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  1. This is a huge ask. Used to be something guys here did years ago but you need a group of people to really ensure all are done. Just wait for 2022
  2. Hi all. I have an issue and I have no idea how to get around it. I've played every version of Football manager mobile versions, but this year I have an issue with squad happiness. A number of players have "dislikes the stifling club culture", how do I elevate this?
  3. Thanks for the responses. I'm pretty much in the same boat as you both. I don't see the appeal. I remember in the full game if you used fake players things like a car accident or people being injured for alot longer or players falling out over affairs could happen. I'm guessing with mobile it just changes the names.
  4. Hi, I was setting up a new game recently and wondered, does anyone use the fake names option? If so does it add anything extra to the game? I remember in the pc version if you used fake names players could get into more dodgy issues, is this the same with the mobile version? Or is this just a cosmetic difference?
  5. Love this idea. Look forward to all other positions being covered
  6. can you confirm if you are able to upload the extra file again?
  7. Extra file is no longer available Can anyone upload it? Please
  8. I would love that, we can all help if need be im sure
  9. Hi everyone, I have been a member here lurking in some form or fashion for quite a while. I was wondering, if SI made a 90's database would you buy it as an extra? I would love to play a 96/97 style premier league, i tried to use the editor but am on a mac and it doesnt seem to open for me. Has anyone else tried anything like this?
  10. Im not going to lie, i would love it... especially for the long nights with a new born with breathing difficulties
  11. Lars Bender, great player, with intensive training really develops
  12. Has anyone else noticed him not in it this year? Or Tariq? I loved these two last year.
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