribbling and Decisions for the 18 years old. Exact same number with last season, 7 goals and 8 assists for the new Giggs. Marcus Quirk aka "new Beckham" Not much improvement in attributes, but the 15 Pace looks nice. A great season for the new Beckham with 3 goals + 7 assists. Rhys Flanagan aka "new Scholes" He actually looks promising. But didn't perform that well, only 1 assist this season. Malachi Hamilton aka "new Butt" Not much development for the midfielder. 1 goal and 2 assists from new Butt this season. Andre Harrop & Leon Chalobah aka "new Nevilles" Some nice development in some key stats for a Centre-Back, but his inexperience still make him a liability to the team. Team Performance Challenge Summary That's it for Season 2, overall an average season, won the UCL but underperformed in the league, slow progress for the Class Of 19' as well as the Alan Shearer challenge. I'm planning to send the few youngsters out loan for them to gain some experience next season, to see whether that help their development. Thanks for reading, and comments are appreciated. ๐Ÿ˜€
  20. Make sure you don't get into a fight with Mario on the training ground ๐Ÿ˜‚ I'm predicting 15 penalties and 75 goals for Marseille