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  1. placebo

    mid game changes

    Ok say that it's the first half and I am two goals down what would you do?????
  2. placebo

    2014 mid game changes

    Hi all what mid game changes do I have to make let's say I start off with attacking mixed and normal tackling
  3. placebo

    2012 grid

    If i was going to play the grid tactic would it look like and what player roles would i use
  4. placebo

    help please

    Ok thanks will give it a go
  5. placebo

    2012 help please

    Hi how do get delate a saved game on the android thank you
  6. placebo

    2012 subs help

    How do you make subs on the android
  7. placebo

    2012 subs help

    Hi how do you sub a player on the android
  8. What is the best tactic for manu on the android and what players for the roles cheers
  9. placebo

    2012 chelsea

    Whats the best tactic on this site for chelsea
  10. placebo

    2012 best 433 for psp

    What is the best 433 tactic for the psp cheers
  11. placebo


    How many games have you won and lost
  12. placebo


    Cool will give it a shot later
  13. placebo


    What kind of player would you use for the mcs
  14. placebo

    Ultimate Real Madrid Tactic

    I have tryed this it is very very good if you good sir can come up with any thing better please do Instead of putting other tactics down xx
  15. placebo

    Ultimate Real Madrid Tactic

    What does it look like